Under His Wings


                              Phil Scovell

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                            UNDER HIS WINGS


                              Phil Scovell

                                      PSALM 91:4

               He  shall cover thee  with his feathers,  and under his
               wings  shalt thou trust: his  truth shall be thy shield
               and buckler.  

               Colorado winter weather is diverse.  Often a dozen inches of
          new snow  is quickly  replaced with  bright, almost  summer-like,
          sunshine.  Many birds, therefore, winter in Colorado  rather than
          flying the long trip south.   Such was the case of a mother duck.
          A friend  of mine, and many other employees at the Denver Federal
          Center, took  a liking to  her and fed  her often.   She strutted
          around the buildings; nearly fearless of people.  Commandeering a
          large  concrete  flower  planter,  she  constructed  a  nest  and
          prepared for winter.

               One day my friend  exited the building and  carefully picked
          his way  through  the  newly  fallen snow  to  the  parking  lot.
          Suddenly  he  saw Mrs.  duck.   She had  recently given  birth to
          several  chicks in her planter nest  and she now could be clearly
          seen protecting her young.  The only part seen, however, was  her
          head  and neck;  the rest  was buried  beneath several  inches of
          snow.   Her chicks,  on the  other hand,  were safely and  warmly
          tucked away under their mother's protective wings.

               I  recently  remembered  this story  when  I  considered the
          wonderful verse  in the  Psalms telling us  how we  are protected
          under His wings.  Those unfamiliar with animal instincts will not
          appreciate  how  protective our  Heavenly  Father is  of  His own
          children.  The Psalmist, however, apparently had such insight and
          offered this example for our benefit.

               During difficult,  and sometimes  impossible situations,  we
          will wrestle with the inability  to sense our Saviour's closeness
          and love.   Even the Scriptures will sometimes  seem incapable of
          comforting our wounded  hearts.  Perhaps such a  time would prove
          beneficial if we were to notice how God takes care of  his animal
          kingdom and realize that we in fact are of more value.

                                   Matthew 6:26-33

               Behold the fowls of the  air: for they sow not, neither
               do they reap, nor gather into  barns; yet your heavenly
               Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better  than they?
               Which of you  by taking thought can add  one cubit unto
               his  stature?   And why  take ye  thought  for raiment?
               Consider the lilies  of the field, how  they grow; they
               toil not,  neither do  they spin:   And yet I  say unto
               you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed
               like one  of these.   Wherefore, if  God so  clothe the
               grass  of the field, which to  day is, and to morrow is
               cast into the oven, shall  he not much more clothe you,
               O  ye of  little  faith?   Therefore  take no  thought,
               saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or,
               Wherewithal  shall  we  be clothed?    after  all these
               things  do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father
               knoweth that  ye have  need of all  these things.   But
               seek   ye   first   the  kingdom   of   God,   and  his
               righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto

               Additionally  he reminded  us of  our value  to Him  when He
          taught on the sparrows.

                                   Matthew 10:29-31

               Are not  two sparrows sold  for a farthing? and  one of
               them shall not fall on the  ground without your Father.
               But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear
               ye  not  therefore, ye  are  of  more  value than  many

               It is  estimated there  are  more than  six hundred  billion
          birds on the  earth classified in eighty-six  hundred categories.
          Jesus said  we are of more  value than all of these.   Remove all
          the birds of  the earth and discover how  quickly the environment
          would suffer globally.  Now imagine the absence of man from God's
          creation.  Paul said  man is the "image and glory of God" (I Cor.
          11:7).   In short, man is  the zenith of God's  created universe.
          We have  been placed  here for  a purpose and  each of  us, as  a
          unique  creation of God,  fit into His  plan.  We  are His glory,
          created in His  image, and we  need to reflect  His Nature.   The
          only way of accomplishing this, of course, is making His Son Lord
          of our life.  As we remain aware of our place in His love, we too
          can  weather the storms of impossible circumstances nestled under
          His wings.

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