The Great Pyramid

                            General Notes By Phil Scovell

                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

          Section 1  General Information On The Great Pyramid
          Section 2  The Great Pyramids Location
          Section 3  Other Pyramids
          Section 4  The General Structure Of The Great Pyramid
          Section 5  The Great Pyramid's Exact Measurements
          Section 6  The Great Pyramid's Interior
          Section 7  The Great Pyramid As A Prophetic Calendar
          Section 8  Biblical Reference To The Great Pyramid
          Section 9  The Pit And The End Of The World
          Final Remarks
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               the following notes were compiled for a sermon I preached in
          January of 1999  during an evening  service at Gospel  Lighthouse
          Church  In Denver,  Colorado.   Most  of The  information for  my
          sermon  was taken from  the book "Delicate  Balance," authored by
          John Zejac.   Mr. Zejac is often a guest on talk shows around the
          country  including   the  controversial   Art  Bell   show  heard
          nationwide on all  night radio.  He,  Mr. Zejac, is a  born again
          Christian and I have spoken  with him personally on the telephone
          concerning his  studies on The  Great Pyramid.   He is  also well
          known  for his  knowledge  of  Biblical  prophecy  and  worldwide
          economics.   His tapes  and books are  available direct  from his
          office or through bookstores.

               My sermon  notes  were  originally much  shorter.    I  have
          rewritten them in  order to make the information  easier to read.
          Keep  in mind  that  the following  is  the  tip of  the  iceberg
          concerning The Great Pyramid.  you should obtain Mr. Zejac's book
          for complete details because  he includes mathematical equations,
          measurement  information, drawings,  graphical designs,  and maps
          and pictures in his  book.  Mr. Zejac has also  visited The Great
          Pyramid and speaks from firsthand knowledge.

               Finally, I have  used other information on The Great Pyramid
          from other  sources to  supplement my own  studies but  I largely
          employed  John   Zejac's  research   to  prepare   the  following

               * Section 1  General Information On The Great Pyramid *

               The Great  Pyramid is  the oldest structure  on earth.   The
          masonry is so great, you could build a highway from San Francisco
          to manhattan, new  york which would be  8 feet wide and  4 inches
          thick.   In  order  to gain  some  mental picture  of  The  Great
          Pyramids size, let's  compare it to the world  trade center which
          is 1368 feet tall.  The world trade center took 11 years to build
          using 5,000 workers.   It is mostly open space with nearly 1 acre
          of office space per floor.  If you removed all the empty space in
          the trade center  towers, and then  shape the remaining  material
          into the  general shape  of The Great  Pyramid, placing  it along
          side, the World Trade Center would be just 4 feet 10 inches tall.
          The Great Pyramid is  454 feet tall by  756 feet per side and  is
          nearly a solid structure.  The Great Pyramid is built on top of a
          granite mountain  whose top just happens to  peak at the level of
          the Egyptian desert.  

                      * Section 2  The Great Pyramids Location *

               If you draw intersecting polar lines north to south and east
          to west on a globe which pass through the greatest amount of land
          mass, those lines cross exactly where the pyramid sits.  There is
          only two  places  on earth  where  these intersecting  lines  can
          cross.   One is in the middle of the  pacific ocean and the other
          is exactly  where the pyramid  was built.   Note.  This  was done
          before any scientific knowledge of the earth was known and before
          any maps of the  world were drawn.  Columbus, set  sail for India
          and hit south america.  100  years later, they were still arguing
          whether the  earth revolved  around the sun  or the  sun revolved
          around the earth.  Question.  At this time, over 4,600 years ago,
          who,  on  earth,  could  have  possibly  known  where  the  exact
          geographic center  of the earth was.    Question.  Who could have
          known of  the existence of an underground  granite mountain which
          would be required to support  the millions of pounds displaced by
          the giant structure of the Great Pyramid.

                            * Section 3  Other Pyramids *

               All the  other pyramids  are poor copies  of the  first; The
          Great  Pyramid. Many  of the  other pyramids  sank into  the sand
          because they  were not built  on solid foundations and  many have
          simply fallen apart.  They  likewise are no where near  the mass,
          or volume, of the  Great Pyramid which is  over 4,600 years  old.
          Other pyramids have bulged  from the tremendous top  weight, sunk
          into  the  sands,  crumbled  or  completely  fallen  apart.   The
          japanese tried to build a pyramid of their own in modern times to
          show they could duplicate, or replicate, just one of the Egyptian
          pyramids  and it literally  collapsed from the  tremendous weight
          generated by the pyramid's mass.  

               Note.  The other pyramids were burial places with rooms made
          for holding mummies,  food, treasures and personal  belongings of
          the pharaohs and Egyptian kings.  All the other pyramids also had
          rooms built  below ground, verses  above ground  level, and  they
          were covered  with hieroglyphics.   The Great Pyramid   was built
          before  hieroglyphics, before the  invention of the  spoke wheel,
          and  even before  rope was  invented.  The  Great Pyramid  has no
          treasure  rooms,  no mummies  were  ever  buried  in it,  and  no
          hieroglyphics were ever found in The Great Pyramid.  It is nearly
          a solid structure over all except for a couple of passageways and
          empty rooms which will be detailed in a moment.

              * Section 4  The General Structure Of The Great Pyramid *

               Originally,  The Great  Pyramid  was  covered  with  144,000
          casing stones.   Does  the  number 144,000  ring a  bell?   These
          casing  stones were 20 tons  each, 40,000 pounds,  in weight.  An
          earthquake, in about 1400, loosened some of the casing stones and
          the Arabs began removing them to take to other locations to build
          their  mosques; a  Moslem house  of worship.   The  casing stones
          measured about 5 by  5 by 20 feet and  the outer side was  highly
          polished to a degree greater than your reading glasses are today.
          They were, on the outside, as smooth  as a mirror.  Keep in  mind
          that such technology did not exist 4,600 years ago.  Each sloping
          side of  The Great Pyramid  was 13  acres of polished stone which
          reflected the sun like a mirror.   It is likely The Great Pyramid
          could be visible from the moon.   It could literally be seen as a
          shinning beacon from the hills of israel before the casing stones
          were  removed.   There still  remain a  few casing stones  at the
          ground level which were not removed  and can be viewed yet today.
          The  stones are 5000th of an inch apart  even today.  They are so
          close together,  you cannot  see the  cracks between the  stones.
          The  cracks between  stones were  deliberate  because it  allowed
          moisture to drain away from  the pyramid to keep the  stones from
          cracking  and breaking  due to  the extreme  desert day  time and
          night time  temperatures.  compare  this to your driveway  out in
          front of your house or to a common city sidewalk today  and think
          about what was just described.

               The builders of The Great Pyramid used a specially made glue
          to cement the casing stones together  and to attached them to the
          sides of the pyramid's sandstone walls.  It was a white substance
          made to  bond the polished  granite stones over 4,600  years ago.
          It is  as strong  as granite itself  but has  some elasticity  to
          allow the stones some movement over the centuries without causing
          cracking or breaking.  Though it has been tried, no one  has been
          able to replicate this glue today.

                * Section 5  The Great Pyramid's Exact Measurements *

               Isaac Newton, father of higher mathematics and physics, gave
          us so much in  the field of science and mathematics  and physics,
          that  a  portion of  physics  to  this  day is  called  Newtonian
          physics.   He  accomplished  all  his  mathematical  achievements
          before the age of 27 years.   When trying to prove his  theory of
          gravity,  he needed  to know the  size of  the earth in  order to
          confirm  his theoretical equations.   He'd heard  about The Great
          Pyramid and decided  to go to Egypt  and attempt to make  his own
          measurements of  the Pyramid  in order  to determine  the earth's
          size.  He  began by using the  British inch for  his measurements
          and  discovered   his  measurements   of  the  pyramid   returned
          inaccurate data in  relation to the earth's  mass.  He then  used
          what  is called  the  Sacrad Inch,  or  the Jewish  Inch, or  the
          Hebraic Inch.  Note.   That inch  is slightly different than  the
          british  and american  inch.   Once he  changed  to this  form of
          measurement, all his calculations began to match perfectly.

               The Great  Pyramid  is a  square circle.   Pi  is twice  the
          radius of a circle divided by its circumference or periphery.  It
          took mathematicians centuries to calculate pi and they could only
          take pi to 6 decimal places in the 17 hundreds.   If you take the
          height of  The Great Pyramid and  double it, then divide  that by
          it's  periphery,  which is  a  square base,  you have  pi  to six
          decimal places.   Hence, the  pyramid is a square  circle.  Note.
          Pi  was not  calculated by  anyone  to six  decimal places  until
          hundreds  of years  after the  completion of  The  Great Pyramid.
          Yet,  somebody not only knew how to  calculate pi back then, they
          built a  massive  structure which  calculated pi  to six  decimal

               The periphery of the pyramid,  measured by Sir Isaac Newton,
          is 36,524  sacrad Jewish  inches.  Write  the number 36,524  on a
          piece of paper and look at it.   Does anything about the number 3
          "6 5  2 4" seem  familiar?   It just so  happens to be  the exact
          number of days in one year.  Leap year is every four years.  Thus
          some people think  we have 365.25 days  in one year and  the leap
          day  is added  every four years  to compensate.   This is untrue.
          Leap year is skipped every 400 years or when the year ends with a
          double zero.   For example,  there was no  leap year in  the year
          1600 but  there will be a leap  day in the year 2000  to make the
          calendar correct.   Hence, the length of  one year is 365.24 days
          which is exactly what the  base measurements of The Great pYramid
          revealed over 4,600 years ago.   The height of The Great  Pyramid
          is 454 feet  which is also  the exact average  height of all  the
          land mass on earth.

               Note.   Following  Isaac  Newton's  study  of  the  pyramid,
          including its measurements  and more we are about  to discuss, he
          gave up science at  the age of 27  and dedicated the rest  of his
          life to the  study of the Bible and he wrote  books on The Bible,
          God, and theology  because of what he discovered  about The Great
          Pyramid.  In short, Isaac  Newton was converted to Christ because
          of his discoveries made at The Great Pyramid.

                     * Section 6  The Great Pyramid's Interior *

               And arab, in  the early 14, hundreds,  discovered the hidden
          entrance to The Great  Pyramid.  Once they tunneled in passed the
          outer  casing stones,  they  discovered  the Descending  passage.
          Crawling  back up  the  Descending  passage,  they  attempted  to
          discover the exit.  Leaning  against the outer casing stone which
          they  encountered  at  the  outer   wall  of  the  pyramid,  they
          discovered it would swing open by pushing on it.  The  exit door,
          made  of a  granite casing  stone weighing  20 tons,  was counter
          levered and as you stepped out,  it would slowly swing shut.   It
          could not be opened again from the outside because it was  cut to
          fit within 5000th of an inch as were all the outer casing stones.
          You could not see the entrance from the outside because it fit so
          perfectly.  It  was constructed as a stone  hinged mechanism with
          counter levers  and weights.   Remember,  the casing stones  were
          40,000  pounds and  this exit  door, made  of stone,  would swing
          effortlessly when you pushed on it from the inside of the pyramid
          with about  50 pounds  of pressure.    That door  has since  been
          removed for ease of access by tourists today.

               Two  main  passages  called  the  Descending  and  Ascending
          passages were  discovered in the  pyramid.  They  were originally
          3.5 by 3.5  feet but have since  been widened to allow  people to
          walk  through rather  than crawling.   They are true  to within 1
          quarter inch per hundred  feet and they are  hundreds of feet  in

               The Descending passage  starts at ground level  and descends
          to well  below ground and leads to a  lower level called the Pit.
          This pit is where a person can stand and look up through a finely
          hewn  shaft and  see  the  stars even  if  it  is broad  daylight
          outdoors.  It is  a telescope, or celestial pointer, but  more on
          this pit later.

               The Ascending passage was originally blocked in three places
          by three huge red  granite stones.  Note.  They  were three "red"
          granite  stones.   Consider the  significance of these  three red
          granite  stones as we  continue discussing the  Ascending passage
          and  see if  you believe  they might  have any  Biblical meaning.
          They  have now  tunneled  around these  three red  granite stones
          because they were two large to move.

               When  going up the  Ascending passage, the  ceiling suddenly
          rises from  3.5 feet to  28 feet.   Though the  Ascending passage
          continues to rise  at the  same angle,  the area of  the 28  high
          ceiling is called the Grand Gallery.

               The Ascending passage leads to two rooms.  The first room is
          right where the ceiling rises to the 28 foot height and is called
          the Queen's  Chamber.  If  you continue up the  Ascending passage
          through  the Grand Gallery, it leads to what is called the King's
          Chamber.  These two rooms were not so named because the mummified
          remains of  a king and his queen were laid  to rest there but are
          called   the  King's   and  the   Queen's   chambers  simply   to
          differentiate between their sizes and dimensions.  An interesting
          discovery was  made in The Great Pyramid of air ducts cut through
          to the outside which allows the pyramid to be  kept at an even 68
          degrees year round.  Which is considered, by the way, the average
          temperature of the earth year round.

               The King's  Chamber is larger,  of course, than  the Queen's
          chamber but it is a direct measured multiple of the Old Testament
          arc of  the covenant which  God commanded  Moses to built  to His
          exact dimensions.   The  King's Chamber is  supported by  5 stone
          beams to hold  up the tremendous weight of  the overhead pyramid.
          Each stone beam ways 70 tons.

               * Section 7  The Great Pyramid As A Prophetic Calendar *

               The face of The Great Pyramid, when measured using 1 inch to
          1 year,  reveals the pyramid  was finished in  the year 2623  bc.
          Going down  the Descending passage,  measuring 1 inch at  a time,
          and comparing 1  inch to 1 year, you eventually come to a mark on
          the Descending  passage wall.   The mark,  which is  nothing more
          than a mark  and is not hieroglyphic or any form of lettering, is
          the only marking  ever discovered inside the pyramid.   That mark
          appears at the  year 2141 bc: the  exact year the old  North Star
          Dragonus, appeared in the  center of the shaft  and shown on  the
          floor of the Pit.  This prophetic  mark was placed on the wall of
          the  Descending  passage  nearly  five  centuries  prior  to  the
          occurrence of  the celestial event.   This means,  therefore, the
          builder of The Great  Pyramid knew of future events  and yet this
          was but one of many prophetic  events, as we will see,  predicted
          by the builder.

               If  you continue down the Descending passage, measuring inch
          by inch, year by year, you  arrive at the Ascending passage.   At
          that very spot,  where the Descending passage begins  to rise and
          becomes the  Ascending passage,  is the time  believed to  be the
          year of the exodus of the jews from Egypt in 1453 bc.

               Continuing  up the Ascending  passage, and measuring  as you
          go, the Grand Gallery,  28 foot tall ceiling, starts  at the year
          33 AD:  believed to  be the year  of the resurrection  of Christ.
          The end of the  Grand Gallery is the year  1914 AD.  A number  of
          world events can be attributed to this date but it is not totally
          prophetically evident.   It is  an exact measurement of  the year
          1914, however, and is worth consideration.

               The  Queens  Chamber begins  at  the  very point  where  the
          Ascending  passage suddenly  rises  to  a 28  foot  ceiling.   As
          previously  stated, this area of the  Ascending passage is called
          the Grand Gallery.   There's a passage leading  off the Ascending
          passage  to the Queens Chamber.   The angle  between the slope of
          the Ascending passage and the  level floor of the Queen's Chamber
          is  called the  Christ  angle.   That angle,  is  so precise,  it
          reveals the date of April 3, 33 AD.  This  is suggested to be the
          date  of  the  crucifixion  of  Jesus  Christ.    Making  further
          measurements by employing  the Christ angle, the  date of October
          14, 29 AD appears:  which is the baptism of Christ.   Where these
          two floors  of the  passages intersect,  measurements reveal  the
          date September 29, 2 BC: the date of our Lord's birth.   Biblical
          scowlers, historians, and archaeologist all now agree that Christ
          had to have been born at this approximate time BC.  Keep in mind,
          there was no year 0 and  our calendars have been readjusted  over
          the  years.   It  cannot  be overlooked  that  The Great  Pyramid
          predicted   these  exact  dates  over  2,500  years  before  they

                * Section 8  Biblical Reference To The Great Pyramid *

               Isaiah 19:19-20
          19  In that day shall there be  an altar to the LORD in the midst
          of the land of  Egypt, and a pillar at the  border thereof to the
          LORD. 20  And it shall  be for a sign and for a  witness unto the
          LORD of hosts in the land  of Egypt: for they shall cry unto  the
          LORD because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a saviour,
          and a great one, and he shall deliver them.

          There is a  technique of numerics  which assigns and  consecutive
          number to each letter  of the Hebrew alphabet.   For example,  in
          English, you would assign 1, 2 and  3 to the letters, a b c,  and
          so  on.  The  Hebrew alphabet, of  course, is  different than the
          English and that's  why you have  to use the  Hebrew alphabet  in
          applying them to these  verses in Isaiah.  Of  course, Isaiah was
          written in  Hebrew and  not English.   If  you  use this  numeric
          technique and assign  the numbers to each of the  letters used in
          these two verses found in the book of Isaiah, and then  add these
          numbers,  you obtain  the number  5,449.   When using  the Sacred
          Jewish Inch to measure The  Great Pyramid, you will discover this
          is the exact height of the pyramid.

               Many today  believe these two verses are in direct reference
          to The Great Pyramid and certainly, if you  read them in context,
          there is absolutely  no doubt God is  talking to Egypt and  in my
          opinion,  it would be difficult to  overlook the possibility this
          passage refers to The Great Pyramid.

                   * Section 9  The Pit And The End Of The World *

               The shaft,  through which  you can view  the stars  from the
          center  of the  Pit at  The Great  Pyramid's base,  was perfectly
          aligned with the  old north  star in the  year 2141  BC.  It's  a
          telescope,  in effect,  and works  as  a perfect  pointer to  the
          stars.  The old north star was known as Dragonus.   The new north
          star, which mariners have used  for hundreds of years in nautical
          navigation, is called Polaris.   This north star will appear dead
          center  in this  shaft at  a  point in  the future  which  can be
          calculated  by modern  means.   Polaris.   according to  some, in
          Greek,  means Satan.    The  word in  Latin  means extreme  heat,
          burning, or conflagration.  The perfect alinement of Polaris down
          the shaft of The  Great Pyramid will occur 1,000 years beyond the
          year  2,000 give or take a couple of years.  The truth is, modern
          measuring techniques  are simply  unable to  calculate the  exact
          time Polaris  will shine down the shaft  in The Great Pyramid but
          as I  said, this will  occur around the  year 3,000, or  in other
          words, a thousand years in the future.  The Bible speaks of Satan
          being released  from the  bottomless pit  following 1,000  years,
          which  is called  the  Millennium, when  Christ  reigns upon  the
          earth.  This final battle is when Satan gathers all of his forces
          together and he, and his  armies, are totally defeated by Christ.
          According to the bible, Satan,  his angels, and all who  have not
          received  Christ as Lord and Saviour are  then cast into Hell and
          death and Hell are  cast into the Lake of Fire.   (See Revelation

                                  * Final Remarks *

               The  Great  Pyramid,   I  believe,  is  a   physical  symbol
          confirming what the Bible has said for thousands of years.  If it
          is not,  somebody with super  human capability went out  of their
          way  to point to  a lot of  interesting data directly  related to
          Christ;  his  birth,   death  upon  the  cross,  and  His  bodily
          resurrection.    I  also  believe that  The  Great  Pyramid  also
          calculates the exact  return of Christ but as  of yet, scientists
          are  simply   unable  to  correctly  calculate   that  futuristic
          measurement.  The measurements  which have already been made,  on
          the  other hand, do  give us some  idea of the  exact time Christ
          will return.  I believe Christ is  going to return at exactly the
          time The  Great Pyramid  alines with the  North Star  minus 1,000
          years.  I also believe that time is soon and could be any day.

               Someone may ask, "Do I need to believe all of this about The
          Great  Pyramid?"   The answer  is, no.    What you  must believe,
          however, is that the  Bible is true and that Jesus  Christ is not
          only Lord but is coming back.   What you must believe is that  we
          all must be ready because the time is  near and Biblical prophecy
          confirms it even without  the evidence The Great  Pyramid affords

               Some of you  have friends and relatives you  have witness to
          and they've said  "No, I don't want to receive Christ."  Some you
          have neglected witnessing to because you are afraid they will say
          no and that is more than you can bear.  We can  no longer take no
          for an answer.   If your friend or family were in a burning house
          and you attempted  to rescue  them and they  were so unawares  of
          their danger, would  you take no for  an answer?  Of  course not.
          My  brothers and  sisters, we  can  no longer  be satisfied  with
          letting our love ones burn eternally simply because we are afraid
          they will say no.  We must go after those we love,  and those God
          places in our path,  and we must win them to  Jesus Christ.  Soon
          it will be too late.  Stop taking no for an answer; go after them
          and win them to Christ.  Don't  give up trying until Jesus comes.
          Their very life depends upon it.

               Finally, if  you do not  know Jesus Christ as  your personal
          Lord and Savior, the Bible is very clear how easy it is to become
          one of His own.  Admit you are a sinner and cannot save yourself.
          Ask God to forgive you of your sin  and ask Him to be the Lord of
          your life.  the Bible says, "That  if thou shalt confess with thy
          mouth the Lord Jesus,  and shalt believe in thine  heart that God
          hath  raised him  from the  dead,  thou shalt  be saved"  (Romans
          10:9).  Then,  and only then, will you be ready  to meet the Lord
          when He returns.  If you need help doing this, please contact me.

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