When Baptists Speak In Tongues


                              PHIL SCOVELL

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                            By Phil Scovell

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                              PHIL SCOVELL


               "How did a nice fundamental independent Baptist like you get
          mixed up with the Charismatics?"  This implies, I suppose, that I
          am  no longer nice, fundamental, independent, or Baptist.  That's
          why I'm seated at my computer writing  this booklet.  I want you,
          especially my Baptist friends, to know why, as a Baptist; I began
          to believe in speaking in tongues.  

               This is not My Story,  but God's; how  He brought me to what
          Charismatics call, and as you  will see what Jesus called,   "The
          baptism of the Spirit."  

               Please read with an open mind.  If you're a Baptist, as I am
          [once a Baptist- always a  Baptist?] and if, because of doctrinal
          convictions, you find  it impossible to read  objectively; please
          read it  anyway -  then judge.   Have I  gone   beyond Scriptural
          bounds  or, in  fact, am I obedient to  God's Holy Word?   Either
          way, you'll never be sorry you read this story.

                                   COMPLETE IN HIM,

                                  PHILIP L. SCOVELL

                                      July 1989


               When I began to speak in  tongues as a Baptist, I of  course
          had  to leave  the  Baptist  church.   My  doctrinal beliefs  and
          Scriptural convictions  remained the same; but  fellowship simply
          could no longer be managed without conflict.   I still believe in
          the  virgin birth  of Christ,  salvation by  confessing Jesus  as
          Lord, the inspiration and inerrancy of  the Scriptures, the deity
          of Christ  [Jesus is  God] in His  bodily resurrection,  His soon
          return, water  baptism  by immersion,  and  the security  of  the
          Believer;  to  name  a  few.   My  belief  in  tongues,  however,
          separated, divided, us.  Why?  As Baptists, we believed it  wrong
          to  fellowship  with  other  Christians  that  differed  with  us
          doctrinally.   Besides, if they disagreed doctrinally, "were they
          really Christians  - saved?"   Tongues, we felt, was  a principal
          doctrine  in  Scripture and  if  wrong  in  one; there  would  be
          doctrinal error elsewhere.  I personally believe that fear played
          a big  part in  our rejection of  Charismatics.   Admittedly some
          Charismatics seem to go out of their way to be weird;  but beyond
          that, as Baptists, we may  have secretly been fearful of "tongues
          simply from a  lack of clear  Biblical knowledge.   This was,  of
          course, because of our own doctrinal bias; but largely do to poor
          representation by many Charismatics. Tongues is not an experience
          but a  doctrine.   A  doctrine of  choice,  however; and  if  one
          chooses not to believe in tongues; fine!  It is no  more required
          for salvation than being   a fundamental independent Baptist.  It
          is, on the  other hand, in the Bible; and one must either believe
          or  not  believe.    "Does  speaking in  tongues  make  one  more
          spiritual?"  No  more than being  a Baptist.   "Then why do  it?"
          That's what we are about to discover.


               Before going  into much detail,   I think it  wise to relate
          just what kind of a Baptist I was - am?  I was saved, born again,
          as  a young  child in  an Evangelical  Free church.   My  Father,
          however, decided to take us to an independent Baptist church when
          I was about eight years old.  This Baptist church was a member of
          an association  called (GARBC);  General  Association of  Regular
          Baptist  Churches.   These  are  fundamental  independent Baptist
          churches - not  a denomination; but  a collection of  independent
          Baptists who  believe alike  and support  their  own GARBC  Bible
          colleges and  missionaries.  It  was to one such  Bible college I
          enrolled upon graduating from high school in  1970 -  The name of
          which, for those reading this story who may be familiar, is Faith
          Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa.

               After getting married in January of 1972, I felt led to move
          to Denver,  Colorado; primarily  to join  an independent  Baptist
          church not associated with  any group or denomination.   I was an
          active member  of South  Sheridan Baptist  Church  of Denver  for
          thirteen years and owe much of what God has done for me to Dr. Ed
          Nelson; the pastor.

               What kind  of a  Baptist was  I?   I became  a deacon in  my
          church at the age of  twenty-one.  I gave twenty-five  percent of
          my income, at one time, to the church; and rarely missed a church
          service.  I taught Sunday  school, read my Bible daily, supported
          missions,  won the  lost  to  Christ, preached  the  Gospel as  a
          traveling  evangelist, prayed,  committed  hundreds of  Scripture
          verses to memory,  and was an anti-ecumenicalist.   My Father had
          been a  Baptist pastor  as a layman,  my sisters went  to Baptist
          colleges, and my  Mother was active in all phases  of ministry in
          the   Baptist  churches  we  attended.    Furthermore,  I  was  a
          separatist. That means   I did  not own a  television, I did  not
          believe in going to movies,  and I did not allow my  wife to wear

               I gave up my secular job in 1975 and traveled full time as a
          Baptist  evangelist;  holding  revival  meetings  in  independent
          Baptist churches.   Later, in 1978, I worked  with another pastor
          as  his assistant in a  small town in  western Colorado.  Besides
          holding  revivals, I became  the youth pastor,  worked in nursing
          homes,   lead  the  song  services,  taught  Sunday  school,  did
          visitation for the church, and nearly anything else I could think
          of to do.   My favorite preachers  were: Dr. Jack Hyles,  Dr. Bob
          Jones,  Dr. John  R. Rice,  Dr.  Harold Sightler,  Dr. J.  Harold
          Smith, and  many other such great independent Baptists with which
          Baptist  readers would  be familiar.   In  short, I  was  a happy
          Baptist and assiduously practiced what I believed.

               Concerning tongues and the Charismatic  movement; I preached
          arduously against all  such doctrine.  I did  not believe tongues
          was for today,  I did not believe in healing as the Charismatics,
          and I did  not believe there was  any such Biblical bases  for an
          experience commonly referred  to by Charismatics as  "The baptism
          of  the Spirit."  I  believed  if  Charismatics  were  not  demon
          possessed they  were, at  least, psychologically and  emotionally

               Why  say  all  this?    I believe  my  Baptist  heritage  is
          important.  Most independent Baptists know the Bible well and are
          not easily  fooled.   Many Charismatics, on  the other  hand, are
          often amenable; because they have learned to believe God. This is
          no excuse,  however,  to ignore personal  responsibility to God's
          Word.    As  Christians,  we  are  all  required  to  search  the
          Scriptures and  to know God  through His  Word.   It was  exactly
          that, God's Word, which led me to be filled with the  Holy Spirit
          in August of  1982.  It is  my Baptist heritage, I  believe, that
          made it  a reality; without which I doubt  I ever would have been
          filled   with  the  Holy Spirit.  The  purpose  for  laying  this
          foundation is to demonstrate how God is able  to work in anyone's
          heart and life if they are willing to seek Him.  If someone would
          have told  me  before  1982  that  I  would  some  day  pastor  a
          Charismatic church, I would have laughed!  It isn't funny now; so
          Let me show you what happens "When Baptists Speak In Tongues."


               This is  not an autobiography;  Yet I think it  important to
          share enough of  my background to allow the reader to see how God
          worked throughout my life so please bear with me.

               I was born in Des Moines,  Iowa on February 29, 1952.   Yes!
          Leap year.   I know it is hard  to believe but it is  true.  This
          would  not be the only  unique thing to happen in  my life in the
          years to  follow; but  I must admit,  it is not  as fun  having a
          birthday  only  once every  four years.   You  don't get  as many

               Des  Moines was a  good place to  be raised and  I have many
          fond memories of life  there.  It was there that  my Father began
          preaching on  weekends in small churches all around central Iowa.
          Many  of them  were little  churches in  farming communities  too
          small to afford  full time pastors.   We often went with  Dad and
          many of our Sundays were spent  on farms as my Dad ministered  in
          rural communities.

               I was saved at age five.  My Dad and I were home alone while
          Mom  was away  camping out  at  a nearby  lake with  some  of the
          teenage girls from the church.  Billy Graham was on TV that night
          and preached a message on the Cross of Christ.  Later that night,
          as we went to bed, I asked my Dad what the preacher on the TV had
          been talking about.  He explained; and when he finished, he asked
          if I  wanted to ask Jesus into my heart.  We knelt by the bed and
          I prayed; asking Jesus to be my Saviour.

               No one had ever intimated what  it might be like to  receive
          Christ as  Lord so there was no way  I could have fabricated what
          happened next.  I can only describe it now as I did then:  It was
          like a wind blew through me  and I felt I had been  cleansed from
          the inside-out.   Remember those old "White  Tornado" commercials
          on TV back in the 1950's?  Well, that's how I felt.  Like a white
          tornado had  blown through  my body  and made  me clean  - whole.
          That is what it means to be born again.

               Frankly, my life  was a simple middle  income American boy's
          life.  I played marbles, road bikes, roller skated, swam, fished,
          climbed trees, ate popcycles, hated girls - until I got older, of
          course - caught frogs,  played ball, collected worms, flew  kites
          - you get the picture.  Quite simply, I was a normal kid, for the
          most part; but there were events, soon  to come, in my life which
          would have abstruse effect for as long as I would live.


               In  the fall  of 1963, my  Dad became  suddenly ill  and was
          rushed to  a local  hospital.  Numerous  test were  conducted and
          even  surgery  performed  to  determine  the  cause  of  internal
          bleeding.    Three  weeks  later  he  Died  without  any  medical
          explanation.  An eleven year old boy, with three sisters, needs a
          dad; but I was suddenly alone.  

               Although my Dad was a layman, his relationship with the Lord
          was the most  important, valuable,  thing  in his life.   I often
          woke  early  in  the  morning,  'round  4:00 A.M.,  and  stumbled
          downstairs to get in bed with my folks.  There he was!  Seated at
          the kitchen table  studying the Bible.   He would not  be leaving
          for his secular job for another two hours or so; yet  he believed
          it important to be in God's Word daily.  

               As I  grew, my Dad showed me  how to win the  lost to Christ
          without ever teaching me.  He  did so by example.  He was  always
          leading people to Christ and as I watched him do so, I learned.

               When my Dad died, I knew God was calling me to preach.  When
          I was asked by a man  who, by the way, had been won  to Christ by
          my Father,  "Do  you still  feel called  to preach?"   I  replied
          affirmatively and without hesitation.  I was, of course, going to
          be a (Baptist) preacher; like my Dad.


               Exactly one year to the date of my Dad's death, November 13,               Exactly one
          1964, I was discharged from  the Iowa University Hospital in Iowa
          City, Iowa and  pronounced totally blind.  Just  six months after
          my  Father's  death in  1963, I  began  to see  dark  brown spots
          floating in  my vision and  after going  to a specialist,  it was
          determined my  retinas were beginning  to detach.   Although such
          eye  surgery is common and generally successful, my retinas, were
          simply  being shredded  by the  inner eye  muscles and  after six
          months and a dozen operations/treatments, I was released and told
          nothing more could be done.  Going blind at the age of twelve was
          bad enough but there was school to think about.

               A month  after loosing my sight, I had  to leave home and go
          to a school for the  blind nearly fifty miles  from my home.   We
          had since  moved to Omaha,  Nebraska and  it was to  the Nebraska
          school for  the blind I  was sent.  I  went to school  during the
          week and came home most weekends.  It was there I learned Braille
          and other related techniques needed to communicate with a sighted


               As I entered high school, I began to think about going  back
          to a  public school.   After all, I  would be doing  exactly that
          when  I went  to college; so  why not  get it  over with now?   I
          finished my  junior and senior years  in a public high  school in
          Omaha and used volunteer students  to help me read my assignments
          and took oral examines; thus preparing for college.

               It was at Benson High in  Omaha, a school of 2,600  students
          and I the only blind student, where I became involved with drugs.
          I suppose I was  angry with God for  allowing me to go  blind and
          drugs afforded expression for my  anger.  It was additionally the
          result of making  new friends.  I had  grown spiritually cold, as
          so many young  church kids often  do, and I  made friends with  a
          teenage girl  who happened to be a drug user at school.  Within a
          month I was smoking marijuana and doing speed and LSD.  It is not
          intrinsic to detail my drug  experiences but it was very dramatic
          and   perhaps I will tell it  some day.  I will  say, however,  I
          was on my ninth LSD trip when God got my attention.  It was not a
          pleasant experience but God won.


               In my final semester of high school, a teacher introduced me
          to a  lady who  later became my  wife.   Every teenager  wants to
          learn to play  the drums -I was  no different.  This  teacher had
          run across a young lady who was also blind and gave drum lessons.
          My teacher pestered me for a couple of weeks, asking me  daily if
          I had contacted the drum teacher.  I did not tell her but frankly
          I  did not want to meet  a (blind girl) even  if she did play the
          drums.   I already had enough problems of  my own, I figured, why
          add to them?  Finally, however, I gave in  and called just to get
          the teacher off my back.  To make a long story short, I never got
          any drum lessons but I did get married to Sandy in my second year
          of Bible college.


               After graduating from  high school in 1970, I  went to Bible
          college to prepare for the ministry.  The problem was, however, I
          suddenly  realized, while in Bible college; that I was not at all
          sure  if I could  make it  in a  sighted world.   I knew  I could
          graduate from college without any difficulty, but could I make it
          in a sighted  society?   Because of  this concern,  I left  Bible
          college after my second year and married Sandy in January 1972.

               Shortly  after our  marriage, I  got  a job  in the  Welfare
          department in Omaha  as an assistant to  a social worker.   I had
          about   thirty-five  to  forty  blind  clients   and  it  was  my
          responsibility to find jobs for them.  I learned a lot in a short
          period of time but quickly  recognized the influence of the world
          upon  my life as a  Christian.  The  pestiferous hippy culture of
          the late 1960's  still had a  strong pull on my  life as a  young
          married  man and  the  sinuous  philosophy  of my  fellow  social
          workers  did not  help.  I decided  I  needed some  authoritative
          Biblical  influence in  my  life  and thus  we  moved to  Denver,
          Colorado  to join a strong fundamental independent Baptist church
          where some of my family already attended.


               In Denver I  began to mature  spiritually and as I  worked a
          secular job - operating a snackbar lunch counter sponsored by the
          state agency for the blind -  I became involved in every area  of
          church work  I could.  I  spent thirteen years in  South Sheridan
          Baptist Church.  It  was in this church that I  finally submitted
          myself to the call of God for ministry.


               Giving up my job in February 1975, I went full-time into the
          ministry  as a  traveling Baptist  evangelist; preaching  revival
          meetings throughout the midwest and  along the west coast.  Sandy
          traveled with  me in the early days and  sang in all my meetings.
          Meetings  were typically  a week  long and  I traveled  and spoke
          wherever God open doors.  

               One summer, while  preaching in camps in western Colorado, I
          made  friends with  a pastor  who  encouraged me  greatly in  the
          ministry.   Sandy and I had been praying about leaving Denver for
          a smaller community and less than a year later we found ourselves
          moving to a  small town in western Colorado with  a population of
          just eight hundred.

               I became the  assistant pastor in a Baptist  church of about
          sixty  people and it  was there God  began to prepare  me for the
          pastorate.   The  pastor taught  me much  about the  ministry and
          allowed me to do everything available in a local church ministry.

               As I began to scrutinize my life and call to the ministry, I
          realized  I was  called; but  I myself  had personally  chosen to
          become an evangelist.   Why?  I had regarded  myself incapable of
          pastoring a church due to my blindness.  I could - anyone could -
          be an evangelist  and that must have  been what God wanted  me to
          do;  I concluded.  My experience as an assistant pastor taught me
          otherwise.  Thus I was ordained and began to look for a church to


               In the summer of 1978 the pastor I was working with felt God
          calling him  elsewhere.  He called me  into his office one Sunday
          evening and told me what he  was planning.  He, and I both,  felt
          sure the  church would  call me as  their next  pastor.   We were
          wrong!  As soon as a three-man pulpit committee was chosen, I was
          immediately rejected.   Not because  of my doctrine  or teaching,
          but, I was  told, I was blind  - "How could a blind  man pastor a
          church alone?"

               After the pastor's resignation, I was asked to fill in as an
          interim pastor  until a new  man could  be found.   Following the
          examination of three candidates, one was chosen. I stayed to help
          out with the new pastor until it became financially impossible to
          remain.  After selling our home, we returned to live in Denver.


               Upon returning to Denver, I began to call pastors to try and
          regain my ministry  as an evangelist.   I did preach a  few times
          but by this time the rejection I had experienced was beginning to
          spiritually exacerbate.  Money ran out and so did my desire to go
          on.   I began  to experience  deep depression,  severe headaches,
          sleepless nights, and  low self-esteem.   My headaches became  so
          severe that I  occasionally vomited from  the pain.  I  seemed to
          have lost everything and God's Word was no longer working for me.
          I did the only thing left to do; I learned to pray.


               On June 1,  1982, I decided there  must be an answer  for me
          and I knew it would be found in  God's Word.  That day I promised
          God  I would pray a certain  amount of time each  day to seek Him
          for the  answers to two major questions:  "What did it mean to be
          filled  with the  Holy Spirit  and  how could  I  get my  prayers
          answered?"   Each day I  studied my Bible  and prayed looking  in
          Scripture for the  answers to these two questions.  I studied and
          restudied  over-and-over  again   Romans  8,  Galatians   5,  and
          Ephesians 5; looking  for the key to  the Spirit filled life.   I
          honestly did not believe someone like me could, or would, ever be
          filled with the Holy Spirit; but I would, at least, find out  the
          answer to what it meant to be filled.

               I could write a book on  the things that happened during the
          summer of 1982 but I will save that for another time.  I did pray
          daily, however, seeking God for the truth about the Spirit filled
          life and although a number of financial blessings occurred during
          that time and other dramatic  answers to prayer were experienced,
          my  prayer  concerning  the  filling  of  the   Spirit  was  left
          unanswered until the first week of August 1982.


               One day I said to my  wife, "I feel like something is  going
          to happen and I can't explain what I mean."  Something did!
               As I  continued to pray in my  little office in the basement
          of the rented house  we were living in, I  suddenly became keenly
          aware  of  the  presence  of  God.   I  began  to  understand the
          Scriptures on what  it meant  to be  filled with the  Spirit.   I
          suddenly, for the  first time in my life, loved to pray and could
          not get  enough of it.   It was like  a drug and I  was addicted.
          God was everywhere in my life and for nine long months I knew God
          personally and intimately  as I had never dreamed  possible.  The
          Holy Spirit during this  time became  a real person  to me and  I
          amerced myself in God.

               Charismatics  may find it  interesting to hear  that at this
          time I still did not believe in  speaking in tongues.  In fact, I
          was convinced in my heart that speaking in tongues had nothing to
          do with being  filled with the Holy Spirit and  indeed had passed
          away.  I was nearly right.  Acts  1:8 says, "And ye shall receive
          power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you."   The evidence
          of one filled with the Spirit is not tongues but power.   Tongues
          is, however, the sign - evidence - of that power;  for no one can
          speak in tongues except the Holy Spirit give them utterance (Acts
          2:4).  I  had been filled with  the Spirit, however, but  we must
          always remember:  God will never give us anything unless we first

               For  many  months  I enjoyed  my  new  relationship with  my
          Heavenly Father through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  I began
          to teach on the subject and found  others beginning to enquire as
          to my  change.  Some  Christian men  invited me  to breakfast  to
          discuss this  new understanding of  God's Word on the  subject of
          the Holy Spirit which  I had personally experienced.   I was even
          asked to come and  teach in one Brother's  Baptist church on  the
          subject of  the Spirit filled life  for several days.   Two years
          later,  however, I  began to  realized God  had only  answered my
          question on the Spirit filled life.  What about prayer?


               In the  fall of 1983,  we moved into  a home which  the Lord
          made possible for us to buy.  After settling in, I began to think
          about what had happened a little more  than a year earlier.  Yes,
          I had been filled with the  Spirit but I suddenly realized I  had
          not  received an answer to my question  on the subject of prayer.
          I decided to go back to God and ask Him to teach me how to get my
          prayers answered.

               Several months  passed and I  felt no wiser on  the subject.
          It just would not come.  As I sought the Lord, a number of things
          began to happen.  I lost a large portion of my business and after
          a  couple  of  months of  trying  to  figure out  what  to  do, I
          solicited a business loan and expanded.  My life became very busy
          as  my business began to grow.   I began making more money than I
          ever dreamed possible; but somehow something  did not seem right.

               As  the months  went by,  I became  more and  more concerned
          about my finances  and business.  There  was definitely something
          that did not feel right  and the only way I knew  of solving that
          problem was to inquire of God.

               One evening,  as I prayed in my office,  I asked the Lord to
          give me wisdom  concerning my finances.  I  was still seeking the
          Lord on answered  prayer, too, but the finances  were my greatest
          concern.   Suddenly the Lord spoke to me!   It was not an audible
          voice but  was that still small  voice from within that  we often
          fail  to hear because  we simply  have not  been listening.   The
          Lord, through  the  Holy Spirit, told  me three  things in  quick
          succession.   As  I enquired  as to the  needed wisdom,  the Lord

               "You can have  this wisdom for which  you ask; but you  must
          first have a prayer language."

          This, as a Fundamental Independent Baptist, disturbed me greatly.
          I did  not  believe in  speaking in  tongues nor  did  I wish  to
          believe.  I knew what that would  mean for a Baptist.  My problem
          was, however, I understood  what God was telling me.   I had been
          doing business with Charismatics for a number of years.   Plus, I
          often listened to the radio as I worked and many times I chose to
          listen to Charismatic Bible teachers because  they taught so much
          on prayer.  I ignored them,  however, when they taught on tongues
          and  healing.   I was  familiar therefore  with the  term (prayer
          language).   Thus, when  the Holy Spirit used  that term,  I knew
          exactly what God was saying.

               The second thing the Lord revealed to me that evening out in
          my office had to do with money, I thought.  It was only some time
          later, a couple  of years later to  be exact; that I  realized He
          had not been referring to money at all.  The Lord said, "I have a
          treasure  in Heaven  reserved for  you."   Since  I assumed  that
          referred to money, I figured my problems were over.  When I filed
          for bankruptcy, however, a year later; I knew I had been wrong.

               The third thing the Lord revealed to me that night had to do
          with  His  will for  my  life.   When  I accepted  the  first two
          revelations as God's  will, I then enquired as to what I would do
          in  the area of ministry.  He  immediately revealed, "You will be
          an intercessor."  I understood the word,  of course but I did not
          know  what  an intercessor  really  was;  but  I figured  it  had
          something to do with prayer.


               This prayer meeting I had with the Lord took place in May of
          1985.  Finally, on July 8,  1985, I began to fast for  three days
          to gain  a better understanding of what God  wanted me to do with
          my business.  I was   doing well but something was not right.   I
          began to fast;  asking the Lord more about my business and on the
          side  I  additionally  questioned  Him  concerning  speaking   in

               I had  been  doing high  speed  cassette duplication  for  a
          number of churches and evangelist around the country for  several
          years.   Many Charismatics came  to me for  such work and  I made
          many friends that way.  There were two women I  came to know very
          well  since they  came  weekly  to bring  master  tapes of  their
          pastor's  Sunday messages for duplication.   The quality of these
          lady's personal  testimonies was  impeccable.   Plus they  always
          seemed to believe God and they seemed to understand prayer.

               As  I began my three  day fast, I asked the  Lord to help me
          find  someone I  could trust concerning  the subject  of tongues.
          These two  ladies I believed  were honest and although  I perhaps
          would not agree with everything they  might say on the subject, I
          believed God's will  was for me  to talk with one  of them.   The
          problem was, I did not know how to get in touch with either  one.
          One was living with her husband and family in Saudi Arabia  where
          they worked  for an American company.  I tried calling her pastor
          but I  had the wrong  name of their  church and could  not locate
          him.  The second lady I tried calling but I  had an old number in
          my file.  

               To make a very long story short, the lady living in town was
          located through someone  I had only recently  met.  I  spoke with
          her on the  telephone one afternoon and  told her of my  fast and
          for what  I was seeking.  We prayed  together over the phone that
          God would show me the answers to my questions and that was it.  

               On  the second  day of my  fast, the lady  from Saudi Arabia
          called me  on the telephone.  They were  back in the states for a
          couple of weeks  on personal business and she wanted me to copy a
          few cassettes  for her.  I quickly told her of my desire to speak
          with her and we made arrangements to get together.


               On the third day of  my fast, I got out my Bible  and read I
          Corinthians 12, 13,  and 14 for the umpteenth  time and concluded
          that I most certainly did not understand those chapters.  I  told
          the Lord,  however, that  if  Paul was  trying  to tell  us  that
          tongues was not for  today, and that in  fact tongues would  pass
          away,  he negated  a lot  of the  Holy Spirit's time  telling the
          Corinthians how  tongues were to  be used both in  their personal
          life and in the church.     [Forbid not to speak  with tongues, I
          Cor.  14:39].   When?   Until the  last apostle died?   I  made a
          commitment  with the  Lord  that  I would  receive  this gift  of
          tongues if  indeed it was for today and if  He would make it real
          in my life.

               Late that  evening, my  friend who now  lived and  worked in
          Saudi Arabia came for her cassettes and took time to pray and lay
          hands on me.  Nothing happened!  Absolutely nothing!    After she
          left, I locked  up the house and  went to bed at  11:00 P.M. more
          baffled than ever before.

               As  I  lay in  bed  thinking  of all  that  had happened,  I
          confessed to  the Lord that  I simply  did not understand.   Just
          before drifting off,  I remember telling the  Lord that as I  was
          physically blind, perhaps  I was spiritually blind  to the truth?
          I requested He open those spiritual eyes that I might see clearly
          and fell asleep.   Paul prayed:  "That the God  of our Lord Jesus
          Christ, the  Father of  glory, may  give unto  you the spirit  of
          wisdom and revelation  in the knowledge of Him: the  eyes of your
          understanding being  enlightened; that you  may know what  is the
          hope of  His calling,  and what the  riches of  the glory  of His
          inheritance  in  the saints, and what is  the exceeding greatness
          of His  power to  usward who  believe" (Eph.  1:17-19).   I  fell
          asleep thinking these thoughts and   I believed God to reveal His
          truth to me as I requested.

               Less  than  thirty minutes  later,  I  awoke,  laying on  my
          stomach, propped up on  my elbows; gasping for breath.   I was on
          fire!   "Hey!   You're having  a heart  attack," I thought.   The
          second that  thought entered my  mind, a voice clearly  said, "No
          you aren't."  I  lowered myself to the bed and  tossed and turned
          wondering  why I  was  so  restless.   My  frustration was  again
          present but I quickly drifted back into sleep.

               Less than  thirty minutes again  passed and  I was  awakened
          again but this time because I heard  someone talking in the room.
          "One of the children?"  As I brought, forced, myself to awareness
          to see who was speaking in my bedroom in the middle of the night;
          I suddenly realized  it was my own  voice.  I tried  coming awake
          quickly so  I could hear what I was  saying.  It was not English!
          The more  alert I became,  however, the less  I spoke and  by the
          time I was fully awake, I was no longer speaking.

               I lay in bed wondering if I simply had gone off the deep end
          psychologically;  or was this  something spiritual?   A few weeks
          later I would be  accused of that very thing, going  off the deep
          end psychologically, but at the time I wondered myself if it were
          not indeed true.  Had I become so emotionally worked up over this
          whole issue  that I was now talking in my sleep?  But I had heard
          something, hadn't I?

               Getting out of bed,  I went to the living room  and knelt at
          the couch.  I prayed.  "God, if that was you, if it was real, let
          it return."  Moments past again and nothing happened.  I returned
          to bed  after a few  minutes and lay  thinking/praying.  Again  I
          jumped from  bed and  returned to  the living  room to  pray.   I
          repeated this  process  numerous times  until  1:30 A.M.  when  I
          finally returned to bed for the last  time.  Dropping to the bed,
          I  pulled the  covers  around  me and  told  God how  spiritually
          frustrating He was.

               As I lay in bed retracing the events of recent days, for the
          umpteenth  time, I suddenly  became aware of  musical notes being
          played; as  though someone was  playing an instrument far  off in
          the distance.  I stopped to listen.  Yes, they were there alright
          but where were they?  I listened closely.  Were they  coming from
          outdoors?   "Oh,  the next  door  neighbor was  coming home  late
          again.  It was his car  radio playing...that was it."  They  grew
          louder  and more  distinct.   Suddenly I  realized they  were not
          coming from outside  but inside...inside me!  It  was as though I
          were  singing or  humming  to myself.    Funny though...I  wasn't
          singing or humming.

               As  I lay  listening, the  notes;  perhaps thirty  or so  in
          number,  continued playing the  same song, pattern, over-and-over
          again.   Before long, the sound filled my mind and fully captured
          my attention.   They  were so  clear, so  well  formed, and  were
          somehow comforting.

               As I  listened closely, I  suddenly realized  they were  not
          musical notes  but...words!   As though someone  were speaking  a
          foreign language and  repeating the same  sentence over and  over
          again.   I  listened, not  understanding, but  fascinated by  the

               Eventually,  after hearing  these words,  sounds, again-and-
          again; I realized  I could probably say  them myself.   They were
          clear and distinct and although foreign to me, I knew I could say
          them.  I  opened my mouth, as  I lay in bed, and  repeated what I
          heard a few  times word-for-word.  Yes! I could say them and as I
          did, the  words being spoken  in my thoughts  began to fade.   My
          voice fell silent and I lay wondering at what had happened.   Was
          it real?  As I  fell asleep once again, I wondered if  I would be
          able to remember the words, I had heard, in the morning.


               When  I awoke, I  had forgotten the  words...forgotten, that
          is,  all but  the  first couple  of words;  which,  I might  add,
          totalled perhaps seven or eight syllables.   I said them once and
          awhile during the  day; feeling silly, of course,  whenever I did
          so; but I still wondered.

               Finally I picked  up the telephone and  called a Charismatic
          counseling   ministry  with  which  I  was  familiar  from  radio
          programs.   I related  my story to  the Christian  Brother on the
          phone and he, of course, said he believed I had been  filled with
          the Spirit and had  received the gift of tongues.   I explained I
          had been filled with the Spirit  three years earlier but had  not
          believed in  the gift of tongues until now.   I now know that God
          never gives us anything unless we first believe Him for it.

               The counsel I received over  the telephone convinced me what
          I had  was real.  After hanging  up, I sat at my  office desk and
          opened my  mouth in praise -  expecting to speak this  language -
          and  did so through  my tears of joy  for fifteen minutes without


               I knew this tongues thing was  going to be a problem for  me
          as a  Baptist.   I couldn't tell  anyone.   I couldn't  share the
          blessings of God with Brethren.  I had no one with which to share
          this beatific joy.  I couldn't let it be known how God had worked
          in my life over  a three year period to bring spiritual fruition;
          and I certainly  could not ask any  questions.  I began  to worry
          about what I would do.

               Less than  two months after receiving my  prayer language, I
          picked up the telephone once again  to call area churches to  see
          if any of them had home Bible study groups in my part of town.  I
          was afraid to  go to a  Charismatic church  itself and perhaps  a
          Bible study would  help me gain answers to  many questions before
          getting in too deep.  I was still fearful of Charismatics and did
          not want to be influenced by anyone with false doctrine.

               Hanging up the phone, after  speaking to another church  and
          running into a dead  end, I prayed and simply told  God there had
          to be somebody  around with which I could fellowship.  I told the
          Lord, "I don't know whom  to trust or where  to go; so you  bring
          them to me."  Twenty-four hours later they came.

               I had been in the cassette duplicating business for a number
          of years and did so, not  only for my own church, but for  others
          as well.   Often individuals called our church  and were referred
          to me  so the  copies could be  mailed to  them directly.   After
          receiving one such call, I began to write the address given to me
          by the church's   secretary who was  ordering the tapes.   It was
          not a  Baptist  church!   I  thought  that was  strange;  thus  I
          inquired as of  their nature - doctrine.   They were Charismatic!
          To make a long story short, I was invited to one of their monthly
          Saturday  night  mens meetings  and  six  months  later felt  God
          leading me to leave the Baptist church.

               This change was perhaps one of the  most difficult decisions
          in my  entire life.  All I  knew was Baptist everything.   I also
          knew, from  past testimonies, that leaving the Baptist church for
          a  Charismatic church,  insured loss  of  friends, ridicule,  and
          suspicion  of one's  salvation.   Although  some Baptist  friends
          remained,  it was different  now.  Some concluded,  I had gone to
          the other side.   I had  forsaken the  Word.  I  no longer was  a
          fundamentalist; so fellowship simply was not possible.

               During the  six months I  sought to determine God's  will, I
          studied  my new  found Christian friends  arduously.   I examined
          their Christian testimonies.   Were they genuine? Were they  just
          positive thinkers?   Were they  spiritual extremists?   Were they
          hiding  what  they really  were -  fakes?   I  likewise  put them
          through the mill doctrinally.  I  was amazed and shocked!  I  was
          unable to find a single  doctrine that we disagreed upon; except,
          of course, the  doctrine of tongues;  if you count tongues.   How
          could this be?  I had  always been taught, and believed it,  too,
          that if  you were wrong in one doctrine,  you were no doubt wrong
          in  others.    I  could not  find  this  to  be  true with  these
          Christians.   Indeed,  after six  months of examination,  I found
          nothing   different  in   what  they   believed  as   independent
          Charismatics and what I believed as an independent Baptist.


               I feel the  necessity to make reference to  the greatest and
          most significant change which occurred  as a result of  receiving
          the gift of tongues.  I began,  immediately, to get answers to my
          prayers.  In fact, within six months, after beginning to speak in
          tongues; I received  more answers to my prayers than  since I had
          been born again.  I'm not exaggerating.  Prayer began to work and
          work consistently.

               While visiting with one of my older sisters on the telephone
          one day,  shortly after receiving  my prayer language,  she asked
          me, "What is the greatest benefit gain from being filled with the
          Spirit and speaking in tongues?  Why do we need it?"   I, without
          hesitation,  said, "Answered prayer."  The greatest blessing, the
          greatest benefit,  the most  rewarding aspect,  of receiving  the
          gift  of tongues is, for  me,  indeed answered prayer.   I am not
          taking the time now to  Biblically examine this aspect of tongues
          but  it is  certainly noteworthy.  If  you are  not getting  your
          prayers answered on  a regular, consistent, and perpetual  bases,
          something is wrong.


                While  still sitting  in  the  Baptist  Sunday  school  one
          morning in my Pastor's  adult Bible class, I began  to write down
          things that came to  mind on the subject  of prayer.  I had  been
          praying for  nearly two years  asking God  what it meant  to ask,
          believe, have faith,  and to receive  answers to  my prayers.   I
          felt these were  the intrinsic elements to  understanding prayer.
          As I  meditated that morning  during Sunday School, God  began to
          reveal the meanings of those four words.  I took notes all during
          Sunday School and the service to follow.  I ran home and sat down
          at my desk and began to take more notes.  I took notes off-and-on
          for hours until late that night.  Seven  messages came from those
          notes as God revealed to me how to pray and more importantly, how
          to pray to get my prayers answered.

               As I  began to study  prayer, the Spirit revealed  prayer is
          "Breathing  in the  Spirit."   That  is, as  natural as  physical
          breathing is to the body; so should prayer be  to every Believer.
          The messages,  seven in all, which the Lord  gave me on prayer; I
          have called exactly that:   "Breathing In The Spirit."  If prayer
          is not this  natural, begin to seek God and while you are seeking
          Him, be filled with the Spirit, too.


               I mentioned earlier that God had revealed I was to be one of
          His intercessors.  Although I will not  take time to address this
          subject now, this  ministry; revealed to me as  God's will, began
          to take shape  after receiving  the gift  of tongues.   In a  few
          short  weeks, God  began to  reveal,  both through  His Word  and
          through others,  just exactly  what an intercessor  was and  what
          they do.  The primary job of an intercessor is to help others get
          prayers answered     - Matthew 18:19.   This  wonderful privilege
          began  to take  an important  aspect  in my  life as  I  began to
          minister to and for others.


               Three years  after the Lord  revealed to me His  will, I was
          given opportunity to pastor.  God had revealed three things to me
          in May of 1985; of which the first and third revelations had come
          true:  I was speaking in tongues and  I was beginning my ministry
          as an intercessor.  The third revelation, however; that God had a
          "treasure  in Heaven in  reserve for me,"  had not  come to pass.
          After waiting for about a year for the second revelation  to come
          true,  I suddenly  realized that  perhaps the  Lord had  not been
          referring to money at all.

               In the fall  of 1987, the Lord  moved me from the  church to
          which He had  led me.   I  felt uncomfortable about  leaving.   I
          loved the new Brothers and Sisters in the Lord that God had given
          me and indeed had no desire to leave them.  God  clearly revealed
          to me, however, that He  had me on a different path and  I was to

               Less  than a year after joining another Fellowship, the Lord
          allowed me to pastor some of  His people.  After a few  months of
          such  ministry, I  suddenly  recalled  His promise:    "I have  a
          treasure  in  Heaven  reserved  for  you."   Could  this  be  it?
          Possibly.   I had  felt the call to  be a pastor  in mid 1979 and
          after three years of trying to find  a church, I gave up.  No one
          seemed to want a  blind pastor.  Now  that had changed.   God had
          given me a  "treasure" - a group  of Brothers and Sisters  in the
          Lord who  all  wanted the  same thing  I wanted  -  to serve  God


          Now, before concluding, we need  to study doctrine.  This booklet
          is primarily  for Baptists,  or anyone,  who  has questioned  the
          validity  of tongues  as  a doctrine  for  today's New  Testament
          church.  We, as  baptists,  had always been taught  that the sign
          of tongues was  restricted to the days of the  apostles and that,
          in fact, tongues passed away with the last apostle.  We  had been
          taught  that those  who  spoke  in tongues  today  were not  only
          doctrinally in error  but were possibly demon possessed.   If not
          possessed; certainly demonically influenced.  Some Baptists, over
          the  years, have wisely  refrained from accusing  Charismatics of
          being  demon possessed.  After all,  who  wants to  be guilty  of
          committing the  unpardonable sin -  attributing the works  of the
          Holy Spirit to the Devil: (See Matt. 12:22-32).  We changed  such
          opinion,  therefore, to  simply  accusing  Charismatics of  being
          emotionally  and psychologically confused.  We said they spoke in
          tongues  after being  hyped in  a service.   Funny...I  was sound
          asleep when I began to speak in tongues; not in a church service.

               The purpose of this story  is not to doctrinally address all
          the avenues of theological controversy on the subject of speaking
          in tongues.  I  have written on the subject and,  of course, many
          others  have done likewise.  I  do feel it necessary, however, to
          spend some time addressing the doctrine directly.  As I do  so, I
          have  chosen  not  to  refer   to  I  Corinthians  14,  the  most
          ostentatious  passage on  tongues, but  rather  a passage  always
          overlooked  by we  Baptists.    I believe  all  arguments can  be
          stilled from one text and thus I quote it here:

               But Peter, standing  up with the eleven,  lifted up his
               voice, and said  unto them, Ye men of Judea, and all ye
               that dwell  at Jerusalem, be  this known unto  you, and
               harken to  my words: For  these are not drunken,  as ye
               suppose, seeing  it is but  the third hour of  the day.
               But this is that which  was spoken by the prophet Joel;
               And it  shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,
               I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: And your sons
               and your daughters  shall prophesy, and your  young men
               shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
               And on  my servants and  on my handmaidens I  will pour
               out  in  those  days  of  my  Spirit;  and  they  shall
               prophesy:  And I will show wonders in heaven above, and
               signs in the  earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapor
               of smoke:   The sun shall be turned  into darkness, and
               the moon into blood, before that great  and notable day
               of the  Lord come:   And it  shall come  to pass,  that
               whosoever shall call  on the name of the  Lord shall be
               saved (Acts 2:14-21).


          Every  independent Baptist  is familiar  with Acts  2.   The very
          chapter we referred  to for disproving tongues, is  also the very
          one which doctrinally confirms tongues is for today.  "How?" Look
          at the  passage again.   Peter quoted  Joel and the  prophet Joel
          prophesied concerning the "last days" (Acts 2:17), "And it  shall
          come to pass in the last  days..."  Ask yourself  "Are  we living
          in the  (last days)?"  No  Bible believing Baptist  would deny we
          are indeed living  in the  "last days."   Why, then,  do we  deny
          tongues is  for today?   Joel,  and Peter  for that  matter, both
          confirmed that this  "pouring out of God's Spirit"  is during the
          "last days."

               The next thing which usually happens when  pointing this out
          in Peters  sermon, is that we,  as Baptists, would always  try to
          say,     "Oh,    but    this    is    a    reference    to    the
          tribulation...See...(blood,  and fire,  and vapor  of smoke...and
          the  sun  turning dark  and  the  moon  to blood).    That's  the
          tribulation!"  Sure it is!   Peter, however, was making reference
          to  the entire period, from where he  was standing in time, clear
          down through the tribulation until Jesus comes.  In fact, that is
          exactly what he, Peter, said:  "Before that great and notable day
          of the  Lord come" (Acts 2:20).   These things, all these things:
          the  sun turning dark, the moon turning red, the fire, the vapor,
          and the pouring  out of God's Spirit,  all will occur  before the
          return of our Lord.  Read it!  That's what it says.

               Before we attempt to try  explaining any of this away, Peter
          confirms  this period of  time by saying,  "And it shall  come to
          pass, that whosoever shall call on the  name of the Lord shall be
          saved"  (Acts 2:21).   There  it is!   Peter  confirmed  that the
          period of  time to which he was referring  would be those days in
          which  it was possible  for people  to confess  Jesus as  Lord to
          receive  eternal salvation.   Ask  yourself this question:   "Can
          people call upon the name of the Lord to be saved today?"  If so,
          we are in  the "last days."  We  thus are in that  period of time
          whereby the Holy Spirit is poured out.

               Peter stood on  the edge of spiritual revelation,  as he was
          filled with the Holy  Spirit, and looked  down through time.   He
          saw what Joel had seen.  They both say the days in which the lost
          can call upon the name of the Lord for their salvation are called
          the "last days."  They both saw this was the  period of time when
          the  Holy Spirit would  minister on  earth.   They both  saw this
          ministry of the  Spirit involving salvation, prophesying  by both
          men and women, young  and old; visions and dreams.   Peter called
          them "the last days."   We either see it as  they did or we  deny
          the power  of the  Holy Spirit  to be  in evidence  in the  "last
          days."  We are  either in the last days as Believers  today or we
          are not.  If we are not, Jesus  has already come.  If we are, the
          pouring out of the Spirit; and all that means, is still for today
          and, indeed, we should be expecting and experiencing it.


               Most of us as Baptist attempted to disproved the teaching of
          tongues  by ridiculing the Charismatics  for teaching there was a
          "Baptism of the Spirit."  We  taught, and believed, that no  such
          thing exists  in Scripture except  that we are all  "baptized" by
          the Spirit into  the body of Christ  at the moment of  salvation.
          Charismatics believe  this, too, of course; but we never bothered
          to discover this as Baptists.

               Ephesians 1:13 confirms  that we receive, are born  of,  the
          Holy Spirit at the moment  of confessing Jesus as Lord; thus  are
          baptized  into the  Body of  Christ.   Every  Charismatic I  know
          believes  we indeed  receive the  Holy  Spirit at  the moment  of
          salvation.   Acts  2, on  the other  hand, demonstrates  that the
          baptism of the Spirit is something  different - the power of God.
          "Oh, really?"  Yes!  You see, Jesus told His disciples to wait in
          Jerusalem until they were filled  with the Spirit (Acts 1:8), and
          they did so.  When  it happened, they spoke in tongues as  one of
          the signs of  this power (Acts 2:4).  As you know, they  also did
          many other  signs and  miracles in the  days, weeks,  months, and
          years to follow.   Why?   They believed what  Peter said in  Acts
          2:14-21 to be true...they were in the last days before the coming
          of our Lord.

               As instructed, Jesus told them  to wait in Jerusalem for the
          filling of  the Spirit.  He,  Jesus, called this "filling  of the
          Spirit" the "baptism of the Spirit." (See  Acts 1:1-8.)  If Jesus
          called what happened in Acts 2:4 the "baptism of  the Spirit," is
          it wrong for us to do so today?

               Peter  likewise  confirmed  that our  Lord  called  this the
          "baptism  of  the  Spirit"  when he  explained  to  the Jerusalem
          leadership as to his reasons  why he had preached this Gospel  to
          the Gentiles at Cornelius's house.  [See Acts 11:16].   I suggest
          you  take the time  to read  Acts chapters 10  and 11 to  see the
          context.    The  baptism  of  the Spirit,  in  this  passage,  is
          unequivocally referred to  as when the Holy Spirit  is poured out
          as a gift of power upon those who hear and believe the Word.

               In short, Ephesians   1:13, when compared  with the teaching
          of Jesus in John  3, is being "born of the Spirit."  Acts 2:4, on
          the other hand, is  being "filled with the Spirit.   Are they two
          different things?  Yes - two different things.


               I wish there were time and room in this booklet to address I
          Corinthians 12,  13, and  14.   This is,  however,   primarily my
          personal testimony of  how God has worked  in my life and  thus I
          simply cannot  take the time  to address those chapters.   I will
          point out,  however, that  Paul told  the Corinthian  Christians:
          "forbid not to  speak in tongues."   He did not say, nor  does it
          say anywhere in Scripture, "Forbid  not to speak in tongues until
          the  last apostle  dies."   To  say, therefore,  that tongues  is
          unbiblical and unscriptural is simply not interpreting God's Word
          correctly.  Those  who have interpreted thus must  make provision
          for their interpretation  by suggesting such  has passed away  or
          simply died with the last apostle.   Why not just say, "I  refuse
          to believe."  

               Consider these  questions:  Why are  Charismatics interested
          in seeing the lost born again?  Why do they believe in the return
          of Christ as  Baptists?  Why do Charismatics  preach against sin?
          Why do they practice water baptism by emersion?  Why, and how, do
          Charismatics get their prayers answered?  These are all questions
          which demand answers.   If the  power of God  is not through  the
          filling of the  Holy Spirit, why  does Acts  1:8 say it  is?   If
          speaking in tongues  is not for today,  why did Peter say  it was
          and should be expected to be  in evidence during the "last days?"
          The only answer is the obvious.   You can, and should be,  filled
          with the  Spirit today.   You can, and  should, speak  in tongues
          today.  If, on the other hand, you say that being filled with the
          Spirit  is merely  by  demonstrating  your  faithfulness  to  Him
          through obedience, then  you are living by works  and not walking
          by  the Spirit.  If you say  the "baptism of the Spirit" means we
          are  born into the  body of Christ,  then, where  is the promised
          power  we read about  in Acts 1:8?   The greatest  witness of one
          filled with  the Holy Spirit  is power.   Did tongues reveal  the
          power of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the  lives of the
          apostles in Acts  2?  Did the healing of the sick, the raising of
          the  dead,  the  prophesying,  and  the  salvation  of  thousands
          demonstrate  the power  of the  Holy Spirit  had come  upon them?
          Yes!   Then why is it not true for  us today?  According to Peter
          and Joel; it is!

               I wish  I could  speak with each  of you  individually after
          reading  this  story.   Since  this  is  not possible,  I  simply
          encourage you to seek God and to pray concerning this teaching in
          God's  Word.   If the  Lord  did not  ordain the  Holy  Spirit to
          manifest  Himself  in   power  during  the  last   days,  Peter's
          interpretation of Joel's prophecy was incorrect and He misled the
          hearers of his  message on the day  of Pentecost; not to  mention
          those of us today who are Bible Believers.


               How is one  filled with the Spirit?  Jesus told them to wait
          in Jerusalem  till they were  baptized, filled, with  the Spirit.
          They first had to be in the place He had appointed.  Are you born
          again?  If so, you are in the appointed place.

               Secondly, they  had to believe  God's Word.  The  Lord never
          gives us anything  without our commitment of belief  in His Word.
          Do you believe God?  If you do not believe Acts 2 is the doctrine
          of the Holy Spirit filling Believers and giving them the gift  of
          tongues in  evidence of Holy  Spirit power, you cannot  be filled
          with the Spirit with the evidence of tongues.

               Being filled with the Spirit is like being born again as far
          as the action is concerned.  First we confess with our  mouth and
          then we believe,  commit, in our  hearts.  If  one desires to  be
          filled  with  the Spirit,  first  confess  with your  mouth  your
          desire.    Then  believe.    Believing is  nothing  more  than  a
          commitment to walk in what you have confessed with your mouth.

               What should you expect?   We should expect power (acts 1:8).
          Such power was revealed by the  speaking in tongues: (languages),
          the healing of the sick, the raising of the dead, the casting out
          of demons, and the salvation  of many souls - not necessarily  in
          that order.  If we claim the power of God, in relationship to the
          power  of the  Holy Spirit,  for souls to  be saved;  why ignore,
          disbelieve, the other?

               "Do I have  to speak in tongues?"   No!   You may find  this
          difficult  to believe,  but  many Charismatics  do  not speak  in
          tongues.   "Why do it then?"   May I answer that  question with a
          question?   Why would you not  desire something God  is trying to
          give you?  Why refuse something Jesus gave His life for  and said
          He desires us to have as a gift?   Why only receive what we think
          we need or want?   Why not receive all  that the Holy Spirit  was
          sent to  give?  Furthermore, what would  you say to someone being
          lead to Christ who  said they indeed desired salvation  but "Do I
          really have  to go to Heaven if  I don't want to?"   Silly, isn't
          it?  Why,  then, not receive all that God has given in the person
          of His Holy Spirit.  God's power is for today and it is revealed,
          administered, and manifested by His  Holy Spirit.  We either have
          it or we do not.

               Wherefore  be ye not unwise, but understanding what the
               will  of the  Lord is.   And  be not  drunk with  wine,
               wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit  (Eph.

               Someone  right  now is  saying,  "But what  about  all those
          Charismatics  who  are  doctrinally  unsound?"    If  you  are  a
          fundamental  independent Baptist, I bet you have bumped into many
          other  Baptists who are not doctrinally  sound, have you not?  In
          fact, I have met many Baptists, so called, who I believe were not
          even  born  again.    Does  this  somehow  negate  the  truth  of
          Scripture?  Nor should any  Charismatic, so called, keep you from
          embracing  the truth.   Forget  looking at  others and  see Jesus
          through His Word.


               A few months  before being filled with the Holy  Spirit as a
          Baptist in August 1982,  we had a Bible conference in  our church
          with several of  the nation's greatest Baptist preachers.   I was
          anxious to hear these great men and hoped one of them might speak
          on  the topic of the  Holy Spirit.   I was thrilled,  when on the
          first  day  of  the  week  long  conference,  the  first  speaker
          announced he would  teach that Sunday morning and  evening on the
          subject:  "Being filled with the Spirit."

               In his first message, he laid the ground work and emphasized
          the  necessity for  every Believer  to  be filled  with the  Holy
          Spirit.  I went home that morning, looking forward to the evening
          service.  I knew I needed to be filled with the Spirit and agreed
          with everything he had said in his first message.  "Finally, I am
          going to find out what it means to be filled with  God's Spirit."

          Returning  for  the evening  service,  I  took  my place  in  the
          auditorium and prepared to receive from God's man.

               Finally  the message  began.   I listened  closely  to every
          word...I  didn't want to miss a thing...this was vital.  Near the
          end of his second message on  "Being filled with the Spirit,"  he
          concluded by  telling us that  one filled  with the Spirit  was a
          Christian who did  and did not do  a certain number of  "things."
          In  another words, he taught that  one filled with the Spirit was
          one who  simply had given his life fully to the Lord as a servant
          and  he outlined  the qualities  of  a servant  by listing  those
          things we, as Christians, should do and not do.

               I went home that night disappointed.  Disappointed because I
          had been doing,  and not doing,  all those things; and  more, for
          years; that he had mentioned in his  message and yet I knew I was
          not filled with the Spirit.   I believed that night I  determined
          in my  heart to  discover the  true Biblical  meaning of  what it
          means to be filled with the Spirit.  I told the Lord, as I prayed
          on my  knees, "A person  like me, Lord, probably  can't be filled
          with  your  Holy  Spirit,  but  I  want  to  know  what  it means

               If  you are  born again  and  know Christ  as your  personal
          Saviour, you  can be filled with the Spirit.   It is not how much
          you can do for  God, however, but rather what God can and will do
          for you  through the manifestation  of His Holy Spirit.   Believe
          and be filled.   How  will you  know when you  have been  filled?
          "you shall receive power, after that  the Holy Ghost is come upon
          you" (Acts 1:8).

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