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               This article  is in  response to one  written by  Raymond J.
          Storms  entitled "I Chose  Not To Be A  Charismatic."  The reason
          for my  article is  to show how  remarkably similar  my situation
          was,  as an independent Baptist,  and to expose  the error in his
          Scriptural interpretation and application.   If you have not read
          his story,  please do so  before reading  this article.   I will,
          however,  summarize his  story  briefly  if  the reader  has  not
          secured a copy  of his article.   In fairness, I am  asking those
          who are  posting  this  file on  a BBS or the internet to  please
          allow  the two  articles to  appear together  and let  the reader


                               HERITAGE AND UP BRINGING

          Raymond  Storms,  by  his  own  admission,  was  raised by  Godly
          parents.   His father was a hard working man  of God who gave his
          life to  winning the  lost to  Jesus Christ  and the  teaching of
          Christians for the glory of God.  Reading Brother Storms' article
          clearly demonstrates his father's love for the Lord and for those
          without Jesus  Christ.   He,  and his  family, suffered  poverty,
          persecution, rejection,  and ridicule for  the sake of  Christ as
          they labored  in the ministry  of church building.   He likewise,
          however, admits  to  consistent  answers  to  prayer,  miraculous
          provisions  when  in  great need,  changed  lives,  healings, and
          miracles  all in  connection with  the  ministry of  his faithful
          father as he sought to build God's house.

               The bitterness  that began  to germinate  in Brother  Storms
          heart from the  rejection and persecution  he experienced as  the
          son of a preacher is quite evident from his article.  His brother
          likewise confessed his  dissatisfaction and wanted nothing  to do
          with  the ministry  when he  left home;  choosing rather  to make
          money.   This,  of course,  is certainly  not uncommon  among the
          children of ministers.  Eventually, however, it would appear that
          his father's faithfulness to God brought them financial security,
          a nice home  in which  to live, and  a life void  of the  earlier
          persecution and rejection.  


               Brother Storms' own  experience of the  baptism of the  Holy
          Spirit was clouded, at least to a  certain extent, with doubt and
          misgiving.  He  admits that the "prayer language"  of his parents
          and church members did not  sound much different than that spoken
          by the  Italians of his neighborhood.   He very  much desired the
          baptism of the Spirit, however, and sought for it until one night
          he was rewarded.   Apparently his doubts were  reinforced because
          of an experience he had later in his pastoral ministry with a man
          he identified as Milt.  This man, too, doubted the reality of his
          experience with  the baptism of  the Holy Spirit and  speaking in

               He  also  details  a  visit  he  had  with  several   fellow
          Pentecostal  ministers  in  a  restaurant  where  they  discussed
          different  techniques employed by  charismatics in order  to help
          those  seeking the baptism of the Holy  Spirit obtain the gift of
          tongues.  These  included:  Breathing in deeply  several times in
          order  to "breath in"  the Holy Spirit, mumbling  baby talk - la,
          la, la, la - over and over  until a language formed, and cackling
          like a hen until the "heavenly language" manifested itself.

               Eventually  Brother  Storms'  doubts   crystalize  during  a
          meeting of  the Assemblies of  God pastors conference  where they
          debated the  denomination's involvement  with ecumenicalism.   At
          this  meeting  two messages  in  tongues were  offered  which, in
          Brother  Storms'   own  words,  were  translated   with  converse


               Closely connected with his concerns about the baptism of the
          spirit was the ecumenicalism the Assemblies of God were beginning
          to  manifest.    The  lack   of  a  separatist  stand  among  the
          charismatics,  likewise greatly  concerned him  as  well, and  He
          spends   a  great  deal  of  time  in  his  article  Scripturally
          documenting the clear Biblical position he holds on this subject.

                                  PERSONAL ATTITUDE

               He  finally admits  that his  own  personal attitude  toward
          those  who  did  not  speak  in  tongues  was  one  of  spiritual
          superiority.  He illustrated his feelings by telling a story of a
          man aboard a ship who was invited to eat at the  captain's table.
          This is likened  to those who speak  in tongues and those  who do
          not.  He even confesses that  those who claimed to be born  again
          but  do not  believe in  speaking  in tongues  were "second  rate

                                FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT

               Finally Brother  Storms relates his discontentment  with the
          lack of separatist stand in the Assemblies of God and after being
          invited to a Jack Hyles pastors school, he relates the story of a
          message  by Brother Hyles on being  Spirit filled in order to win
          the lost  to Christ.    He, unable  to get  to the  front of  the
          church, prayed with a pastor by  the name of Ed Nelson.  He  then
          reports that he returned home and experienced the greatest church
          attendance in his  own church for the next three  months since he
          had been pastoring  at that location.  He  likewise reported that
          he  won more  people to Christ  in the  six months  following his
          experience than since he himself had been born again.

                                  LEAVING THE CHURCH

               Finally,  after becoming discouraged over a problem he faced
          with his assistant pastor,  and because of his  bitterness toward
          his denomination, as well as misunderstandings experienced in his
          own  family, he chose  to leave the Assemblies  of God church and
          apparently became a Baptist; though he never says this.


               At least twice Brother Storms confesses he now feels that to
          be filled with the Spirit means one will become a witness  (I.E.,
          a soul winner).


               His booklet  concludes with eight statements  concerning why
          he no longer can be a Charismatic.


                               HERITAGE AND UP BRINGING

               I was raised in a Baptist home with a Baptist preacher for a
          father.  I must confess, however, I did not personally experience
          the  poverty, persecution, rejection,  and ridicule of  this man.
          I, on the other hand, cannot  recall my father ever testifying of
          how  God  had answered  prayer.   I  never had  the  privilege of
          watching the Lord provide a meal when we sat down to eat.  As far
          as I knew, my dad  had purchased the food himself since  he had a
          good paying  job.   Although I was  never beaten  by neighborhood
          kids for being the  son of a preacher, I likewise never witnessed
          the  healing of  the sick or  a single  miracle until I  left the
          Baptist   church.    Since  Brother  Storms  mentioned  how  they
          eventually moved  to a lovely home with  two bathrooms and a nice
          fenced yard, not to mention the substantial salary his father was
          given, I don't  see how one could  say that God had  forsaken His
          Word to bless a faithful man which his father certainly had been.
          In fact, it almost looks like God honored His Word to me.

               My  Baptist  heritage  is something  I  greatly  appreciate.
          Baptists  believe the Scriptures  and dogmatically live  by them.
          They often, as I will discuss  later, believe that the winning of
          souls  is the evidence  of a Spirit filled  life.  Brother Storms
          apparently  came  to  this  same  unscriptural  conclusion  after
          attending the Jack Hyles Pastor's School.  My father, however was
          a  wonderful soul  winner and  led  many people  to  Christ.   I,
          although well acquainted with Jack Hyles' "Let's Go Soul winning"
          recording; having listened  to it many times, learned  how to win
          souls  by simply  watching my  father.   We likewise  rarely held
          family devotions but after coming  downstairs many times early in
          the morning  before sunrise and  finding my father seated  at the
          kitchen   table  studying  the  Scriptures,  I  somehow  got  the
          impression the  Bible was  the most important  thing a  man could
          believe.   I  have  often  said,  if it  wasn't  for  my  Baptist
          heritage, I  doubt I ever  would have been  filled with the  Holy
          Spirit in 1982.


               I certainly sympathize with this Brother and his trepidation
          when  considering the baptism of the Holy  Spirit and the gift of
          tongues.  As a  Baptist, we were taught that tongues  were of the
          devil  and if  anyone spoke  in  tongues, he  was probably  demon
          possessed.   In  later years,  however,  many of  us backed  down
          slightly from this stand  because we didn't want to  be guilty of
          attributing the works  of the Holy Spirit to that of the works of
          the devil - See Matthew. 12:22-32.

               Brother Storms' childhood  experience of  being filled  with
          the  Spirit with  the evidence  of speaking  in tongues  is quite
          common among Pentecostals and Charismatics of today.  In his day,
          and somewhat yet now, many  Spirit filled people teach experience
          almost over  doctrine.  We, as  Baptist, had the doctrine  and no
          experience.  In fact, I  was taught as a Baptist that  experience
          was probably unscriptural.   At any rate, many Charismatics  even
          today  are  guilty  of  not  backing  up  what  they  teach  with
          Scripture.  We shouldn't rebuke the  old time Pentecostalists too
          much, however,  because their faith  in God  makes most of  us of
          today look pretty puny.

               I  had a good  belly laugh when  I read about  his encounter
          with the other Pentecostal ministers  in the restaurant.  I, too,
          have heard Charismatics suggest people breath in deeply and  thus
          breath  in the  Holy Spirit.   Of  course, many  Charismatics now
          understand that one who is born again already has the Holy Spirit
          dwelling within him (Eph. 1:13).  I, too, have heard Charismatics
          suggest  one mimic  baby  gibberish and  eventually  the gift  of
          tongues  would occur.   In  fact,  a lady,  whom I  had  known in
          business for a long time, laid  hands on me one day in  my office
          in order that I might receive the gift of tongues.  She suggested
          the same  thing.   I explained that  such sounded  artificial and
          that I was afraid  of an artificial experience.  I  woke up later
          that  night  speaking in  tongues.    One  should keep  in  mind,
          however, that  these are  people who are  so thrilled  with their
          walk with God in the Holy Spirit  that they simply wish to assist
          others any way  they can in order  that they, too, might  be Holy
          Spirit filled.   As in any Christians  walk, the flesh can easily
          get in the way.

               The kicker,  however, was  the story  about the  Pentecostal
          lady moving  among those  seeking the baptism  of the  Spirit who
          suggested that  people cackle  like a hen  to receive.   Although
          this  sounds extremely superficial and artificial, not to mention
          unscriptural,  it's actually  not a  bad idea.   I'm  kidding, of
          course, but it brings a smile to my face.  No one has ever denied
          the  weirdness of  Charismatics.   This  lady was  merely helping
          people locked, in serious spiritual concentration, to lighten up.
          The moment  they did, joy  filled their hearts and  released them
          from  fleshly inhibitions.   I personally instruct  Christians in
          the  Scriptures and  pray with  them  and refrain  from any  such
          suggestions.  They aren't needed by the Holy Spirit.

               The zenith of  my Brother's spiritual  doubts occurred at  a
          pastors  meeting when  he  relates how  two separate  messages in
          tongues  were interpreted  differently.   For  those who  are not
          Charismatic  and  unfamiliar  with this  practice,  let  me first
          explain to what he is referring.

               I'm  not going to address in detail the doctrine of the gift
          of tongues but  let me outline what the apostle Paul was teaching
          in  I Corinthians  14; the  famous  tongues chapter.   There  are
          actually two forms  of tongue utterances.   One  is where one  is
          speaking  to God  (I Cor.  14:2).  The  other is  when one,  in a
          church meeting of other brothers and sisters in Christ, speaks in
          tongues  (I  Cor.  14:27).   In  the  case  of  the latter,  Paul
          instructed  that  such a  public  utterance  of tongues  must  be
          interpreted.    Why?   Because  those  who  heard it,  would  not
          otherwise  be edified.   The interpretation  would be  offered by
          someone  in  the  membership.    How  would  that  one  know  the
          interpretation?   In the same way the one speaking in tongues; by
          faith.   If you do not believe in speaking in tongues as a viable
          gift  for today's church, you will,  of course, strongly disagree
          with what I just said but frankly that's how it works whether one
          believes the  Scriptures or  not.  Again,  I'm not  attempting to
          address  the entire  tongues issue;  I'm  simply offering  proper
          representation.  What if no one interprets? Paul said the one who
          offered the message in tongues  should pray that he interpret his
          own utterance (I Cor. 14:13).  How long should this be allowed to
          continue?  Paul said by  two or three and no more (I  Cor. 14:27.
          After that point,  everybody is to  remain quiet.   You see,  the
          problem the  Corinthian church had  was they were all  leaping to
          their feet and  speaking in tongues and no  one was interpreting.
          Although the passage  seems to imply they were  probably doing so
          to show off their spiritual gift, Paul simply told them that they
          were being disruptive.  In short, Paul said that no one  was able
          to understand what they  were saying and  as the passage is  read
          carefully, it is absolutely clear  that Paul is teaching that the
          purpose  of  a church  service  is  for  the edification  of  the
          Believer.   In  other words,  if  it  doesn't edify; it's  out of
          order...not wrong; just out of order.  I will speak more directly
          concerning  doctrinal matters when  I comment on  Brother Storms'
          Biblical interpretations.

               Now,   what  can   be  said   about   these  two   different
          interpretations  which were  given  at  this  Assemblies  Of  God
          pastors meeting?   First, let me quote what  Brother Storm's said
          the interpretations were:

               A. "Thou  hast deliberated  long enough  it is time  to
               vote.  God will show His will in the ballot."
               B. "Thou  are not  ready to vote;  Thou shouldst  go to
               prayer to find the mind of God."

          Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor.  I would have loved to
          been in this meeting.  First, let me say that I would have agreed
          fully  with Brother Storms, without question,  on his position on
          the ecumenicalism  he saw creeping  into the AG denomination.   I
          commend him for  his courageous stand.  Most  Charismatics have a
          problem along the  lines of ecumenicalism and seem  to think that
          anyone  who  speaks in  tongues  must be  born  again.   This, of
          course, isn't the  issue since the  AG position on  ecumenicalism
          doesn't seemed to  have improved over the years.  The problem is,
          why did God allow  two men, I assume they were men  but in the AG
          it  could have  been women  ministers, to  offer two  messages in
          tongues to  be interpreted differently.   The  answer is  simple.
          He, God, has a sense of humor.  How so?  The two that offered the
          messages in tongues, not to mention the two that interpreted the
          messages, were out of order.   This was not a church meeting  for
          the edification  of the saints.  This was,  at best, a meeting of
          leaders  to discuss  a denominational position,  and at  worst, a
          spiritual debate competition.  Tongues was never meant to be used
          in such a service.  If the apostle Paul  had been there, he would
          have immediately asked the tongues speakers  to take their seats.
          Besides, no message in tongues was needed to determine the course
          of action the  Assemblies of God should  have taken.  As  Brother
          Storms pointed out so well in his article, and as I'm sure he did
          likewise for  the forty-five  minutes he  spoke at  this pastor's
          meeting, the  Scriptures are clear  on what God thinks  about His
          people working  with those professing Christians who  do not hold
          to  the Scriptures.    It  is humorous  because  God allowed  two
          different messages to be uttered which canceled each other.  Were
          they messages from  the Lord?   The  tongues themselves  probably
          were  but the interpretations were not.  How could God allow such
          a thing?  He didn't; men did.  It really makes  little difference
          since the  messages in  tongues were completely  out of  order in
          such a meeting.   I think it should be obvious that  the flesh is
          pretty  tricky  and  even  if  Spirit  filled  Christians  aren't
          careful, they will step outside the leading of the Holy Spirit.

               I can hear  someone saying, "Now wait just  a cotton pickin'
          minute.  If  it's the Holy Spirit, how can this  happen?"  Let me
          give at least two examples; both Scriptural.

               In the  book  of  Acts, Paul  and  Barnabas  were  traveling
          together and they, out of the  clear blue sky, had a  knock-down-
          drag-out.   You see,  Barnabas, bless his  heart, wanted  to drag
          along little John Mark to their next revival.  Paul, on the other
          hand, said,  "nothing doin'" because, as Brother Hyles would say,
          "he didn't  want a  thumb sucker tagging  along and  slowing them
          down."    [Acts 15:37-40]   Paul  took  Silas and  went  his way;
          Barnabas took Mark and went his.   Does that sound like a  couple
          of Spirit filled preachers to you?  Now, I know this  wasn't over
          doctrine  but  these  were Spirit  filled  men,  nonetheless, who

               There  is, of course,  one definite doctrinal  battle fought
          between Paul and Peter on the subject of circumcision.  Peter was
          wrong and Paul  told him so.   It isn't  any different than  this
          pastor's  meeting where  Brother  Storms  attempted  to  get  his
          brethren to see their  error.  Believe me, when people don't want
          to see the truth of God's Word,  not even the resurrection of the
          dead will change their minds.  At least that's what our Lord said
          when He  taught on  the subject of  Lazarus and  the rich  man in
          Hell.  [See Luke 16:19-31.]


               Here  is  an  area  where  Brother  Storms  and  I  have  no
          differences.   I was a separatist  before I received  the gift of
          tongues and I still  am.  I  believe just as  my Brother does  on
          both separation from the world and from ecumenicalism.  One thing
          that  probably kept  me  away  from  the Charismatics  more  than
          anything,  besides the  issue  of  tongues, is  their  lack of  a
          separatist  stand.    It's strange,  however,  because  the early
          Pentecostalists were separatists, especially  from the world,  as
          were,  and are,  the independent  Baptists of  today.   The early
          Assembly Of God Christians were equally strong on their preaching
          against  sin  and Christians  who  lived  worldly.   I  am  still
          concerned, as I am sure  is Brother Storms, that the Charismatics
          take such a nonchalant attitude towards worldly living.  Baptists
          will be  glad to hear,  however, that many Charismatics  of today
          are  beginning both  to  preach  and  teach  Bible  doctrine  and
          separation.  Many are even beginning to realize the mistakes made
          concerning ecumenicalism.  This shift in position may be somewhat
          due to the large number of Baptists who have been filled with the
          Spirit and begun pastoring independent Charismatic churches.

                                  PERSONAL ATTITUDE

               Here is another area where my Brother and I harmonize.  As a
          Baptist,  we, too, believed ourselves to be spiritually advanced;
          especially when compared to the Pentecostalists.  Since they were
          either demon  possessed or  psychologically insecure,  we had  no
          problem considering ourselves above them.  Brother Storms said he
          felt  those  who   didn't  speak  in  tongues  were  second  rate
          Christians.  Our claim to fame,  as Baptists,  was soul  winning.
          We believed  those who  won the  lost in  great numbers  were the
          spiritual  in  our midst.   Those  who did  not were,  in affect,
          second rate and  not quite as spiritual  as those of us  who did.
          Frankly this is  an attitude problem among  all religious groups.
          How do you think denominations are born?

                                FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT

               Unfortunately,   Brother  Storms   fell   for  the   Baptist
          interpretation   of  the  Spirit  filled  life  rather  than  the
          Scriptural.   As  already mentioned,  since we didn't  believe in
          speaking in tongues, we, as Baptist, had to substitute the Spirit
          filled life with something else.  Our substitute was soul winning
          (I.E., the winning of the lost  to Christ).  This was largely  an
          independent  Baptist position  and it  was  widely preached.   We
          added to the  doctrine, however, in order not to  leave out those
          incapable of winning hundreds to  Christ so we secured the Spirit
          filled life with faithful church attendance,  tithing, supporting
          of  missions,  Sunday  school  teaching  and  any  other  related
          ministry works, and faithfulness in every form.  When such proved
          inadequate, we resorted to a list of all the things we did not do
          as Baptists.   For  example, no movies,  no cable  television, no
          cigarettes, no slacks on women, and absolutely no fellowship with
          those  who were incorrect in their Biblical interpretation.  Such
          were filled, or at least, walking in the Spirit.

               Seated in church  one evening, a friend who  was a traveling
          Baptist evangelist, Dr. Tom Williams, came and said hello.  I was
          just twenty-one years  of age and had just been asked to serve as
          a deacon in the large  church of which I  was a member.   Brother
          Tom  congratulated  me on  being  asked  to  serve.      In  this
          independent Baptist church, deacons were not elected but asked to
          serve by the pastor  and his deacon board.  Eventually  they were
          voted  upon by the membership.   No one, however, was ever turned
          down by the membership  if recommended.   When I thanked him,  he
          said,  "That means  brother Phil  that  you are  filled with  the
          Spirit because they asked you to serve."   I smiled broadly but I
          knew I was not filled with the Spirit.

               Lest  the  reader  be concerned  of  my  feelings toward  my
          Baptist  brethren, let me assure you that in fact, Dr. Jack Hyles
          is still one of my favorite preachers.  As I wrote  this article,
          I lent a Jack  Hyles tape to a Charismatic friend.  To this day i
          still consider Brother Hyles one of America's greatest preachers.
          I have dozens of Jack Hyles tapes in my cassette library which is
          comprised  of more  than 1,200  cassettes.   I  wish I  had every
          message Jack  Hyles ever preached in  my library.   Jack Hyles is
          probably one of the world's  greatest personal soul winners and I
          strongly  recommend  everyone  reading this  article  to  plan to
          attend Jack Hyles annual pastor's school.  You  will never be the
          same.  However, soul winning, nor the number of souls you  win to
          Christ, isn't proof you are Spirit filled.

               Brother Storms  mentioned that  following being  filled with
          the Spirit  at the  Jack  Hyles pastor's  school, he  immediately
          began winning souls.  His first experience was even miraculous to
          say the least.  Furthermore,  his church attendance increased and
          he confesses  to winning more  people to Christ in  the following
          six months than he ever had in his entire life.

               Let me share briefly my  experience of being filled with the
          Holy Spirit.   If  you wish  greater  detail, I  have written  my
          testimony in booklet form and entitled it "When Baptists Speak In
          Tongues."  In 1975 I left my job and went full time into  Baptist
          evangelism.  I traveled as a full time evangelist holding revival
          meetings in Baptist  churches.  In early  1978 I also moved  to a
          small western Colorado  town and  served as  an assistant  pastor
          while holding  revivals on the side.  Eventually I felt called to
          the   pastorate  and  was  ordained  as  an  independent  Baptist

               In  early 1980 I  sat in a  hotel room in  Illinois during a
          week of meetings discouraged and disappointed and wondering, when
          the  pastor came  to pick me  up, if  I'd be able  to preach that
          night.   I needed to be filled with  God's power; filled with the
          Holy Spirit; I needed  the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself  to me
          in a very real way.   As I sat in my despondency,  I asked myself
          what  it  was  I had  always  done  in the  past  to  maintain my
          Christian walk.  I named the items:  I won  souls, I preached and
          taught God's Holy  Word, I  served in my  local church, I  prayed
          forty-five minutes daily, I memorized literally hundreds of Bible
          verses, I gave, at one time, twenty-five percent  of my income to
          the church, and  I read the Bible through once each month until I
          had past  the one  hundred mark.   As I  sat and  contemplated my
          life,  I  determined to  return  home following  my  meetings and
          double everything I  had done for God.  In short, I determined to
          be  a spiritual man.  Even as I  confirmed my decision, I knew in
          my heart that such would never make me spiritual.

               Without going into any further  detail, in 1982 I was filled
          with the Holy Spirit in  the basement of my rented home but I did
          not  speak in  tongues  for three  more years.    Why?   I  was a
          Baptist; Baptists don't  believe in speaking in tongues.   If you
          get nothing else from this  booklet, remember that God will never
          give us anything unless we first believe.  It makes no difference
          whether we call  ourselves Baptist or Charismatic; God  acts upon
          what we believe.

               After  being filled with  the Holy Spirit,  an unusual thing
          began to  happen.   I, for  the first  time in  my Baptist  life,
          became  keenly aware  of God's  presence.   I  had an  insatiable
          desire to pray and pray I did.

               Shortly  before I  was filled  with the  Holy Spirit,  I had
          begun studying the Scriptures for answers to two major questions.
          First, what  does it  mean to  be  filled with  the Holy  Spirit,
          though I myself never considered the possibility of being filled,
          and second; how does one get  prayers answered.  Nearly two years
          later, though I  knew I had been  filled with the Holy  Spirit, I
          still wasn't  getting prayers  answered as I  should.   Yes, many
          were  being answered,  but  I  was unable  to  understand how  it
          worked.   I went back to God's Word for the answers just as I had
          done  concerning  the  baptism  of  the Spirit.    On  my  knees,
          therefore,   over  several months  I prayed  over God's  Word and
          asked  God to  teach me how  to get  my prayers answered.   In my
          search, somehow God  began leading me to consider  the subject of
          tongues.  I must admit I  was extremely skeptical and fearful  to
          even tamper  with this  subject.   I knew  Baptists who  had been
          sucked up by the  Charismatics and I didn't want that  to happen.
          To shorten  the story, however,  I was given the  gift of tongues
          and  woke up  one  night  speaking a  language  unfamiliar to  me
          personally.   Keep in mind I  hadn't been in  a hyped Charismatic
          service, I hadn't been  reciting "la, la, la,  la" over and  over
          until my  tongue got tangled,  I hadn't been taking  deep breaths
          until I  hyperventilated into  the baptism of  the Spirit,  and I
          hadn't been cackling  like a hen.   I was asleep!   What happened
          thereafter?  Like  my Brother Storms, something did  happen.  God
          answered  my   prayer.    If  you  read  Brother  Storms  article
          carefully,  you will  indeed  discovered that  God  gave him  the
          desire of his heart; he became a  soul winner.  God likewise gave
          me the desire of my heart; I began to get my prayers answered.  I
          laughed  with joy when  I read that  my Brother said  he won more
          people to  Christ in the  six months following his  Spirit filled
          experience because  something similar  happened to  me.   When my
          Baptist brethren  ask me  what happened  following receiving  the
          gift of tongues, I have  always reported the following:  "In  six
          months I received  more answers to  my prayers than  I had  since
          being born again  at the age of  five."  Such, however,  is still
          not the sign of a Spirit filled life.

                                  LEAVING THE CHURCH

               I'm  sure  leaving  his  church  was,  to   say  the  least,
          difficult.   Brother Storms has  one thing in his  favor however.
          In  Baptist churches,  especially  independent Baptist  churches,
          Charismatics converting to Baptist theology are  highly regarded.
          They  are  greatly  admired  and  are given  a  lot  of  personal
          attention.   I  remember  quite well  hearing the  testimonies of
          those who  had left  Pentecostal and Charismatic  churches.   The
          loudest  amens  were   during  those  sermons  preached   by  the
          Charismatics who had come to our church to inform us of the gross
          doctrinal  error  they  finally  recognized  in  the  Charismatic
          church.   When I  left the  Baptist church,  I was  gone for  six
          months before anyone even noticed.

               I  had been  a member  of South  Sheridan Baptist  church in
          Denver, Colorado for  over thirteen years.  I  had preached there
          several  times both  in  nightly  services and  once  in a  Bible
          conference.  Strange as  it may seem, the same  pastor who prayed
          with Brother  Storms to  receive the filling  of the Spirit  - at
          least I'm  assuming it  is the  same pastor  - was  mine; Dr.  Ed
          Nelson.  The only  Spirit filled life we were ever  taught had to
          do  with how much  we could do  for God; how many  souls we could
          win; how many sins  we didn't commit.  I won souls, I preached, I
          read and memorized the Word, and I wasn't Spirit filled.

               Six months following  my experience of awaking in  the night
          speaking in tongues,  I left the  Baptist church.   Why?  I  left
          because if discovered,  I would have been asked  to renounce what
          had  happened to  me or  removed from  the church.   Baptists are
          fearful of those who speak in tongues.  I actually did not choose
          to leave the  Baptist church; I had to leave.  My pastor, Brother
          Ed Nelson,  is one of the greatest men  I've ever known.  Brother
          Hyles is one of the greatest preachers  I've ever heard.  I could
          name a  dozen other  Baptist men  I admire and  respect who  have
          influenced  my  life and  for whom  I  thank God.    The Baptist,
          however,  believe to  associate  in  a  fellowship  setting  with
          Charismatics would be ecumenical and, of course, that could never
          be allowed.   My Baptist friends,  after hearing why  I left  the
          church,  rarely speak  to  me  unless they  are  pressed into  an
          unavoidable  situation.    Baptists,  if  they  know  someone  is
          Charismatic, will not care to do business with them and they will
          spend very little time conversing with them as well.  When I left
          the  Baptist church,  I lost  nearly every  Baptist friend  I had
          because I had become an outcast; I was spiritually unbalanced and
          doctrinally in error.  Some  thought I was demon possessed, while
          others said I  was having  a nervous break  down or was  mentally
          imbalanced, and some were probably glad to see me go.  To say the
          least, they never tried to bring me back.  In fact, my own church
          eventually quit  doing business with me -  I was doing high speed
          cassette duplication  for churches -  but they assured me  it had
          nothing to do with  my new beliefs.  If you believe  that, I have
          some swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell, too.  


               Brother  Storms makes  some doctrinal  statements concerning
          the  subject of  tongues  in  his  article which  he  incorrectly
          interprets.   I'm  sure  he  knows better  but  in  light of  his
          "experience," he  has chosen to  apply the baptism of  the Spirit

          A.  Evidence Of One Filled With The Spirit?

               He first admits that  he used to equate the fullness  of the
          Spirit to speaking in tongues  and unless one spoke with tongues,
          he was not  Spirit filled.  This  is a common mistake  nearly all
          Charismatics and  Baptists alike  have made over  the years.   No
          where  in Scripture does it say that  one must speak with tongues
          to be filled.   One may, however, request the gift  of tongues if
          he is  filled  with God's  Spirit.   It is  only  one of  several
          aspects of the Holy Spirits infilling however.

          B.  Power To Witness?

               Quoting  from Acts  1:8,  Brother  Storms  says,  "Power  to
          witness  is what He promises and  that is what we should expect."
          Apparently  Brother  Storms  now equates  "witnessing"  with soul
          winning.  This is  not what Acts 1:8  says.  Unfortunately,  many
          Charismatics and  Baptists alike make  the error of  appending to
          the  Word  of God  by  saying  tongues,  soul winning,  prophecy,
          healing,  the  interpretation  of tongues,  tithing  and  giving,
          church  attendance,  as  well as  many  other  manifestations and
          practices, spiritual or fleshly, are evidence of  one filled with
          the Spirit.  Acts 1:8 says it is "power" which is the evidence of
          the Holy Spirit;  not gifts, abilities, or  talents.  Look at  it
          this way.  If one has the  "power of the Holy Spirit," he will be
          a  "witness"  (Acts  1:8).   I  Corinthians  14:22 confirms  that
          tongues are  a sign to  the unbeliever.   Is that not  a witness?
          When Paul laid  hands on the man  who fell from the  upper window
          and died, was  it not  a witness  when he was  restored to  life?
          Peter when to the house of Cornelius and  preached the Gospel and
          the Holy Spirit  fell upon them  and they all spoke  with tongues
          and magnified God.  Was that not a witness?  When Philip traveled
          around the countryside preaching,  laying hands on the sick,  and
          performing  many miracles,  was that  not a  witness?   How about
          Stephen when he was stoned.  He  saw Heaven open and testified of
          the glory of God.  Was that not a witness?   Did it take  "power"
          for Stephen to stand there and let people stone him to death?  In
          fact, the Scriptures confirm Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit.
          It is unfortunate that Brother  Storms is making the same mistake
          now as  a Baptist, or like  a Baptist,  as  he did when he  was a
          Charismatic.   He will  likely, therefore, again  be disappointed
          some day unless he realizes that it is Holy Spirit power in one's
          life which demonstrates one is filled with God's Holy Spirit.

          C.  No Tongues?

               Brother Storms quotes I Corinthians 14:19 where Paul says he
          would rather  speak five  words in the  known language  in church
          rather than  ten thousand words in an unknown language.  So would
          I...in the  church.   In fact,  that is  exactly what Paul  said:
          "Yet  in  the church  I  had  rather  speak  five words  with  my
          understanding, that by  my voice I might teach  others also, than
          ten thousand words in  an unknown tongue."  Read it!   Paul said,
          "in  the church"  he  would  rather speak  just  five words  that
          everyone   could  understand   rather  than   thousands  no   one
          understood.   Why?    The church  service is  set  aside for  the
          edification  of  the  saints.    The entire  14th  chapter  of  I
          Corinthians addresses exactly this.   I wonder why my Brother did
          not quote Paul's definite statement  in the verse just before the
          one  he chose to quote:   "I thank  my God, I  speak with tongues
          more than ye all."  What about Paul's dogmatic statement to these
          Corinthian  Christians  at the  close of  this chapter:   "...and
          forbid not to  speak with tongues."   The only way a  Baptist can
          explain this  final statement by Paul to  the church is to simply
          dismiss it.   In  other  words, these manifestations  of the Holy
          Spirit died  out with  the last  apostle.   Of course  we have  a
          problem with that because no where in Scripture does it say this.

               Now some  of you reading  what I just  said will point  to I
          Corinthians  13:8-10 where it  says, "Charity never  faileth: but
          whether there be  prophecies, they shall  fail; whether there  be
          tongues,  they shall cease; whether there  be knowledge, it shall
          vanish away.  For we know in part, and we  prophesy in part.  But
          when that which  is perfect is come,  then that which is  in part
          shall be  done away."   All  my life  I was taught,  both in  the
          Baptist church  and in Baptist  college, because we now  have the
          complete  Word  of  God,  tongues  past  away.    Really?    Then
          "prophecies" and "knowledge" must have past away, too?  Funny, no
          body I ever heard, even in the Baptist church, tries to make that
          claim.  Paul  furthermore says we see through  a glass darkly but
          eventually we will see face to face.  Let me simply say that when
          Jesus comes, we will see all things clearly; even the doctrine of
          the Spirit filled life.

          D.  Least Of All Gifts?

               Brother Storms  also says the  following concerning tongues:
          "1 Corinthians 12:28  indicates that tongues is the  least of the
          ministries  in  the church.   Why  should we  elevate it  to such
          prominence?   The carnal church  at Corinth  exalted speaking  in
          tongues to the point  that Paul had  to rebuke them because  they
          loved to show off and "speak into the air" 1 Corinthians 14:9."

               I'll answer  these two  statements individually.   First,  I
          cannot see anywhere  in I Corinthians  12 where Paul  "indicates"
          that tongues is the least of church ministry gifts.  Let me quote
          the  entire verse  before a  decision is made  on what  it really
          says.   "And  God hath  set some  in the church,  first apostles,
          secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then
          gifts of  healings, helps, governments, diversities  of tongues."
          If God has "set"  some in the church to function  in these gifts,
          why  is  Brother   Storms,  or  anyone  else   for  that  matter,
          eliminating even  one of them?   Furthermore, does it  sound like
          "diversity of  tongues" is  the  "least" of  all ministry  gifts?
          Well, shoot then.   Let's just yank  it out since it  isn't worth
          much.  We, as Baptist,  already pulled apostles, and prophets out
          and  they  are  listed as  the  top  two.   So  why  not tongues?
          Additionally,  Paul never indicated anywhere in his epistles that
          tongues was the least of Holy Spirit gifts.  In fact, he compares
          the   gift   of   tongues   and   interpretation   to   that   of
          prophecy/preaching if done in the church.  Let me quote Paul in I
          Corinthians 14:4-5.    "He that  speaketh  in an  unknown  tongue
          edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.  I
          would  that  ye  all  spake  with  tongues  but  rather  that  ye
          prophesied:  for greater  is  he that  prophesieth  than he  that
          speaketh with tongues, except  he interpret, that the  church may
          receive edifying."  Here we discover Paul comparing the utterance
          of  tongues in  the church  service, if  interpreted, to  that of
          prophesying/preaching.   Again, the reason it must be interpreted
          in the church  is for the edification  of the body.   Such is the
          nature  of preaching/prophesying.  If Paul, under the inspiration
          of the Holy  Spirit, places this kind of  importance upon tongues
          and  interpretation, why  is Brother  Storms trying to,  at best,
          minimize,  and at  worst, eliminate  it all  together from  God's

               In the second  half of my Brother's statement,  he said that
          Paul had to  rebuke the Corinthian  Christians because they  were
          speaking  into the  air;  apparently  implying  that  tongues  is
          meaningless and worthless.  I  believe the passage just quoted by
          the  apostle Paul  shows otherwise, however,  Paul in  fact never
          said  any  such thing.    Again,  let's read  Paul's  words  in I
          Corinthians 14:8-9.  "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound,
          who shall prepare himself to the battle?  So likewise ye,  except
          ye utter by  the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it
          be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air."   This
          is, of course, in the context of  speaking in tongues in a church
          service without  an interpretation.   In such  case, it  would be
          like speaking into the air because those who were listening would
          not understand.  It would be like if I were speaking in a spanish
          church.   I  can't speak  spanish.   How, then, would  by spanish
          speaking brothers and sisters in  the Lord understand my message,
          unless of course, one would interpret?  If, on the other hand, it
          is a tongues utterance which is interpreted, Paul says, as I have
          already shown,  the tongues  message is as  valuable as  a sermon
          preached in the  language familiar to those in  attendance.  Even
          then,  Paul instructed that such tongues utterances were employed
          and  subsequently interpreted, no more than three such utterances
          were acceptable  within a given  service.  If Brother  Storms was
          suggesting  that  this passage  indicates  tongues is  valueless,
          meaningless,  or   somehow  worthless,  his  exegesis  is  highly
          questionable and less than scholarly.   As a Baptist, however, or
          as one associating with Baptists,  he cannot be expected to think
          otherwise.   If he did, they would not  touch him with a ten foot
          pole no matter how many souls he won.

               Do  Charismatic churches  employ this  form  of tongues  and
          interpretation today?   Many Charismatic churches  do and in  all
          the  Charismatic  churches  I have  visited,  I  have  never seen
          tongues  thus abused.   I'm  not  saying it  doesn't happen;  I'm
          saying  I personally  haven't  witnessed  it.   In  the church  I
          attend,  for example,  there has  not  been a  single message  in
          tongues  with the  interpretation in  the past  nine months.   It
          isn't because we don't believe in it; it's because the Spirit has
          not  given such  a  message to  us.   Is  it  possible that  this
          reduction is due to the complete Word which we now have  and hold
          in our hands?  I believe it is very likely.  I have spoken public
          messages in  tongues and have even interpreted the message myself
          a number of times.   It isn't as  common has some would  have you
          believe however.   It is,  on the  other hand, Scriptural  if the
          guidelines which Paul gave us are followed to the letter.

          E.  Endued With Power?

                    Brother Storms referred to the series of questions Paul
          posed in I  Corinthians 12:29-32 and said the  implied answer for
          each  was "no."  Then my  Brother said the following: "Why should
          we try to say that all do speak with tongues when filled with the
          Spirit?   Why  should  we  belittle those  who  don't speak  with
          tongues?  Why don't we seek power  to win souls?  Why not let the
          Holy  Spirit be the  baptizer and do  it His way  rather than our
          way; trying to tell him how it should be done.  Why not be filled
          again and again?  We receive of His Spirit at salvation or we are
          none of His, but  He should fill or  control us day by  day (Acts
          4:31).  Let's  seek to be endued with power to  win souls.  Let's
          not tell God how to do it or what must accompany this power.  Let
          us ask and believe that we receive and we shall have what God has
          promised. Let us  not accept a cheap 20th  Century counterfeit of
          the New Testament enduement with power to witness."

               I  whole  hardily agree  with  these statements  but  I take
          exception to two remarks.  "Let's seek to be endued with power to
          win  souls."  Why  must we stop  with just the  winning of souls?
          Must we only  have God's Holy  Spirit power to  win the lost  and
          then be content to remain powerless throughout the balance of our
          Christian life?   What about  those who  are born again  and need
          healing, restored marriages, children brought back from drugs and
          immorality,  financial needs met, or just their every-day prayers
          answered?  Are we reduced to managing our Christian walk with the
          flesh once  saved?  Since when  does the Holy  Spirit reserve His
          infilling power to  just an elite group of soul winners?  Show me
          the Scripture that  reduces the Holy Spirit to  impotency as soon
          as one is  born again.  Let's  be endued with power,  Holy Spirit
          power,  to win  the lost but  to forget  the Holy Spirit  and his
          ministry thereafter is dangerous.   The Body of Christ is powered
          by the Holy Word of God and the Holy Spirit of God.

               Finally, Brother Storms implies that  what he once had was a
          "20th Century  counterfeit of  the New  Testament enduement  with
          power..."  The very statement  he has made concerning placing the
          Holy Spirit in a box and making Him perform as a circus animal is
          exactly what  he himself  has done.   I  resent being accused  of
          having  a "cheap  20th  Century"  imitation  Holy  Spirit  simply
          because it doesn't  conform to my Brother's  personal experience.
          I do not consider what he has experienced as cheap,  inferior, or
          in any  way unscriptural.   In fact, to  the contrary; I  believe
          what  he experienced  is holy  before  God.   Why,  since I  have
          received the gift of tongues, does he  now consider me as one who
          has  a cheapened Holy Spirit?   Am I less loved  by God because I
          don't win as many  souls to Christ as he?   Is he more spiritual?
          Does my  Heavenly Father  consider  him better  than anyone  else
          because he "wins  souls?"  Of course not!  If my Brother will not
          "forbid  me to speak  in tongues," I  will not forbid  him to win
          souls.  "Forbid not to speak with tongues" (I Cor. 14:39 - "Go ye
          into  all the  world, and  preach the  gospel to  every creature"
          (Mark 16:15).  


               Brother  Storms  concluded  his  booklet  by  listing  eight
          individual reasons  why he  left the Charismatics.   Allow  me to
          comment on some of his remarks.


               He left the Charismatics because of their compromise in both
          doctrine and standards.  Although  I, too, share his concern, one
          must keep in mind that he was  involved with a denomination which
          has consistently shown tendencies of ecumenicalism.  He tried his
          best to warn  his brethren of this without  positive results.  He
          should have gotten out, just as many independent Baptist brethren
          pulled  out  of the  Southern  Baptist  convention  for the  same
          reasons.  I, on the other hand, left the Baptist church because I
          would have been kicked out for what I believe the Bible to say on
          the subject  of tongues.   Many  Pentecostalists have  subtracted
          themselves from  mainline denominations  because of  the lack  of
          doctrinal   and  separatists   stands.     Baptists,   especially
          independent  Baptists, leave the  church once they  have received
          the  gift  of tongues,  not  because they  necessarily  desire to
          leave, but because they must or be forced.


               Brother  Storms gave this  as his second  reason for leaving
          the Charismatics:   "I am convinced that  many charismatics speak
          psychologically-induced  tongues  rather  than  Spirit  empowered
          tongues and some  may even speak in  tongues by the power  of the

               You can see  how the Baptist position on  tongues has waned.
          When I was growing up, all Pentecostals, no one had ever heard of
          Charismatics then, were  demon possessed.  Now  they are probably
          just psychologically  or emotionally  scrambled.   We must  leave
          room,  however,  for  the  difficult  cases;  they  are  probably
          possessed of devils.  I wonder  if Brother Storms thinks he spoke
          in tongues  by the  power of his  own psyche  or by  the devil's?
          What do  you bet he  doesn't think it was  the devil?   I wonder,
          too, if  he thinks  his father, a  Godly man  if I ever  saw one,
          speaks in tongues  either psychologically or by the  power of the
          devil?  May I simply say that this argument has been around for a
          long time and it is used  by those unwilling to except the  power
          of the Holy Spirit as both Scriptural  and spiritually authentic.
          Even Peter and  the other disciples on the  day of pentecost were
          accused of being drunkards when they spoke in tongues.


               The  third reason he gave for leaving the Charismatic church
          was: "I  am sickened by  the foolishness that  goes on under  the
          pretense that it is the moving of the Holy Spirit."

               So am I Brother Storms.

               "I have observed that many sincere people who are hungry for
          God's best  are misled  into accepting poor  substitutes for  the
          fullness of the Spirit."

               Me, too!


               "I see a blindness that seems  to prevail among charismatics
          about the importance of separation from worldliness."

               I agree and I preach against it every chance I get just like
          I did when I traveled as a Baptist evangelist.


               "I  find  a  mindless ecumenism  that  brings  believers and
          unbelievers together in  an unequal  yoke and  makes speaking  in
          tongues the basis for fellowship."

               Right again my Brother.


               "I find  a reluctance  of charismatics  to  contend for  the
          faith once delivered unto  the saints.  It seems  that since this
          is not popular,  charismatics neglect such Scriptural  defense of
          the  faith  and act  as  though  doctrinal  purity is  of  little

               Since this  booklet was  written a number  of years  ago the
          reader will  probably find this not to be  as much the case today
          as it was in the early 1970's and before.  I find Charismatics of
          today becoming very doctrinally tenacious but there is still room
          for  improvement.   Probably  about the  same  time the  Baptists
          recognize the  gifts of the  Holy Spirit and begin  speaking with
          tongues, the Charismatics will become doctrinally pure;  whatever
          in the world that means.


               "It seems  that charismatics find it easy  to ignore certain
          portions of  Scripture when  those portions  are inconvenient  to
          follow.   For example: the  complete disregard for  1 Corinthians
          6:1-8 relative to taking your brother to court."

               Funny...   I  felt  the  same  way  about  Baptists  when  I
          discovered  they  dismissed   half  the  New  Testament   as  not
          applicable  to today  (I.E.,  healing,  tongues,  the  office  of
          apostles  and prophets);  to name  a  few.   I, furthermore,  was
          greatly concerned, about some Baptist philosophy.  In a  deacon's
          meeting, we were  instructed not to encourage blacks  to join our
          church and, when dealing with  hispanics, to always remember they
          are "emotional."   One  Sunday morning we  even had  an emergency
          deacons meeting following the morning service to discuss  what in
          the world  we were going  to do.   You See,  a black man  and his
          white wife,  or was  it  the other  way around,  had visited  our
          church.  Does that sound like disregard of the Scriptures to you?
          There  are plenty of  Baptist brethren who  have embezzled church
          funds, run off with the church secretary, practiced secret  sins,
          and disregarded God's Word in a dozen different ways.  Before any
          finger pointing, we  should remember that flesh is  flesh and God
          still  judges and forgives  sin.  By  the way, I  personally know
          independent Baptists, at least one from the church where I served
          as a deacon and as an evangelist, who took their Baptist brethren
          to  court.   Disregard  of  the  Scriptures  in general,  and  of
          doctrine  in particular, is  something all Christians  need guard

                                   A HUMBLE PRAYER

               "My  humble  prayer is  that  many  who  are taken  up  with
          'charismania' will read  this booklet and rethink  their position
          and  find the teaching and practices the New Testament Christians

               Does that sound like a humble prayer?

                                   CLOSING REMARKS

               Brother  Storms  concludes  his booklet  by  making  sure we
          understand he is no longer a  Charismaniac.  He likewise makes it
          perfectly  clear we know  what Pentecostals and  Charismatics are
          and  believe.   Additionally, he  clearly points  out that  he no
          longer believes as  they do and, I'm supposing,  wants no more to
          do with  them.   He likewise  makes sure we  understand that  the
          doctrinally impure Charismatics  are Satan's  greatest weapon  in
          establishing  the ecumenical one-world church; or at least that's
          what it  seemed he was trying to say to me.  He shows respect for
          his Godly  father, who  at  the time  of his  writing, was  still
          preaching salvation  just like he  was when Brother Storms  was a
          young boy.   You'd think, though, if his  father was guilty of so
          much obscene heresy, that God would have done something about it.
          Somehow I get the impression  that Brother Storms doesn't want to
          have his name  associated with the Charismatics any  longer but I
          could be wrong.


               It is  common  in both  Baptist and  Charismatic/Pentecostal
          churches to experience heart ache  because of upbringing and  the
          fallacies taught.  In some cases, it is better for that person to
          leave and find a place where God would have them serve.  This, in
          my  opinion, is  especially true  if a  denomination is  crossing
          Biblical  lines of separation.   I personally  feel uncomfortable
          with any denominational organization but I'm not about to say God
          hasn't used them to bring millions into His kingdom.  I likewise,
          as  my  Brother, will  not  fellowship  with  those who  are  not
          doctrinally sound and  I have never believed  that tongues proves
          salvation or confirms one is Spirit filled.
               Finally, let me give you some  advice.  If you've never been
          filled with the  Holy Spirit, don't seek it.  Walking by faith is
          difficult because you've  always got to sense the  leading of the
          Spirit  and He often  doesn't do the  same things twice  the same
          way.   I'm referring, of  course, to His manifestations;  not His
          personage.  It is easier to be a Baptist because you  always know
          where you stand  with God.  If  you ever have any  doubts, simply
          get out your list of things you do for God or, the list of things
          you don't,  and you'll feel better.   If you want power, however,
          you will  have to  be filled with  the Holy Spirit.   If,  on the
          other hand, in  spite of everything you've heard,  you still want
          to be filled with the Holy  Spirit of God, you simply ask God  to
          fill you.   Will you have  to speak in  tongues?  No...I  didn't.
          Now, if  you wish the  gift of tongues for  personal edification,
          that's another matter.   It is also something  you request of God
          in faith believing.   Will  you have  to leave your  church?   It
          depends on  the church.   Don't second  guessed the  Holy Spirit.
          Stand upon the  authority of God's Word no matter  what and never
          give up.  Christ is  King and Lord and he  loves each one of  us.
          Walk  with God  through the power  of the  Holy Spirit  and don't
          forget to do the work of an evangelist; winning souls for Christ.

                                      BORN AGAIN

               One more thing.  Brother  Storms closed his writing with the
          Gospel and so shall I.  If somehow you got a hold of this booklet
          and have never even received Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and
          wish to  do so,  simply confess  Jesus Christ  as Lord  over your
          life, admit you are a sinner, and believe He was raised  from the
          dead for you.  Romans 10:9 confirms  you will then be born again.
          It's that simple.  So is,  for that matter, the infilling of  the
          Holy Spirit.

                                   Complete In Him,

                                     Phil Scovell

                                      April 1991

                            End Of Document
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