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                              Phil Scovell

               Have you ever  noticed the different responses  you get from
          people who  dial the wrong telephone number?  When they are told,
          "No, I'm sorry.  You've dialed  the wrong number," some slam down
          the phone,  some  cuss, some  experience brain-lock;  maintaining
          connection and  breathing heavily  into the  mouth piece,  others
          insist they dialed  correctly, "So  quit playing  around and  put
          Shirley  on  the phone."    Funnier  yet  is what  happens  next.
          Usually they immediate redial your  number again.  When they have
          been  informed, for  the second time,  they have  misdialed, they
          then get good and mad!  Most of us pray like that.
               For  years  I  prayed religiously  for  at  least forty-five
          minutes each day.  I had my little list and prayed over each item
          faithfully.  If I was in a hurry, I could breeze through my  list
          in  twenty  minutes; but  admittedly  I  did  not feel  quite  as
          spiritual afterward.   I, like  the dedicated  phone dialer,  was
          doing everything  I knew to do;  yet not getting  through.     No
          matter how long, how  often, how faithful, or how sincere  we may
          be,  if we  dial/pray incorrectly;  even  if we  get the  correct
          number of digits, we will still be unable to receive an answer.
               About  this time,  many  Christians  stomp  their  foot  and
          confess:  "I'm doing the best I can."  That may certainly be true
          but Father God is not obligated  to answer prayers based on "your
          best."   He promises, however, to  answer any and all our prayers
          based upon  His best  - His Word..."If  you abide  in me,  and my
          Words  abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be
          done unto  you;" (John  15:7-8).   If  we proclaim  that such  is
          unfair,  we  are  just  as  wrong as  the  person  who  dials the
          incorrect phone  number and then  blames the person on  the other
          end.  Stop complaining about  always getting the wrong number and
          learn how to "REACH OUT AND TOUCH" your Heavenly Father.


                                    I JOHN 5:14-15
               And this is  the confidence that we have  in Him, that,
               if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us:
               And if  we know that He hear  us, whatsoever we ask, we
               know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

               Most interpret this to mean,  "Well, maybe He will and maybe
          He won't."  Or, "I'll pray about it for awhile and if I don't get
          my answer, well then, it just isn't God's will."  That is blaming
          God  when it  is we  who  have dialed  incorrectly.   The passage
          concludes with, "and we know  that we have the petitions  that we
          DESIRED."  Jesus said, "You shall ASK what you will, and it shall          _______                           ___
          be done unto you;" (John 15:7).  These two words, desired and ask
          are the same Greek word.  Both passages, I John 5:14-15  and John
          157,, say that  WE are to  ASK and if we  do so, not only  are we                          __         ____
          assured an answer - "and it shall be done unto  you" - but we can
          likewise pray with confidence - boldness.
               The problem  most of us  face when  praying is what  does it
          mean if we don't receive an answer?  "Well, it must not have been
          God's will or  I would have gotten  my answer?"  Is  that how you
          dial a friend on the phone?  Do you dial and then, if there is no
          answer, assume they did not wish to  talk to you?  Do you give up
          and say, "Well, I'm never going to call that person again.   They
          just don't want to talk to me."  Then why pray that  way?  If God
          does  not answer  a particular  prayer right  away, why  would we
          assume He is  disinterested in doing so; especially  when He said
          He  wanted to  answer our  petitions?    What happened  to faith?
          Stop  being  paranoid.    Just  keep  praying  and  claiming  His
          promises.   He said  He would answer.   If you  do not have faith
          when you pray, don't dial His number...it will look like He, God,
          is not home or that He is not interested in hearing from you.


               The first time I applied  for a business loan, I discovered:
          1:  I was asking for more  than they were willing to lend, and 2:
          my request was made according to my terms; instead of the bank's.
          When the loan officer explained the bank's terms, I reapplied and
          secured a loan.  Knowing the bank's terms and asking according to
          those terms made the difference.   So it is with God.   We either
          ask   according  to  His   terms  or  experience   rejection  and
          frustration.  If we, on the other hand, are willing to conform to
          His terms for asking, we can petition Him with great confidence -
          boldness.  Thus,  interpret I  John 5:14  as:  "And  this is  the
          confidence  that we  have  in  Him, that,  if  we ask  any  thing
          according to His terms, He hears us."
               The word petitions in I John 5:15, "and we know that we have
          the petitions that  we desired of Him,"  is also found in  one of
          Paul's epistles.

                                   PHILIPPIANS 4:6

               Be careful  for nothing; but  in every thing  by prayer
               and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be
               made known unto God.

               The   word  requests  is  the  same  Greek  word  translated
          petitions  in I  John 5:15.   Thus  we discover  God's  terms for
          asking:  "Prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving."
               It is amazing how often we pray without ever really praying.
          We tell Him all about the problem and how difficult it is for us.
          We inform  Him on  just how worried  we are  that things  are not
          going to turn out.   We remind  the Lord that He  did not do  too
          well the last time we asked Him for help - probably because we're
          such a poor Christian  - and we even  doubt that He will do  much
          this time;  but, bless God,   we ask  nevertheless.  So  much for
               If we are going to petition God, we must ask.  The  word for
          prayer  in Philippians   4:6 means  exactly that  - to ask.   The
          Greek  word proseuche  for "prayer"  simply means  to pray.   Its
          prefix, pro, means (forward) or )in front).

          DIALING #1

               Calling long distance has been made convenient with "dial 1"
          service.  The days of requiring the assistance of an operator are
          nearly gone.  Now  we simply press #1, followed by  an area code,
          followed  by the seven digit number.   When you pray, REMEMBER to
          "dial #1."   Do not forget the pro  of prayer - in  front - where
          God is.   Place the God  of answered prayer  "in front" where  He
          belongs.  Turn from the  natural realm where the problem resides,
          and step into  the supernatural where God, who  is Spirit, lives.
          It  is there,  in the  spiritual realm,  where our  petitions are
          presented before our Heavenly Father.   Remember, however, to  be
          sure to  put on the whole armor  of God as you do  so.  [See Eph.
          6:10-18 for instructions].  As we  do so, we will be  spiritually
          giving conception  and God  will thus give  life, answer,  to our


               Following  conception,  there  is a  period  of  gestation -
          development  - which precedes birth.   If prayer, petitioning, is
          spiritual  conception, supplication  is that period  of gestation
          and should be maintained until the answer is given - bORN.   This
          period  of  time,   the  time  of  supplication,   is  Scriptural
               When a  mother conceives,  she has nine  months in  which to
          CARRY her child.  Her body changes physically because she now has
          different  needs chemically.    Her  emotions  shift  because  of
          hormonal changes.   She  eats differently  and watches  her diet.
          Wise moms  abstain from certain  foods and activities  to provide
          the fullest protection  possible for the growing child.  Adequate
          rest and proper sleep ADDITIONALLY  play an important roll as the
          baby   develops.    This  period  of  gestation  is,  spiritually
          speaking,  supplication.  and it is only the beginning.
               After  conceiving in  the  spiritual  realm,  it  will  take
          diligent  watchfulness if  that petition, prayer,  is ever  to be
          born.   Again  examining Ephesians  6:10-18, we  see that  we are
          doing  spiritual  battle  when  we  pray.    We are  additionally
          commanded:  "Praying always with  all prayer and  supplication in
          the  Spirit, and  watching thereunto  with  all perseverance  and
          supplication for  all saints."   The  "watching", protecting,  is
          supplication.     It  is   during  that   period  of   gestation,
          development, in  which we  take God's Holy  Word and  confirm His
          promises.  Such agreement with God is what Jesus was teaching His
          disciples in John  15:7-8:   "If you  abide in me,  and my  Words
          abide in you."  This word, abide, is  translated elsewhere in the
          King James  Version as  (abode, dwell,  remain, tarry,  continue,
          endure, present), and (stand).  Such is the nature, character, of
          "supplication."     Protect  your  petitions  by  confirming  the
          promises of God's Word perpetually.  How long should you practice
          such prayer?  Until you receive an answer!


               If you  get the idea  that personal responsibility  is ended
          when you receive  an answer to your  prayers, think again.   Paul
          said  that when such  petitions were made,  it was to  be done by
          "prayer,  supplication, and with  thanksgiving."  This  giving of
          thanks  is available to every  Believer for the expressed purpose
          of protecting  that  petition until  maturity -  fruition.   This
          "thanksgiving" is  an attitude of spiritual contentment.  How can
          we be spiritually content  when the answer has not yet  come?  By
               Many  Christians  express  concern  over  giving  thanks  in
          advance  of any  answer not  yet experienced.   This  attitude of
          contentment is not  thanking God for an answer  not yet received.
          It is thanking God for being  the God of every circumstance.   It
          is appreciating God for having  the power to answer our requests.
          It  is  the  utilization  of  God's promises  in  the  spirit  of
          agreement.  It is seeing, knowing, that God hears and answers the
          prayers  of  His  people.    the  expression  of  such  spiritual
          contentment  demonstrates  our   faith.    The  greek   word  for
          thanksgiving   means  the  usage of  grateful  language.   Hence;
          worship.   Worship god  during the  period of  gestation.  It  is
          perhaps our most powerful weapon as believers.
               It is amazing  how often a baby, then a child, and finally a
          teenager, tries  to kill  themself during  the various stages  of
          growth development.    Falling during  the weeks  of learning  to
          walk,  cracking their  head on  the corner  of the  coffee table,
          rolling down the stairs, getting  bitten by the dog, scratched by
          the  cat,  and stung  by  a bee  all  contribute  to their  early
          education.   Later they  discover touching  hot stoves,  crashing
          bicycles, falling from  trees, stepping on rusty  nails, breaking
          bones,  stapling  fingers  together, hammering  thumbs,  scraping
          knees, and rolling  off top bunks as useful  tools for increasing
          their knowledge of life as growing children.  Then it gets worse.
          Parents spend  most of this  time simply trying to  protect their
          children from doing great bodily harm to themselves.
               How far are you willing to go  to protect your prayers?  How
          much time are you willing to spend in worshiping god as  you wait
          for your petition  to be answered?  When it is answered, how much
          time  is generally spent in  praise and adoration  of the God who
          heard and answered  your request?  If this  aspect of petitioning
          is overlook  or neglected, the  Devil, who comes to  steal, kill,
          and  destroy, will  rob us  of  many blessings.   Show  spiritual
          contentment when you petition God.  Exercise  thanksgiving.

          IT'S RINGING

               I  caution  you not  to consider  these three  steps, prayer
          supplication,  and thanksgiving; as a prayer formula by which you
          can twists God's  arm.  Simply think of them as the "elements" of
          prayer and be careful to  incorporate them in your petitioning of
          the Heavenly  Father.   It's like dialing  long distance:   First
          press  #1, [prayer].    Next the  area code:  [supplication]. and
          finally  the number: [thanksgiving.]   He's never busy, and, once
          it starts ringing;  never hang up!   By the way, it's  toll free;
          call often.

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