I chose Not To Be A Charismatic

Note by Phil Scovell.
     This is the testimony to which I have written my own rebuttal and
     called  it:  "Why  I Chose Not To Be A Baptist."  In fairness,  I
     wanted  to display my brother's testimony as  he wrote it so  the
     reader could compare my rebuttal with his complete testimony.
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                       I chose Not To Be A Charismatic

                           Raymond J. Storms
             APRIL 2, 1977.

             Tomorrow I will read my resignation to the members  of Calvary
          Assembly of God - a church which welcomed me over ten years   ago
          on my first  Sunday in this Glens Falls, New York, pulpit with 28
          men,  women, and  children in  the  congregation.   In these  ten
          years, we  have remodeled and doubled our facilities, purchased a
          parsonage  and   17 acres  of land,  started  a school  which has
          tripled in its second   year, increased our  income 20 times  and
          reached an attendance of  around 1,000. 
             Yesterday I wrote my brother, who is an executive of  the "PTL
          CLUB", to cancel my second appearance on Jim Bakker's "Praise the
          Lord  Club". 
             A  couple  of  years  ago,  I  turned  down  a  stepping-stone
          denomination  job.  I've been a fair-haired kid in charismatic or
          Pentecostal   circles.   All  of that  when the  charismatics are
          riding a big wave of  popularity on a transdenominational level. 
             An  ominous  voice  says,  "You   are  a  fool,"  and  I  feel
          frightened; but  an assuring  voice says, "This is the way,  walk
          ye  in it,"  and I am   comforted.   Come with  me as  I trace my
          search  for the full power  of  the  Comforter promised by Jesus.
          As  you do, I hope  that you will  understand  why, though I have
          seen more  than one  side of  the issue,  I   chose not  to be  a
             My  aim  is   not  to  fight  or  to   hurt  brothers  amongst
          charismatics.  My   aim is to  help God's people  keep from being
          fooled into accepting a   cheap 20th Century imitation of the New
          Testament reality - fullness  of power. 
                                             Raymond J. Storms 
             My father was quiet again as  he picked up the garbage on  the
          doorsteps  of  the church  that  morning.    Even though  we  had
          experienced  this  before, as a  little boy of  three or four,  I
          couldn't understand  the explanations given for such occurrences.
          We came  to  expect  dirty    words written  on  our  door,  name
          calling...and the  garbage at  our  doorsteps.   We  would simply
          gather at the table and pray for our  persecutors. 
             Rome,   New  York,  was  hardly   a  hospitable  place  for  a
          Pentecostal   church to  spring up.   Most of our  neighbors were
          Italian Catholics who   looked upon us with suspicion  as the old
          paint factory on Spring  Street experienced a metamorphosis  into
          a house of worship.

             I  was born  in  that  old paint  factory  in the  plain,  but
          comfortable,   quarters that were  home to Levi and  Alma Storms.
          Raymond J. was born  at home,  so I was told, because we were too
          poor to afford a hospital  bed.  We were  even too poor to afford
          a middle name for the  second son  of the  tribe of Levi, so  the
          letter J. had to do. 
             Dad had  sold his delivery  truck with which he  had delivered
          bread  for a local bakery  in Carthage, New York, and had  gladly
          sold the  family home by the Black River when he felt the call of
          God to  found  an  Assembly of  God church in  the needy  area of
          Rome, New York.  The   money was put into  the church to get  the
          work started. 
             There were  a  lot of  things I  did not  understand in  those
          trying,  but happy days.  I could not grasp why my Free Methodist
          grandfather  had,  I was told, disinherited my  parents when they
          were  "filled  with   the  Spirit"  at the  "Old  Glory Barn"  in
          Carthage.   I could not  understand why  the rats didn't move out
          when we took over the old  paint factory for a home and a church.
          It was quite a frightening   evening the night dad was bitten  on
          the toe by a rat while sleeping.   
             I  didn't always  understand how  food  found its  way to  our
          table. Dad  had  left a good job as a paper  chemist at the Crown
          Zellerbeck Paper   Company to come  to Rome to start  the church.
          We lived on the income   from a little religious periodical  that
          dad published entitled, "The  Lighted Cross".  The name was taken
          from the lighted cross on the   front of the church.   Many times
          we'd  set the table for  supper without  a morsel  of food in the
          house.   We would sit at the table thanking God  for the food and
          a knock  on the door would bring  fresh bread wrapped   in an old
          Italian  lady's  apron   or  a  kettle  of  spaghetti  from  some
          kindhearted  neighbor  who  noted our  poverty  and  persecution.
          Those  were  happy meals.   It was  like manna  from heaven!   We
          often proved  God   faithful in daily  provisions.   One neighbor
          came by with  a large roast   and pounds of Hamburg  almost every
             I  did  not  understand  the  blackouts  necessitated  by  our
          proximity to  the  Rome air base.  When we had  a blackout, I was
          even afraid that the  light on  the radio dial might attract some
          enemy's  bomber plane.   We   should sit  in the dark  with mom's
          knitting needles making the loudest  noise.  We  kids didn't want
          any loud talking to attract the  enemy...and mom and dad  enjoyed
          the quiet.   Dad had  a thing  for dark   stain.  The  doors, the
          woodwork and the homemade  furniture were all  stained dark.  Our
          blackouts were the blackest. 
             I  did not understand the strange language Jasper Compania and
          some  of the others spoke when they gathered around the altar for
          prayer  after the services.  Oh, it wasn't frightening; I had cut
          my teeth on  church pews and that kind of service was all I knew.
          I did not see  much difference  between their speaking in tongues
          with  their hands   raised  to Heaven  and the  Italian neighbors
          talking excitedly  and  gesturing  as they struck a  bargain with
          the vegetable man who made the  rounds with his horse and wagon. 
             If  little Raymond  J.  found  some of  these  things hard  to
          understand,   there  was one thing  that I  knew for  certain: my
          mother was  a holy   angel and  my father was  a holy saint!   My
          brother, Don, and I almost  worshiped Dad, and we thought  it was
          a big treat to help him as he  labored patiently to  turn a paint
          factory into a church. 
             If ever  two boys wanted to  be like daddy, we did!   We would
          follow   him  anywhere, even where  we were  not supposed to.   I
          wonder if the   visit of two  pajama clad youngsters to  the Rome
          Assembly of  God  Official  Board Meeting in the  pastor's living
          room was ever entered in  the official minutes.  Although Dad did
          not seem  to mind too  much, he   did mind the  time that my  big
          four-year-old brother Don climbed a 20-  foot ladder to watch dad
          shingle the porch roof. 
             Once the  little Rome congregation  was on its feet,  dad felt
          the  call to Cortland, New York, the scene of my conversion.   At
          23 Port  Watson Street,  next door to a junk yard and across from
          a bar, a two-  story imitation brick building housed the Cortland
          Assembly of God  church on  the first floor and the parsonage  on
          the second floor.   
             It was at this location that I first  remember my own response
          to  the Gospel.  I recall the crippled Emogene  Stanton's playing
          the  Gospel hymns  on the piano and organ-like  attachment we had
          proudly   affixed  to the  piano in  place  of a  real organ.   I
          remember the  meetings with bald evangelist H. B. Kelchner when I
          accepted  Christ  into my life at seven  years of age and I asked
          God for a double  portion of Brother Kelchner's spirit. 
             I remember  my embarrassment at  the school when I  filled out
          questionnaires that asked  for my dad's  occupation.  I  couldn't
          remember if  minister was spelled  with an "i"  or an "e"  in the
          middle.  Deep down inside I envied the boys whose dads  worked at
          something easy  to spell - like plumber or salesman. 
             I  felt  a  little  guilty   because  I  wasn't  sure  if  the
          embarrassment  was from the mental  block over that middle "i" or
          "e" or because the   kids always asked the embarrassing question:
          "What  church  does  you  dad   pastor?"    My  reluctant  reply,
          "Assembly of God,"  always met this  query,  "What kind of church
          is that?"  Is that one of those holy  roller churches?" 
             More than once hot tears  moistened my pillow after tasting my
          classmates' ridicule for "that holy roller church."  Why couldn't
          we   be  Methodist or  Baptist  or something...anything  but holy
          rollers or  Catholics!  As a second generation Pentecostal, I can
          well understand  the consuming drive of modern Pentecostals to be
          accepted and  respected in the religious community. 
             Poverty and ridicule are not easy to grow up with.  One or the
          other might be bearable; but  combined, they make one ache  for a
          change.  Perhaps it was that ache that drove  my brother Don.  He
          once  told me, "Ray, I am going to be a millionaire.  My kids are
          not going  to go through what we faced."  He was well on his way,
          too, until his  oldest  daughter nearly drowned in their swimming
          pool, and he crashed  his private plane. 
          BEAN TOWN 
             The folks in Boston had heard of the preaching and miracles of
          the    small-town  preacher  from  New  York.    I  remember  the
          excitement and  anticipation, as well as the sadness, as our 1949
          Nash Ambassador   pulled  away from the  farewell banquet  at the
          Grange Hall in  Cortland  as we  headed off to Dad's  new charge,
          First Pentecostal Church in the  Boston suburb of Chelsea. 
             All of a  sudden we  weren't poor  any more.   We didn't  live
          above or   behind  the  church.   We had  a parsonage  in a  nice
          neighborhood  on top   of  Reservoir Hill.   You  had a  blacktop
          driveway, a dining room, two  bathrooms, and a back yard that was
          fenced in with a chain link fence.  There were grape vines, peach
          trees, and an underground garbage can  with a flip top. 
             We  were treated like kings.  All  three barbers in the church
          wanted  to cut  our hair, so they took turns  coming to the house
          to give us  free haircuts.  Dad received a salary large enough so
          that  he didn't  have to hold a  second job.  We weren't poor any
          more . .  . but we were   still despised.   All of our  neighbors
          were Catholics or  Jews and,  though they didn't leave garbage on
          our steps, we still knew that we  were outsiders. 
             Joey Ruzzo, the boy next door, made that clear when he and his
          gang  dragged me into  their club house, tied me up,  and used me
          for  target   practice with  their BB  guns.   Holding  a glowing
          cigarette  menacingly  close to my face,  he warned me what would
          happen if I  squealed.  For   years, until Christ cleansed  me of
          the  desire, I  used to  savor  the   sweet but  evil  feeling of
          revenge that I  enjoyed one afternoon  when I   caught Joey in  a
          vacant lot on the way home from school. 
             The Catholic  hierarchy of Boston  also made it clear  that we
          were  unwelcome outsiders when  dad started getting the attention
          of  the  greater Boston area.   The community couldn't ignore the
          dramatic  healing  of a cripple in  our church services.   I will
          never  forget that   Thursday  night.   A  steel worker,  Brother
          Joseph Pottle, whom we all  knew and  who had been injured on the
          job, dragged himself to the front  of the church for prayer.   In
          answer to prayer,  as he was anointed  with oil, his twisted body
          was straightened  out before  our  eyes as  we   heard bones  and
          ligaments pop and snap. 
             One day, as  a man of the church  was working out of  sight in
          the  ticket  booth of a theater  dad had rented for  some healing
          meetings,  he  overheard two priests  who had stopped to read the
          billboards.   "We'll   close  this  thing down  before they  ever
          open," they agreed.   And the  next  day fire marshals  descended
          and a theater  fit for the motion  picture crowd was pronounced a
          fire  trap  for   Pentecostal  meetings.    Only   heroic  effort
          fireproofed  the place  in time  for  the overflow   crowds  that
          flocked  to hear Evangelist Richard Vineyard and to see the  sick
             It was  the early  1950's.   I was  12 or  13 and the  healing
          evangelists  were starting to  crisscross the country  with their
          tents.  I saw with  my own eyes what I am convinced  were genuine
          miracles of  healing.   I wanted the power of  God in my life  so
          badly that I told  God I'd do anything! 
             I was always serious minded  when it came to religion.   Once,
          when  I    was  younger,  when  the  other  kids  were  attending
          children's meeting at  Bible Camp, I  begged my folks to allow me
          to  listen to the morning  adult Bible  teacher.  From then on, I
          would sit and listen with tears  of joy running down my face as I
          savored the sweetness  of God's  Word.   One day  a gusty  breeze
          rattled the  tent flap, making  it hard to  hear.  I  wrapped the
          rope around my arm  to quiet the noise.  A gust of  wind  hit the
          flap and yanked me off the rough plank bench onto the sawdust  on
          the ground.   I picked myself up, brushed off the sawdust and sat
          back down and listened to God's Word. 
             A  chill went  through me  as  both adult  and teenage  prayer
          supporters   of both  sexes laid hands  on me as  I knelt  on the
          platform with tears  running down my  face.  I remember wondering
          how  many were  praying over   me.   I did not  open my  eyes.  I
          figured there  must have  been several.   After all,  my dad  was
             I  wondered, "Should  I fall  over or  continue kneeling?"   I
          thought   I'd have no choice.  Others seemed swept over, or as we
          called it,  "slain  in the Spirit."  Oh how  I wanted the ecstasy
          and joy of the  others described!   I was trying so hard and  God
          knows that I was  earnest.  At that moment, I wanted nothing more
          than to be "baptized  with the Spirit." 
             One from  the chorus of  voices all around me,  praying for me
          and   praising God  with upraised hands,  spoke next  to my  ear,
          "Just praise  Him in English  until you run our of words and  God
          will give  you a   Heavenly language."   A  chorus of  "Amen" and
          "Hallelujah" encouraged me  to press on. 
             I had lost track of time but it was nearly 10:30 p.m. at First
          Pentecostal  Church of Chelsea, Massachusetts.   I must have been
          11  or  12 years old at the time.   And though I was small for my
          age, I  was a  serious Christian and I  knew I wanted what others
          were enjoying.   We  were in  the middle of a  religious revival.
          Most of the 100-150 teens   of the church had "received."   I was
          not about  to be  denied.  It   wouldn't  be a  good example.   I
          wanted to set the right example.  I had   learned that by sitting
          next to  my mother in church.   If I got out of   line, she would
          reach down  and twist my  ear or pinch the  tender flesh   on the
          inside of my leg.  I learned my lesson well. 
             When early arrivals left no room in the Storms' pew and one of
          the  little Stormses  didn't have room to sit with  mother, I got
          the nod  even though I  was next to the youngest.  My  folks knew
          I'd  hardly take   my eye off  the preacher after  I had finished
          playing my saxophone in   the church  orchestra and found my  way
          back into the congregation.   
             I still  had not spoken in tongues.   It must have been nearly
          11:00  p.m.   The prayer supporters drifted away from  me to pray
          with someone   else.  I began to feel  desperate.  Was I going to
          be left out?  Why  couldn't I speak with tongues? 
             "That's it; you've got it!"  It was my Dad's voice.   I looked
          across to where he had been praying with someone else who was now
          laying  on her  back  with  arms upraised  towards  Heaven and  a
          torrent of   "other tongues" pouring from her lips.  With joy all
          over his  face,  dad motioned for the  girl's mother to come over
          from the pew where  she  was sitting to listen  to her daughter's
          "Heavenly language."   Everyone   looked  so pleased  and radiant
          with joy. 
             "Oh, God, me  too!" I heard  myself saying, "Let  me speak  in
          tongues,   too."  With that, the altar workers took heart knowing
          that I hadn't   given up.   As they came toward  me, one of  them
          said, "Just say   whatever comes into  your mind.  God  will give
          you the  utterance." Soon  I was speaking  in tongues just like I
          had heard so many other do.   
             I was so grateful to God  for baptizing me in the Holy  Ghost.
          I  thought,  "Oh, how good  God is!  Thank  you, Jesus.   I'm not
          worthy."  I   must  have spoken in  that "Heavenly language"  for
          10-15 minutes.   The   thought passed  through my mind,  "This is
          better than the baby talk I  have heard others speaking."  My new
          tongue was not just a few  syllables but several words.  Over and
          over again, wave after wave of  ecstasy swept over me.   After 20
          minutes of "speaking in tongues", all  I wanted to do  was praise
          the Lord. 
             On the  way home in the car, we sang  a praised the Lord.  Oh,
          it was   like being drunk or  like what junkies call  being high.
          They told me   to pray in  tongues often so I wouldn't  lose this
          gift.  Paul was held  up as an example.  I was told that he said,
          "I speak with tongues more  than ye all." 
             The  exhortation continued, "Speak  to God in  tongues for 'he
          that  speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto me but unto
          God.'   You   have a prayer  language: 'If I  pray in  an unknown
          tongue, my spirit  prayeth  but my understanding is  unfruitful.'
          You can pray in tongues  any time you want  to, for Paul said, 'I
          will pray with  the Spirit,'  which is praying in tongues, 'and I
          will pray with my understanding  also.'" 
             I was  told that speaking in  tongues would edify or  build me
          up. "He  that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself." 
             Years later, as an Assembly  of God minister, I remembered and
          passed on  these same instructions  many times.  I  remembered on
          one  occasion instructing ten "candidates" for the baptism of the
          Holy  Spirit.   They were sitting  on the front  pew of a  church
          where I was  holding an evangelistic service for a  week.  I told
          them that  when I   laid my  hand on their  heads, they  would be
          filled with the Spirit and  speak with tongues.  All ten believed
          and  one right after  another as I   went down  the line and laid
          hands on them,  all spoke with tongues.   I  remember  Acts 8:17,
          "Then laid  their  hands on  them  and they  received   the  Holy
          Ghost."  How exciting to share apostolic unction!   
          CACKLE LIKE A HEN 
             A good-sized crowd  had come to the front of  our church where
          the  evangelist  said he would  pray for those  who wanted to  be
          baptized  with   the Holy Ghost.   One  of them was  Milt Nevens.
          Milt had not been saved  for very long. 
             I remember the  day I went to  the Nevens' mobile home.   Mrs.
          Nevens    had  visited  Calvary  Assembly  of  God  and  she  had
          rededicated her life  to Christ.  She had been saved in a Baptist
          Church  in Georgia but she  had  grown cold.  When I arrived that
          afternoon, she was packing her  things in tears.  She was leaving
          Milt.  She had had all she could  take of his  worldly ways.  Lil
          poured out her  hurts and unburdened her   heart.  We  prayed for
          Milt to be saved.   She decided not to leave him   but to apply a
          few suggestions  I gave her  and to believe  for his   salvation.
          Shortly thereafter Milt was gloriously converted, assured  of his
          salvation, and delivered from drinking and smoking.   
             Now he  was standing in  front of a Pentecostal  evangelist as
          earnest  about being baptized in the Holy Ghost as I was as a boy
          of  11 years   old.  Each  of the candidates  had been instructed
          that  he  should expect    an Acts  2:4  experience and  then the
          evangelist and I laid our hands on  each of them a prayed. 
             After  prayer and  encouragement from various  Christian, Milt
          quietly  began to praise the Lord.  The evangelist leaned over to
          listen to  Milt's words,  and suddenly he exuberantly  announced,
          "That's it!   You've got it!   Say it again."  Turning  to me, he
          said, "He's got it,  Brother;  he's speaking in tongues."  I  was
          pleased; but I noticed  a  faint look  of bewilderment on  Milt's
          face,  which dulled  my pleasure.    We went  around praying  for
          others and  the  evangelist came  back  to  Milt   a  few  times,
          encouraging him not to stop speaking in his Heavenly  language. 
             In a few  days, the meetings closed and Milt mentioned that he
          wanted to speak with me.  The negative feeling I experienced when
          I  saw  the bewildered look  on Milt's face  at the altar,  crept
          into the  corner of my  mind again.  I sensed that  something was
          wrong.  Milt   laid it out before  me this way, "Pastor, I  don't
          want to be negative,  but the evangelist said I got it, but there
          was no  change.  All I did   was say some words  that had come to
          mind  and he said, 'You've got  it!'  Pastor, what  did I get?  I
          don't want to doubt a man of God...but I  didn't get anything." 
             It's not  easy to  see a sincere  and intelligent  man's faith
          shaken  like his was shaken.  God had done so much in Milt's life
          and he   wanted God to do  whatever else was  His will, but  Milt
          wasn't going to  be bamboozled either.  He wanted the real thing,
          not  some  cheap 20th    Century  imitation  of the  1st  Century
          reality.  It occurred  to me that  there might  be more like Milt
          that weren't satisfied and were honest  enough to say so. 
             I  was speaking  with  some  Assembly of  God  ministers in  a
          restaurant.   The subject  of Pentecostal shenanigans  came up at
          the meal.   One  pastor  told about a  technique he had  observed
          where the altar worker  told the person seeking to be filled with
          the Spirit to say "la  la la"  over and  over rapidly.  At  first
          the candidate would be speaking in  "Heavenly baby talk" but soon
          he  would speak  a "mature  tongue".   Another technique  used in
          bringing someone through to the "fullness of  the Spirit" was  to
          have the seeker breathe deeply over and  over again  until he had
          "breathed  in  the  Holy  Spirit".     This  technique  might  be
          responsible  for a  large number  of  folks being  "slain in  the
             The topper of the evening was the unique method one pastor had
          observed to be employed by and evangelist's wife.  He said he had
          observed the woman circulating among people  praying at the altar
          for  the  "fullness of the Spirit".   He noticed that  several of
          seekers   broke into a grin after  she had spoken to  them.  This
          pastor's   curiosity then  caused him to  maneuver closer  to the
          evangelist's wife   so that he could share  her message of cheer:
          "Just cackle like  a hen,  honey; cackle like a  hen and soon you
          will be speaking in tongues."   
             I just  can't feature  Peter going around  the Upper  Room and
          telling   folks  after ten  days  of praying,  "Brother, we  have
          almost prayed  through.  Now if  we all just start to cackle like
          a hen, before long  we will be filled with the Spirit."  I do not
          mean  to imply  that all   charismatics  or Pentecostals  rely on
          gimmicks.  I  know many  earnest   folks who seek  Gods power  in
          fervent  prayer  and  wouldn't  knowingly use    any  gimmick  to
          counterfeit the fullness of the Spirit. 
              The Biblical pattern is a striking contrast to much of what I
          have  observed in Pentecostal and charismatic circles.  "Now when
          the   apostles  which were  at Jerusalem  heard that  Samaria had
          received the   Word of God, they  sent unto them Peter  and John:
          Who, when they were  come down, prayed for them, that  they might
          receive the Holy Ghost:   (For as yet he was fallen upon  none of
          them: only they  were baptized  in  the name of the  Lord Jesus.)
          Then they  laid their hands on them,   and they received the Holy
          Ghost."  Acts 8:14-17. 

             One night  a  well-known  Pentecostal  leader told  me  a  few
          stories  from his large Pentecostal church.   It seems that there
          was  one  man in    his congregation  who  used to  interrupt the
          service at the most  inappropriate times with his little "message
          in tongues".   The man   would rise and  say, "Huck-shinney-aye,"
          several  times rapidly  and  then   be seated  and  wait for  the
          interpretation.  As I understand the story,   this preacher was a
          bit tired of these antics; and when the man stood  with the "glow
          of inspiration  on his  brow," about to  exercise his   "gift  of
          utterance,"  the pastor rebuked him with, "Huck-shinney-aye"  sit
             Most messages in  tongues that I've heard  were exhortation to
          live  closer to  the Lord, to worship Jesus, or to  get ready for
          the   Rapture...though one message in tongues of which I was told
          had  this   interpretation:  "Yepper,  buster,  better  pay  your
             I always tried to listen  to such utterances with a discerning
          but  uncritical spirit.  I had read, "Believe not ever spirit for
          not every  spirit is of  God."  But I wanted to believe  that God
          had something to  say to me in a message in tongues. 
             I also knew that the Holy Spirit would not contradict Himself.
          It  can  be rather unsettling for  one who was taught  to believe
          that  messages in tongues and interpretations are inspired of God
          to hear   two messages that directly contradict each other.  That
          is exactly  what I heard at  the New York District Council of the
          Assemblies of God  in May of 1973. 
             I  had just  spoken for  45  minutes against  Assembly of  God
          involvement in the ecumenical evangelism of "Key '73".  There was
          debate and rebuttal and the two messages on tongues with 
          interpretation.   The  first interpretation  went  something like
          this:   "Thou hast  deliberated long enough  it is  time to vote.
          God will show  His will in the ballot." 
             The  second interpretation went like this: "Thou are not ready
          to  vote; Thou shouldst go to prayer to find the mind of God."   
             I remember thinking, "If this is of  the Holy Spirit, then the
          Holy   Spirit  just  contradicted  Himself."   I  waited for  the
          District  Superintendent  to clear up the confusion,  but not one
          word of  censure  or instruction relative to the two messages was
          forthcoming  from  the    four  District  Officers  nor  the  ten
          sectional presbyters  who were   seated on the platform.   Surely
          this august body of mature  Pentecostals would know what to do! 
             Why  was this confusion not cleared up?  "Let the trumpet give
          a  certain sound," I thought.  And there was not any more clarity
          when   the vote was taken on the "Key  '73" issue.  These pastors
          and  delegates voted  to warn our people of the dangers of a "Key
          '73" type  of involvement but they voted not to pull out of it.
             I don't know how many times I have heard statements like this,
          "We   believe the whole Bible; we don't  have to cut out parts of
          Acts or 1   Corinthians."   I was proud to  be full Gospel  and I
          even  preached   sermons on  being  "full Gospel"  because I  was
          convinced that those who  did not speak with tongues were second-
          rate Christians. 
             One of the most beautiful saints and Bible teachers I've known
          was  my Old Testament and Theology teacher at North Central Bible
          College  in Minneapolis,  the late T.J. Jones.  Brother Jones was
          a real man  of  God.   I caught  from him a  real love for  God's
             Brother Jones was from  England and he told this  story of his
          passage to  America.   It seems that  Rev. Jones had  only enough
          money  to   purchase his  steamship ticket  to America;  and, not
          knowing that the   price of the ticket included the  meals during
          the crossing,  he packed   crackers and cheese to  sustain him on
          the voyage. 
             After some  days, the captain  noted that passenger  Jones was
          not  seen  taking meals with the other travelers.   The captain's
          inquiry  led    to  the  discovery  of  the  reason.    With  the
          misunderstanding cleared up,   Brother Jones was invited to  dine
          that  evening at the  captain's table,   and for the  rest of the
          trip, the English Bible teacher enjoyed the  finest fare. 
             Both Brother  Jones and I used to delight  in using that as an
          illustration  of the  difference between  being  a Christian  and
          being a  tongues-talking Pentecostal.  I was told that the  other
          Christians    live  on crackers  and  cheese;  we tongues-talking
          Pentecostal dine at  the Captain's table. 
             I  felt like "we've  got it all; they  don't have much," until
          one day   I met some  powerful soul-winning Christians who  had a
          whole  lot  more   than  I  had.   And  as  I  looked around  the
          auditorium where these  Christians worship, I noticed hundreds of
          other Pentecostal preachers   who had also come to  see what they
          had at-of all  places-First Baptist  Church  of Hammond, Indiana.
          I thought, after I had looked around and  had seen  some Assembly
          of God District Officials who had recommended  that I attend Jack
          Hyles' Pastor's School, "If we are full Gospel and  they are part
          Gospel, what are we doing here learning from them?  They   should
          be learning from us." 
             So I  concluded, "If  they have something  you don't,  Storms,
          you'd  better put aside  denominational bigotry and learn, not to
          criticize."  I  have since learned that  there are some  parts of
          the Bible we either  didn't believe or we didn't practice.   Here
          are some examples.   


             There  are  1897  verses  in  the  Bible  on  separation  from
          worldliness.  When I was a  kid, we heard red-hot sermons on  the
          subject,  "Come out   from among  them and  be ye  separate," and
          "Touch not  the unclean   thing."  The new  charismatics' message
          seems to  be "Go ye in among  them and be one with them and don't
          be  stuffy."  I  am grieved when   Assembly of  God deacon's kids
          tell my kids  about Hollywood movies and  school  dances to which
          their parents  have taken them.   I cringe  at the   braless, hip
          hugger, mini-skirted, bare-bellied girls and long-haired  hippie-
          looking  boys that  gather  at  "Full  Gospel"  youth  gatherings
          representing the "cream of our Spirit-filled youth." 
             It is wrong for a pastor to use real wine in the Lord's Supper
          just  to please the new  charismatics!  It is wrong for  a pastor
          to take his  Sunday School teachers out for dinner and then serve
          the  booze.  It is   wrong for  the "Spirit-filled" show business
          people to earn  their money  in strip joints and gambling casinos
          and hell  holes serving the   devil's crowd rather  than rebuking
          them.  God wants us to be in the  world, but not like the world. 
             Jesus was separated  from sinners, as we see  in Hebrews 7:26.
          We  should be, too.  "Love not the world, neither the things that
          are in   the world.  If  any man love the world,  the love of the
          Father is not  in him."  1 John 2:15-16. 
             "And every man that hath  this hope purifieth himself, even as
          he  is  pure."  1 John 3:3   "Nevertheless the  foundation of God
          standeth sure,   having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are
          his.  And, let  every  one that nameth the  name of Christ depart
          from iniquity." 2 Timothy  2:19. 
             Jesus  set  the  right  example   for  us  in  the  matter  of
          separation.   "For such  a high  priest became us,  who is  holy,
          harmless, undefiled,   separated  from sinners,  and made  higher
          than the heavens." Hebrews  7:26. 
             1 John 4:1-3  exhorts us, "Beloved, believe not  every spirit,
          but  try the spirits whether they  are of God: because many false
          prophets  are gone out into the world.  Hereby know ye the Spirit
          of God:  Every  spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ  is come
          in the flesh  is of   God: And every  spirit that confesseth  not
          that Jesus Christ is  come in  the flesh is not  of God: and this
          is that  spirit of  antiChrist,   whereof ye  have heard that  it
          should come; and even now already is it  in the world." 
             What kind of relationship can we have with those who  deny the
          virgin  birth, the facts of  Christ's coming in  the flesh to die
          and   that He was raised up  from the dead?  John,  who speaks so
          much of  love  for other  believers, speaks out strongly  on this
          issue,  "Who is a  liar  but  he that  denieth that Jesus  is the
          Christ?  He is antiChrist, that  denieth the Father and the Son."
          If  a man denies  the deity of  Christ,  the  anointed One, whose
          blood cleanses us from all sin, he is  "AntiChrist" and a "liar".
          Yet  it seems  to  me that  many charismatics    call some  folks
          "Brother" who do not believe that Jesus is the virgin-   born son
          of God.   These liars teach  that there are  some sins for  which
          the blood of  Christ will not atone, so we must burn in purgatory
          or  earn Heaven  by good works.   They walk in darkness  of man's
          doctrines  and superstition.  "If  we say that we have fellowship
          with him and  walk in  darkness, we lie and do not the  truth." 1
          John 1:6.   
             "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what
          fellowship  hath righteousness  with unrighteousness?   and  what
          communion hathlight with darkness?" 2 Corinthians 6:14. 
             "Be  not ye  therefore partakers  with  them."   "and have  no
          fellowship   with the  unfruitful works  of darkness,  but rather
          reprove them."  Ephesians 5:7 & 11. 
             "Whosoever transgresseth, and  abideth not in the  doctrine of
          Christ, he hath  not God.   He  that abideth in  the doctrine  of
          Christ,  he hath both the Father and  the Son.  If there come any
          unto you and  bring not this doctrine, receive him not  into your
          house,  neither  bid   him  Godspeed:  for  he that  biddeth  him
          Godspeed is partaker of his evil  deeds."  2 John 9-11. 
             "But  though we,  or an  angel from  heaven, preach  any other
          Gospel  unto you than that  which we have preached unto you,  let
          him be  accursed."  Gal. 1:8. 
             However spiritual, gifted,  or angelic a person may  be, if he
          preaches another Gospel, we  are not to receive him: "Let  him be
             I have  seen  charismatics laud  unity with  those who  preach
          another  Gospel.  I have seen writeups which extol the lion lying
          down with the  lamb, so to speak but that won't happen till Jesus
          Charismatics  don't  seem to  believe what  the Bible  says about
          ecumenical involvement with unbelievers, Bible deniers, and false
             Revelation 17-18 tells  about that great harlot  and spiritual
          Babylon, which I believe to  the the one-world apostate  religion
          on the   last days.   The Word says,  "And I heard another  voice
          from heaven,   saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not
          partakers of her  sins, and that ye receive not of  her plagues."
          Revelation  18:4.    We    see this  mindless  ecumenism  forming
          religious alliances in  our day,  and the sad things is that many
          born-again folks are so blind that  they join in  fellowship with
          those that  preach another Gospel.   It  seems  that charismatics
          make  tongues the  basis for  fellowship.   Well,  the  devil can
          speak with tongues and the flesh can mimic tongues.  Salvation is
          the basis for our fellowship not tongues. 

             Ecumenical  teaching  which  doesn't   make  the  faith   once
          delivered  unto the saints its ground for cooperation, falls into
          the same  doctrinal error as Baalam did.  Mindless ecumenism is a
          modern-day   manifestation  of  the  doctrine  of  Baalam  and  a
          stumbling block to God's  people. 
             It seems  to me  that charismatics  and  new evangelicals  are
          afraid   that they might offend  someone if they "contend for the
          faith once  delivered unto the saints." 
             "Beloved,  when I gave all diligence to  write unto you of the
          common  salvation, it  was needful for me to write  unto you, and
          exhort you  that you should earnestly contend for the faith which
          was once   delivered unto the saints.   For there are certain men
          crept in   unawares,  who were  before  of old  ordained to  this
          condemnation,   unGodly men,  turning the grace  of our  God into
          lasciviousness,  and   denying the  only Lord  God, and  our Lord
          Jesus Christ."  Jude 3-4.   
             Paul told Timothy, "fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on
          eternal life, where unto thou are also called, and hast professed
          a  good profession before many witnesses."   1 Timothy 6:12.  The
          militant  side  of the  Christian life can  be neglected for  the
          devotional  side,   any  more  than the  devotional  side of  the
          Christian life can  be  neglected  for the militant.   We can  be
          loving and contend for  the  faith.  We can contend for the faith
          without  being contentious.  We  must not allow false doctrine to
          creep into our  midst because  we are   too loving  to fight  it.
          Spurgeon said, "Lie down with dogs,  rise up  with fleas."   When
          we hang  around with liberals  and modernists and   Catholics, we
          will soon start acting  like them.  A good illustration   of this
          is found in an article in "Jesus To The Communist World:"   
             "Brother  Thomas Zimmerman  is general super-intendant  of the
          Assemblies of God in the U.S.A. and head of the World Pentecostal
          Conference.  He has asserted continually that he himself has seen
          freedom of religion in the SOVIETS.  We provided him with all the
          material  proving that Pentecostals in Russia are imprisoned, put
          in   psychiatric asylums, sometimes  killed.  The  persecution is
          substantiated by the  Soviet press itself.  No  Pentecostal Union
          is   allowed to exist in  Russia.  Notwithstanding, he  invited a
          Soviet  delegation, consisting of  Communist agents, to the World
          Pentecostal  Congress in London. 
             "We asked  ourselves how a  man baptized with the  Holy Spirit
          could  be  so blind  to obvious facts?   We now  have a  possible
          answer.    Rev.   Zimmerman  has  allegedly  misused hundreds  of
          thousands  of dollars   belonging  to the  church.   The Internal
          Revenue Service  is looking into   this matter. (St.  Louis Globe
          Democrat of January 9, 1977).   
              "Cash was effective  even with an apostle.  Could this be one
          explanation  why   some  American   Church  leaders   praise  the
          nonexistent  Soviet liberties and turn against us?" 

             The Assemblies of God has rubbed shoulders with folks from the
          world Council  of Churches in  activities like "Key '73"  and now
          they   are talking the  same line.   The doctrines  of separation
          have been   neglected in Assembly of God  circles of late, so now
          Assembly  of  God    people  feel  no  convictions  about  having
          fellowship with those  atheistic Communist agents. 
             Paul warned  Timothy, "For the  time will come when  they will
          not  endure sound doctrine; but after  their own lusts shall they
          heap to  themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall
          turn away   their ears from the  truth, and shall be  turned unto
          fables."  2   Timothy 4:3-4.  He loved God,  the truth, and God's
          people enough to  fight "doctrines of devils" and to "contend for
          the faith."   Would to   God that charismatics  had that kind  of
          love instead  of this wishy-   washy sentimental love  that won't
          even contend with the devil!   
             The  "Largest  charismatic  fellowship   in  the  world",  the
          Assemblies  of  God, does not follow  the instruction found in  1
          Corinthians  6:1-8.   such terms  as "Full  Gospel" and  "all the
          Gospel" are a  mockery when  they pick  out passages of Scripture
          and ignore them. 
             1 Corinthians 6:1-8 is very plain:  "Dare any of you, having a
          matter  against another,  go to  law before  the unjust,  and not
          before  the saints?   Do you not know that the saints shall judge
          the  world?  And  if the  world shall be  judged by you,  are you
          unworthy to judge  the  smallest  matters?  Know  ye not that  we
          shall judge angels?  How much   more things that pertain to  this
          life?  If  then ye have judgments  of  things pertaining  to this
          life, set them to judge who are least  esteemed in the church.  I
          speak to your shame.   Is it so,  that there   is not a wise  man
          among you?  no,  not one that shall be able to judge  between his
          brethren?   But  brother  goeth  to law  with  brother, and  that
          before the unbelievers.   Now therefore there is  utterly a fault
          among  you, because ye go to law one with another.  Why do ye not
          rather take  wrong?  Why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be
          defrauded?   Nay,    ye do  wrong,  and defraud,  and  that  your
             Jesus made a  plain statement on the  matter, "But I say  unto
          you,  That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite  thee on
          the  right  cheek,  turn to him the  other also.   And if any man
          will sue thee at   law, and take away thy coat,  let him have thy
          cloak also."  Matt.  5:39-40. 
             When  our congregation  became convinced  of  the worldly  and
          compromising trend in the Assemblies of God, we voted unanimously
          to  eliminate all reference to affiliation with the Assemblies of
          God from   our Constitution and By-laws.   A year later,  when we
          announced  our  independence,  the New  York District  Council of
          Assemblies of  God sued   our  church.   We offered  to have  the
          matter  settled in  a  Biblical   manner before  a panel  of five
          Christians.   They have,  as of this   writing, made  no reply to
          that offer and continued the suit.   
             We  offered  to  turn  over   all  of  the  assets  which  our
          congregation  owns to the handful of dissidents that arose in our
          church, but it has  been reported that they intend to destroy us.
          It appears that  someone  does not believe  these precious verses
          of God's Word.   "Recompense to   no man evil  of evil.   Provide
          things honest  in the sight  of all men.   If it  be possible, as
          much as  lieth in  you, live  peaceably with  all   men.   Dearly
          beloved,  avenge not  yourselves,  but rather  give  place   unto
          wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay,  saith
          the Lord."  Romans 12:17-19. 
             The  Assemblies of  God is  saying  that we  are stealing  the
          church  from them.  That is strange since the deed is in our (the
          local  congregation's)  name.  But,  be that as it  may, Proverbs
          20:22 says,  "Say  not thou, I will recompense evil;  but wait on
          the Lord, and  he  shall  save thee."   It seems that this  large
          group of charismatics   doesn't believe that, just  as they don't
          believe other parts of the  Gospel of Jesus. 
             I  sat with  a few  thousand preachers  in Pastor's  School at
          First   Baptist  Church in  Hammond where  Dr. Jack  Hyles shares
          freely with  fundamental pastors how God has  helped them grow in
          modern  times.   It   is a  church of  38,000 members and  a high
          attendance of over 100,000.  I saw Assemblies of God pastors, and
          even  Assembly of  God District   Officials,  in attendance.   In
          fact,  an Assemblies  of God  Official  had   recommended that  I
          attend.  I saw 1,000 come to  Christ that Sunday  morning.  I saw
          love and excitement about God's work.  I heard   straight, strong
          preaching.    If  my  pentecostal  background  hadn't  told    me
          differently, I would have thought  that these people believed  in
          Holy Ghost power.  I thought to  myself, "If we are 'Full Gospel'
          and  this is a 'part Gospel' church, then what  are we doing here
          listening  to them  tell us how to do a great work  for God.  Why
          aren't they  asking us how we are doing it!" 
             I was told that the average Assembly of God Sunday School that
          year   ran 80  in attendance.   Here was  a church with  a Sunday
          School  attendance of over 100,000 on one Sunday!  I decided that
          I would not  be a smart alack and just come home with gimmicks to
          promote the  attendance and  ideas for Sunday School campaigns; I
          decided to have   the powers that made that church work.  I cried
          and prayed and begged  God for  power as I saw the fruit born  in
          that church. 
             One night I prayed most of that  night.  In the basement of  a
          member's  home  of  First  Baptist  Church,  with  men  who  were
          attending the   Pastor's School sleeping in cots all around me, I
          told  God that I had  to have power  to win souls.  I told Him it
          didn't matter to me how He  did it or  what accompanied it, but I
          wanted the power!  I desperately   wanted to see souls saved.   I
          had caught the vision of that church.   
             The next evening when Pastor Hyles preached on "Fresh Oil," he
          told  of  the need of being  filled with the Spirit  and refilled
          over and over  again.  He invited preachers who wanted Holy Ghost
          power to come to  the front for prayer.  The  aisles were jammed.
          I  couldn't get  out of   the balcony.   Brother Hyles  called on
          Spirit-filled  pastors who  were   in the  audience to  pray with
          those that couldn't get to the altar.   
             Pastor Ed  Nelson stood at the end of  my aisle.  When it came
          my  turn, I told him, "I  have the name that I am  Spirit-filled,
          but  I am  not.   Pray that God will  give me fullness of power."
          He prayed and I   returned to my seat.   There was no thrill  nor
          ecstasy - no outward   evidence - only  an inward assurance  that
          the  Father will give the  power  of the Holy Spirit to them that
          ask, and if  I ask for bread,  He  will not  give me a stone.   I
          knew in my heart that God had kept His  promise. 
             The next morning I drove past  the church and let some  people
          off  and  then parked the  car a couple  of blocks away.   I  was
          running down  the  street so that I  wouldn't be late.   I didn't
          have a Bible in my  hand; it was with the group I  had let off at
          church.   I  wasn't wearing    a badge  that identified  me  as a
          minister or  as attending  Pastor's  School.   I  probably didn't
          look as  much like a fundamental  preacher as   I do now.   A big
          truck honked  at me and  parked in traffic.   A man got   out and
          chased me, asking  if I had  something to tell  him.  I  stopped,
          somewhat  out of  breath (as  much  from the  excitement as  from
          running),  as  the man asked me  how to be  saved.  He said  that
          something just told   him that he had  to speak with me.   I took
          out my New Testament and led  him to the Lord as his buddy in the
          cab of that big  truck honked  impatiently because the  truck was
          blocking traffic.  That  man bowed  his head there  on the street
          and found Christ.   He promised to  attend  First Baptist  Church
          that Sunday, make a public confession, and be  baptized. 
             I had never had anyone chase me  down, asking to be saved.   A
          man  fell under  conviction in a  truck and ran  me down to  find
          Christ.  I   knew that God had answered my prayer.   Though I had
          always  emphasized  soul winning  and had won  many souls, in the
          next six months I won  more  souls than I  had in my whole  life.
          In the  next three  months, our   church attendance  averaged the
          highest we had ever reached.   
             I  must be honest  and say that  I allowed the  battles of the
          next   year  to discourage  me.   I  became  discouraged over  an
          assistant pastor   who worked  against me, over the  bitterness I
          faced in my  denomination,  and over the  misunderstandings in my
          own  family.  But let me say,  there  is no joy like the joy of a
          soul winner working in the power of  the Spirit. 
             I use  to equate the fullness  of the Spirit with  speaking in
          tongues.  But I  didn't speak  with tongues  that night  at First
          Baptist  Church.  I simply and desperately claimed God's promise.
          I was  taught  that if you didn't  speak with tongues you weren't
          filled  with the   Spirit.   I find  it hard  to say  that Moody,
          Finney, Torrey, Rice,  Hyles,  and others of the world's greatest
          soul winners were  not filled  with  the Spirit.  I  remember the
          evidence which Jesus promised to  those who would be  filled with
          the Spirit: "But  ye shall receive power  after the Holy Ghost is
          come upon  you:  and ye  shall  be witnesses  unto   me  both  in
          Jerusalem  and  in all  Judaea,  and  in  Samaria, and  unto  the
          uttermost  part  of the  earth."   Power  to witness  is  what He
          promises  and that is what we should expect. 
             Someone  will ask, "What about tongues?"   1 Corinthians 14:19
          says,  "Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my 
          understanding, that by  my voice I might teach  others also, than
          ten  thousand words in an unknown tongue." 
             1 Corinthians 12:28 indicates that tongues is the least of the
          ministries in  the church.   Why  should we  elevate  it to  such
          prominence?   The carnal  church at  Corinth exalted  speaking in
          tongues  to the  point that Paul had to rebuke  them because they
          loved to show  off and "speak into the air" 1 Corinthians 14:9. 
             Paul asks a  series of questions in 1  Corinthians 12:29-30 to
          which  the implied answers are  "No!"  One of these questions  to
          which the  answer  is "No" is, "Do all speak  with tongues?"  Why
          should we try to  say that all do speak with tongues  when filled
          with the Spirit?  Why   should we belittle those who don't  speak
          with tongues?  Why don't we  seek power to win souls? 
             Why not let the Holy Spirit be  the baptizer and do it His way
          rather than  our trying to tell him  how it should be  done.  Why
          not be   filled again and  again?   We receive of  His Spirit  at
          salvation or we  are  none of His, but He should  fill or control
          us  day by day (Acts  4:31).   Let's seek to be endued with power
          to win souls.   Let's not   tell God  how to do  it or what  must
          accompany this power.   Let us ask   and believe that  we receive
          and we shall have  what God has  promised.  Let  us not accept  a
          cheap 20th Century  counterfeit of the  New  Testament  enduement
          with power to witness. 
             To conclude, let me summarize my reason for choosing not to be
          a  charismatic. 
               1. I  see what  seems to  me to  be too  much compromise  of
          doctrine        and standards by charismatics  in order that they
          might achieve       acceptance in the religious community. 
               2.   I   am   convinced   that   many   charismatics   speak
          psychologically-            induced  tongues  rather than  Spirit
          empowered tongues and some may       even speak in tongues by the
          power of the devil. 

                          3. I am sickened by the foolishness that goes on under the
             pretense that it is the moving of the Holy Spirit. 
               4. I have  observed that many sincere people  who are hungry
          for       God's best are mislead into accepting poor  substitutes
          for the       fullness of the Spirit. 
               5.  I  see   a  blindness  that   seems  to  prevail   among
          charismatics           about the  importance  of separation  from
               6. I find a mindless ecumenism that brings believers and    
           unbelievers together in an unequal yoke and makes speaking in   
            tongues the basis for fellowship. 
               7. I  find a reluctance  of charismatics to contend  for the
          faith       once delivered unto the saints.   It seems that since
          this  is not        popular, charismatics neglect such Scriptural
          defense of the       faith and act as  though doctrinal purity is
          of little importance.   
               8. It seems that charismatics find it easy to ignore certain
               portions of Scripture when  those portions are  inconvenient
          to          follow.   For example:  the complete  disregard for 1
          Corinthians       6:1-8 relative to taking your brother to court.

             My  humble  prayer  is  that   many  who  are  taken  up  with
          'charismania'  will read this  booklet and rethink their position
          and find the  teaching and practices the New Testament Christians
             I feel compelled  to say a further  word.  My family,  for the
          most  part,  is either traditional Pentecostals  or charismatics.
          Now, I am   neither.  To  me the word "Pentecostal"  means "Those
          that believe that  speaking  in tongues is of such  importance as
          to make it  a main   doctrinal distinction."   They believe  that
          Biblical tongues are of two   kinds: known languages and ecstatic
          utterances.   Pentecostals believe   that speaking in  tongues is
          the evidence of baptism of the Holy Spirit  and some Pentecostals
          make tongues the  evidence of salvation.  I am  not a Pentecostal
          then for I believe none of that. 
             I do not believe  that tongues is of such major  importance as
          to   make that  doctrinal distinction of  our church.   I  do not
          believe that  Biblical tongues are ecstatic utterances but  known
          languages imparted  supernaturally by the Holy Spirit.  I believe
          that power to win souls  -  not tongues - is the evidence of  the
          fullness  of the  Spirit.    I   certainly  do  not believe  that
          speaking in tongues is the evidence of  salvation. 
             A charismatic  is one  who stresses the  gifts of  the Spirit,
          especially the gift of tongues.   The Charismatic Movement is the
          most   effective arm  of the  ecumenical movement.   Charismatics
          seem to make  speaking in tongues the basis for fellowship rather
          than  making   salvation the  common grounds on  which Christians
             I have already stated my position on the Charismatic position.
          but  where does  this put me with my family.  I  love them.  They
          love me.   We do not  jawbone each other  over these matters.   I
          thank God for  Godly parents  who taught me to love the Lord  and
          to trust in His   gracious supply.  My father has  been spared by
          God's gracious  hand   through cancer and  five heart  attacks to
          continue to preach  salvation  by grace through faith.  In that I
               A.  Admit you're a sinner ("All have sinned..." Romans 3:23)
          and          accept Gods  ONLY ANTIDOTE  for sin  - faith in  the
          innocent shed       blood of His only begotten Son, Jesus. 
               B.   Believe that  Jesus is  the Son  of God,  and that  "He
          became sin        for us, who knew no sin,  that we might be made
          the righteousness           of  God  through faith  in him."    2
          Corinthians 5:21.  Also John       3:16. 
               C.  Confess your sin and call on the name of the Lord for   
            salvation,  for whosoever  does (this  includes  YOU) shall  be
          saved.       Romans 10:13.  (Read Romans 8:1 & Ephesians 4:30 for
          spiritual       security). 
             Now  give the  Master  charge  of your  life  by praying  this
          prayer:  "Thank you Jesus, for dying for me.  I'm sorry I sinned.
          Please   forgive me  and save  my soul.   Help  me live  for you.
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