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               Today the issue of homosexuality is impossible to avoid.  On
          radio and television talk shows, in  the White House and from the
          chambers of congress, in our  churches, schools, homes and on the
          streets,  homosexuals are  demanding  attention.    History  most
          certainly will reflect on the last decade of the 20th century  as
          the "gay 90's."  

               Though  there was  a day  when homosexuality  used to  be an
          issue of morality, it now has become both  a social and spiritual
          matter.     In  spite  of  the  clear  Biblical  condemnation  of
          homosexual sin, now  homosexuals are claiming to  be regenerated,
          blood washed, born again Bible Believers.  Are they?

               Before answering  this question, I  want to  parenthetically
          state that I am a born again fundamentalist Christian.  I believe
          homosexuality is not only wrong but immoral and violates both the
          Holy Scriptures and the  morals of society.   I will also  state,
          however,  that the  purpose  of  this article  is  to prove  that
          Christians do  not need  the Bible to  justify their  claims that
          homosexuality is not only wrong, but immoral.

               Annetta Briant sacrificed her career  in the 1970's for  her
          belief that  homosexuality was abnormal.   She was right  and her
          position needs to be acclaimed again in this decade.  

               First, homosexuality is abnormal because it is  biologically
          incompatible with nature.   There isn't a single  creature in the
          animal  kingdom which affords reproduction between species of the
          same sex.  the human race does not,  nor has it ever, nor will it
          ever, reproduce by same sex procreation.  thus, homosex sexuality
          is biologically abnormal.

               Second,  homosexuality is  abnormal  physically.   The human
          body is anatomically incompatible with same sex expression.  Even
          if one doesn't  believe in  God's existence,  rejects the  divine
          creation of man, or denies the inerrancy of the Bible, but rather
          lays   claim  to  evolutionary  progression,  we  would  have  to
          logically agree that  there is no physiological  compatibility in
          homosexual copulation.   Unless,  of course,  some perversion  is
          employed to compensate for the  anatomical differences.  The  way
          homosexuals are forced  to express themselves physically,  due to
          the  lack   of   anatomical   compatibility,   demonstrates   the
          abnormality of their sexuality.

               Finally, there  is the  emotional aspect  of the  homosexual
          abnormality.  Today  gays are attempting to convince  us (they've
          already convinced the White House) that homosexuality is not only
          normal  but  socially  acceptable.   They  want  minority status,
          military  recognition,  political equality,  social  integration,
          Christian  integrity, civil  accommodation, societal  complicity,
          educational credibility and employment  uniformity.  Though  I've
          not heard the  argument by the homosexual community,  it won't be
          long before they claim emotional equality  and stability with the
          rest of society.   I suggest it is  psychologically impossible to
          justify the emotional normality of  a person who is attempting to
          reverse,   or   otherwise  distort,   what   is  physically   and
          biologically normal.

               Now that I have made these statements, a number of questions
          demand our attention.   Do homosexuals have rights?   Should they
          be  allowed  in  the  military?   Should  government  grant  gays
          minority status?   Should they  be treated differently?   Do they
          have the right of employment?      Should homosexuals be  allowed
          to teach our children?  Should they be allowed to  come in to our
          schools  and  inform  students  of  the  gay  life  style  as  an
          alternative?  What about transsexuals.   Are they male or female?
          Concerning Christianity, can  homosexuals be born again?   Should
          they be allowed to teach Sunday school?  Should they be permitted
          to serve  as deacons and  elders?  What about  homosexuals in the
          pastoral  office?   The  answers  to all  of  these questions  is
          dependant upon one's view of sexual  normality.  If homosexuality
          is  in fact physically  and emotionally normal,  (biologically it
          cannot be) then we would be forced to grant homosexuals every and
          all courtesies, rights and privileges the rest of society shares.
          If, on the other hand, homosexuality is abnormal, then the answer
          would be different.  Before I personally address these questions,
          let me relate a personal experience.

               I was  raised in a  conventional Christian home.   My father
          was a preacher, my mother active in all phases of church work and
          my sisters  and I  all went to  Bible colleges.   One of  my best
          friends during my teenage  years, however, was gay.  He was about
          three years older  when we began spending a lot  of time together
          and he had already completed one  year of Bible college.  He  was
          very musically skilled; playing both  piano and organ in  church.
          His parents  had been  African  missionaries.   When he  embraced
          homosexuality  and accepted  himself as  such, he dropped  out of
          Bible  college and  enrolled in  nurses training.   I  spent many
          hours with this  young man and though  I knew he was  homosexual,
          the  subject  never once  came  up  and  I was  never  physically
          approached by him in any way.  We occasionally spent weekends  in
          the dormitory, swimming together in the school pool, slept in the
          same room, shared meals, and  even often attended church services
          together.  Never  was there any hint of  sexual suggestiveness or
          involvement.  We were simply  buddies.  Years later I learned  he
          was  also a confessed pedophile at the  time.  I say this to make
          sure it  is understood that  my answers to  the questions I  have
          raised  are  not  based  on  a homophobic  response  or  personal

               In  light  of  this,  here  are  my  answers  to  the  posed

          Do homosexuals have rights?

               Of course.   They  are human beings  just like  anyone else.
          they have the  right to  be treated  as such; to  hold jobs,  pay
          taxes and to function in society as anyone might as long as it is
          within the  law.   Do they  have, or  should  they have,  special
          rights?   No.   Unless, of  course, they  claim they  are somehow
          different than  the rest of  society and today they  are claiming
          sameness (I.E., normality).

               Should they be allowed in the military?  

               Actually  I differ with most leading fundamentalists on this
          issue.   I frankly have  no objections whatsoever  to homosexuals
          serving  in  the  military.    The argument  I  have  heard  from
          Christians  on  this  question  is,  not  the  inability  of  the
          homosexual to serve and do as  good of job soldiering as  anyone,
          but it is  a matter of drawing the  line somewhere.  With  this I
          concur.  If, however, the  military establishment is going to ask
          recruits  if they  are homosexual,  they should  also ask  if the
          recruit is  immoral in his  heterosexual behavior.   Adultery and
          premarital sex is just as  immoral as homosexuality.  Any service
          personnel found  acting unbecoming of  an officer should  be band
          from military service.  There  is, for that matter, absolutely no
          evidence homosexuals  in the  military are  less or more  immoral
          than  heterosexuals.     Contrary   to   most  popular   beliefs,
          homosexuals  are  generally  interested  in  establishing  sexual
          relationships with other homosexuals; not heterosexuals.

               Should government grant gays minority status?

               Of course not.   Homosexuals desire the right  of liberty as
          do  all  Americans but  their  minority  status  is a  result  of
          personal choice;  not of birth.   Though  some will argue  to the
          contrary,  there   is  thus   far  no   scientific  evidence   to
          substantiate the claim.

               Should they be treated differently?

               It depends  upon the  meaning of "differently."   If  we are
          talking about every day courtesy, the  answer must be no.  If  we
          are speaking  of acts  of immorality, they  should be  treated as
          anyone who is living an immoral life.

               Do they have the right of employment?

               Most certainly; as do all Americans who are willing to work.

               Should homosexuals be allowed to teach our children?

               Most Christians say  no.  This is  largely due to fear  that
          the teacher will somehow interpose his beliefs on to the student.
          this, of course, is  the price we  all pay for public  education.
          Even when  I was in  high school in  the late 1960's,  some of my
          public school  teachers, without  a doubt,  attempted to  project
          their  evolutionary and  immoral ideas  into their teaching.   We
          knew, even as teenagers, some  were living immoral life styles by
          the way they conducted themselves in class.

               Should they be  allowed to come in to our schools and inform
          students of the gay life style as an alternative life?

               No  more than someone  living an  adulterous life  should be
          allowed to enter  a school and attempt to  teach their life style
          is socially acceptable.   Immorality is immorality no matter  who

               What about transsexuals.  Are they male or female?

               they are what God made them before their surgery.

               can homosexuals be born again?

               Anyone  confessing Jesus  Christ as  Lord  and repenting  of
          their  sin can  be born  again.   There must  be a great  deal of
          doubt, however, if one confesses Christ as Lord but his life does
          not change.

               Should they be allowed to  teach Sunday school?  Should they
          be  permitted  to  serve  as  deacons and  elders?    What  about
          homosexuals in the pastoral office?

               Only  if   there  is  genuine   repentance  of  sin   and  a
          renunciation of immorality and a demonstration of faithfulness to
          God's Word.  In which case they would no longer be homosexuals.

               Christians have a  lot of misconceptions  about homosexuals,
          one of which  is that all homosexuals are pedophiles.   This most
          certainly is  untrue but  Christians are  justified in  demanding
          that  a line  be  drawn.   The  Christian's  view, besides  being
          Biblical  in  nature,  must  also  be  one  based  on  normality.
          Homosexuality  is  not  only immoral  but  abnormal  by  its very
          nature.   It is  such for the  same reasons  sex with  animals is
          abnormal  because  all three  areas  of reasoning,  biologically,
          physiologically and emotionally, all apply accordingly.

               Finally,  the  Christians  attitude is  (should  be)  one of
          regeneration  and forgiveness.   Homosexuals  who  come to  Jesus
          Christ, confessing Him as Lord and Savior of their lives, are not
          only  forgiven but  changed and  made  new just  as anyone  else.
          Though some  behavior by human  beings may be  unconventional and
          even considered abnormal,  it may not be  immoral.  Homosexuality
          is both abnormal  and immoral and  the Bible declares  immorality
          sin whether it be homosex or  heterosex.  Fortunately, all can be
          forgiven and made right with God and His Son Jesus Christ.

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