My 250 Dollar Christmas

                                   By Phil Scovell

               Several years ago, when our  children were very small and we
          didn't have much  money for Christmas, I was  feeling quite sorry
          for myself.  I couldn't say  the Lord hadn't blessed us,  because
          He certainly had.  However,  it was Christmas and we were sort of
          broke.   We had been able to get  toys for our children but there
          wasn't anything  left and I  wanted to get  other things  such as
          food for the holidays because my wife loves to cook and bake.

               I  remember walking  into the  living room  of our  home and
          being at the front door.  I cannot recall what I was doing at the
          door  but I remember  I was closing  and locking it.   I think my
          wife and children had left for the evening to go shopping because
          I remember being alone.  As I  closed the door, I prayed a silent
          prayer and asked  the Lord to give  us 250 dollars  for Christmas
          and before Christmas,  too, so we could get the  things I wanted.
          Normally when I  would think such  thoughts, I  would run down  a
          list of people, in my mind, who had money and could give if  they
          wanted.  this time I did not go down my list of  people I thought
          could afford to give us money; I just asked the  Lord to bless me
          with 250 dollars as I felt the sadness in my heart.

               A couple of days went by and I called a friend and  asked if
          he would be in my area that week to pick up a watch  I had in the
          shop  for cleaning.   He said yes  and told me what  day he would
          come by with the watch.

               I heard his knock and let him in.  He handed me my watch and
          I said, "here, let me get  my checkbook to write you a check  for
          the repairs."   It was,  by the way  45 dollars.   He said,  "No,
          here, I  have something for you."  I  turned around and he handed
          me 205 dollars  cash.   He said, "It  was originally 250  dollars
          cash but I used 45 dollars to pay for your watch because I forgot
          to bring  some other  money to pay  for your  watch in  the first
          place."  I tried to protest but  this man had given us money as a
          gift many times over the years and I knew, once the Lord told him
          what to do, he would do it when  it came to money.  I thanked him
          and when  he  left, tears  came to  my eyes.   I  had never  once
          thought  of this man when I had asked the Lord to give me exactly
          250 dollars  for  Christmas.    Now my  watch  was  paid  for,  a
          Christmas present  itself, and I  had 205 dollars extra  cash for
          Christmas and my family.

               I stood in  the living room, after my  friend left, thinking
          about  what had just  happened and realized  the power  of God in
          prayer.   More than that, I realized God  really cared for me and
          that was why  He answered my prayer.   I could have  easily lived
          without the 250  dollars but I knew  I couldn't live  without the
          Lord in my life.

               this  Christmas, make  Jesus Christ  the Lord of  your life.
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