Counting sheep


                              Phil Scovell

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                             COUNTING SHEEP


                              Phil Scovell

                              JOHN 10:7-9

               Then said Jesus  unto them again, Verily, verily, I say
               unto you, I  am the door of  the sheep.  All  that ever
               came before me are thieves  and robbers: but the  sheep
               did not  hear them.   I am the door:  by me if  any man
               enter in, he shall be saved,  and shall go in and  out,
               and find pasture.  

               I was  having trouble sleeping.   As I searched  my mind for
          something on which to think, I focused on Christ as our Shepherd.
          I recalled  John's Gospel and  remembered a sermon from  long ago
          concerning the tending of sheep in Bible times.  A sheep fold was
          constructed  where all  sheep could  be sheltered for  the night.
          There was a single  entrance.  After all sheep  were counted, the
          shepherd lay across  the entrance; becoming  the door.   Nothing,
          therefore,   could  get  to  the  sheep  without  the  shepherd's
          knowledge.    Although we  use  this  passage  in John  to  teach
          salvation,  and rightfully  so, it  brought great  comfort  to me
          concerning my sleepless nights.   Nothing could get to me without
          the  knowledge of  my Saviour.   I  could picture  Him faithfully
          counting His sheep until all were safe; then Himself becoming the
          door for my protection.  Soon  I was asleep.  A little  different
          way of counting sheep, I suppose, but it worked.  Perhaps we have
          it reversed...He counts sheep; we do the sleeping.  Remember, God
          never sleeps so we can (Psalm 121:2-4).

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