'Twas the night before Christmas and all thru God's heaven,
Not an angel was stirring, 'cept those under seven.

The hearts of all men were beating with prayer,
In hopes that the Christ Child soon would be there.

The Children were nestled; all snug in their beds
While thousands of angels prayed round their small heads.

Each mother was waiting; each dad was awake
on that night of all nights when Christ came for our sakes

>From out on the hill side came a heavenly song
No atheist heard it, or could listen for long.

The shepherds were watching a star in the sky
And these are the words of that song from on high:

"Glory to God in the highest!"
"Today a Savior is born!"  It's Christ's own Birth day!

Angels, and Angels and more angels too..
They filled the whole sky, and each of them knew

That god had been born.  He was Mary's own Child.
...On each boy and girl all Heaven then smiled

It was in a stable where the Good Lord was born,
And the Angels knelt down 'round that rough crib forlorn.

And they looked at the gift:  Mary held her Prize..
Then they looked at each other with wondering eyes.

Now angels know well that St. Nick's sled of toys.
Can't satisfy long all you girls and you boys.

What is the best gift that Christmas can bring?..
Your angel will tell you:  It's the love of your king!

--Author Unknown

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