A Rebuttle


                              Phil Scovell

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                          DOES GOD STILL HEAL?

                               A Rebuttle


                              Phil Scovell

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

               A TEMPORARY GIFT
               GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY
               QUOTING THE DEVIL

          SECTION 1
               DIED BELIEVING
               PHYSICIAN - HEAL THYSELF                                   8
                    MINISTRY PRESSURES
               HALL OF FAMERS
               THE FAITH OF JESUS

          SECTION 2
               MIRACLES DEFINED

          SECTION 3
               KATHERINE KUHLMAN
               TRICKS OF THE TRADE
               BELIEVE IT OR NOT

          SECTION 4
                    POOR PAUL
               PUNY PALE AND SICKLY

          SECTION 5
               HIS PERSON
               HIS PROMISE
               HIS PATTERN
               I PETER 2:24


                          DOES GOD STILL HEAL?


                              Phil Scovell


               Brother John MacArthur  preached a number of  messages which
          he entitled "Charismatic  Chaos."  Later A book  was published BY
          THE  SAME TITLE.  In these messages  he attempted to explain away
          every  false  doctrine   and  erroneous  practice  he   says  are
          characteristic  of the  Charismatic believer.   Though  I am  not
          taking the time to address each and every sermon in the series, I
          felt it necessary to at least focus on some of the more prominent
          topics.  My  first was called "Charismatic Chaos  And Speaking In
          Tongues."    Since  the   subject  of  healing  and   tongues  is
          doctrinally  harmonious, I suggest  the reader write  and request
          it.  Some of  my own personal  testimony is incorporated in  that
          first rebuttal; something  omitted from this booklet.  I likewise
          suggest the  reader obtain a  copy of my booklet  entitled "Saved
          And Healed?" which was a letter  written to the Radio Bible Class
          as a rebuttal to several of their radio  teachings on the subject
          of  the atonement  and bodily  healing.   It  covers aspects  not
          emphasized in this writing.

               I have confessed  before, and do so now again,  that many of
          John MacArthur's sermons are in  my personal library.  I likewise
          read his  writings, and have  often tuned to his  radio broadcast
          over  the years.   I  highly recommend  his teachings,  except of
          course in  some areas, to  any one and appreciate  his courageous
          stand for the  Gospel of  Jesus Christ.   This does  not, on  the
          other  hand, excuse  his Biblical  errors  of interpretation  and
          application on some doctrines.  Shoot!  No body's perfect.

               My quotes are taken from a sermon I found in electronic form
          on a Christian bulletin board system (BBS) and downloaded with my
          computer.   I again cannot  guarantee that everything I  found in
          this electronic version  of John MacArthur's sermon  is the exact
          reproduction of  his recorded  message but it  claimed to  be the
          basic wording  of his  taped message.   If the  reader wishes  to
          obtain  the recorded  version of  his message,  write to  Word of
          Grace, P.O. Box 4000,  Panorama City, CA 91412.  Request GC 90-60
          entitled "Charismatic Chaos" Part 9 - Does God Still Heal?  It is
          also available in book form from any major Christian bookstore.
               As I said in my first rebuttal, I found no  copyright symbol
          in the electronic transcribed version of his sermon nor was there
          any written statement of such copyright.  If I am in violation of
          any copyright laws, it is unintentional.

                              Phil Scovell

                              October 1992


          As  in my  first  rebuttal  on tongues,  I  have divided  Brother
          MacArthur's sermon into several sections in order to address each
          aspect of  his teaching systematically.   I am only  covering the
          high points, that is the major areas of disagreement, rather than
          every aspect for obvious reasons; it would simply take volumes.


               One of  Brother MacArthur's  favorite hobby horses,  besides
          the  subject of  speaking in  tongues,  is the  gift of  healing.
          Though he  is very  adamant about his  stand that  tongues passed
          away with the last apostle, whoever he was, he is less  so on the
          topic of healing.  Why?  Well, because some people do  get healed
          today and he doesn't want to be caught with foot in mouth saying,
          "Hey, God  doesn't  heal  today...that  died out  with  the  last
          apostle.  Even people in his own church would laugh him right out
          of  the pulpit on that one.   If he were  going to be doctrinally
          consistent,  however,  he  would also  confess  that  tongues and
          healing died out with the last apostle; whoever he was.   He does
          say,  as we will  see, that the  "gift of  healing" itself passed
          away but he  tempers his statement (covers his  tracks) by saying
          God does have the power to  heal today but only if He  feels like

               "The gift of healing was  a temporary sign gift for the
               authenticating  of those  who  wrote the  Scripture and
               those who preached the   message in that first century.
               And   once  the   Scripture  was  completed   and  that
               authenticity  was  established,  the  gift  of  healing

          This, of course, is Brother  MacArthur's old standby.  The reason
          is   this:     If  certain   things  were   only  given   to  the
          apostles/disciples by Christ, then when they died, well then, the
          gift  died,  too.   The  problem  with  this philosophy  is  that
          Scripture never says any such thing but Brother MacArthur says it
          does.   Since  I covered  this fallacy  of the  "temporary gifts"
          extensively in  my first  rebuttal to his  message on  tongues, I
          will not give space to it here.


               "Now, let me say this,  people are going to say, [Well,
               are you   saying God doesn't heal?]  No, I'm not saying
               that,  if God  wants to  heal, He   can  heal.   That's
               completely, obviously within His power, and if it is in
               his  purpose then He can heal."

          Well, we must give him a little credit since he does  confess God
          "can"  heal  if He  wants  but according  to  Brother MacArthur's
          interpretation,  God normally isn't in the  mood for such trivial
          mundane  concerns...He's just  interested  in getting  you saved.
          You're apparently on your own for everything else.

               Here's another trapdoor:

               "I simply say, I want  to reiterate that I believe that
               God  can heal.  God can do anything He wants to do."

          The unfortunate aspect  of this statement is that  apparently God
          normally chooses to do very little about the sick and diseased in
          His family.   What a God!  He can,  and does, save us totally and
          for all eternity  without batting an  eye but as far  as anything
          else,  He's apparently less than willing to meet the needs of His
          own saved/delivered/rescued  people.  But then of course we serve
          the New Testament version of God today; the Old TEstament God was
          somehow, and somewhat, more powerful.

               The  truth is  that God  can't  do anything  He wants.   The
          sovereignty of God gets the blame for every unanswered prayer and
          every unhealed  person and anything  and everything else  that is
          unexplainable in  the Christian's life.   It's easy.   Pray about
          something for awhile and if nothing happens, well then, it wasn't
          God's will.

               What do I  mean when  I say  that God can't  do anything  He
          wants?  The  very nature of God's sovereignty  prohibits Him from
          doing certain things.   He cannot  undue is  salvation plan.   He
          cannot  reverse promises He has made.   He cannot flipflop on His
          commitment to honor  His Word.  He  cannot cancel His Son  as the
          only  means of  salvation.  He  doesn't wake up  some morning and
          say,  "Oh, well,  shoot.   I wonder  what's new  in  the universe
          today.   Hey, look at  those silly Christians down  there playing
          around.  I  think I'll teach them  a lesson and change  my mind."
          Then waving His magic wand, bingo!  Everything disappears.  God's
          own  sovereignty makes  such  impossible.   To listen  to Brother
          MacArthur, however,  God,  though He  claims  to be  our  Healer,
          sometimes doesn't feel like healing.


               I am often amazed at who Brother MacArthur uses to prove his
          point.  Though  I will refer to some of his  key witnesses in the
          first section, look at who he quotes in the following statement.

               "People  who   are  clear-minded  and  balanced  become
               irrational.  Remember,  Satan knows this.    That's why
               he said in Job 2:4, [Skin for skin, yes, all that a man
               has will  he give for his life.]"

          The only  problem with quoting the  devil here is  that Satan was
          dead wrong and eventually was forced to confessed Job was a tough
          nut  to crack.   The truth  is, Job  wouldn't even give  in after
          Satan killed  his children,  burned his farm  to the  ground, and
          afflicted him with  terrible bodily sores.  Read  it for yourself
          if you doubt  it.  Apparently Brother MacArthur  failed to finish
          reading Job's story.


               Brother MacArthur  also makes several  unsettling statements
          about these  silly  Charismatics who  all  believe alike  on  the
          doctrine of bodily healing.

               "Now we all know  that desperation accompanies disease.
               Sickness drives   people to do frantic,  extreme things
               they  normally wouldn't  do.   People  who   are clear-
               minded and balanced become irrational.  Remember, Satan
               knows this."

               Concerning the "faith healers" themselves, he says:

               "They play  games with  people's   minds--the power  of
               suggestion.  They prey upon people, making them believe
               things that aren't really true and they use deception."

          The thing  I  dislike the  very  most about  Brother  MacArthur's
          arguments against  the Charismatics is  his continual association
          of Charismatics with all fakes and fonies of every kind.  In this
          sermon he  even accuses all those silly dumb people of once being
          "clear-minded  and  balanced"  but  irrational (nincompoops)  for
          believing God.   We are even  accused of having our  minds played
          with; forcing us to believe  in God when God really doesn't  wish
          to  be bothered.    Of  course  it's true  that  there  are  many
          charlatans who prey on people's emotions and it is true that many
          people are fooled.  I wonder, though, what God thinks about those
          who  continually preach  and teach  and write  books  and produce
          radio programs to attempt to  void His promises clearly stated in
          His eternal Word.   I wonder how  God the Father views  those who
          perpetually downplay His  Word, canceling His  gifts He sent  His
          Son to bleed  and die for, and  insist we cannot trust  God today
          for certain  things because  it died out  with the  last apostle;
          whoever he was.   I wonder if God is pleased  more with those who
          believe Him  for some things,  though they may never  realize the
          answer  to  their plea,  than  those  who  continually doubt  and
          ridicule those who attempt to trust God.


               He also says:

               "It was never  intended as a permanent way  to keep the
               Church healthy;  yet today Charismatics  teach that God
               wants every  Christian  well all the  time.  If that is
               true, then  why did  He let  them  get sick  to   start

          Here  again Brother MacArthur  uses the technique  of attributing
          some  of what he's heard to  all Charismatics.  That's easier, of
          course, because then you don't  have to justify anything; you can
          just generalize and people will believe you.
               When he asks, "why did He let them get sick to  start with?"
          he's overlooking what  Charismatics generally teach on  sickness.
          You see, Brother MacArthur and  many who disbelieve God wants His
          Church  without spot  or  wrinkle,  like  to  sometimes  suggest,
          especially since they  deny God's healing  power for today,  that
          maybe God once  and awhile gives us  a physical cross to  bear in
          order that  we might better glorify  Him.  The only  problem with
          this idea is that it cannot be found  anywhere in the Bible.  You
          do find  God allowing  disease to come  upon the  disobedient but
          those are  also healed  when they repent.   In  those cases,  God
          isn't giving  them the disease, He's  allowing it as  He did with
          Job.  Job was healed, too, of course; something Brother MacArthur
          fails to mention.

               Let's  set  the record  straight.    Yes,  it is  true  some
          misguided Bible Believers have wrongly  accused the sick of being
          thus because of sin  or because of lack of faith.   When it comes
          to physical infirmities such as blindness,  lameness, deformities
          and the like, God never claimed those has His personal punishment
          upon those  He wanted to  improve spiritually.  In  fact, He told
          Moses that He had  made the blind and the deaf.   He did not say,
          however, He  had made them blind or deaf but actually was showing
          Moses that He, God, since He had made them physically, could make
          them see and hear.

               The answer to Brother MacArthur's question "why did they get
          sick in the first place" is immaterial.  It could be a  result of
          sin,  a demonic  affliction, a  generational  curse, or  simply a
          physical infirmity which occurs naturally  in the human race.  To
          say that God let them get sick, therefore, implies that maybe God
          doesn't like  them or care for them?   The emphasis should not be
          on their sickness but on the healing power of God.

                               SECTION 1

                             KEY WITNESSES

               Brother  MacArthur is  notorious  for sighting  examples  of
          those who  have failed in  the ministry and concluding  what they
          taught  must, therefore, be  invalid, wrong, and  even heretical.
          This sermon is no different than the one he taught on the gift of
          tongues.   He sights  more than a  dozen Charismatic  failures as
          though  that proves what  they taught was  heresy.   I agree that
          many  preachers of  the Gospel  have  taught for  years and  then
          committed adultery,  stapled their  fingers,  become addicted  to
          drugs  and  alcohol, suffered  obesity, forsaken  their families,
          died  in  car crashes,  discovered  to be  secret  thumb suckers,
          strayed from the  truth of the Bible, stubbed  their toe, succumb
          to cancer, cheated on their  wives, gone balled prematurely, been
          caught with their pants down literally, or even jailed for income
          tax  evasion.   I certainly  hope that  Brother MacArthur  is not
          suggesting that  this somehow voids  the validity of God  and His
          Word.   I'm  not attempting  to defend  anyone  Brother MacArthur
          sighted  in  his sermon;  I'm  simply  saying  that some  of  the
          greatest  evangelical fundamentalist preachers  have sinned.   Is
          that  any big  surprise?   The devil most  certainly is  going to
          attack those that are the most visible to the world because there
          the most  damage can be  done.  Reading over  Brother MacArthur's
          list  of  failures  is  nothing  new.   Those  who  have  strayed
          doctrinally should  be avoided at  all costs.   Yes it's  a shame
          that  many Christians are fooled into following certain fakes and
          quacks but  it happens  all  the time.    How many  disabled  and
          infirmed people in  Brother MacArthur's church are  going to wind
          up in Heaven some day only to discover he was wrong about tongues
          and healing.  Picking out people such as Brother MacArthur has in
          his sermon  and using them  as examples is  less than honest.   I
          could parade dozens  of evangelical fundamentalists across  these
          pages who  have committed homosexual acts, adultery, fornication,
          been arrested  for drunk driving,  beat their wives,  caught with
          prostitutes,  exposed as pedophiles,  or any other  horrible sins
          one wishes  to mention.   Though they  are most  certainly wrong,
          some even worthy  to be imprisoned or  institutionalized, this in
          no  way  changes  the  Scriptures.   In  fact,  it  confirms  the
          Scriptures:   "Be sure  your sin  will find  you out."   I  could
          mention names,  too, of many who  believe in the gift  of healing
          who  have not  gone  off into  doctrinal  oblivion, lived  secret
          sinful lives,  mishandled donor's  monies, and  have been  healed
          personally  again and again and again.  I doubt, though, he would
          accept  their testimony.   If Brother MacArthur  cannot prove his
          beliefs with the Bible itself, I can see why he would insist upon
          using  all  these witnesses  to  bolster  his  case.   Our  final
          authority  should  be  the  Bible  but  for some  reason  Brother
          MacArthur uses  very little Scripture to confirm  his teaching on
          the gift of healing.


               One  of Brother  MacArthur's famous  tactics  is associating
          what Charismatics believe with all the false teachers, cults, and
          occultists of the world since time began.  He apparently believes
          since what he  sees and hears sounds  like what they say  and do,
          well shoot  then, the Charismatics  must have gotten it  from all
          these weirdo cults.  Listen to what he says.

               "Now  if false  teachers want  credibility  it is  very
               obvious  that they  can sure    draw a  crowd and  gain
               creditability if they can heal.   And so that is always
               a kind of  ploy that is used by  false teachers--it has
               been so  in  history,   whether you  are talking  about
               tribal witch doctors in Shamanism, in Animism,  and  in
               Paganism, or  whether  you are  talking about  Occultic
               kinds of healings,   or New Age kind  of mind healings,
               or whether you  are talking about  the  charlatans  and
               the  frauds who  parade  themselves  even as  Christian
               healers.    It  is a great  way to draw  a crowd.  Why?
               Because the number  one human   anxiety is illness  and

               He even goes one step further by saying:

               "It is very much like the occultic kind of healings you
               hear about in pagan  parts of  the world.  You have the
               oriental psychic healers who say they can  do bloodless
               surgery.   They way  their hands over  afflicted organs
               and  say    incantations and  claim  people  are cured.
               Witch  Doctors,  Shamans,  claim to    raise  the dead.
               Occultist use Black Magic and Lying Wonders to do their

          Those are dangerous comparisons.


               Another  of Brother MacArthur's tactics for proving that the
          gift of healing died out  with the last apostle (whoever  he was)
          is that those who  believe in such miracles  of healing all  die.
          Of course he emphasizes they died with physical illnesses such as
          heart disease or cancer.  One, he says, even died after  being in
          a car crash.   All this bothers Brother MacArthur.   He even goes
          to the point of quoting Annette Capps, Daughter of Charles Capps,
          to prove his point.

               "Now, it  seems obvious, at least a curiosity to all of
               us,  that so many  leading  advocates  of faith healing
               are sick!  

               Annette  Capps, the  daughter  of Faith  Healer Charles
               Capps,  and    herself  a  Faith  Healer,  raised  that
               question in  her book; her  book is   entitled [Reverse
               the Curse in Your Body and Emotions.]  This is what she

               [People  have stumbled over the fact that the so-called
               "Healing          Minister"  later became ill  or died.
               They say,  "I don't           understand this.   If the
               Power of God came  into operation and         all those
               people were healed, why did the evangelist get sick?   
                   Why  did he  or she  die?"   The reason  is because
               healings that         take place in meetings like  that
               are a special manifestation of        the Holy  Spirit.
               This is different  from using your  own faith.         
               The evangelist who is being used by God in the gifts of
                     healings,  is still required to use his own faith
               in the Word of        God to  receive divine health and
               divine healing for his own         body.  Why?  Because
               the gifts of healings are not manifested        for the
               individual who is ministering, they are for the benefit
          of the people.]

               Now that  double-talk  basically  means  that  somebody
               could have faith for   somebody else's healing but  not
               enough faith for their own healing.  And so,  sometimes
               without faith  for their  own healing  they die,  while
               they have  enough faith for other people's healings who
               live.  She goes on to say, 

               [Over the years  I have seen various  manifestations of
               the  gifts         of healing in my own ministry, but I
               have always had  to use my          own faith  in God's
               word for my healing.  There have been times        that
               I have been attacked with illness in my body but as I  
                   ministered many were  healed even though I  did not
               feel well.  I         had to receive my healing through
               faith and acting on God's        word.]

               Thus,  she  astonishingly  concludes that  if  a  Faith
               Healer gets  sick, it is   because his or  her personal
               faith  is  somehow  deficient when  applied  to  his or

          Apparently   Brother   MacArthur   has   trouble   reading    and
          understanding  plane English.   I  thought Annette  made it  very
          clear.   Since we  are in fact,  according to  Brother MacArthur,
          discussing  the "gift" of healing and  not simply healing itself,
          Sister Capps says  that the reason some "faith  healers" get sick
          and die is first  a matter of gifting.  A man or woman may indeed
          have the gift  of healing (perhaps it would be better to say they
          have a  calling or anointing)  and when they  pray for  the sick,
          things happen; many  are healed.   I  like the way  a well  known
          Charismatic Bible  teacher explains  it.  He  says he  prefers to
          explain those individual healings as individual gifts of healing;
          not so much  a gifted, or anointed, healer per  say imparting the
          gift.   Anyhow, that's how I see it myself.  What Sister Capps is
          saying,  just  to be  clear,  is that  gifts  are given  to those
          seeking  healing  because of  what  they believe;  not  whom they
          believe;  whom,  meaning  person,  (I.E.,  the   so-called  faith
          healer).   Brother  MacArthur becomes  very  concerned about  so-
          called faith-healers that can't heal themselves.  Is it in fact a
          lack of faith on their part?  Perhaps.  What amazes me isn't that
          they get sick and  die, it's the fact that most of them, the ones
          that don't die  I mean,  keep right on  preaching that God  heals
          today.   Talk  about courage  and  willing to  practice what  you

               Actually, when you  think about it, the concept  of the sick
          preaching healing isn't so weird.   Brother MacArthur, I'm  sure,
          believes in eternal  life.  I bet he's  never talked face-to-face
          with someone  who  has died  and come  back to  earth  who was  a
          Christian  before their death.  I  wonder then why he believes in
          eternal life.  Of course!  He believes it because the  Scriptures
          teach it.  Well, according to his philosophy, though, you have to
          have  physical proof.  Has Brother MacArthur ever been physically
          visited by Jesus Christ?  Unlikely.   Does he believe Jesus died,
          was buried, and  rose again?  Certainly.  Do people say Jesus was
          a fake  and that He never performed  miracles and that He's still
          in the  grave?   We know  many do.   Why,  and how,  does Brother
          MacArthur believe otherwise?  That's faith.


               Since  my brother  is bothered  by  so-called faith  healers
          getting sick, some  even dying, and for some  reason being unable
          to heal themselves, perhaps I should address this in more detail.

               As Sister Annette Capps pointed  out, the gift of healing is
          a gift.   The one presenting this  gift, in this case  the "faith
          healer,"  is in  fact  only  presenting it.    If John  MacArthur
          doesn't think it's  easier to exercise faith in  behalf of others
          compared to exercising faith for one's self,  then he knows a lot
          less about faith  than I supposed.   I can pray for others  to be
          well, get their rent paid on time, or ask that God will help some
          money to  come in for groceries much more easily than for myself.
          Why?    There's  power  and  authority,  according  to  Jesus, in
          agreement (Matt. 18:19).


               then,  of course,  there's the  problem  of pride.   When  a
          person  has  been called  of  God, and  in some  cases  even been
          specially anointed in that area  of ministry, it's difficult,  to
          say the  least, to ask others to pray for you.  What am I saying?
          Let's  use brother  MacArthur as  an example.   He's  called, and
          anointed of God in  my opinion, to minister the Gospel, teach the
          Word, and pastor God's people.   What if Brother MacArthur, after
          many  years of  teaching  and preaching,  begins to  experience a
          personal problem in  his life.  Let's say  it's something serious
          that if others  would hear, might become very  judgmental.  Would
          it be  difficult for a  man of God  such as Brother  MacArthur to
          admit to anyone, even himself, that he needed help?  You know the
          answer.  Faith healers  (I hate using the term but  since Brother
          MacArthur does, I  will, too) are men  and women.  They  no doubt
          generally find  it easier to minister than to be ministered to by
          others.  It's  very difficult to announce you  are something less
          than what others think and pride is one of our biggest enemies in
          the ministry.


               There's yet another aspect of the ministry which most  never
          consider and that is  servitude.  Those called to the  service of
          Jesus Christ are  nothing more than servants.   They aren't super
          men and women;  they aren't  super spiritual  human beings;  they
          aren't  "faith healers;" they aren't the  fourth personage of the
          Trinity.  They are  servants just like Brother MacArthur.  Do you
          think Brother MacArthur puts the needs of his people and ministry
          and family ahead of himself?  Of course he does and so does every
          other  true servant  of God.   These  so-called faith  healers to
          which he  refers often are  totally given to  God and they  could
          care less if  they get sick  and die.   Oh, sure, they'd like  to
          stay around and continue in the ministry but true servants of God
          could care less about  themselves.  People like that may  find it
          very  difficult to  admit they  need prayer  and someone  else to
          minister to them.   It is wrong for  Brother MacArthur, or anyone
          else, to judge all  servants of God by the few  visible which are
          obviously doctrinally off their rocker.  "Physician heal thyself"
          is a dangerous attitude to have when considering God's servants.


               Something else  to consider  is the  physical and  emotional
          pressures of  the  ministry.   Does  Brother MacArthur  ever  get
          tired?  Does he ever become exhausted from pushing too hard?  Has
          he ever had to subtract himself from the riggers of the  ministry
          just to get some rest?  The answer is obvious.  Do you suppose he
          has ever pushed  himself too  hard and thus  become ill from  too
          much  hard work?   Very  likely.   Should  these so-called  faith
          healers to which he refers be any different?  They don't claim to
          be supernatural; they just claim  to be servants.  Servants often
          push themselves too  hard and pay for  it physically.  I  get the
          impression, though, from reading over Brother MacArthur's sermon,
          he believes they shouldn't even age or die.


               Finally,  there  is  the  aspect  of  intercessory ministry.
          Though little is taught on  the ministry of an intercessor today,
          the  truth  is   that  anyone  in  ministry  is   serving  as  an
          intercessor; one  who  stands before  God  in behalf  of  others.
          Those  who feel  called, and  perhaps anointed,  in the  areas of
          healing  are literally intercessors.  Though Brother MacArthur is
          apparently  unaware of  this, intercessors  serve  the people  in
          unique ways and are willing to sacrifice themselves in order that
          others may draw near to  God.  If they die  or become ill in  the
          process, then so be it; why would they care.  All  an intercessor
          is concerned about is  seeing that others come to God.  Actually,
          an intercessor could be defined as  warriors who are happy to die
          in battle for others.

          HALL OF FAMERS

               I often wonder if my Brother would criticize all of those in
          Hebrews 11 who died in faith believing.  They died confessing the
          coming Messiah; they died believing  in the cross of Jesus Christ
          as their  salvation future.   their faith,  however, was  seen of

               Women received  their dead  raised to  life again:  and
               others were tortured,  not accepting deliverance;  that
               they  might obtain a  better resurrection:   And others
               had  trial  of  cruel  mockings  and  scourgings,  yea,
               moreover  of bonds and imprisonment:  They were stoned,
               they were  sawn asunder  (cut in  half), were  tempted,
               were  slain  with  the sword:  they  wandered  about in
               sheepskins and  goatskins; being  destitute, afflicted,
               tormented;   (Of whom the  world was not  worthy:) they
               wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and  in dens and
               caves of the  earth.  And these all,  having obtained a
               good  report through  faith, received not  the promise:
               God having provided some better thing for us, that they
               without us should  not be made  perfect.  (Heb.  11:35-

               I would  rather be  identified with  these faithful men  and
          women though some probably said their faith failed.  


               Brother MacArthur  continues his  attack on  Charismatics by

               "Thus,  she  astonishingly concludes  that  if a  Faith
               Healer gets  sick, it is   because his or  her personal
               faith  is  somehow  deficient when  applied  to  his or
               herself.   Now, to take  that a step further,  you must
               understand  that these   people  go so  far as  to say,
               "That even  Jesus Himself sometimes  did not have   the
               faith required for people to be healed."

          Frankly, I'm unaware of Annette  Capps ever saying any such thing
          but let me  focus on his comment about  what Charismatics believe
          concerning Jesus.

               I hate to say this Brother MacArthur  but I have never heard
          any Charismatic, not even the weird ones, say the  faith of Jesus
          did not  always work.  It  is true, and  perhaps this is  to what
          Brother MacArthur  is referring,  that not  everybody with  which
          Jesus made  contact, was  healed.  My  Brother actually  says the
          contrary later in  his sermon but for  now, let me state  that he
          must be  fellowshiping with  a bunch of  way out  Charismatics if
          he's getting that out of their doctrine.

               According   to  the  Gospels,  Jesus  did  not  always  heal
          everybody.  He did raise the  dead several times but not all  the
          dead.   He did cast  out demons from  people but no where  in the
          Scriptures does it  report that all  demon possessed people  were
          cured that were  in the world during our Lord's ministry.  He did
          open blind eyes  many many  times but not  all blind people  were
          healed.  In fact, the Scriptures actually record the following:

               And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid
               his hands upon a  few sick folk, and healed  them.  And
               he marvelled  because of  their unbelief.  And he  went
               round about the villages, teaching.  (Mark 6:4-5).

               Boy, what a can of worms this passage uncorks.   Haven't you
          asked yourself why, if Jesus healed being God, He just didn't  go
          right  ahead and  heal those  suffering people?   The  answer is:
          unbelief.  It  even says that Jesus marvelled  at their unbelief.
          Wait  a minute  though.    I thought  Jesus  went around  healing
          everybody all the  time.  You mean,  He didn't go ahead  and heal
          all these unbelievers?   Why not?   Why, for that matter,  was He
          taken aback  by their  unbelief?   If Jesus  is God,  and He  is,
          wouldn't He have  known all this?   The answer is that  Jesus did
          not come  to earth  as God;  He came  as man.   Was He  God?   Of
          course, but He did not heal as God; He healed as  a Spirit filled
          man.  Read  it for yourself.   Jesus never did any  healing until
          after the Holy Spirit  came upon him.   He taught the  Scriptures
          from age  twelve but  according to  all four Gospels,  He did  no
          miracles until the  Holy Spirit  came upon Him.   You see,  Jesus
          restricted Himself  in order to  fully identify Himself  with us.
          That's why  He later told  the disciples, "Verily, verily,  I say
          unto you, He that  believeth on me, the works that  I do shall he
          do also; and greater works than  these shall he do; because I  go
          unto  my Father.   And whatsoever ye  shall ask in  my name, that
          will I do,  that the  Father may  be glorified in  the Son  (John
          14:12-13).  I know, of course, that people like Brother MacArthur
          interpret this to mean that the whole body of Christ collectively
          around the world  will do greater works together  than little old
          Jesus did  by his lonesome  but that's not  what Jesus said.   He
          looked  right into the eyes of His  disciples and said they would
          do what He did if they...what..."believed."  There you go.  We're
          back to  that  believing bit  again.   You mean  somebody has  to
          believe before they  can be healed?   Listen, you can't  even get
          saved  unless you believe God  first (Rom. 10:9).   Then why does
          Brother MacArthur and others say believing isn't important?  They
          want magic  instead of  faith.  Jesus  didn't heal  magically; He
          healed with the  same power  of God  that has  been available  to
          mankind  since the world began.   God hasn't changed; we have and
          Brother MacArthur confirms it.

               In Mark's Gospel account, he  has recorded that Jesus did no
          "mighty works"  there because of  their unbelief.  The  two words
          are translated (dunamis) which is translated elsewhere in the New
          Testament as (miracle).  Face it Brother MacArthur...Jesus did no
          miracles among these  people because of their own  unbelief.  The
          same thing happened  to the disciples after Jesus  had given them
          power to cast  out demons.  They failed at their attempts to cast
          a demon out of a young boy.  The father, in  desperation, finally
          came to  Jesus and the Lord cast it out.  Later the old disciples
          cornered Jesus  and asked why  they had failed.   He said  it was
          because  of  their own  unbelief (Matt.  15).   As  long  as John
          MacArthur and anyone else, for that matter, refuses to believe in
          God's gift of  healing, it won't work and they won't see any real

                               SECTION 2

                            SPIRITUAL GIFTS

               Brother  MacArthur  divides   spiritual  gifts  into   three
          categories.    The first  he  says  are  "gifts of  men;"  (I.E.,
          apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors/teachers).  Actually, I'm
          not at all sure why Brother MacArthur says this since he believes
          the first two, apostles and prophets, no longer exist.

               The second  category he calls the "permanent  gifts."  Those
          he  identifies   as  knowledge,   wisdom,  preaching,   teaching,
          exhortation, discernment, showing mercy and the like.

               Finally, he states the "temporary gifts" are such  things as
          miracles, healings, tongues, and  the interpretations of tongues.
          Well,  there's nothing  new here  because  this is  what he  says
          throughout his entire series on  Charismatic Chaos.  It's what he
          launches off into next that I find interesting.


               Brother MacArthur is a leading spokesman for the vast number
          of evangelicals  who deny God does miracles  today.  What most of
          them mean is they've never seen a miracle so they must not exist.
          They don't  even give God  room to do  one somewhere else  on the
          planet;  they  just deny  He  does  them  at  all.   Let  Brother
          MacArthur speak for himself.

               "God  is  always  acting in  a  supernatural  way, even
               today.    Every  time  someone   is  saved  that  is  a
               supernatural work.   But "miracle" is a  technical term
               to   describe an  act of  God which  He does  through a
               human agency,  and they are  very  rare.  And even when
               you  go  back  into  the Old  Testament  and  you  find
               miracles where God acts through a human instrumentation
               to  authenticate his   messenger and the  message, they
               are rare  and nothing  like the  healing   ministry  of
               Jesus.   No one  ever just  roamed everywhere,  healing
               everybody.  So  what you have in the  case of Jesus [is
               something]  you have never seen   before.  Nothing like
               this has  ever happened  before in the  history of  the
               world.  And  so this is  a very unique  thing.  And  to
               assume that it never   happened before (to know that by
               Old Testament revelation) and it happened at   the time
               of Christ, uniquely,  and then it faded out  in the end
               of the  New   Testament era, and  now for  some strange
               reason it has all come back at the  same level  as once
               it did and we are supposed to have this massive kind of
               healing going on  as it did in the day of Christ, is to
               demonstrate an  imbalanced  and an unsound  perspective
               of the purpose of the  miracle ministry  of Jesus.   It
               was  to   authenticate  His  Messiahship,  and   it  is
               therefore  irreproducible and unrepeatable."

               Now, of course, you have to swallow a big chunk  of unbelief
          all at once if you wish  to agree with these statements.   In all
          fairness, Brother MacArthur does spend a  lot of time in some  of
          his  other messages  attempting  to  explain  away  miracles  and
          tongues and such  "temporary gifts" of the  Holy Spirit.  If  you
          really want to  find out more,  you'll have to  buy his books  or
          purchase  his tapes.    I did  cover  some of  this  in my  first
          rebuttal on tongues but it's worth repeating.

               The logic  is apparent.   If  God does  not do  any miracles
          today, then one can easily eliminate a lot of problems concerning
          the ministry of  the Holy Spirit.   The strange thing  about this
          fallacy  is the  lack of  Scriptural evidence;  there is  none to
          substantiate his erroneous claims.  His Philosophy has to do with
          what he thinks is said concerning  that which is perfect is come.
          Brother MacArthur thinks that's the completed written Scriptures.
          He is  wrong and  I spend a  great deal  of time  discussing this
          doctrinally erroneous teaching in my first rebuttal.


               Brother MacArthur has figured out that the ministry of Jesus
          was unique to our  Lord's period of time and is  no longer needed
          today because, shoot, we've got the Bible and we apparently don't
          need Jesus any  longer.  I guess Brother  MacArthur has forgotten
          Jesus  is the Bible, (I.E., the Word  of God).  Listen to what he

               "and it happened at   the time of Christ, uniquely, and
               then it  faded out  in the  end of  the New   Testament

          What faded  out?   Apparently the miracle  working power  of God.
          But there's more.

               "It  was to  authenticate His  Messiahship,  and it  is
               therefore  irreproducible and unrepeatable."

               Brother MacArthur wants us  to believe that God's  power was
          only available  to do miracles  during rare occasions in  the Old
          Testament,  a  lot  during  the  ministry of  Jesus,  and  for  a
          dwindling  period of  time with  the apostles  and some  of their
          helpers.  Thereafter  it faded right out.  No wonder we don't see
          miracles today with that kind of teaching.

               Actually,   Brother  MacArthur's   biggest   beef  is   that
          Charismatics misinterpret the true John MacArthur definition of a
          miracle.  Brother MacArthur gets all bent out of shape if someone
          says  they  were  healed of  a  headache  and refer  to  it  as a
          "miracle."   Who cares!  Can't we praise  God they no longer have
          the headache instead  of denying it happened because  it wasn't a
          "John  MacArthur  miracle?"   So  what  if  it doesn't  meet  his
          scientific definition.   If he prefers to call  it a supernatural
          act  instead  of  a  miracle,  I  won't  quibble  with  him  over
          terminology.  The only reason he makes this a big deal is because
          he simply doesn't believe God  does miracles today; they died out
          with the last apostle, whoever he was.

               The  bottom  line  is  this.   If  the  miracles  Jesus  did
          authenticated  His   Messiahship,  why   wouldn't  miracles,   or
          healings,  authenticate His  Messiahship today?    The answer  is
          obvious...they do authenticate that Jesus is still Messiah today.
          The problem Brother MacArthur has is Jesus isn't performing them.
          Of course he's wrong again because it is in fact Jesus performing
          the miracle  today through his  disciples just as He  did through
          His disciples  - the twelve and the  seventy and all who followed
          Him.   You see, Brother  MacArthur is more  than willing to admit
          that Jesus gave such authority  and power to the twelve disciples
          and  then to  the  seventy thereafter.   He  even  admits in  his
          presentations that  it is likely  that others had  this authority
          given to  them - he  labels them the  "helpers" of  the apostles.
          From there he  flat out states that the  gifts were not available
          to anyone else and that they  "faded out" toward the end of  what
          he calls the "New Testament  era."  For crying out loud!   We are
          still in the  New Testament era.   If you  don't believe it,  ask
          Peter when he  preached about it in Acts 2.  Peter clearly states
          that we are living in the period of time when those who call upon
          the name of the Lord  will be saved.  He makes it  absolutely one
          hundred percent clear  that this period of time,  when people can
          call  upon  the  name  of  the Lord  for  salvation,  have  these
          spiritual gifts available to them.


               Brother MacArthur's greatest trapdoor explanation comes from
          a passage anti-healing and anti-tongues proponents hate.

               And these signs  shall follow them that  believe; In my
               name shall they cast out devils; they  shall speak with
               new tongues;  They shall  take up serpents; and if they
               drink any  deadly thing, it  shall not hurt  them; they
               shall lay  hands on the  sick, and they  shall recover.
               (Mark 16:17-18).

          The only problem quoting this passage is Brother MacArthur, along
          with the  late Dr. Walter  Martin, (a Charismatic Baptist  of the
          Christian  Research  institute)  and  many  other   evangelicals,
          believe this Scripture  isn't part of the Bible  because it isn't
          found  in  every   Greek  manuscript.     Thus  the  passage   is
          disqualified?   This  is very  convenient because if  the passage
          isn't the inspired Word of God, well then, it cannot confirm that
          such spiritual gifts  are for today.   Nice!  On the  other hand,
          those  who do  believe  the passage  is  in fact  part of  Mark's
          inspired  Gospel but still  deny God's miracle  working power and
          the gifts  of the Spirit, simply  dismiss it by  saying all these
          things passed away with the last apostle; whoever he was.


               Before leaving this doctrine of miracles,  I need to mention
          that Brother MacArthur says the disciples of Jesus didn't perform

               "Now,  it is true that Jesus passed on to the  Apostles
               power in two  of the three  categories.   Remember now,
               He healed diseases,  He had power over demons,  and  He
               did miracles of nature (natural phenomenon).  The first
               two he gave the  Apostles.  They never did any miracles
               of nature.   But "Peter," you say,   "Walked on water!"
               Yes,  but that was a miracle  Christ was performing and
               that occurred  only in  His presence.   They never  did
               anything  like "Feed  the   5,000" or  "Walk  on water"
               after that, or "Still a  storm" or anything like  that.
               The only  two things they  were given power to  do were
               "cast out demons  and heal the sick (including  raising
               the dead)."
               Raising  the  dead isn't  a  miracle?   One  minute  Brother
          MacArthur is telling  us that a miracle is  something that denies
          natural laws of science and the next he's telling us that raising
          the dead  isn't a miracle.  If raising  the dead isn't a miracle,
          then I give up.

               If my  Brother wishes to  deny the miracle working  power of
          God today; choosing rather to refer to healings, salvations,  and
          answered  prayers as  supernatural acts,  I'll yield to  this for
          arguments sake.   I, however,  believe God does  perform miracles
          and know of some that deny natural  laws which in fact would meet
          Brother  MacArthur's scientific criteria.  Do  you think he would
          except them as valid even if they were proved?  Besides, how does
          this change the gift of healing?  So what if Charismatics loosely
          use  the  term  "miracle"  when   they  should  be  calling  them
          "supernatural acts?"   I  hardly see how  such should  negate, or
          otherwise void,  the miracle working power  of God.  Why  then is
          Brother  MacArthur saying  it  all  passed  away  with  the  last
          apostle; whoever he was?  Because he doesn't want  to address the
          administration of the  gifts of the Spirit.   Why doesn't he wish
          to address them?   He'd have to then teach them.   Why doesn't he
          wish  to teach them; preferring to say  they passed away with the
          last apostle; whoever he was?  Because  he'd then have to live by
          faith.    The gifts  of  the  Spirit,  you see,  are  manifested,
          administered and  managed, by the Holy Spirit  of God.  They work
          by faith.  To believe and teach  in the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
          therefore,  means we  must live  by faith  and that's a  lot more
          complicated  in  the  minds  of  some than  living  by  rule  and

                               SECTION 3

                            DOCUMENTED PROOF

               Brother MacArthur begins this part of  his sermon by proving
          the gift of healing has died  out because no one today can  prove
          they've been healed.  His  philosophy is evident by the following

               "But the gift of healing,  and the ability to heal, and
               special anointing for healing, and healings that can be
               claimed  and  therefore  realized, and all  the typical
               "faith healing" technique billed on   the idea that God
               wants  everybody well  all the  time,  has no  Biblical
               sanction  whatsoever in the Post-Apostolic era."

               From  here Brother MacArthur again uses examples of unhealed
          people to confirm that  God can't heal today through the  gift of
          healing.   Here's a little flavor of his  logic.  I corrected the
          misspelling of one name in the following.

               "Now if  you take a  closer look at these  healings you
               will  find  some very   interesting  things.   The only
               documented cases that you can find, the only   actually
               documented  cases you can find, are cases of people who
               didn't get   healed.  The cases of  supposed people who
               do get healed, you can't  find any  documentation.  One
               of  the most  telling studies  of  this was  done by  a
               medical   doctor  by  the  name  of William  Nolan  who
               decided that he would  look into the  healing  ministry
               of really the prototype of all of it, Katherine Kuhlman
               when she was still going  strong before her death.  And
               he wrote a book after  studying her, called "Healing, a
               doctor  in search of  a miracle."  And  he went  beyond
               Katherine Kuhlman, but the major section of interest to
               me  was the  section on Katherine Kuhlman.  And he made
               the  point in  his  book  that Miss    Kuhlman did  not
               understand   psychogenic   disease.      She  did   not
               understand, that  is, disease  related to the mind.  In
               simple terms a functional disease might  be a sore arm.
               An organic disease would be a withered arm or no arm at
               all.   Now Katherine would heal a sore arm but not give
               somebody one  who  didn't have    one.   A  psychogenic
               disease  would  be  thinking  your  arm  was  sore  and
               Katherine could  make you  think that  your arm  wasn't

               I am very familiar with the book to which he referred by Dr.
          William  Nolan; author  of  "Healing,  a doctor  in  search of  a
          miracle."  Though it was  a number of years ago when  I read this
          book, no  where, that I  recall, did Dr.  Nolan confess he  was a
          born again Christian.  He, Dr. Nolan, claims he was in  search of
          a miracle but there  was little doubt in my mind  that his search
          was to  prove no  such miracles happen;  they are  all medically,
          psychologically,  or   scientifically  explained  or   they  were
          fraudulent.  I suggest the reader find Dr. Nolan's book and judge
          for  yourself.    At the  time  I  read his  work,  I  was  not a
          Charismatic and was  thrilled to discover there  were no miracles
          being done today.   It just  proved one more  time how crazy  the
          Charismatics really were.  


               Of course  Catherine Kuhlman has  been dead for a  number of
          years  and I  doubt Brother  MacArthur ever  attended one  of her
          healing meetings.  I  will be the  first to admit  that I have  a
          number of questions about her ministry.  Using an unsaved medical
          doctor, however, to substantiate Brother MacArthur's fony healing
          claims somehow seems odd.

               You can tell Brother  MacArthur has an axe to grind  when he
          says the following.

               "Perhaps a more  familiar name in the  healing movement
               would be the name of one  who is elevated almost to the
               status of the  Roman Catholic elevation  of Mary,   and
               that's  a woman  by  the  name  of  Katherine  Kuhlman.
               Katherine  Kuhlman  died  of   heart  failure  in 1976,
               curiously  enough.  She  had battled heart  disease for
               nearly  twenty years,  and that  statement  is made  by
               Jamie  Buckingham  who  would   have  been  one  of her

          I'm not sure why my  Brother tries to associate Katherine Kuhlman
          with the  Roman Catholic  Mary but I  have never  heard Katherine
          Kuhlman called such  by any Christian until now.  I don't know if
          Brother  MacArthur studied  Katherine  Kuhlman's doctrine  but  I
          noticed  right off  the  bat  that he  never  mentioned what  she
          believed and taught; he was  only interested in what some unsaved
          doctor said about her.


               Throughout his  sermon, Brother MacArthur pummels  the faith
          healers by calling  them every name in the  book which apparently
          helps Scripturally prove his case that they are a bunch of fakes.
          As I showed earlier, he  even equates Charismatics with all kinds
          of  cult and occultic  groups to make  sure we get  the idea that
          such  people should be avoided at all costs.  I laughed, however,
          when he brought forth another unsaved, nonchristian, disbelieving
          witness to absolutely, positively, no question about it, beyond a
          shadow of a doubt prove it's all fakery.

               "More recently, a  very interesting man by the  name of
               James Randy--Have  you   heard that?   He's called  the
               "Amazing Randy" (he gave  himself that name).  He  is a
               professional magician.   As a  professional magician he
               has written a book  in which he  examines the claims of
               "faith  healers."   Why?   Because  he knows   all  the
               gimmicks.    He  is  the  man  who  exposed  television
               evangelist  Peter    Popoff's fakery  in  1986,  on the
               "Tonight Show."   You remember  that  Peter  Popoff was
               one  of  the healers  that  claimed  to  get "words  of
               knowledge."   He would  stand there  and he would  say,
               "Jesus is telling  me this  about you."   And the truth
               was he had a little  earphone and his wife was   giving
               him  all this information because everybody who came to
               the meeting had  to fill out a card.   And I don't know
               if  you  know  about  how   that  works  but    healers
               throughout the  years have always had  the "preservice"
               meeting, when  everybody who  wants to be cured and get
               in the "healing line" fills out a  very full card.  And
               there is a  very simple way,  by staggering the  cards,
               that the guy can be holding  up a card to his head  and
               telling you  all you   need to know about  yourself, to
               convince  you that this  man speaks for  God.    In the
               case of Peter  Popoff he was repeating  information his
               wife was   putting in  his ear, from the  "crib sheets"
               assembled  in  the  "pre-meeting."   Now  the  "Amazing
               Randy" is really not so amazing, he's just  a magician.
               But   he is  openly antagonistic to  Christianity.  His
               antagonism is  fed, I  think,   continually by what  he
               finds out.   But, nevertheless,  he seems to  have done
               his investigation thoroughly.  He asks scores of "faith
               healers"  to  supply    him  with  direct,   examinable
               evidence of true healings.  Quote, he said,

               [I  have been  willing to  accept  just one  case of  a
               miracle  cure,         so that I might say in this book
               that  at least  on  one occasion  a             miracle

               But  not one "faith healer"  anywhere has given        
               him a single  case of medically confirmed  healing that
               couldn't         be explained as natural convalescence,
               psychosomatic improvement        or outright fakery.

               What is Randy's conclusion?  I quote,

               [Reduced  to its basics,  "faith healing" today  (as it
               always has          been) is simply  magic!  Though the
               preachers vehemently deny  any          connection with
               the practice,  their activities  meet all  the         
               requirements for  the definition;  all of  the elements
               are present        and the intent is identical.]"
               Well, shoot.   How can  a Christian who believes  in healing
          argue with Randy and  Brother MacArthur on this one?   I mean, if
          Randy says  all "faith healers"  are fakes, well then,  they must
          all be fakes?  Randy isn't a Christian.  Do you honestly think if
          The Amazing  Randy ever  saw  a real  miracle  that he  would  be
          converted  to Christ?  Jesus said the  rich man in hell requested
          that Lazarus  be resurrected  from the  dead so  he could  go and
          witness to  his brothers in  order that they might  be converted.
          The rich  man thought  if  his brothers  could see  a miracle,  a
          living resurrected miracle, they'd be converted and wouldn't wind
          up  in  hell like  he  did.   Abraham  said that  they,  his five
          brothers, had the witness of the Scriptures and that was all they
          needed.  The rich man still wished Lazarus to be raised  from the
          dead in order that his own family  wouldn't die in their sins and
          suffer  in the  fires of hell.   Abraham  said that even  if they
          witnessed the miracle of the resurrection of the dead, they would
          not believe.  [See Luke 16:1-31]


               A missionary friend  of mine in Mexico recently  returned to
          the states for a few weeks and told me of some experiences he had
          praying for the  sick.  One, he  said, looked like a  broken arm.
          The woman's  arm was bent  at an impossible  angle and  though he
          confessed not to  be a  doctor, he  said it look  fractured.   He
          prayed  and touched  her arm  and before  everyone's eyes  in the
          room, the bone popped back into place instantly.  The woman began
          running  around  the room  shouting and  waving her  arm; showing
          everyone what had happened.

               I often tell the story of my son when he was nine years old.
          From the  age of two,  he had occasionally  experienced extremely
          acute stomach  pains; often late at night.   One night he had one
          of these stomach  attacks and I  helped him  into our bedroom  to
          have him closer to us during the night.  Though I laid him on the
          foot of  our bed, he got  up and lay  on the floor;  doubled over
          from the pain.   After several minutes of listening to his moans,
          I got  up and knelt beside him.  I asked him to show me where the
          pain  was and he placed my  hand low on his  right side.  With my
          hand on the sore area and my other on his back, I prayed silently
          for  less than  sixty seconds.   As I  prayed, I  claimed several
          verses of Scripture that related  both to the promises of healing
          and  the promises  that God  would  hear and  answer my  prayers.
          Suddenly,  my son stood up,  lay down on the  foot of the bed and
          fell fast asleep.   The next day  he was in the  basement helping
          his mom do  some things and they both  came up talking excitedly.
          My wife said, "You  need to hear what Trenton just  told me."  My
          son  then said that  during the night  when he knew  I was laying
          hands on him and praying,  he suddenly felt this tingling feeling
          all  over his body.   Then he  said he felt this  snap inside his
          stomach right  where the  pain was  the worst.   I  asked him  to
          explain what he meant by a snap but he only could explain it as a
          snap; like a twig breaking.  "What happen then," I asked eagerly.
          He said  the pain instantly vanished and that  was when he got up
          off the floor and  lay down on the foot  of the bed.  He's  never
          suffered one of these attacks since.

               If you want to hear of something really weird, I even have a
          personal  friend  whose  tooth  had a  large  whole  filled  with
          something that  looks like  gold.  To  make this  bizarre healing
          even  worse, you  can  clearly  see little  tiny  crosses on  the
          surface of the filling.  I said it was weird.
               While I'm on the subject,  a pastor friend's mother had been
          to the local small town dentist the day before they had a healing
          service with  a guest  speaker.  The  woman invited  the dentist;
          explaining  there would  be  a  healing service.    Though not  a
          Christian,  he thought  he'd attend  just to  prove it  was fake.
          Suddenly,  during  the  healing   service,  the  pastor's  mother
          explained something  had  happened to  her teeth.   Her  dentist,
          having just worked on her teeth the day before, asked her to open
          her mouth.  After examining her teeth, he reported that he had no
          idea what  that stuff was in her teeth  because it wasn't what he
          had put in.  Why does God do it that way?  I don't know.

               I  could take  the  next  few pages  and  relate stories  of
          stillborn children  suddenly brought  back  to life,  inoperative
          medical  cases mysteriously cured, skin diseases and skin growths
          disappearing  before the very  eyes of  onlookers, a  stomach and
          internal organs  eaten  away with  cancer  mysteriously  regrown;
          confirmed  by doctors,  sight  restored,  and multiple  sclerosis
          cured to name  a few.   I personally  have been healed  instantly
          twice at home  as I  prayed when  suffering from a  bad cold  and
          another  time from the  stomach flue.  I  doubt, however, none of
          this will  change Brother  MacArthur's, or  The Amazing  Randy's,
          minds.   You see, they must have proof.   There is no doubt in my
          mind that  if they had  such proof, they still  wouldn't believe.
          At least that's what Jesus said about the rich man in hell.   The
          proof  needed  is the  Bible itself.   If  you won't  believe the
          Bible; you won't believe even the physical proof.

               One  more  thing  before  leaving  this  section.    Brother
          MacArthur  refers to  Dr. William  Nolan  and his  book to  prove
          Katherine  Kuhlman was a fake.  I have a personal friend who is a
          medical doctor and was in several Katherine Kuhlman meetings.  He
          personally told me he  sat near a woman who cried  out during the
          service  and when he quickly  looked over to  see what was wrong,
          something fell from  her eye.  The woman began shouting she could
          see.   In  the  excitement of  the moment,  the  doctor said  she
          reported she had an artificial eye.   Was it a plant?  Was  she a
          fake?   I don't honestly know.   The one  thing I do know  is the
          gift of healing is still available today and people can still  be
          healed by the power of God.  Miracles are still around, too, even
          if The Amazing Randy and John MacArthur deny the power of God and
          the Biblical evidence.

                               SECTION 4

                            HEALING METHODS

               In this section of his sermon, Brother MacArthur attempts to
          discredit  the gift  of healing  today as  not representative  of
          those methods Jesus and His  disciples employed.  He stresses six
          different aspects  of those  methods which I  will list  and then
          comment on individually.

               Brother MacArthur identifies our Lord's healing methods as:

               1.  Jesus healed with a word or a touch.  
               2.  Jesus healed instantaneously.
               3.  Jesus healed totally.
               4.  He healed anybody.
               5.  He healed organic disease.
               6.  He raised the dead.

               I, of  course, have  no disagreement  with the first;  Jesus
          healed with a word or a touch.   Sometimes even with His spit.  I
          do,  however, disagree  somewhat with  the  second; Jesus  healed
          instantaneously.  Here's what Brother MacArthur says:

               "Never in all His healings does the Bible say He healed
               somebody and they        started  getting better.   No,
               there was never a  process, because if there      was a
               process  the point  wasn't made.    Right?   Because if
               there was a      process then it could  be explained in
               another way.  It was instantaneous."

               From  here, Brother  MacArthur  sights several  examples  of
          instantaneous healings  by our Lord.   He claims  the Centurion's
          servant, the  woman with an issue  of blood, the  ten lepers, and
          the  crippled  man  at  the  pool of  Bethesda  were  all  healed

               May I  point out a few people  Jesus did not heal instantly?
          Two that come  to mind right  off the  bat are both  blind.   The
          first  blind man was  brought to Jesus  in order to  be given his
          sight.  Jesus led him by the hand out of the town and then, get a
          hold of yourself, spit on  his eyes!  Then our Lord laid hands on
          his eyes, according  to Mark's Gospel record,  and after removing
          His hands, asked the man if he could see.  The blind man said, "I
          see men as  trees, walking."  Jesus  again laid his hands  on the
          man's  eyes and this  time the man  was fully healed.   [See Mark

               Another case of the blind being healed is recorded in John's
          Gospel  chapter 9.   Here  Jesus spit on  the ground,  made clay,
          pressed it in the eye sockets of the blind man and instructed him
          to go to a certain pool and wash.   Why did Jesus do it this way?
          I mean, it's kind of unsanitary.  I think it's likely the man had
          no eyes.   Though  it's true  the man  was healed  the moment  he
          washed the  goop from  his eyes, Jesus  did not  heal him  on the
          spot.  Brother MacArthur claims Jesus always healed instantly.

               Then,  too, Brother  MacArthur is  mistaken  when he  claims
          Jesus healed the ten lepers instantly.  Jesus told all ten men to
          go to  the priest and  offer sacrifice and the  Scriptures record
          they were healed as they went; not on the spot.  [See Luke 17:12-
          19].  Honestly, I wonder if Brother MacArthur is reading the same

               Then, of course,  we have the healing of  the nobleman's son
          in John's Gospel.  This man  requested Jesus to come with him  in
          order that  his son might be healed.   Jesus told the nobleman to
          go his way because his son was healed.  The man believe Jesus and
          went home.  Before he arrived,  some of his servants met him  and
          told him his son was  healed.  Here's what was said next.   "Then
          enquired he of  them the hour  when he began  to amend. And  they
          said unto him, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him."
          When he began  to amend?  If  you study the words  "when, began,"
          and "amend,"  you'll discover  a gradual  recovery following  the
          immediate cure of  the fever.  The word for "amend" in this verse
          is  actually a word  that means (to  get better) or  (to bring to
          amend).   It  actually means to  convalesce, (I.E.,  to gradually
          return  to normal  health or  to recuperate).    Some may  say my
          interpretation  is subject  to  personal opinion.    It is  quite
          interesting to me, however, that this  word translated "amend" in
          this passage  is  the only  time the  Greek word  appears in  the
          entire New Testament.

               My point  is Brother  MacArthur simply  is mistaken  when he
          claims  Jesus  always  healed  instantly.    The  reason  Brother
          MacArthur  makes this  claim of instant  healing is  to discredit
          anyone who  fails to get  healed instantly  today.   If it  isn't
          instant, it  isn't the healing power  of God?   Shoot, even James
          5:14-15  to  which  he   refers  in  his  sermon   doesn't  claim
          instantaneous healing for the sick that come for anointing.

               In  his third statement, Brother MacArthur says Jesus healed
          totally;  implying  no  partial  healings.   I  agree.    Why  he
          believes, however, this means everyone must be healed totally and
          suddenly today is a mystery.

               I have some  trouble with his fourth statement.   "He healed
          anybody.  You didn't  have to have a long line  of people filling
          out cards.  And He       certainly  didn't have a whole group  of
          people who came into the meeting       in wheelchairs and left in
          wheelchairs  (if  they had  wheelchairs, or          crutches, or
          whatever).   Luke 4:40 says, "While the Sun was  setting, all    
          who had  any sick with various diseases  brought them to Him; and
          laying      His hands on everyone of them,  He was healing them."
          It's an incredible       thing.  He healed everybody.   He healed
          everybody instantaneously.  He      healed everybody  totally and
          He healed everybody with a word.  There      wasn't some folderol
          there was just a word!"

               Well,  first, I've already  shown that Brother  MacArthur is
          incorrect when  he says  Jesus healed  everybody instantaneously.
          Then, of course, I spoke earlier  how Jesus Himself was amazed at
          the unbelief  of  some and  didn't heal  but a  few sick  people,
          performing  no  miracles,  in  that  particular  place.    It  is
          incorrect  to  say   Jesus  healed  "anybody"  and   "everybody."
          Certainly  there  are places  in  the Gospels  which  state Jesus
          healed everybody  but it is in  reference to those that  came for
          that  purpose.   It  would  be  convenient  to say  Jesus  healed
          everybody, of course,  because then we could compare  what He did
          with what is  being done today but the truth is, Jesus simply did
          not heal  everybody; He  healed those  who came to  Him for  that
          purpose.  I  can say  that for  the same reason  I said  earlier;
          Jesus did not raise all the dead.  More on this in a moment.

               I likewise  agree with  his fifth  statement concerning  the
          fact  that Jesus  healed organic  disease.   Brother  MacArthur's
          implication is, however, that no body  can do that today nor  has
          anyone been healed organically.

               Concerning his sixth and final aspect of  our Lord's healing
          ministry, He says,

               "He raised the  dead.  He came  up on a funeral  and he
               raised the dead!   You      remember  that?  Here comes
               the funeral procession; the widow is going to      bury
               her son  and Jesus  stops the  procession, touches  the
               casket and  says,      "Young man, arise!" and the dead
               man  sat up and began to speak.  Now,  I      will tell
               you  something, people  who tout  the  gift of  healing
               today don't          spend  a lot  of  time in  funeral
               processions; the reason is obvious.  And       you need
               to note, by  the way, that Jesus did  virtually all His
               healings        and raising the  dead in public  before
               vast crowds  of people.  Why?       Because the gift of
               healing was real and it was an authenticating gift.    
                He used it to confirm the claim that He was the Son of
               God in  a  way  that          displayed His  power  and

               The  implication here  again is  that Jesus raised  the dead
          everywhere he went and such simply isn't true.  Of course Brother
          MacArthur  and other  doubters  love  to make  fun  of those  who
          believe in  the gift of  healing by saying  they never go  to the
          graveyards and  hospitals.   Shoot,  Jesus  never even  did  that
          Brother  John.   Name one  Scripture that  says Jesus  went to  a
          graveyard and  raised every  person from the  grave.   Jesus even
          went to the  cemetery to raise  Lazarus from the dead  after four
          days  but  He  never  raised  any other  single  person  in  that
          cemetery.  Furthermore, there is no  record that Jesus went to  a
          hospital  simply  to  raise  all  the sick  from  their  beds  of
          affliction.  In fact,  in John chapter 5, Jesus went  to the pool
          where the Bible  says many sick folk  lay in hopes of  a miracle.
          Jesus only healed  one single person in that  makeshift hospital.
          It  is, on  the other hand,  recorded again and  again that Jesus
          healed the multitudes that followed  him.  He, too, healed people
          along the way as He traveled.  If you red the Gospel's carefully,
          however, it will be discovered that Jesus healed mostly those who
          came to him  because they believed He  would heal them.   He also
          healed in  behalf of  those who represented  others unable  to be
          brought to  Him because  of their  condition.   Jesus  was not  a
          magician nor did  He just have "a  gift" of healing; He  was "The
          Healer."  No body  I've ever heard in the healing  ministry today
          who has authentic  Bible doctrine has claimed to  have what Jesus
          had;  they simply  claim  to  be His  servants.   That,  however,
          doesn't seem  to be good  enough for Brother MacArthur;  he wants
          proof; before and after proof.


               Brother MacArthur then  attempts to make the point  that the
          apostles healed  in the exact  same way Jesus did  and manifested
          all six of the aspects of  our Lord's healing methods.  Note  how
          Brother  MacArthur equates  this to  our  period of  time in  the
          following  statement  concerning  the  healing  ministry  of  the

               "They  healed  organic  disease,  not just  functional,
               psychosomatic, symptomatic  problems, and the  apostles
               even raised the dead.  Now, nobody is exhibiting  those
               six  traits in a healing ministry today.  So if this is
               supposed to be  the recapturing of the Apostolic era it
               is really "out of sync" with that."

               Of course  he fails to mention the apostles weren't perfect.
          They  failed miserably  when a  demon possessed  boy was  brought
          before them and they  couldn't cast it out.   I thought,  though,
          the  apostles had  the gift.   After all,  Jesus had given  it to
          them; even Brother MacArthur says  he believes they had the gift.
          Well, shoot  then, if you've got the  gift, shouldn't you be able
          to exercise  that gift  every single  time  and never  fail?   If
          you're Jesus perhaps but if you're  just a born again servant  of
          God, you might miss it once and awhile.  Not according to Brother
          MacArthur; you've got to be perfect if you have the gift.

               He finally  gets around to  saying exactly what he  means in
          this statement.

               "And  a final note;  according to Scripture,  those who
               possess those abilities   to heal could  use their gift
               at will.  That's not  true of the contemporary  healers
               because  they don't  have that gift.   They  play games
               with  people's  minds--the  power of suggestion.   They
               prey  upon people,  making them  believe   things  that
               aren't really true and they use deception."

               That's right.   When you flat out don't  believe the gift of
          healing is used  by God  today to  heal His own  people for  whom
          Christ died, you must  conclude they are all a bunch of screwball
          fakes playing with your mind and trying to get your money.

          POOR PAUL

               Continuing with  this  logic  of  the gifts  of  the  Spirit
          passing away  with  the last  apostle,  whoever he  was,  Brother
          MacArthur  makes sure we note that  the Apostle Paul had at least
          two  friends mentioned  in the  New Testament  that he  failed to
          heal.  Well, join the club.  The other apostles had  trouble even
          when Jesus was still on earth so  I'm not surprised Paul had some
          healing failures, too.   It kind of  made me feel sorry  for poor
          old Paul  the way  Brother MacArthur  suggested that  perhaps the
          temporary gift of  healing was slipping  away; fading right  into
          the  sunset; the close of  the apostolic New  Testament era.  I'm
          surprised Paul made it as far as he did in the ministry.  He must
          have been as weak as a  kitten, spiritually speaking, by the time
          he died.


               Here's something else Brother  MacArthur believes concerning
          the gift of healing and the Charismatics in general.

               "It was never  intended as a permanent way  to keep the
               Church  healthy; yet today  Charismatics teach that God
               wants every Christian  well all the time."

               Yes, we  also believe  in preaching  that  God doesn't  want
          anyone to  sin.  Do they?   Of course.   Then why preach it.   We
          also preach people  can have  eternal life in  Jesus Christ.   Do
          people still  die? You  bet they  do.  Then  why preach  it.   We
          preach  against divorce.   Do people, even  Christians, still get
          divorced?  Yes.  Then why preach it.  We likewise preach the soon
          return of Jesus Christ.   Has He come?   Then why preach it.   If
          you are going to criticize Charismatics for  preaching that their
          Heavenly Father wants  them well by suggesting their  lack of one
          hundred percent  health means their doctrine is false, you're not
          being honest Brother  MacArthur.  I will  comment Scripturally on
          this  concept of  perpetual bodily  health  and the  will of  God

                               SECTION 5

                       REASONS WHY GOD MIGHT HEAL

               In Brother  MacArthur's closing  remarks, he  admits we  can
          look to God for healing today.  He gives three reasons.

               1.  He might heal because of His person.
               2.  God heals because of His promise.
               3.  God heals because that is His pattern.

          The problem is that he conditionalizes each of these by limiting,
          or otherwise restricting, God.

               First,  remember  that  Brother MacArthur  has  canceled all
          miracles of God for today's Christian.   He claims God might heal
          you today if you have a disease or an illness; he  does not allow
          for  miracles.   What  does that  mean?    Well, everybody  in  a
          wheelchair has  no hope.   The blind  are without  hope.   Cancer
          victims are without hope.   Physically inured people of all kinds
          are  without hope.  If you're minus  a limb, you're without hope.
          Why?  Brother MacArthur says  God stopped doing miracles when the
          last apostle died; whoever he was.  All of those people  today in
          need of a miracle must wait until they get their glorified body's
          upon the return  of Christ.  You  see, God no longer  handles the
          impossible cases.   Oh, sure,  He once did because,  according to
          Brother MacArthur, there was no written Scriptures and God had to
          prove His authenticity.  Now, however, because we have the Bible,
          God somehow  has lost His  miracle working power.   Sure, Brother
          MacArthur says, God  can heal sicknesses once and  a great while.
          God can also heal someone  of a little illness but  nothing else.
          The rest  of the  poor suffering  "organically" infirmed  Body of
          Christ are beyond God's help and concern.

          HIS PERSON

               Here's what Brother MacArthur  says concerning God's healing
          power today.

               "1.  He might heal because of His person.  You remember
               his  Old  Testament  name,  that  wonderful name:  it's
               really       Yahweh Rapecca (sp.)--The Lord that Heals.
               God heals because of  His      person.   "I the Lord am
               your healer," He told the  Israelites. - But why did he
               choose  to  heal  people?     Because  He  was         
               demonstrating His  compassion, and a  compassionate God
               has a heart to      heal."

          Remember,  though, God  is kind  of like  those modern-day  faith
          healers  to whom Brother MacArthur refers throughout his message;
          He,   God  can't  heal  physical  disabilities;  He's  just  into
          psychological and  emotional healings  today.   Maybe, if  you're
          lucky, God will  touch somebody with a disease or  an illness but
          that's it.
          HIS PROMISE

          Though my Brother claims God will keep His eternal promises which
          He made  to His  own, he conditionalizes  God's promises  to make
          sure  God conforms  to his  doctrinal  teachings on  the gift  of
          healing.  Notice how Brother MacArthur words it.

               "2.   God  heals  because  of His  promise.   He  says,
               [Whatever we ask  in His name, believing  and according
               to His      will, He will do it.]  - If in God's will  
                 He has  designed that [then] He will  do that because
               of His promise."

          It's sad God can't keep His promises.  Aren't you glad God hasn't
          done that  with  salvation?   I mean,  what would  we  do if  God
          promised to save  us and once  we claimed  His promise, we  later
          discovered the promise died out with the last apostle; whoever he

          HIS PATTERN

               Finally,  Brother MacArthur gets  around to telling  us it's
          God's pattern to heal so God "might heal" if He wants.

               "3.  God heals because that is His pattern.  It is true
               that in the atonement God  bore our diseases, Matthew 8
               says       it.   Matthew 8 says,  "He Himself took  our
               infirmities, and carried away      our diseases."  Now,
               we have already  discussed 1 Peter 2:24 and I won't    
               do it  again; it  doesn't mean  that healing  for every
               sickness is in the      atonement for now!  But healing
               for  every sickness  is  in the  atonement          for
               someday--isn't it?   And someday He will remove  all of
               those diseases.        Ultimately, eternally we will be
               delivered from sickness and infirmity.       And it may
               just be that He would choose because of that pattern of
                   providing a salvation  that ultimately delivers  us
               from  bodily infirmity         when we get  a glorified
               body, that maybe He will give us a  taste of      glory

          How can Brother MacArthur accuse  Annette Capps of double talk in
          her book after  making that statement.   In one breath  he claims
          God provides for our sicknesses and diseases in the atonement and
          in  the  next he  says but  not for  today.   Man, I've  heard of
          limited atonement but that's ridiculous.

          I PETER 2:24

               Those  who disbelieve God  can, and does,  do miracles today
          and who also deny there is a gift of healing, are scared spitless
          of I Peter 2:24 and do their dead level  best to explain it away.
          I'm  sure the  reader knows  what  it says  but let  me  quote it

               Who his  own self bare our sins in  his own body on the
               tree, that we,  being dead  to sins,  should live  unto
               righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

               Now Brother MacArthur  and a host  of other disbelievers  in
          God's power  absolutely refuse  to accept  this verse  literally.
          They almost always  spiritualize it by saying that  we are healed
          spiritually,  (I.E., when we  are born again).   I have taught at
          great length  on this passage in my  letter I referred to earlier
          which I mailed to the Radio Bible Class in Grand Rapids, Michigan
          so I won't spend any time on it here.  May I  point out, however,
          that the Greek  word Peter used "by His stripes  we are (healed)"
          is used  28 times  in the  New Testament  and in  every case  but
          perhaps  one, it's  in  reference  to a  literal  healing; be  it
          physical or psychological/emotional.  I  believe I can even prove
          the single  reference left is  also in reference to  the physical
          but that aside, Peter was quoting directly from Isaiah 53:6 which
          every Israelite took literally.  In fact, it was a prophecy which
          Peter confirms was  fulfilled on the cross.   You either believe,
          as no doubt  Brother MacArthur, that  we can be "cured"  from our
          sins  or  you  believe  we  are  forgiven.    I'm  sorry  Brother
          MacArthur, we cannot be "cured" of our sins.

                             FINAL REMARKS

               Brother MacArthur  concludes his message by  recommending we
          also  consider medical help  and of course  I concur.   Yes, it's
          true some people go off the deep end and say we should never seek
          medical  attention for  things but  I, nor  any  other Biblically
          sound Charismatic, thinks we should forsake medicine, doctors, or
          hospitals no matter how hard  Brother MacArthur tries to make you
          think  otherwise.  Brother MacArthur hasn't bothered to identify,
          or  otherwise quote, those  leading Charismatics that  believe in
          balance; he just wants you to think they're all a bunch  of nuts.
          You'll  have  to  decide  on  your own,  however,  by  using  the

               This is not  a teaching on  the gift of  healing nor on  the
          healing power of  God; it's a rebuttal.   I have done my  best to
          show  that Brother MacArthur's interpretation of this doctrine is
          highly suspect.  I, too, once believed as he.  One of the biggest
          reasons for my fear of the Charismatics  and the gift of speaking
          in  tongues  had to  do  with  this  healing doctrine;  I  simply
          couldn't bring  myself to believe.   After being filled  with the
          Holy Spirit, however,  and given the gift of  tongues, I suddenly
          realized I might have  been in error and thus began to diligently
          study the  Scriptures.  It  took many  many months and  many many
          hours of prayer  before God began to convince me by His Word that
          I had been wrong.

               There is another  problem with which I  had to deal  on this
          subject of healing.   I have been totally blind  since age eleven
          when I lost all my  sight due to detached retinas.   Yes, it's of
          course  true some silly Charismatics try  and lay guilt on you by
          saying if you just had enough faith, but I've out grown  them now
          that I have a better understanding of the gift of  healing.  Do I
          believe God can perform  a miracle in  my behalf?   Yes!  God  is
          going to have to do exactly that  in my case because I'm not just
          blind; I  have  two artificial  eyes.    I'll need  more  than  a
          healing; I'll need a recreative miracle.

               Someone asked me once, "What are you going to do if you live
          your entire life believing God and  it never happens."  What they
          meant was, what  if you die believing  God was going to  give you
          sight and nothing ever  happened.  First, I said, when  I die, or
          when  the Lord  comes,  I'll  see Him  face-to-face  with my  new
          glorified body.  Secondly, I will have the honor and privilege of
          living  the balance  of my  entire life,  perhaps fifty  or sixty
          years, believing  God for something.   Now be honest;  whom would
          you  rather be.   John MacArthur  who will  stand before  God and
          confess  he  preached for  years  that  God  was helpless  to  do
          anything after the "apostolic era,"  or the guy who stands before
          God who lived  by faith in God's  miracle working power.   Do you
          think God is  going to belittle the  one who walked by  faith and
          confession,  though  perhaps  never seeing  the  fruition  of his
          confession till he receives his glorified body, or will God honor
          him.  I think the answer is obvious.

               Jesus once told a story  about an employer who hired several
          men at  different hours of  the day.   At the day's  end, the man
          paid each of the newly hired employees the  same amount no matter
          how long they  had worked.   Some complained but  Jesus said  the
          point was that some think, because of their labor and dedication,
          they should receive  more.  Jesus said, however,  the first shall
          be last  and the last first.  I may  never be granted the miracle
          of my  physical sight  in this  life.   I may  die believing  for
          something God simply was powerless to do anything about.  When it
          comes to  standing in line,  however, you'll need a  telescope to
          see Brother MacArthur from my position near the front.


               Though   I  touched  on   this  briefly,  Brother  MacArthur
          criticizes Charismatics for  believing that God wants  us to walk
          in health today.  I've mentioned that such arguments are based on
          the reluctance to  honestly live by faith and the Word of God for
          every area of life.  I personally know two people who never go to
          the doctor  and never take  any prescription or over  the counter
          drugs for anything.  Do they  get sick?  Once and awhile  but not
          very often.  What do they do when they become ill?  They pray and
          claim God's gift of healing for their lives.  They have both been
          miraculously healed  and been restored  time and time  again from
          not  only illnesses  but in  one  brother's case,  from what  the
          doctor's called an  inoperative situation  and in  the other,  he
          claimed to  be healed in  seconds from a  broken ankle.   Do they
          have medical records, x-rays before and after, and doctor's sworn
          statements?   Of course not.   Why would they  need them; they're
          healed.  It's Brother MacArthur who needs them.

               I am not going to launch into  a long doctrinal study on the
          gift  of healing and the will of  God for a person's life in this
          writing;  I'm simply attempting  to give representation  of God's
          Word  on  the  subject.    The  bottom  line  is  one's  personal
          relationship with Jesus Christ.  If  you are born again and don't
          believe in healing or miracles, one day we will all stand  in our
          Lord's presence well and perfectly whole.  I, on  the other hand,
          believe  God  cares for  us  today  and  that He  still  performs
          miracles  in our  behalf.   I believe  Jesus  Christ died  for us
          physically  and by His stripes  we are healed.   Do I still go to
          the doctor?  Of course.  I even believe I will one day die and be
          buried if  Jesus  doesn't come  first.   Yet  I still  confess  I
          believe I am going to live forever.  How?  By faith.

                                 IN NEED OF A MIRACLE

               I would  like to conclude this booklet by offering a word of
          encouragement to those who need God to work in their behalf.

               First, make  sure  you know  the Word  of God  well on  this
          subject of the gift of healing.   The devil is using a number  of
          Christians to rob us of what rightfully belongs to us through the
          vicarious suffering  and bodily  resurrection of  our Lord  Jesus

               Second, stay away from these people who say Jesus Christ and
          God the Father are powerless to perform miracles today.  You will
          discover that most  Christians, even many Charismatics,  are very
          negative when it  comes to just exactly how much  power God still
          has today.   Avoid them as much as  possible and whatever you do,
          don't discuss what you believe in your heart with these doubters.

               Third, ask the  Lord to give you an  agreeing praying friend
          that will stand  with you in your  belief.  Frankly, this  is the
          hard part.  There aren't many real believers today in the healing
          power of  God but  ask the Lord  for that  partner.   You'll find
          times you want to renege on your confession of faith and it helps
          to have a  partner to help you through those times.  Don't forget
          the Holy Spirit is  your prayer partner, too.   He'll pray  every
          time you do and  knows the mind of  God better than we.   He, the
          Holy Spirit, will make sure your prayers get to God.

               If  you don't find a friend to be your partner in agreement,
          ask God to  assign your case to some intercessor somewhere in the
          world.   Request that this  intercessor continually pray  in your
          behalf  until your  request is  answered.   It  doesn't make  any
          difference if you don't understand how intercessory prayer works;
          just ask God for  that intercessor and  the Holy Spirit will  see
          it's done.

               Fourth, once you are convinced  by the Scriptures that  God,
          not  only  has  the  power,  but  in  fact  is  willing  to  work
          miraculously in your behalf today, make it a commitment.  By that
          I mean, pray and ask  God to heal you  or to perform that  needed
          miracle  in your  behalf.   Confess your  belief in His  Word and
          confirm your belief  as often as opportunity affords  until it is
          brought  to  fruition.   I'm  not  suggesting  you put  a  public
          confession  in the  newspaper to  announce to  the world  of your
          decision; I'm simply saying to confess it first to God, second to
          the devil and any deceiving spirits that will try and get  you to
          deny, or otherwise  change, your conviction, and  finally confess
          it to anyone  who either asks or challenges your  decision.  Will
          you feel stupid making such a confession?  Of course and those to
          whom you may confess it on occasion  will make sure you do.  They
          may even  call you stupid  but just smile  and bless them  in the
          name of the Lord.   If that doesn't work, tell them to buzz  off.
          Some do-gooder Christian may say, "Well, shoot, you lost your arm
          in the war.  You don't believe God is going to give you a new arm
          do you?"  Just smile real big and say, "You mean you  don't?"  No
          matter what,  just keep  right on believing  God.   In fact,  die
          believing  God if  necessary.   If we  continue to  confess God's
          promises and die and  stand before God, I  guarantee God will  be
          greatly pleased and  will confess to us, "Well done,  my good and
          faithful servant."


               Finally,  perhaps  what  you  suffer  is  not  physical  but
          emotional or  psychological.  All  this works the same  way as it
          does for  physical healings.  If you are careful when reading the
          Gospels,    you'll    discover    Jesus    healed    emotionally,
          psychologically, and physically.  In fact, Isaiah states, "But he
          was  wounded  for our  transgressions,  he  was  bruised for  our
          iniquities: the chastisement of our  peace was upon him; and with
          his stripes  we are healed  (Isaiah 53:5).  the  third statement,
          "the  chastisement of  our  peace  was upon  Him,"  is in  direct
          reference to the emotional and  psychological.  Take time to read
          all of Isaiah chapter 53  and you will see just how much our Lord
          suffered emotionally and psychologically on the cross for us.  No
          matter the need, our God heals.

               When considering  the emotional and  psychological, however,
          don't allow anyone to tell you to forsake medical treatment.  For
          some reason, some people who  believe in God's healing power will
          easily agree to having physical needs treated  medically but they
          bow their neck when it  comes to the emotional and psychological.
          There   is  nothing  wrong   with  being  treated   medically  by
          professionals  for  emotional  needs  and  there  are  many  good
          Christian professionals in  this field.  Healing in  this area of
          one's life is  no different, absolutely no different,  than for a
          physical need.

               As  you wait patiently on the Lord,  keep in mind that faith
          is a defensive weapon.  Faith doesn't attack; the Word does (Eph.
          6:10-18).  It is what  you believe, or your level of  commitment,
          which makes  the difference; not  how much, or little,  faith you
          think you have.   Don't forget that even Jesus  had to repeatedly
          refute  the  devil  when  He   was  tempted  forty  days  in  the
          wilderness.   [Read Luke 4:1-14].   Don't  give up once  you have
          made a commitment.


               To assist you in maintaining a confession, I have prepared a
          booklet called  "IT IS  WRITTEN."  This  booklet is  nothing more
          than several confessions, Scripturally  documented, which you can
          use to  fend off the  fiery darts of  the devil.   The Scriptures
          themselves  will help  solidify your  faith  as you  read through
          them.   If you  feel uncomfortable reciting  written confessions,
          then just read  all the Scriptures out  loud which come with  the
          booklet.  We do serve a miracle working God and His Word confirms

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