Crumbs Can Make A Whole Loaf


                                  Phil Scovell

                                September 2001

               Recently I lost a personal friend.  It was not due to death,
          or  because  of  relocation, but  because  of  pride, anger,  and
          bitterness  on  behalf of  my  friend.    There were  some  minor
          Scriptural differences, I guess you  would call them minor, but I
          don't mind those types of things unless they become doctrinal and
          we had no doctrinal differences.

               The Lord revealed something to me one day about this man and
          why  his life was going the way it  was and why our friendship is
          severed for  now.  As  usual, I always take  personal prophecies,
          relating to others, personally.  That is,  I apply them to myself
          as much as I  do the person of  whom the Lord  is talking.    One
          misconception  of New Testament  prophets is that  they just hear
          from the Lord about an  individual and then they are  required to
          talk to  that person.  this is untrue.  Rarely does the Lord give
          me permission to talk to an  individual about their life and what
          the Lord is showing me about them.  Let me use an  example before
          I tell you what the Lord revealed to me about my friend.

               A  few years  ago, a  friend of  mine, and his  teenage son,
          tried hiking to a mountain peak  not far from Denver.  They  went
          late in  the fall,  something not wise  to do,  and they  did not
          dress for winter because it was such a nice day.  The walk up the
          long trail took longer than they anticipated and on the way back,
          it began to snow.  Once the winter weather moved in, they quickly
          became cold and decided to leave the path and cut across a valley
          which they thought would save them  time and lead them to a  more
          direct path to the place they had parked their car.   They became
          hopelessly lost.  They began to wonder around in knee  deep snow,
          hoping they  would recut their  original trail, but  soon realize
          they were  becoming even  more lost.   Additionally, the  weather

               finally my  friend told his  son that they best  hunker down
          and make  the best of the night  and pray that the  storm did not
          get any  worse.  They dug out a place in the snow to try and keep
          their feet dry and where they could squat down and try their best
          to stay  out of  the wind.   Fortunately,  during the  night, the
          storm stopped and the wind died down but it was bitterly cold.

               When  morning finally came,  they discovered, even  in broad
          daylight, they were still lost.  It took them a considerable time
          to locate  the road they had used when coming  to the foot of the
          mountain  trail.    By  this  time,  his  wife  had  alerted  the
          authorities and they had sent someone up to try and find them.

               My friend  spent about three  weeks in the  hospital because
          his feet were severely frostbitten.  He spend several sessions in
          a hyperbaric chamber to save his feet.  His son, who was about 18
          years old  at  the time,  was only  in the  hospital briefly  and
          suffered little  effect from the cold.   My friend still has some
          discomfort in his feet today but otherwise he is well.

               During his stay in the hospital, I called him several times.
          We  had  not seen  each  other for  probably two  or  three years
          because his wife does  not like me.  I used to  be her pastor and
          spent many hours  counseling with her and once,  years later, had
          to kick her out of my home  because she was trying to disrupt the
          bible study.  she was notorious for this sort of behavior and has
          literally disrupted church services by standing up and attempting
          to take over the service as the pastor taught.  Yes, she has some
          deep  seeded spiritual problems  and some of  it involves demonic
          activity but that's a different story.

               during my friend's stay in  the hospital, his wife left him.
          this,  too,  is  also another  one  of  her routine  manipulatory
          tricks.  In this case, her husband was getting  all the attention
          and  not her.  so  she moved out; leaving  my friend all alone in
          the hospital and he had no insurance.   To say the least, he  was
          horribly discouraged but you don't have to be a prophet to figure
          that one out.

               One day, as  we were talking,  and we were having  some very
          good and very deep spiritual talks as he lay in his hospital bed,
          the Lord  told me  that my  friend would  not be  harmed by  this
          experience.   The Lord,  furthermore, told me  to tell  my friend
          exactly what I had just heard.  My friend knows me well enough to
          know that,  even though I  hear something from the  Lord, I don't
          always speak it unless the Lord  gives me permission.  I told  my
          friend  I had  no idea  if the  Lord  was speaking  physically or
          spiritually.  Personally, I thought it was  both.  As I said, his
          feet are  ok  now but  he still  has some  discomfort  do to  the

               this experience just described has happened to me dozens and
          dozens of times over the years.  I would guess, probably  one out
          of every fifty  times, the Lord tells  me to talk to  the person.
          So, as you can see, it isn't often.  What do I do the rest of the
          time?  I pray about what god  has revealed about that person in a
          more focused way than I would be able to otherwise.   Now back to
          my original story.

               As I said, I recently lost a friend.  I have been trying  to
          help this friend  for some time in  his church but he  has become
          very angry, very  bitter, and pride, though he  doesn't recognize
          it, has  blocked his ability to bless his church.  No, I have not
          told him all of this and in fact have told him very little.  Why?
          Because he  is not ready to receive it and  in fact, what I know,
          if  all were  told to  him  personally, would  probably make  him
          worse.   It is  killing his church  and it will kill  him as well
          eventually.   As a prophet,  I have learned, speaking  to someone
          before   the  Lord  gives   permission,  can  be   dangerous  and
          destructive to that person.  In  this case, I spoke with the  man
          enough to discern his response and it was fiercely rebuffed.

               A few days ago, out of spiritual frustration, I simply asked
          the Lord why my friend was acting this way.  Instantly,  the Holy
          Spirit answered my question.   He told me that this  man was only
          asking the Lord  for crumbs and  so he  was only getting  crumbs.
          The   implication,  therefore,   is   spiritually  enormous   and
          personally applicable.

               The moment  the Holy  spirit spoke, my  mind flashed  to the
          story of the  Syrophenician woman: (See Matthew 15:22-28 and Mark
          7:25-30).   This woman, who  was a Greek,  tried to get  Jesus to
          heal  her  daughter who  was  possessed by  a  demon.   Jesus was
          ministering  to Israel at this point of his ministry and said so.
          She  apparently wasn't  willing to  give  up and  must have  been
          continually  bombarding our Lord's disciples because they came to
          the Lord and asked Him to get rid of her.

               The passage in Matthew's Gospel is quite interesting because
          it  says the woman came and  worshiped our Lord.   Look it up for
          yourself.  It  means to kiss or  to lick the skin as  a dog licks
          his master's  hand.   Here, in  this part  of the  story, we  are
          talking about sincerity, at the least, and spiritual intimacy  at
          the most.   I would suggest the  woman came and threw  herself at
          our  lord's  feet and  began  kissing  Him  and begging  for  her
          daughter's life.  When Jesus said to  her that it wasn't right to
          give the bread of the children to others, she agreed but insisted
          that  even  the dogs  eat the  crumbs the  children drop.   Jesus
          granted her  request and her  daughter was healed from  that very

               My recent  experience with  my friend  greatly convicted  me
          when the Lord showed all this to me.  I, too, have been guilty of
          asking God only for crumbs.  Then when I get nothing  but crumbs,
          I complain it  isn't enough.  Each  of us are guilty,  in our own
          way, of  expecting the very least God can do  and that is what we
          are getting; the least He can do.  He is willing to do His  best,
          His biggest, and His most if we will submit  to Him by asking and

               Have you given place to the devil by asking for crumbs  when
          god can do  so much more for  you?  Repent, and begin  asking for
          all He has planned  for your life.  Ignore the accusatory clamor,
          the  inflammatory rejection,  the  judgmental  comments, and  the
          spiritual threats  which are coming  against you.  Kiss  the Lord
          with your prayers until freedom comes.  do not allow the devil to
          possess your  inheritance.   Cast Him out  by expecting  Jesus to
          give you  His best.   If He did  give His all  on the cross,  why
          would  He not do  so now?   Question the devil's  ability to move
          against you by acknowledging God and His Word.

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