Choosing A Church Is Hard To Do

               A man's  expensive pleasure  yacht sank  in the  Pacific far
          from any major  land mass in  uncharted waters.   He could see  a
          sliver of  land in  the far distance  and after  swimming through
          shark infested waters for two hours, he finally crawled up on the
          sandy beach exhausted and fell to sleep immediately.

               When he  awakened, he  scouted the island  but other  than a
          tiny bubbling  spring of fresh  water and palm trees,  the island
          had little to offer.

               Thirty years later,  a navy ship passed near  the island.  A
          sharp lookout  reported to  his captain that  he believed  he saw
          habitation  on what  should have  been  a small  deserted island.
          They sailed closer for a better  look.  Sure enough, through high
          powered binoculars, they  could see the man waving  on the beach.
          The captain ordered a  launch to be made ready and he  and two of
          his other sailors crossed to the island and beached their craft.

               Shacking hands with the castaway, the captain said, "We were
          surprised to find anyone living on this small island.  Our charts
          showed it was  deserted.  How did you get here  and how long have
          you lived here alone?" he asked curiously.

               The man said,  "My pleasure  yacht sank 30  years ago and  I
          swam to this island and have been her all this time."

               "The captain  said, "Thirty years?  That is utterly amazing,

               "Yes, it is,"  the castaway replied, "and if  it weren't for
          my faith in God, I never would have made it."

               "I understand," the captain said agreeably.  "I see you have
          built three shacks  to live  in but I  am curious  as to why  you
          built three."

               "Oh, no sir," the castaway replied.  "One is my home  I live
          in," he said; pointing to the first one."

               "I see," said the captain, "but what about the other two?"

               "the castaway pointed  to the second little  building he had
          constructed and  said,  "That's a  church I  began attending  for
          worship services each Sunday when I first landed on the island."

               "Awe,  I see,"  replied the  captain, "but  what about  this
          third shack?  What is it for, if I may ask?"

               The castaway smiled and said, "Oh, that's the other church I
          began attending when I stopped liking the first one."

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