If any of you wonder why the angel is at the top of the Christmas
tree, I ran across this piece the other day, which may help you to

It was geting late on Christmas Eve and Santa realized that he
hadn't heard from the elves about when everything would be ready
for liftoff. He wandered down to the elves' workshop and found that
the elves had gotten into the Christmas spirits a bit early and
were mostly drunk.  Not all of the toys were finished and none were
packed. Santa called his wife on the intercom and told her to come
down to the workshop right away.
As soon as she showed up, Santa showed her the problem and told her
that she would have to get the reindeer into their harness, while
he would finish up the toys and get them packed. He quickly set to
work, got the finishing touches on all the toys, and started
packing them into the bag.  About the time he got the pack loaded,
his wife came back and reported that she had the sleigh and
reindeer ready to go, but that she had been ironing Santa's new
outfit when he called on the intercom, had forgotten, and had
burned the new suit.  She would have to get his old suit out and
iron it.  Meanwhile, they both lifted the bag, one of the seams
gave way, and the toys were scattered all over the floor.  Santa
said that he would mend and reload the bag while his wife ironed
the old suit.

About the time he got the bag mended and reloaded, his wife showed
up with the old, ironed suit.  Santa found that he'd gained weight
over the last year and had to squeeze into the suit.  He and his
wife picked up the bag of toys, went out to where the reindeer and
sleigh were waiting, and threw the bag into the sleigh.  However,
they overshot.  The bag hit the far side of the sleigh and fell
off, dumping many of the toys out of the bag.  They got the toys
back into the bag and carefully laid it in the sleigh.  Santa
breathed a sigh, kissed his wife goodbye, and made a leap up into
the sleigh.  However, he misjudged, hit the side of the sleigh, and
turned it over, spilling the bag and the toys again.  He and his
wife got the sleigh back right-side up and the bag reloaded and
replaced it carefully in the sleigh.

Santa climbed carefully into the driver's seat, again breathed a
cracked his whip, and watched as the reindeer sped off into the
distance, because his wife had forgotten to secure the drawbar to
the sleigh.  About this time the angel came by with a beautiful
Christmas tree and said "Santa, I've brought your Christmas tree. 
Where do you want me to put it?"  He told her.

And that's why we find the angel at the top of the Christmas tree.

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