Spiritual Warfare


                                     Phil Scovell

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                                  Spiritual Warfare


                                     Phil Scovell


               Since  I was young, everybody,  I was taught,  had to have a
          life's verse.   So, over the years,  I picked out  many different
          verses and  claimed them  as my  own.   None ever  seemed to  fit
          perfectly but at least,  bless God, I had one at  any given time.
          Somehow  I felt more spiritual, too,  just knowing I had a life's
          verse to quote.   The problem was, every time I heard a new verse
          that  someone  quoted as  their life's  verse, generally  a guest
          speaker in church, a missionary, or special speaker  during Bible
          college  chapel services,  I found  myself  switching.   Besides,
          their verse  always sounded so much better.   After all, you must
          have a good  life's verse.  You don't want to have one that makes
          you sound like a nut or unspiritual.

               One day, many years ago, I was reading the bible and a verse
          jumped out at  me.  That was it!   My life's verse.   "And ye are
          complete in Him which is the head of all principality and power,"
          (Colossians 2:10).  That had to be  it.  After all, I was totally
          blind and  this verse  just said, I  was complete  in Christ.   I
          knew,   from  my  theological   upbringing,  this  meant   I  was
          spiritually complete in Him so that had to be it.  I  mean, I was
          saved, born  again, so I was complete  in Him.  So what  if I was
          blind physically; I  could see spiritually,  couldn't I?   That's
          all that counts.  Right?  I rejoiced in my new found life's verse
          and began using it as such immediately.

               The nice thing  about my new life's verse is that it fit all
          my  personal letters  to people  as I  signed them,  "Complete In
          Him," and my signature.  I had never in my life seen anybody sign
          their  letters that way nor had anybody  ever used this verse, in
          my hearing,  as their life verse.  So  I was satisfied; I finally
          had one to which  no one else on the earth could  lay claim or so
          it seemed.  Maybe I should copyright it so no body else could use
          my life's verse.

                                  Spiritual Warfare

               A good thirty  years have passed since I  selected my life's
          verse.  It has  always felt good but  it felt more like  a mitten
          than a glove,  if you know what  I mean, and there  was something
          that  didn't  seem exactly  right about  it.   After  all,  I was
          complete,  spiritually  speaking,  in Christ  but  there  was one
          little teeny weeny problem; I was blind.   If Hank Hanegraaff and
          John Macarthur were right, and God really didn't bother much with
          doing miracles these  days, well, then, shoot, I  most likely was
          going to be blind until the  Lord returned.  So, I  circumvented,
          bypassed, evaded, and  understated the literal  interpretation of
          my favorite Bible verse, my life's Bible verse, by explaining how
          complete  I  am  spiritually  in  Christ.    In  other  words,  I
          spiritualized   the   verse   to  make   it   applicable   to  my
          interpretation.  No body in  their right mind would ever question
          my interpretation; not even Brother Hank or Brother John.  I kept
          shoving the  inconsistency aside,  that is,  until very  recently
          when the  Holy Spirit finally  put me out  of my misery,  sort of
          speak, and  revealed  the true  meaning  and application  of  the

               Nearly  every night, I  pray through some  spiritual warfare
          prayers concerning demonic  activity that may, or may  not, be in
          my  house or  which  has come  against  my  household.   This  is
          necessary, especially  if you  are an  intercessor.   Many times,
          when praying intercessory warfare prayers for people, whether you
          know it  or not, the demonic  activity in that person's  life can
          connect with  you as an  intercessor.  Their burdens,  during the
          intercessory  prayer time,  can become  your burdens;  especially
          based upon the type of intercessor you may be.  Quite often these
          burdens of others can be associated with demonic lies and in some
          cases, based upon  how the lie was  planted in their life  in the
          first place,  there is definite presence of demonic influence and
          personification.   In a Christians  life?  Of  course.   Where in
          Scripture  does it say  the devil left  our Lord alone  after the
          experience  of His  forty day  fast  in the  wilderness?   Luke's
          Gospel records  that Satan left  our Lord for a  season following
          all the  temptations he  brought against him.   (See  Luke 4:13).
          For a season?   Does this mean  the devil planned on  coming back
          after  Jesus told him to  get lost?  What do  you think Satan was
          trying to do when Jesus was on  the cross?  Kill Him maybe?  bust
          God's eternal salvitic plan wide open?  Destroy the Lord of glory
          so he, Satan, could become lord of the universe and thereby force
          people to worship him instead of the true Lord Jesus?  What about
          the  woman in the synagogue with  the spirit of infirmity?  Jesus
          said  she had been  bound for eighteen  years by Satan.   did you
          hear it?  By Satan.  Read it for yourself in Luke 13:11-16 if you
          doubt it  or have forgotten.   Let me  hasten to state  that this
          passage does not mean that  all physical infirmities are  demonic
          but it likewise  does not mean they  are Godly either.   Stop and
          think about  that for  a  moment.   Furthermore, this  in no  way
          implies  that Christians  are  demon possessed.    The point  is,
          however, demons love  pestering God's saints.  If  you think that
          you  are  exempt  from  demonic  influence  because  you   are  a
          Christian, then you  are being fooled by the  master deceiver and
          you are thinking exactly what he wants you to think.

               As  I said, I  normally spend  time praying  certain warfare
          prayers  before  going to  bed  each  night  over myself  and  my
          household, because I carry  the most spiritual authority over  my
          family and descendants,  and I include a number  of other related
          things  which I  won't  take  time to  mention  now.   Concerning
          intercessory  prayer, my warfare  prayers also include  those for
          whom I have done intercession and for reasons already mentioned.

               Along these lines, therefore, I was praying a warfare prayer
          one  night  and  quoting,  along  with a  whole  bunch  of  other
          authority  passages,  Colossians  2:10; my  life's  verse.   Why?
          Because of the  second part of the verse that says, "Which is the
          head of  all principality and  power."  This obviously  means, of
          course, Jesus  Christ is the head  of, not only all  good angelic
          beings,  but evil  forces  as well.  We  easily and  conveniently
          remember that Jesus is the head of all that is  good and holy but
          we  somehow fail to remember  He, Jesus the  Christ, is still the
          head of  even the  demonic forces.   We somehow seem  to transfer
          authority  of  the  demonic realm  over  to  Satan, theologically
          speaking,  without even  realizing it.   He,  Satan, is  only the
          chief fallen angel of all the fallen angels; the  true Lord Jesus
          Christ is the chief Shepherd.   According to 1 Peter  3:22, Jesus
          Christ is seated  at the right hand of  God; angels, authorities,
          and powers being subject to Him.

               Paul  used the  exact  same  Greek word  for  "angels" in  2
          Corinthians 12:7 when  he said a "messenger" from  Satan had been
          sent to him.   If Paul wasn't exempt from demonic influence, what
          makes  you think  we  are?    Furthermore,  Paul  said this  evil
          messenger had been  sent to  "buffet" him.   This  word means  to
          strike repeatedly.  Fortunately, Paul  wasn't about to give up or
          give  in to this  demonic warfare because  he knew Satan  was out
          numbered.    Paul also  knew  Satan  was  subject to  Christ  and
          therefore,  due to covenant principals and biblical confirmation,
          the demonics were  subject to him, Paul, in and  through the name
          of Jesus.

               Let's go one step  further.  I am sure you  know that Romans
          8:16-17 says  we are  heirs of God  and joint heirs  with Christ.
          This means, if you know anything about Biblical covenants at all,
          whatever we have is God's and whatever He has is our's.  So, when
          Colossians 2:10 says we are  complete in Him, meaning Christ, who
          is the head of all principality and power, we share joint  access
          to this  spiritual authority.   It actually means much  more than
          this but let's stick with this aspect of the verse for now.

               A quick read through of  Ephesians chapter 6 reveals that we
          not  only war  against  spiritual  forces  but  these  forces  of
          darkness are  structured similar to  military ranking.   Satan is
          the rank of  general, sort of speak,  or stated another  way, the
          chief fallen  angel.  I  could easily  state a dozen  passages of
          Scripture  which list the  various demonic ranks  but rather than
          doing that, let me remind you that the Bible  says, in Colossians
          2:10,  that Jesus  Christ is  the  head of  all principality  and
          power.     Furthermore,  Jesus  Himself  said,  just  before  His
          ascension,  that all power in Heaven and  in earth was given unto
          Him, (Matthew 28:18).   Likewise, according to 1  John 3:8, Jesus
          came to destroy the works  of the devil.  This means,  therefore,
          we  are  joint  heirs  of  this  authority  over  demonic  forces
          according to Romans 8:16-17 as previously stated.

               It might  be worth mentioning,  at this point, that  we only
          experience the efficacious power of this authority when submitted
          to our joint heir relationship with Christ.  For  example, if you
          are a parent,  and God bless you  if you are, you  have authority
          over your children.  If you  allow your children to saw the  legs
          off  your dinning  room table,  break your  windows, carve  their
          initials into your hardwood floors, and punch holes in your walls
          when  they get angry,  then they will continue  doing so and they
          will  do a whole  lot more than  that.  Since  you have authority
          over them, at  the very least, you  can make them subject  to you
          and your authority for the wrong they do.  If you don't make them
          subject  to  you, they  soon  will  determine  that they  can  do
          whatever they wish as you stand around ringing your hands saying,
          "Oh, what  am I going to do."  As I used to tell my children over
          the years, if they don't want to obey me, some day they will obey
          society because even  society has certain rules we  all must live
          by.   If  we  don't obey  the rules  of  society, the  government
          exercises authority  over  us whether  we  like it  or not.    To
          simplify this even more,  I used to tell my children  it was like
          paying your phone  bill.  If I don't pay my phone bill, they will
          eventually turn  my phone off.  Some of  us, and I include myself
          here,  need to  cut the  devil's phone  off because  he has  been
          running up our  bill and  we have  just been  sitting around  and
          taking it.

          You  begin by exercising  your authority by  first, understanding
          that  you have God  given authority, secondly,  by exercising the
          authority in the  name of the Lord Jesus Christ,  and thirdly, by
          standing firm.  Yes, but  you say, "How is  this really done?   I
          mean,  how do we apply  it?"  Let's talk about  that and see what
          the Bible says.

                      I.  Biblical Association And Confirmation

               The first  thing  we  do  is become  associated  with  Bible
          documentation on  the  subject.   You  would be  wise  to take  a
          concordance and read over every passage associated with the devil
          and evil spirits or unclean spirits.   If you want a good  bird's
          eye view, just read the four Gospels for starters.

               To more quickly help you recognize the passages which define
          our  authority, below  is a  list to which  you should  commit to
          memory,  or at the very least, have a list handy to which you can
          refer when praying or when confronted by demonic influence.  I'll
          have more to say, following these verses, about their application
          in prayer and exercising authority.

          Luke 10:19  
          Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions,
          and over  all the power  of the enemy:  and nothing shall  by any
          means hurt you.

          Colossians 2:10
          And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality
          and power.

          Colossians 2:15
          And having spoiled  principalities and powers, he made  a shew of
          them openly, triumphing over them in it.

          1 John 3:8
          He  that committeth sin  is of the  devil; for  the devil sinneth
          from  the  beginning.  For  this  purpose  the  Son  of  God  was
          manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

          Matthew 28:18
          And Jesus came  and spake unto them,  saying, All power is  given
          unto me in heaven and in earth.

          Romans 8:16
          The Spirit  itself beareth witness  with our spirit, that  we are
          the children of  God: And if children, then heirs;  heirs of God,
          and  joint-heirs with Christ;  if so be that  we suffer with him,
          that we may be also glorified together.

          Ephesians 1:20
          Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and
          set him at his own right  hand in the heavenly places, Far  above
          all principality, and  power, and might, and  dominion, and every
          name that is  named, not  only in  this world, but  also in  that
          which is to come.

          1 Peter 3:22
          Who is gone into heaven, and is on the  right hand of God; angels
          and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.

          Matthew 16:19
          And I will  give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and
          whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and
          whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

          Isaiah 54:17
          No weapon  that is formed  against thee shall prosper;  and every
          tongue  that  shall  rise  against thee  in  judgment  thou shalt
          condemn.  This is  the heritage of the servants of  the LORD, and
          their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

          Mark 16:17
          And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name 
                shall they cast out devils.

          Matthew 10:8
          Heal  the sick,  cleanse the  lepers,  raise the  dead, cast  out
          devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

          Luke 9:1
          Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power
          and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

          Luke 10:17
          And the seventy  returned again with joy, saying,  Lord, even the
          devils are subject unto us through thy name.

               If you have a Strong's concordance, I suggest taking each of
          these verses and looking up  nearly every word, comparing them to
          other passages, so  you can get  a good feel  for the meaning  of
          each verse.  If you don't, some well  meaning Christian will talk
          you right out of your Biblical authority and you won't  even need
          a demon to help  bring confusion to this subject.   Some doubting
          Christians  are very  good  at confusing  this  topic with  devil
          hunting.  Some disbelievers of Biblical authority even have large
          radio  and TV ministries.  So make  up your mind if you are going
          to believe God's  promises and stand on them or say they died out
          with the last apostle; whoever he was.  If these verses, and many
          others, are no longer  applicable, then we are  left defenseless.
          Unless,  of course,  Jesus feels  sorry  for us  on occasion  and
          decides to help out once and a great while.

          Complete In Him.

               Since  I began  talking about  my  life's verse,  Colossians
          2:10,  I  thought I  would  point  out what  the  Lord  showed me
          concerning how  complete we are  in Him before  I talk  about the
          application of His authority in our daily lives.

               As I  was praying  one night, confessing  most of  the above
          verses as the bases for my authority,  I quoted, out loud I might
          add, my life's verse and  stopped suddenly when I heard the  Holy
          Spirit speaking  to me.  I honestly cannot  tell you what He said
          as a word for  word translation because, as is so  often the case
          in my life, He gave me a single impression that carried with it a
          complete communication.  Simply stated, I realized I was complete
          in my  authority over  the demonic realm  because Christ  was the
          "Head"  of all  principality and  power, that  is, good  and evil
          principalities and powers.   What the Lord told  me also made all
          the other  passage  dovetail together  with  astounding  clarity.
          Thus, my life's verse became instantly and incredibly powerful to
          me in the area of spiritual authority.

               The Greek word for  "head" in Colossians 2:10 means  exactly
          that; the head.  You could easily say it means the beginning, the
          top,  the  first, the  chief  but  it is  the  position by  which
          everything else follows.   A railroad train is a  good example of
          this because the engine  comes first and all the other  cars must
          follow.  Why?   Because they have no power or  authority of their
          own.  Their power comes from the engine  which is the head of the
          train.  Thus, they must  follow the head.  Literally  this means,
          therefore,  the true  Lord  Jesus  Christ is  the  head over  the
          demonic  realm, that  is, over  all fallen  angels, and  the holy
          angels as  well.   If you doubt  this concept,  you will  find it
          impossible to exercise any authority over  the demonic realm with
          any consistency.

               It is the  word "complete" in this verse  that fascinates me
          the most because it is the  same word in Ephesians 5:18 where  we
          are commanded  to be "filled"  with the Holy  Spirit.   The Greek
          word means  to be liberally  supplied, abundance, to fill  to the
          brim,  or to  be finished.   Since  Colossians 2:10,  without any
          doubt, is in reference to Christ being the Head, or Chief, of all
          dominions, regardless whether they be in the natural realm or the
          spiritual,   we  can take  satisfaction in  knowing we  are joint
          heirs of  this same  dominion.  It  is in  our Lord's  Holy name,
          however, that  we are able  to exercise and share  this authority
          with Christ.

                         II.  Exercising Power And Authority

               Biblical  authority has already been establish by Christ and
          The application of that  authority is done verbally.  We have the
          devil  tempting our  Lord  in  the wilderness  and  how our  Lord
          responded  as our  prime example  of  exactly how  that spiritual
          authority is  executed in the  natural realm.  (See  Luke 4:1-13)
          If  you read  over that  passage carefully,  you will  notice the
          devil uses Scripture  to try and deceive  our Lord.   The devil's
          application of  the Word of  God, however, is always  twisted and
          off balance of  the real truth.   The only method our  Lord Jesus
          Christ used,  however, to exercise  authority over the  devil was
          the Word of God.  Therefore, Jesus  is our example of exactly how
          it  is done.   We  either exercise  spiritual authority  over the
          demonic realm as Jesus did or we don't.

          Illustration  #1  Exercising Biblical Authority.

               We  used  to have  a big  old  friendly dog  by the  name of
          Raleigh.  He  was a 100 pound golden retriever.  He loved playing
          ball, especially with my kids, because he had a trick he loved to
          play.  He'd swallow  the ball.  Not literally, but  he would hold
          it so far back  in his jaws, the kids  couldn't get it away  from
          him.  If dogs can laugh, I know he did.

               One day  I was in my office working at my desk.  My daughter
          was bouncing  a small rubber  ball around and getting  Raleigh to
          catch  it.  Finally,  Raleigh pulled his famous  trick on her and
          refused to cough  up the ball.   Gretchen came over to  my chair,
          she was about ten years old at the time, and said,  "Dad, Raleigh
          won't give up the ball again.  Tell him to give it back to me."

               I said, "Gretchen,  just yell at him, calling  his name, and
          tell him to drop the ball."

               She said, "That won't work."

               I said, "Sure it will.  Just try it."

               She tried and of course Raleigh just laughed at her and kept
          the ball.  Gretchen complained.  I realized then what the problem
          was; Raleigh wasn't afraid of my daughter because she didn't know
          how much authority she had over  him.  I turn around in  my chair
          and said, at  about 150 decibels, "Raleigh,  drop the ball!"   He
          dropped  it immediately.  But you  say, "What if the dog wouldn't
          have coughed  up the ball?  Oh,  that's easy to answer.   I would
          have gotten out of my chair and taken it from him and returned it
          to my daughter.  Why, and how, could I do that?  Because I knew I
          had the authority  and the power to do exactly that.   Did I ever
          have to physically  take the ball away  from my dog?   Of course,
          and many times.  He wasn't stupid.   He knew if I was too lazy to
          get out of my chair  and grab his collar and too afraid  he might
          bite me  and too worried  about him slobbering  all over me  as I
          stuck my hand down his throat to pry the ball out of his jaws, he
          could keep the ball  from me all day long.  However, I never once
          doubted  I could take  the ball away  from him.  Why?   Because I
          knew I had authority over him.  He knew this, too, of course, but
          being a playful dog who  loved playing games, he sometimes tested
          my authority over him.

               Demons love to play games, too.   If we listen to them, they
          will lie to  us even more.   When they see us react  favorably to
          their lies, they  increase their activity to see if we will react
          even more.  If they can get us to sin in the process, so much the

          Illustration #2  Exercising Biblical Authority.

               A pastor  friend of mine  and I were discussing  the subject
          one day of biblical authority.  He used his father, now a retired
          police officer, as an example.   During his thirty some years  on
          the force, his father, of course, arrested a number of criminals.
          We have all watched enough television to know what happens during
          an  arrest of  some dangerous  person.   The cop  yells, "Freeze!
          Police!;"  He,  I'm sure you have noticed, doesn't  whisper it or
          suggest it or say, "Please," and "thank  you."  He does, however,
          put a  tremendous amount of  force behind the spoken  words.  How
          can he  do that?  Because he has  the authority.  What authority?
          Before  answering  that  question,  consider  another example  of
          authority; again using a police officer.

          Illustration #3  Exercising Biblical Authority.

               Years  ago there  used to  be a  popular police  show called
          Hawaii 5 o.   Reruns  are still  often played today  and I  still
          enjoy watching them.

               One night  the show  opened with  an elderly couple  driving
          their car.   They were tourists.  They had gotten lost and pulled
          over at  a park where some  kids were playing,  they thought, and
          decided they would ask these kids for directions.  Today we would
          call these  sort of kids, gang  bangers, but back then  we called
          them hoods and thugs or juvenile delinquents.

               The  elderly man climbed out  of his car  and walked over to
          the  group of  teenagers and  began  asking them  for directions.
          They immediately  began harassing  the older  man, poking fun  at
          him, pushing  him around,  and even threatening  him with  a gun.
          The gun  went off and  the man fell.   The wife screamed  and the
          kids ran.  
               Just then,  a cop  from  Hawaii 5  o,  who was  driving  by,
          skidded to a stop  and leaped out of  his police car.   He'd seen
          what had  happened and he  turn and  faced the fleeing  hoods and
          drew his weapon.  He yelled,  "Halt.  Police," a couple of  times
          but  the teenagers  kept running.    Finally, the  officer yelled
          "Halt or I'll shoot."   The teenagers kept running.   The officer
          discharged his weapon and brought down the felon who had shot and
          nearly  killed the  elderly  man who  had just  stop  to ask  for

               Do  we  really  have spiritual  authority  as  Christians or
          should  we  even be  messing around  with  such things?    I have
          already proved,  with the  verses already quoted,  that we  do in
          fact have  this  authority, it  is  Biblical, and  it is  in  and
          through the name  of the Lord  Jesus Christ.   If the Lord  Jesus
          Christ has  given us this  authority through His name,  I suggest
          that the Lord intends for us to use it just as the police officer
          has the authority  to use his weapon.  In other  words, it is his
          weapon  that  gives him  authority.   The  same is  true  for the
          Christian.   Our weapon  is the sword  of the Spirit,  (I.E.  The
          Word of God).

          Warning!  Don't Be Fooled.

               In Bible college, I had a wonderful Bible teacher who taught
          most of the doctrine  classes.  He was in his mid  sixties at the
          time and had been  in ministry all his adult life.   I considered
          him then, and now, to be a great man of God.

               One  day  we  were  studying  the subject  of  Satan.    The
          professor told a story about a  man in the ministry he knew  many
          years  ago.   This  man  decided to  become  involved in  warring
          against Satan.  His  heart was likely in the right  place but the
          truth is,  the Lord Jesus  has already won  the war for  us, "Who
          hath delivered us from the  power of darkness and hath translated
          us into  the kingdom  of his dear  Son," (Colossians  1:13): "And
          having spoiled principalities and powers,  he made a shew of them
          openly, triumphing  over them  in it,"  (Colossians 2:15).   This
          literally means that the  Lord Jesus Christ disarmed  the demonic
          world in  our behalf and  literally celebrated victory  over them
          publicly in the spiritual realm.  As  Jesus did against Satan, we
          simply confirm God's Word when  Satan tries to distort the truth.
          We, therefore, in the  name of the  Lord Jesus Christ, speak  the
          truth and since  it is  God's Word, it  is the  same as if  Jesus
          Christ said it  Himself.   We don't  need to add  to God's  Word,
          therefore, in any way; we simply need to confess it and live it.

               My doctrines professor  did not detail  exactly what it  was
          that his friend went out to do, other than war against Satan, but
          needless to  say, he  must have gone  about it  in the  wrong way
          because  the  poor man  became  demonized.    This means  he  was
          mentally and emotionally tormented as a direct result of whatever
          it was in which he had been involved.  He wasn't crazy, he wasn't
          mentally ill, and he wasn't insane.  The Bible professor not only
          knew little about such things  but refused to believe in  what he
          did know as a Christian.  All this man needed was deliverance and
          instruction on his Biblical  authority over the demonic  realm to
          be set free.   The man called  his best friend  and asked him  to
          come  over  right away.    When  my  professor arrived,  the  man
          confessed  he needed  help  and  between the  two  of them,  they
          apparently  agreed  he  needed  to   be  committed  to  a  mental
          institution.  We were literally told in class that day, following
          this story, "If  you leave  the devil  alone, he  will leave  you
          alone."   The  unspoken  inference also  being  that a  Christian
          messing around with demons is  going to become mentally ill.   It
          sounds great and wonderful  and it even sounds Biblical but it is
          a grand daddy lie  from the grand daddy of all lies.   Let me put
          it to  you this  way.  Satan  is never going  to leave  you alone
          until  you  realize your  authority  over him  and  exercise that
          authority given to you by Jesus Christ.  Even then, he's going to
          send his messengers around once and awhile to test to see  if you
          still believe in  this Biblical authority you claim  to have over
          him and if Satan doesn't send them around, Jesus will.

               "Jesus?  What do you mean, Jesus?  Jesus doesn't use  demons
          for anything, does He?"

          See?   You have already forgotten  that Jesus Christ is  the head
          over all  principality and power.   If this  is true, and  it is,
          then Jesus  is even the head over the  demonic realm and He will,
          in fact, use demons for His honor and glory.

               "Naw," you  say, "that isn't true, is it?   Give me just one

               If you don't  get anything else out of  this booklet, please
          remember this one thing.  The true Lord Jesus Christ, the King of
          glory,  the only  begotten Son  of God,  uses Satan  for  His own
          purposes.  If you have ever read the Bible from cover to cover at
          least  one time, you  would have to  agree this is  true.  If you
          have trouble  accepting this  as true, and  you haven't  read the
          bible through  at least once,  just read the  22 chapters of  the
          book  of Revelation.    It  will be  very  clear, following  your
          reading, that  God is using  Satan as a  tool to bring  honor and
          glory to Himself; Christ the King.

               Are you  still in doubt?   Try reading  the book of  Job and
          find  out what happened  to him.   Satan came before  God, we are
          told, and God asked him  what he was doing these days.  "Oh, just
          messing  around, walking  up and  down in  the earth  and fooling
          around" or at least that's  about what it sounds like Satan  says
          when you read  it.  It is  what is said next that  blows me away.
          It was God who pointed Job  out to Satan and literally let  Satan
          attack him.

               Now,  I  hear   someone  saying,  "But  that   was  the  Old
          Testament."   Yes, it  was, and thank  God we have  even a better
          covenant with God today through the true Lord Jesus Christ.  Now,
          when  Satan or  his  demons  come against  us,  we have  all  the
          authority of the true Lord  Jesus Christ to back us up.   Job did
          not yet have Christ as His Mediator.

               To shed  more light on  the subject of our  Lord's authority
          and use of the  demonic realm even for His honor  and glory, take
          time to  also read 1  Samuel chapters 16 and  19.  King  Saul had
          violated  our Lord's command  through the prophet  Samuel.  These
          two chapters  clearly state  that  Jehovah God  removed his  Holy
          Spirit from the King and sent him an evil spirit.  If you look up
          the  Hebrew  word  for  "trouble" in  these  passages,  you  will
          discover  that it  means to  terrify.   King  Saul was  literally
          terrified  at times  by  an  evil spirit  sent  to  him from  God
          Himself.    Today, doctors  call  this  extreme  anxiety and  the
          anxiety episodes that  occur in this manner are  labeled as panic
          attacks.   I am not  suggesting that every  panic attack or every
          anxiety episode  is demonic in nature but it  is also wise not to
          leave God out of a healing process.

          The Success And Failure Rate.

               How often  will this authority  be successful?   "Above all,
          taking the shield of  faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench
          all the fiery darts of the wicked," (Ephesians 6:16).  Believe it
          or not, the word for "all" in this verse means all.   Yes, we can
          quench  all the fiery  darts of the  wicked.  Jesus  has done His
          work; now  it is time for us  to do our's.  Go  back and read the
          verse again because it says "You  will be able to quench all  the
          fiery darts of  the wicked."  It does not say, God the Father, or
          Christ the Lord,  or the Holy  Spirit will  quench all the  fiery
          darts but instead it says you will.

               I would  like to specifically  point out that the  shield of
          faith is a defensive weapon and not an offensive.  This means, it
          is not your faith you use to defeat the demonic attacks; faith is
          where you stand.   In other words, faith is what  you believe and
          what you believe is either based  upon the promises of God or  it
          is  based upon your fears and doubts and worries and concerns and
          circumstances and situations.  So which is it going to be?

               When I have taught on  this subject before, I have literally
          had Spirit filled, tongue talking Charismatic Christians tell me,
          "Well, I have tried this before  and it doesn't work."  Note  the
          word, "tried."   This  means, once I  have questioned  them, they
          tried it for awhile and it didn't  work.  Read Ephesians 6 again,
          when  you get time, and try  and figure out where  it says we are
          free to  remove the whole armor of God at any time or whenever we
          feel  like  it.   In  short, trying  won't  cut it;  only  a life
          dedicated to  living it will  quench all the  fiery darts of  the
          wicked.  If  you plan on just  trying to exercise  your authority
          occasionally,  forget it;  it won't  work that  way and  Satan is
          going to eat your relationship with God for lunch.

          Why It Fails

               Before  you start  feeling  helpless, unworthy,  spiritually
          unbalanced, or doubtful, let me make a confession.  I have failed
          at maintaining  my spiritual authority  hundreds of times.   Even
          though I  believe all I have said thus  far, I found it extremely
          difficult to believe  it actually would work  for me.  Why  did I
          have this doubt?  Satan had conveniently planted a number of lies
          in  my  thoughts  through  past  events.    Every  time  I  tried
          exercising my spiritual  authority, it seemed  to be working  for
          awhile  and then all of the  sudden, the pressure would build up,
          the bottom  would fall  out  and the  wheels  would come  off  my
          relationship with the Lord.  I am not referring to the committing
          of sin but  just a sudden disconnect  as though I were  no longer
          able to touch God.

               Generally, when the devil wants to pester us, he tampers and
          fiddles with  circumstances in  our life.   It can be  a marriage
          relationship, an employment  situation, conflict through  family,
          friends and relatives,  stress, sickness and disease,  a struggle
          with  finances, or  just  about  anything else.    Once worry  is
          achieved, it is much easier for doubt to conceive.  Doubt results
          in fear and fear blocks faith.   We know the theology in our head
          but cannot feel  it in our heart.   At this point, the  devil can
          now throw his fiery darts of pain  and strike home where it hurts
          the most.

          The Deceitfulness Of Sin.

          "But exhort  one another daily, while  it is called To  day; lest
          any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin,"
          (Hebrews 3:13).

               The Greek word for "harden" in this verse literally means to
          harden and to make obstinate or stubborn.

               the  Greek word for  "deceitfulness" is no  more complicated
          than the  word for  "harden."  However,  when used  in connection
          with sin, we discover something  about Satan that perhaps we have
          never understood before.

               For a Christian, sin committed and quickly confessed is just
          as quickly forgiven.  "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and
          just  to  forgive  us  our  sins,  and  to  cleanse  us  from all
          unrighteousness. (1 John  1:9).  Then why does  the guilt feeling
          of any given sin continually  return?  Why do we feel we must ask
          God's forgiveness again when we know we were already forgiven the
          first time we made our confession of sin to Him?  Maybe we really
          didn't  mean  it the  first time  or  the third  time or  the two
          hundredth time?  Why, in some cases, do we begin to doubt we were
          really forgiven at all?  Why, in many cases, do we begin to doubt
          His forgiveness, rationalizing,  if we had really  been forgiven,
          the guilt would  not return?   We believe  God's Word, don't  we?
          Then why are we  being tortured with the memory of  this sin?  Is
          it just  a matter of will power?   If we ask  for His forgiveness
          the right number of times, will it then go away?

               The answer  to these questions is  due to the fiery  dart of
          the deceitfulness  of sin.   It you read Hebrews  3:13 carefully,
          you will discover  it is not  the committing of  sin itself  that
          hardens the  heart but rather  the deceitfulness of sin.   Simply
          stated, we are tricked by the devil into reliving the memory over
          and over  again because he has lied to  us at the original point.
          We must find  a way of exposing  the lie, allowing the  true Lord
          Jesus to speak  His truth into the situation, and then we will be
          healed  and guilt  will never  return and  will be  replaced with

          Illustration #4 Tricked By The Devil.

               I  committed a sin at  the age of  14 which I  prefer not to
          detail.  I new it was sin, however,  and confessed it to the Lord
          and knew I  was forgiven and made righteous.   Unfortunately, the
          memory of  this sin returned  time and time again  throughout the
          rest of my life.  I was 50 years old before I was set free.

               the  devil had  planted a lie  in that  event when I  was 14
          years of age  which I believed but  didn't know I believed.   One
          day, while praying  with a friend, this  memory came to mind.   I
          told my friend about it and  we prayed for God's truth and  light
          to reveal the nature and cause for this memory being  so painful.
          The Lord quietly  revealed to me, as  we prayed, that I  had been
          deceived and that a demon had planted a lie in this event which I
          believed would for ever keep me from the ministry.

               The Lord then did two things.  First, the  Lord Jesus Christ
          spoke His truth into my heart and showed me that I  was believing
          a lie;  about this  sin keeping  me from the  ministry and  God's
          perfect will for  my life.  Secondly, when I prayed and asked the
          Lord why I committed such a sin  when I knew it was wrong in  the
          first  place, He  said, "You  were deceived."   The  split second
          these  two revelations  were made  known to  me, I  was instantly
          healed.  How do I know?  Because the  memory no longer bothers me
          and no  matter how  many times  I return  to the  memory, I  have
          nothing but peace  and calmness.  What occurred then?   A demonic
          lie which I had believed for 36 years was exposed by God's Light,
          and when I saw the demonic lie as Jesus saw it, I could no longer
          be deceived by  it and  was set free.   Where there  is no  legal
          ground,  demons cannot  stay.   That is,  when  there is  no lie,
          demons have no right  to remain.  Remove the lies  and the demons
          have no legal  right to remain and their  accusations will bounce
          off of you like a rubber ball thrown against a brick wall.

                                 III.  Standing Firm

               If you read  Ephesians 6:10-18, you will discovered the term
          "stand" is used  in reference to  a soldier  and is used  several
          times.  I have always felt this odd because a soldier, I thought,
          was  a  combatant ever  moving  forward, that  is,  advancing and
          making  forward progress.   The  spiritual  soldier in  Ephesians
          chapter 6, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be encouraged to go
          anywhere.  If  you examine the words for  "stand" and "withstand"
          used in the passage, you will discover the meaning is one holding
          ground,  standing firm,  set in  his ways,  and rooted  in place.
          Again, I suggest, it is a strange way to fight a battle.

               When reminded that the Lord Jesus has already won the battle
          for us, the picture of Ephesians chapter 6 changes  dramatically.
          The emphasis is putting on the  whole armor of God in order  that
          we might be  able to stand against  all the whiles of  the devil.
          The Greek word for  wiles is (methodeia) and  is where we  obtain
          our English word  for (methods).  This,  in and of itself,  is an
          incredible revelation.  Stop and think about it.   The devil, now
          that he has been thoroughly  exposed, defeated, and laughed at by
          the Chief Shepherd,  the Lord Jesus Christ, has  nothing left but
          trickery, deceit, lies, duplicity, craftiness, misrepresentation,
          fakery,    imitation,    sneakiness,    accusation,    falsehood,
          intimidation,  manipulation, and impersonation.  All of these are
          the  devil's  "methods" because  he  has  no power  or  authority
          outside  his own realm  and we have  been translated out  of that
          realm of darkness into the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

          The Key Is Recognition

               Jesus said  that he had given us the  keys to the kingdom of
          Heaven, (See Matthew 16:19).  Keys are for unlocking things, that
          is, for  opening things which  are locked.  Exercising  God given
          authority  over the  demonic realm  begins  with recognizing  the
          power given to us by using God's keys.

          Illustration #5 Unlocking The Door.

               We live in  an area where it is necessary to keep your doors
          locked.  One day I was seated out on the back step with our dogs.
          My  wife  came  to the  back  door,  opened it,  and  asked  me a
          question.   I answered  her  and when  she closed  the door,  she
          locked it and walked away.  I didn't hear  the click of the latch
          or  I would have started pounding on the door and yelling.  A few
          minutes later,  however, I realized  I was locked outdoors.   The
          back door is so far away from our living room and  other areas of
          the house, it  would have taken a  miracle for her to  have heard
          me.  Since I  had my keys with me, I simply  unlocked the gate of
          the dog run, relocked it behind me, and strolled around the house
          until I  arrived at  the front  door.   Again, using  my keys,  I
          unlocked the  front door, startling my  wife, and  told  her what
          had happened.  She did not remember locking the back door on me.

               The  best way  of  "standing" against  the  devil is  making
          certain that you  carry your keys around  with you at  all times.
          Knowing God's Word and what it says about the spiritual authority
          we have  is the key  (no pun intended)  and that key  will always
          keep us from being locked out of God's will for our lives.

          Illustration #6  Automatic Locks

               Long before we owned a car with automatic locks, I taught my
          children to always lock doors.  This has backfired more than once
          on  me when I have been  outdoors and my kids  have locked me out
          just as my wife did.

               One  afternoon I  was in  my  office between  our house  and
          garage.  My breezeway has been finished off as a two room office.
          My youngest son came out and  said he was going to get  something
          out of the  garage.  He must have  been about 8 years  old at the
          time.  I said, ok, and  he unlocked the door and walked  into the
          garage.  I  wondered, at the time,  if he would remember  to lock
          the garage when returning.  My office had thousands of dollars of
          recording equipment and  ham radio gear in  it so I not  only had
          many locks on  my doors but I had a motion detector which ran all
          night, or whenever we were gone,  and alarms on each window  that
          put up a  racket if the windows  were even slightly jiggled.   My
          son came back  into my office and  I heard him deliberately  turn
          around to lock the door behind him.  It was automatic for him.

               Few Christians today  live their lives with  automatic locks
          on their hearts.   If we did, the  devil would find it  much more
          difficult to  break in.   Memorizing God's  Word and  reciting it
          over  and  over again  till  it  becomes  automatic is  the  most
          powerful form of spiritual authority we have.

          Illustration #7  It's My Mom And Not A Mouse

               My first grandson was a little over 2 years old when his mom
          got a job  working at Chucky Cheese.   For those who  don't know,
          Chucky Cheese is  a kids restaurant with all  sorts of things for
          kids to  do.  Lots of birthday parties for children are scheduled
          at  Chucky Cheese.    I  personally hate  going  there for  their
          birthday  parties because  you can't  hear a  thing with  all the
          noise the kids are making.  I'm a typical grandpa it would seem.

               Well, my little grandson, he  isn't so little now, had never
          been to Chucky  Cheese and he frankly  did not even know  his mom
          worked there.  One night, we  took him to the restaurant to  eat.
          Gretchen,  my daughter,  often got  to put  on the  Chucky Cheese
          mouse costume and  come out to play  with all the children.   She
          really enjoyed that part of her job, too.

               The night we took  her little boy to the restaurant, was the
          night she was  dressed up as the mouse.  Little Everett, her son,
          watched  in fascination  as the  life sized  mouse walked  around
          waving at all  the children.  One  of the Chucky Cheese  rules is
          that the mouse  is not allowed to  talk.  There was  literally no
          way, therefore, my  grandson could have known this  mouse was his
          mom.  As he sat and ate and watched  the mouse walking around, he
          stopped eating, pointed a finger at the mouse across the room and
          said, "Mom,"  and went  back to eating.   To  this day,  I cannot
          figure out how he knew that costumed mouse was his mother.

               I  realize this  is a  silly  story but  it illustrates  the
          innate spirituality every born  again believer has.   Right along
          with  this innate  spirituality comes  spiritual  authority.   We
          often  do not use it because  we have not been  taught what it is
          and  how it  is to  be used.   If we  trained ourselves  with the
          spiritual  and Biblical authority  with which we  are spiritually
          born, the  devil would not pay nearly as  much attention to us as
          he does.  Learn to recognize the wiles of the devil and you won't
          be fooled in to thinking he is something other than what he is.

          Faithfulness Is A Necessity

               Here in Colorado,  woodpeckers can become a  big destructive
          problem.   They love  pecking around on the  sides of homes until
          they break through the siding so they can build their nest.

               While  writing  this booklet,  two woodpeckers  decided they
          wanted to  live in my house.   They began tapping  their powerful
          little beaks  all up and  down the north  side of my  house until
          they discovered  a place they  thought worked best for  them.  In
          the mean time, each of us in the family took turns going outdoors
          and scaring them away.  It seemed to do little good because every
          morning,  they  returned to  their  work.    They made  it  quite
          apparent they were here to stay.

               We have  a large deck on the back  of our home.  Fortunately
          for me, the woodpeckers picked a spot  on the corner of the house
          right where  one of  our doors was  located which  allowed direct
          access to the deck and to  that very corner of the house.   Every
          time I heard the tapping, which, by  the way, sounds like someone
          with a hammer pounding on the side of your house at 6 o'clock  in
          the morning  on your bedroom wall, I would  sneak out on the deck
          with my white cane  and swing it around the corner  of the house.
          No, I never  made contact but I  did startle them and  they would
          instantly fly away.   Did they return?   Of course.   Did I sneak
          out on my deck with my trusty white cane to scare them away?  You
          bet.  However,  it eventually worked.   After several days  of me
          sneaking up on them  and scaring them away, they  decided my home
          wasn't a good place to build a nest.

               So  it  is with  the  devil and  his fallen  angels  we call
          demons.  They act and  behave exactly like woodpeckers wanting to
          build a nest in your home; your house; your life.  If you do  not
          shoo  them away with  the Sword of  the Holy Spirit,  the Word of
          God,  they  are going  to keep  coming  back until  they  build a
          comfortable home in  your life.  At that point, they will be able
          to dwell with you and pester and annoy you perpetually.   Take my
          word for it; once they build a nest in your life, it is much more
          difficult to  get them to leave.  Why?   They've built a nest and
          think they have the right to live there.  You, on the other hand,
          have allowed  them to move  into your  life by giving  ground, or
          place,  to  them  so  they  think  they can  live  in  your  life
          permanently.   You have to use  God's Word to tell them otherwise
          and you must keep telling them until they are frightened away.

          The Problem With Deliverance

               One reason why many Christian shy away from anything demonic
          is  what they  have seen  on  TV or  heard about  in  a so-called
          "Deliverance" meeting.  It is true that God does give some people
          the gift of discerning unclean  spirits and casting them out just
          as  the disciples  did.   If you  recall, however,  the disciples
          missed it once and awhile and Jesus  had to bail them out because
          of their unbelief, (See  Matthew 17:14-21).  The biggest  problem
          with this form of deliverance ministry is the failure to discover
          the  original  lie  which  has  given a  demon,  or  demons,  the
          spiritual  right to  influence  a Christians  life  in the  first

               We all remember  the story Jesus told of the man of whom the
          demon was cast out and return to his house with seven more wicked
          and evil spirits than before, (See Matthew 12:43-45).  This could
          only occur under two circumstances.  First,  the man was not born
          again.   Secondly,  if  it  were a  Christian  and  there  was  a
          deliverance performed, that is, a  demon cast out, but the reason
          for that demon being there in the first place was not spiritually
          determined and Biblically resolved, the unclean spirit would have
          ever right  in the  world to  return and  to afflict  that person

               Take  my experience as an example.  Earlier I told the story
          of a demon who had planted a  lie in an earlier event of my  life
          when I was 14 years of age.   For 36 years he was able to torment
          me with guilt, shame, and the fear that  I would never be able to
          fully serve the  Lord with my life  do to my  sin.  Let me  state
          that a demon was able to plant this lie in my life  because I was
          involved with sin at the time but this is not always the case.

               For example, let's  say a person was molested at  4 years of
          age by an adult.  Did the 4 year old commit sin?   the answer is,
          of  course,  no.   Since  the adult  involved  in  this case  was
          committing  sin, would  you now  say it  was possible  an unclean
          spirit, a demon, might have been present at the time?  Let's, for
          argument's sake, say the opposite was  true.  Let's say there was
          no  demon present during this nefarious act of sexual perversion.
          However,  the  adult, in  attempt  to protect  themselves  from a
          criminal act, told the child that it was all their fault and that
          no one would believe them anyway.  Is that true?  Of course  not.
          In  no way was that  4 year old child  to blame for anything that
          occurred.   If  no demon  was  present, therefore,  why has  this
          little  child grown up with so-called psychological problems that
          never seem to go away?  The  answer is simple.  A lie was planted
          in the event  which the child, by no fault of their own, believed
          to be  true.  Could this wrong thinking,  over a period of years,
          create  the  atmosphere  whereby a  demon  could  legally operate
          within this person's life?   The answer is obviously, yes.   Even
          if the  person were  saved at a  young age?   Yes!   Even if  the
          person became a  pastor or missionary or a  Sunday School teacher
          or the president of a bible college?  Yes!

               The  Apostle  Paul reminded  us "Neither  give place  to the
          devil,)   (Ephesians  4:27).     If   you   harbor  thoughts   of
          worthlessness,     inferiority,    insignificance,     stupidity,
          unworthiness, mediocrity, and  failure for very long,  some demon
          is going to take notice because all these things I just mentioned
          are not  the supernatural nature  of a  born again Believer.   To
          even consider such for very long, without replacing the thoughts,
          renewing the mind, (See Romans 12:1-2), with what God says in His
          Word, is giving  place to the devil.   Additionally, as mentioned
          before,  Hebrews 3:13  makes it  absolutely  clear that  hardness
          comes through the "deceitfulness of  sin" and not through the sin
          committed.  The problem is generally being unable to discover the
          lie based thinking and this is where an intercessor is helpful.

          Intercessory Prayer

               If you  look up  the word for  "intercession" in  a standard
          dictionary, you get  a simple definition such as  to intervene or
          to mediate,  or  to entreat  in  favor for  another.   This  most
          certainly is  intercession but it is  so much more  than that, it
          would take volumes to explain.

               The best book  I have read on  the topic is by  Dutch Sheets
          and  is simply  called "Intercessory  Prayer."   You can  find it
          listed  on the internet or it can be purchased through his church
          in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He also has a set of tapes by the
          same title  which likewise are the best I  have ever heard on the
          topic.  His website is WWW.dutchsheets.ORG.

               I was called by God to be an intercessor before I  ever left
          the Baptist church  or spoke  in tongues.   In fact,  when I  was
          praying one night and the Lord told  me He had called me to be an
          intercessor, I  said, "What is that?"   I knew the  definition of
          the  word,  of  course,  but  I  had  no idea  of  the  spiritual
          application.  Four  months later, the  Lord began to show  me the
          truth about intercessory prayer.

               Over  the years,  I  have learned  there are  many different
          aspects, or types, of intercessory prayer.  I know some have been
          called to pray  for nations.  I know some who do nothing but pray
          spiritual warfare prayers.  In my case, for example, I am  called
          to  pray for  individual  Christians.   In  my  times of  prayer,
          therefore, I have prayed for people I  know and for people whom I
          have never  met.  I  have prayed  for Christians in  nearly every
          country in  the world and I have prayed  for Christians in my own
          household, town, state,  and country.   My prayers, however,  are
          centered upon the Body of Christ and individuals specifically.

          Intercessory Ministry

               My intercessory ministry largely focuses on praying with one
          person at a  time and together  in a room  or over the  telephone
          under certain  situations.   My overall  ministry  is based  upon
          three Bible verses:

          Jesus said: "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree
          on earth  as touching any thing that they  shall ask, it shall be
          done for them of my Father which is in heaven,"
          (Matthew 18:19).

          "Submitting  yourselves one  to  another  in  the fear  of  God,"
          (Ephesians 5:21).

          "And when  the chief  Shepherd shall appear,  ye shall  receive a
          crown of glory that fadeth not away,"
          (1 Peter 5:4).

               My call to intercessory prayer works in two ways.   First, I
          pray  for  people.   Secondly,  I  pray  with  people.   This  is
          generally conducted on a one-on-one bases.  The goal of any given
          intercessory prayer session  is to find out what  is disturbing a
          person  the most  and then  locating  the memory  event which  is
          linked to what they are feeling now in order to discover  any lie
          or misinterpretation of  the event that is present  at that time.
          When this is done, the Holy  Spirit speaks the truth of the  Lord
          Jesus Christ to them concerning what we have found through prayer
          and  they are healed.  If a  demon is present, he leaves since he
          has no  more  legal ground  to stay  and that  person is  forever
          healed from that painful emotional trauma.

               At this point, people often wonder if it is really just that
          simple.  The answer is yes.  As easy as it is for  you to be born
          again by calling  upon the name of  the Lord for your  salvation,
          the same is true concerning emotional healing.  Some ask "Will it
          last?"  The answer is again, yes.

               Illustration #8  A Broken Arm Healed

               Years ago, my oldest son, he was probably 6 years old at the
          time, wanted to learn to ride  an old bicycle a friend had  given
          him.   One  Sunday afternoon,  he was  leaning the  large bicycle
          against a  tree in  the front yard,  climbing the  tree, dropping
          down on to the seat, and then pushing himself away from the tree;
          allowing  the bike to coast down hill a  few feet.  Then he would
          repeat the process.   During one downhill excursion,  he fell off
          and broke his arm.  We took him to the hospital and they set  the
          broken bone and put his arm in a plaster cast.

               A few weeks later, the cast  was removed.  Why?  First,  his
          arm didn't hurt  any longer because it was  healed.  Furthermore,
          the cast was discarded because he had  no more use for it.  So it
          is with  healing broken  hearts and wounded  emotions.   When the
          original  memory event is  discovered through the  leading of the
          Holy Spirit in intercessory prayer,  the true Lord Jesus is asked
          to  expose the lie and  when He does, you are  healed and pain is
          replaced with  peace  and calmness.    The painful  emotions  are
          discarded  because  they no  longer  are needed  and  healing has
          replaced the pain the wounded emotions once brought.


               You  are going  to find  most  pastors and  churches do  not
          embrace  these concepts.  Most non-charismatics believe since the
          devil is defeated,  let sleeping dogs lie.   Charismatics largely
          believe, "Well,  let's cast the  thing out  and it will  be done;
          never  to  return.    Unfortunately,  this  approach  leaves  out
          discovering the root  cause, or legal right, the  demon has being
          there in  the first place.    The  problem with the first idea is
          that the  devil is in no way  asleep.  Defeated?  Yes,  but he is
          clearly not  lying around napping.   The problem with  the second
          concept, casting out the demon,  is Scriptural and a part of  our
          God  ordained Scriptural authority.   However, the problem is the
          return of  the demon if  the legal right  to his presence  in the
          person's life isn't first removed.

          Where We Go From Here

               We begin  by learning  the Word of  God and  with a  special
          focus  upon the teaching of our  Biblical and spiritual authority
          until  it becomes  second nature.   Learning  to type  is  a good
          example.   At first, we hunt  and peck but eventually  it becomes
          automatic and natural and we never  have to look or hunt for  the
          keys.  Then with those God given spiritual keys, once learned, we
          are able to identify, by faith, all the wiles of the devil and to
          lock the door or to quench all the fiery darts of the devil.

               The application of  God's Word is using His  Word to counter
          the devil as we walk and live in  the name of the true Lord Jesus
          Christ.   The way  this is actually  accomplished is by  taking a
          stand,  that is,  marking off  a designated  place, and  with the
          whole armor of God, cutting the devil down to size with the Sword
          of the  Spirit.   If you will  note again,  the armed  soldier in
          Ephesians Chapter 6, wasn't moving.   He was in a fixed  position
          and  standing firm.   His active  weapons were  the Word  of God,
          called the Sword of the Spirit, and prayer.

          Where We Stand

               Finally, this all  hinges on how intimate  your relationship
          is with the true Lord Jesus Christ.  The problem is, the devil is
          working  at  fracturing that  relationship  by circumstances  and
          situations and  problems and  worries and concerns  and a  lot of
          other things as well.  We get close and intimate with God through
          prayer.  Get on your knees and spend time with God.  If you don't
          know how to pray, just get on your knees, or sit in a chair, in a
          quiet place and wait upon the Lord.  Let your thoughts become His
          thoughts, that is,  tell him exactly how  you feel.  This  is not
          for His benefit; it is  for you.  He  already knows but He  wants
          you to share  it with Him.  Exchanging your thoughts for His does
          not mean  you begin by  sinking into a  meditative state  of mind
          either.  It simply means you are  transferring to the Lord all of
          your pain  and problems and asking  Him to carry  the burdens for
          you.  In  return, He will become  closer and His Words  give life
          and become real  and functional and they will give  birth in your
          life.  As you begin walking through life by the power of His Word
          through prayer, the completeness of your spiritual authority will
          become a matter of every day life.

               Finally, if you need help identifying those  areas which are
          hindering  you,  including  lies that  have  been  planted, often
          without  your knowledge,  find an  intercessor that knows  how to
          pray to help you identify these areas.  Soon you will  be walking
          in His light and you will see what the Lord Sees and the darkness
          will no longer frighten you.

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