Dear Santa." said the letter
  That was slowly being read,
  "I seem to have a lot of time
  To think...... while I'm in bed;
  And so I thought I'd write to you,
  As I do every year;
  I hope you're well and happy now
  That Christmas is so near.
  It won't be very long until
  You'll soon be on your way
  To leave the presents that will make
  A happy Christmas Day.
  Now if you think that I was good,
  And goodness knows I've tried...
  I have a small suggestion,
  Tho I know you must decide.
  I've heard about the shortages
  The world is facing now......
  But if we all would share a bit
  It might just help somehow.
  So Santa, if you should be short
  Of Christmas dolls this year,
  I thought I'd say, " My last years' doll
  Is precious and is dear;
  And really since she's almost new,
  It has occurred to me
  You really wouldn't have to leave
  A new one 'neath the tree.
  Instead, perhaps, you just might leave
  A doll for Mary Dove
  Who's also in the childrens ward
  And needs a doll to love.
  She says her parents told her that
  With all their bills to pay,
  That they'd be lucky just to buy
  The food for Christmas Day!
  So please, dear Santa, don't forget
  To stop for Mary too;
  And then she'll have a doll or toy
  And she won't feel so blue.
  I'm tired now, but Santa dear,
  I have not finished yet.
  Tomorrow I'll continue so
  My nurse won't be upset."
  But the letter, still unfinished,
  Ne'er reached old Santa's hand.....
  The young girls' parents found it
  On her little bedside stand.
  With dampened eyes they packed it
  With their daughters other things;
  But somehow, this poignant letter
  Helped soothe away death's sting.
  Then just before the parents left,
  They stopped a nurse to say
  Please give this doll to Mary Dove,
  From Santa.....Christmas Day!
  And should there be another child
  That Santa might pass by
  Please let us know, so we can add
  to Santa's short supply!
  The nurse who'd seen the letter said
  God bless you for this deed........
  In life and death you daughter proved


                            End Of document