Jesus Saves

               Jesus and satan were discussing  the new technology that was
          arising.    Satan  began to  brag, saying  how he  could do  more
          things on a  computer  than Jesus could ever imagine.  Jesus took
          up the  challenge and  they   went into  a locked  room with  two
          computers to see who could produce  more in an hour.

               The minutes ticked  by, and after 57  minutes, there   was a
          power outage.  Satan began to fidget.  The power came back on  at
          the end of the hour and God asked who had produced the most.

               Satan jumped up and  screamed, "I can't  work like this!   I
          didn't save   my work and I  lost it due to the  power outage!  I
          have nothing!"  

               God looked at Jesus and asked, "What about You?"  

               Jesus smiled and said, "Jesus saves."
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