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          INTRODUCTION  1

               ABIDING WORDS  6
               ABIDE  6
               ILLUSTRATION  6

               PETITIONING DEFINED  8
               ILLUSTRATION  9
               PRAYER  9
                    DIAL #1  9
               SUPPLICATION  10
               THANKSGIVING  10

               PERSON  12
               PARTNERSHIP  12
               POWER  12

          APPLICATION  13

          CONCLUSION  14

                               BEARING FRUITFUL PRAYERS


                                     PHIL SCOVELL

                                     JOHN 15:7-8

               If you  abide in  me, and  my Words abide  in you,  you
               shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.
               Herein  is  my  Father glorified,  that  you  bear much
               fruit; so shall you be my disciples.


               Jesus said:   "Without Me  you can do nothing"  (John 15:5).
          Is the reverse true?   "For with God nothing shall be impossible"
          (Luke 1:34).  Since both are true,  the question is "How?"  Jesus
          makes reference to the "how" in John 15:7-8...through prayer.

                                 PART I

                          THE PLACE OF PRAYER

               From  John 15:7-8, I  offer twelve personal  observations on
          prayer which apply to  the life of every Believer.   They are not
          theologically deep,  obstreperous,  nor    spiritually  abstract.
          They show, however, the place prayer should hold in our lives and
          we need to be continually acknowledging  them as we  make request
          of our Lord.


               Perhaps   the   most   overwhelming,  certainly   the   most
          ostentatious, truth about John 15:7-8 is the acknowledgement that
          God desires to answer our prayers.  "You shall ask what you will,
          and it shall  be done unto you."   He not only desires  to answer
          our prayers; it is His will; according to His Son's own words.


               Closely connected is the promise that He in fact will answer
          our prayers under certain conditions.  "And it shall be done."                                                                  ____


               By simply reading John 15:7-8  we must quickly assume He has
          the power to answer any request we make of Him.   If He does not,
          why say:  "And it shall be done?"


               An  elementary observation of  this text also  reveals God's
          willingness to  see His  people fruitful.   "Herein is  My Father
          glorified, that you bear much fruit."   If God desires His own to
          be spiritually  fruitful, we must  conclude He has  provided some
          way of that being achieved.


               This  immediately  brings  us  to  the  way  in  which  such
          fruitfulness is  accomplished.  "You  shall ask  what you  will."
          Prayer, and specifically the petitioning of God in prayer, is how
          such spiritual fruitfulness is achieved for the Christian.


               Our text  begins with a  condition:  "If."   That is,  if we
          do...He  will...and  if  we  don't...He  won't?    Yes,  but  the
          condition is not "will  He" or "can He," but  "if we will."   "If
          you abide in me and my Words abide in you."

               When we  pray, petition God,  we come with  what I call  our
          "spiritual identity" or "integrity."

          ILLUSTRATION #1

               An aircraft, any aircraft, has  what is commonly referred to
          as a "signature."   This signature is revealed when it is scanned
          by radar.  Simply put, the inbound aircraft has an identity.  The
          radar operator, air traffic controller, can identify what type of
          an aircraft is  approaching and can then give  instructions as to
          where it should fly, land, and in which order.

               When we pray, we too have an  identity - signature.  When we
          approach  our Heavenly  Father with  our petition, we  look like,
          spiritually speaking, His Son Jesus.   Of course, the reverse may
          also be true.   If we approach  God with a petition  looking like
          someone other than His Son, we will find it impossible to receive
          an answer.   "What  does that mean?"   Most  of the time  we come
          running to  God for a quick  fix, a snappy  answer, or a  cry for
          immediate help!   We are not, nor have we been, "abiding in Him,"
          nor have His  "Words" been abiding in  us, and if the  truth were
          known;  we probably don't intend on abiding in His Word after our
          prayer is heard.  Bless God, though, we're going to get an answer
          and right now because God's Word is true!  The Father says, "That
          doesn't look or  sound like  any prayer  I would  honor," and  it
          isn't.  Thus, what generally occurs is a loss  of spiritual fuel.
          In  another words,  we crash  and  burn before  ever landing  our
          petitions before  God.   How  do I  know  this is  what  normally
          happens when  we pray?  If you accuse God of being deaf, think He
          is too  busy to take time for your  prayers, threaten to give up,
          suggest he is perhaps powerless, get mad, cuss, jump up-and-down,
          stomp your foot,  punch holes in  the wall, spit,  kick the  dog,
          slam  the door, pull your or someone else's hair out, skip church
          because of, withhold your offerings, neglect your Bible, threaten
          never  to pray  again,  avoid other  Christians,  refuse to  sing
          during  church, or anything else remotely close to such behavior,
          it is a pretty safe bet  He isn't abiding in you and you  sure-a-
          shootin' ain't abiding in His Word.  .

          ILLUSTRATION #2

               One day i went to the bank to cash a check.  Passing it over
          the counter, I  waited patiently with  my identification card  in
          hand.   A Minute passed  and she, the  teller,  returned  with my
          cash counting it out  and placing it in my hand.  "DOn't you want
          to see my ID?" I questioned.
               "No,"  she said,  "wE checked  the signature  on your  check
          against the signature cards we had you sign when  you opened your
          account.  They're the same," she smiled, "so there's no problem."
          That is exactly what happens when we pray.  Our names are written
          in heaven (Luke 10:20).   One might worry,  however,  that  their
          name isn't good enough.  We  likewise have the signature, name of
          Jesus, to  back us up.   When our  petition comes before  God, He
          looks  to His  Son and  shows  Him the  request.   "Is  this your
          signature Son," He,  God, asks.   "Yes, Father," Jesus  responds,
          "that's one of mine.  Put it  through."  In a very earthly sense,
          this  is what happens  when we pray  in Jesus name.   That is, we
          must pray as Jesus would have prayed  and his Words must abide in
          us; else the petition is invalid - without correct signature.  If
          you have  not been getting answers  to your prayers  of late, ask
          yourself,  "Who do I sound like when I pray?"  Jesus?  The Devil?
          If  you are not abiding  in Him and His Words  are not abiding in
          you, you will not be sounding like His Son when you pray.  By the
          way, simply  closing your prayers  with "in Jesus name"  does not
          mean you are abiding in Him.  It is how we live which proves what
          we say is what we mean when we pray.


               Something else I believe is  note worthy from John 15:7-8 is
          that, if we meet the conditions, we can anticipate an answer from
          our Heavenly Father.  "And it shall be done unto you."

               This  word,  "done,"  is  a rather  interesting  word.    To
          simplify things, I  will refer to  a single verse where  the same
          word is used three times successively in a very powerful way.

               All things  were made by  Him; and without Him  was not
               any thing made that was made (John 1:3).

               In each of these  three cases, the  word "made" is the  same
          word translated "done" in John  15:7..."And it shall be done unto
          you."  That's  right!  It is  a CREATION word.  When  we pray and                                          ________
          make  request of  God, if  we meet  the conditions,  we have  the
          creative power of God Himself  working in our behalf.  I  believe
          it even means that our  Heavenly Father will create something out
          of  nothing,  if necessary,  to  answer  our  prayers.   That  is
          "bearing fruitful prayers!"


               An overwhelming fact, easily missed, is that this tremendous
          promise is personal!  "If YOU abide in Me, and My Words abide  in                                    ___
          YOU, YOU shall ask what  YOU will and it shall be done unto YOU."          ___  ___                 ___                                ___
          Personalize your petitions if you desire a personal response.


               Fact:   God is honored when  we ask of  Him.  "Herein  is My
          Father glorified."   If, by our asking, He  were grieved, worried
          about our  request, too busy  to listen, wearied  by, aggravated,
          irritated with,  or just simply  not willing to do  anything, how
          could He thus be glorified?


               It  is  our Father's  will  that  our  prayers not  only  be
          answered  but  that  we  abound  with  answer-after-answer-after-
          answer.   "Herein  is My  Father  glorified, that  you bear  much

               The word "much"  means little  to us  today but  in the  day
          which Jesus spoke it, it carried power and great force.  It was a
          word which  might have been used  to describe a  rainbow - having
          "much"  color.   That  is: many  colors.   Our  Lord is  not only
          desirous  of having  His people pray  and ask  of Him, but  He is
          willing to answer our prayers, and He wants to answer our prayers
          over-and-over again - "much," or many times.


               Getting   your   prayers   answered   shows,   demonstrates,
          discipleship.  "Herein is my Father glorified, that you bear much
          fruit, so shall you be my disciples."  The best witness we can be
          for our Lord  is to get our prayers answered.  When, and if,  you
          get your prayers answered; even the lost will be attracted to you
          because everyone,  especially the  lost, want  God to hear  their
          prayers.  Pray for your  lost friends, relatives, and co-workers.
          Let them know you are praying for them concerning situations they
          face   -   marital   problems,   illness,  hardships,   financial
          difficulties, personal  problems - and  as God begins to  work in
          their  life through  your  prayers,  they will  be  drawn to  the


               Although my final  observation will not be  popular, it must
          be made:   "Herein  is my  Father glorified,  that you  bear much
          fruit; so shall you be my disciples."  Do you see it?   If we are
          not "bearing much fruit," that is, if we are not  getting answers
          to our  prayers:  [A] the Father is  not being glorified, and [B]
          are we His disciples?

               Many today  attempt to demonstrate their  Christian identity
          by saying:  "See my faithfulness?  I never miss church.  I always
          go."   Or, "See my giving?  I give a lot.  You can never out-give
          God...bless the  Lord."   Or, "See  my love?   I love  everybody.
          People can see God in  me because I show His love."   Or, "See my
          gifts?  I cast out devils  in His name.  I lay hands  on the sick
          and  they recover.   See my gifts at  work for God?"   Or, See my
          position in the  church?  I'm a  deacon.  I'm an elder.   I'm the
          pastor!   See where God  has placed me?"   Or, "See  my training?
          I've been to seminary, Bible college, the best in the land!"  Or,
          See my standards?  Look at how I walk the line for the Lord.  I'm
          straight, I'm narrow, I never deviate.  See all  the things I  do
          for the Lord?  I read my Bible, I pray, I tithe, support missions
          and others in need.  I memorize Scripture, I go to  church, I win
          the lost to  Christ.  Besides,  look at  all I don't  do for  the
          Lord...I don't  smoke or  drink or take  drugs or  live sinfully.
          See my standards?"  Or, "See my doctrine?  See what I believe and
          don't believe?  God knows I'm Ok!"

               Now that we have gotten it out  of our system; none of those
          things proves  discipleship.   I could name  dozens of  cults and
          other   nonchristian  sects  which   could  boast  of   all  such
          dedication.   The real Christians, the real  followers of Christ,
          the   real  disciples   of  Jesus   Christ   get  their   prayers
          answered...Jesus said so..."So shall you be my disciples."

                             ABIDING WORDS

               Now that you  are good  and mad,  let me comment  on what  I
          believe to be  the meaning of "If  my words abide in you."   This
          must certainly be the key to experiencing  regular and consistent
          answers to prayer.  

               There are, generally speaking, two basic Greek words used in
          the New Testament for the term "word."

               We know,  of course,  our Lord Jesus  is called  "THE WORD."
          "In the beginning  was the Word, and  the Word was with  God, and
          the Word was God.  The same was in  the beginning with God" (John
          1:1-2).  "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among  us" (John
          1:14).  There  is absolutely no denial that  these are references
          made of our  Lord Christ as "THE  WORD." In this case,  the Greek
          word logos is  used to refer to what I call "God breathed."  That
          is, the totality  of God's Word.   In the case of  Scripture, for
          example, it is correctly called "The  Word of God."  In the  case
          of  our  Saviour, He  is  "The  Word  Of God;"  personalized  and
          personified as God's Son.

               The other  term for "word" was  used by Jesus when  He said,
          "If my words abide in you."  This Greek word is rhema  and means,
          "Thus saith the Lord."  Simply stated, rhema can be seen as those
          words  of promise to those  who are His  disciples.  John 15:7-8,
          for example, is a rhema word or promise from God.  The entire Old
          and New Testaments,  however, are the logos word  or the complete
          Word.  In  another words,  John 15:7-8  is personal  and is  only
          applicable to those belonging to Christ.  The Bible, on the other
          hand, is  applicable to  all whether they  believe God's  Word or


               The  word "abide"  is used  over  one hundred  times in  the
          New Testament.   (Abode, dwell, remain, tarry,  continue, endure,
          present), and (stand), are but a  few other ways in which "abide"
          have been used by the King James translators.


               Most Christians  pray about  like they camp.   We  spend two
          weeks preparing.   Packing the  trunk, loading  the boat,  buying
          food,  stocking the cooler,  practicing casting in  the backyard,
          digging worms, preparing  the camper, etc.   Then we buzz  out to
          the lake and spend an entire day  setting up the tent, or camper,
          and unloading everything.   The minute it begins  to sprinkle, we
          yank  everything down,  jam it  into  the trunk/camper/boat,  and
          drive like crazy back to town.
               Jesus said, "If you abide - remain in, abode in, dwell with,
          continue in,  stand on  - no  camping...permanent dwelling;  your
          prayers will be answered.  In another words, when we pray, we are
          to   build  a  permanent  dwelling  place  upon  the  Holy  rhema
          word/words of God - His promises - then we can "ask what we will"
          and expect something to happen.  If we are just happy campers and
          not house builders, prayer is fruitless.

               Paul  wrote, "Let  the  rhema/word of  Christ  dwell in  you
          richly."  Why?   You cannot get your  prayers answered otherwise.
          If we will allow God's Word to dwell, inhabit, our lives richly -
          consider  God's Word  to  be  of great  value  and thus  live  as
          Scriptural millionaires  -  our  prayers  would  become  powerful
          manifestations of the work of Christ  in our lives as "THE LIVING

                                PART II

                         THE PRACTICE OF PRAYER

               Have  you ever noticed the  different responses you get from
          people who dial the  wrong telephone number?  When they are told,
          "No, I'm sorry.  You've dialed  the wrong number," some slam down
          the phone,  some cuss,  some experience  brain-lock and  maintain
          connection  breathing heavily into the mouth piece, others insist
          they dialed correctly, "So quit playing around and put Shirley on
          the  phone."   Funnier yet  is what  happens next.   Usually they
          immediate  redial  your  number  again.    When  they  have  been
          informed, for the second time, they have misdialed, they then get
          good and mad!  Most of us pray like that.

               For  years  I  prayed religiously  for  at  least forty-five
          minutes each day.  I had my little list and prayed over each item
          faithfully.  If I was in a hurry, I could  breeze through my list
          in  twenty  minutes; but  admittedly  I  did  not feel  quite  as
          spiritual on those days.  I, like the dedicated phone dialer, was
          doing  everything  I knew  to  do.    I was  praying...they  were
          dialing.  I was trying to  reach God...they were trying to  reach
          someone.   I was  praying everything I  knew to  pray...they were
          dialing all the  required digits.  I  knew with whom I  wished to
          speak...they knew with whom they wished to speak.  I continued to
          get the  wrong answers...they,  the misdialer,  likewise got  the
          wrong answers.  I would get mad...they would get mad..  No matter
          how long,  how often, how faithful, or how  sincere we may be, if
          we dial/pray  incorrectly; even if  we get the correct  number of
          digits, we will still be unable to receive an answer.

               About  this time,  many  Christians  stomp  their  foot  and
          confess:  "I'm doing the best I can."  That may certainly be true
          but Father God is not obligated  to answer prayers based on "your
          best."  He promises,  however, to answer any and all  our prayers
          based  upon His  best - His  Word..."If you  abide in me,  and my
          Words abide in you,  you shall ask what you will, and it shall be
          done unto you."  If we proclaim that such  is unfair, we are just
          as wrong as  the person who dials the incorrect  phone number and
          then blames the person on the other end.   Stop complaining about
          always getting  the wrong number and learn  how to "REACH OUT AND
          TOUCH" your Heavenly Father.

                          PETITIONING DEFINED

               Although I have  written on the subject  of "petitioning" in
          my  booklet "God's  Three Steps  To Answered  Prayer," I  feel it
          necessary  to  do so  again  in  light  of those  things  already

                                    I JOHN 5:14-15

               And this is  the confidence that we have  in Him, that,
               if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us:
               And if we  know that He hear us, whatsoever  we ask, we
               know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

               The incorrect interpretation of this passage has caused more
          frustration in the life of the praying Christian than perhaps any
          other on the  subject of  prayer.  Most  interpret this to  mean,
          "Well, maybe  He will and maybe He won't."   Or, "I'll pray about
          it for awhile  and if I don't get  my answer, well then,  it just
          isn't God's will."   That is blaming God  when it is we who  have
          dialed incorrectly.   I John  5:14-15 cannot mean "Maybe  He will
          and  Maybe  He won't"    Nor can  it  mean if  an  answer is  not
          received,  "Well, it  wasn't  His will."   The  passage concludes
          with, "and we know  that we have the petitions that  we DESIRED."                                                                  _______
          Remember  Jesus said, "You shall ASK  what you will, and it shall                                           ___
          be done unto you."  These two words, "desired," and "ask" are the
          same Greek  word.  Both passages, I John 5:14-15 and John 15:7-8,
          say that WE are to "ASK" and if we do so, not only are we assured                   __
          an answer - "and it shall be done unto you" - but we can likewise
          pray with "confidence" - boldness.

               The problem  most of us  face when praying  is what does  it
          mean if we  don't receive an answer  right away.  "Well,  it must
          not have been God's will or  I would have gotten my answer?"   Is
          that how you dial a  friend on the phone?  Do you  dial and then,
          if there is no  answer, assume they did not wish  to talk to you?
          Do you  give up  and say,  "Well, I'm  never going  to call  that
          person  again.  They just  don't want to  talk to me."   Then why
          pray that way?  If God does not answer a particular  prayer right
          away,  why would  we assume  He is  not interested  in doing  so;
          especially when He said He wanted  to answer?   What happened  to
          faith?  Stop being paranoid.  Just keep praying and  claiming His
          promises.  He said  He would answer.   If you  do not have  faith
          when you pray, don't dial His will look like He, God,
          is not home or that He is not interested in hearing from you.


               The first time I applied  for a business loan, I discovered:
          [1]  I  was asking for more  than they were willing  to lend, and
          [2] my request  was made according  to my terms.   When the  loan
          officer explained  the bank's  terms, I  reapplied and  secured a
          loan.   Knowing the  bank's terms and  asking according  to those
          terms made  the difference.   So it is  with God.   We either ask
          according to His  terms or experience rejection  and frustration.
          If we, on the other hand, are willing to conform to His terms for
          asking, we can  petition Him  with great  confidence -  boldness.
          Thus, interpret I John 5:14:  "And this is the confidence that we
          have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His terms, He
          hears us."

               The word "petitions"  in I John  5:15, "and we know  that we
          have the petitions that we desired of  Him," is also found in one
          of Paul's epistles.

                                   PHILIPPIANS 4:6

               Be  careful for nothing;  but in every  thing by prayer
               and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be
               made known unto God.

               The  word "requests"  is  the  same  Greek  word  translated
          "petitions" in I  John 5:15.   Thus we discover  God's terms  for
          asking:  "Prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving."


               It is amazing how often we pray without ever really praying.
          We tell Him all about the problem and how difficult it is for us.
          We inform  Him on  just how worried  we are  that things  are not
          going to turn out  well.  We remind  the Lord that He did  not do
          too well the last time we  asked Him for help - probably  because
          we're such a poor Christian  - and we even doubt that He  will do
          much this time;  but, bless God,   we ask nevertheless.   So much
          for praying.

               If we are going to petition God, we must  ask.  The word for
          "praye" in  Philippians  4:6  means exactly that  - to ask.   The
          Greek  word proseuche  for "prayer"  simply means  to pray.   Its
          prefix pro means (forward) or )in front).

          DIAL #1

               Calling long distance has been made convenient with "dial 1"
          service.  The days of requiring the assistance of an operator are
          nearly gone.  Now we simply  press #1, followed by an area  code,
          followed by the  seven digit number.  When you  pray, REMEMBER to
          "dial  #1."  Do not forget  the pro of prayer  - in front - where
          God is.   Place the  God of answered  prayer "in front"  where He
          belongs.  Turn from the  natural realm where the problem resides,
          and step into  the supernatural where God, who  is Spirit, lives.
          It  is there,  in the  spiritual realm,  where our  petitions are
          presented before our  Heavenly Father.  Remember, however,  to be
          sure to  put on the whole armor  of God as you do  so.  [See Eph.
          6:10-18 for instructions].   As we do so, we  will be spiritually
          conceiving and God will thus give life, answer, to our


               Following  conception,  there  is a  period  of  gestation -
          development  - which precedes birth.   If prayer, petitioning, is
          spiritual  conception, supplication  is that period  of gestation
          and should be maintained until the answer  is given - bORN.  This
          period  of  time,   the  time  of  supplication,   is  Scriptural

               When a  mother conceives,  she has nine  months in  which to
          CARRY her child.  Her body changes physically because she now has
          different  needs chemically.    Her  emotions  shift  because  of
          hormonal changes.   She eats  differently and  watches her  diet.
          Wise  moms abstain from  certain foods and  activities to provide
          the fullest protection  possible for the growing child.  Adequate
          rest and proper sleep ADDITIONALLY  play an important roll as the
          baby   develops.    This  period  of  gestation  is,  spiritually
          speaking,  supplication.  and it is only the beginning.

          After conceiving  in the spiritual  realm, it will  take diligent
          watchfulness if that petition, prayer, is ever to be born.  Again
          examining  Ephesians 6:10-18, we see that  we are doing spiritual
          battle when  we pray.   We are  additionally commanded:  "Praying
          always with  all  prayer  and supplication  in  the  Spirit,  and
          watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all
          saints."   The "watching",  protecting, is  supplication.   It is
          during that period  of gestation, development,  in which we  take
          God's Holy Word and confirm His promises.

               Such  agreement  with God  is  what Jesus  was  teaching His
          disciples  in John  15:7-8:  "If  you abide  in me, and  my Words
          abide in you."   I mentioned earlier that this word, "abide," was
          translated elsewhere in  the King James Version as (abode, dwell,
          remain, tarry, continue, endure, present),  and (stand).  Such is
          the nature, character, of "supplication."  Protect your petitions
          by confirming the  promises of God's Word perpetually.   How long
          should you practice such prayer?  Until you receive an answer; of


               If you get  the idea that  personal responsibility is  ended
          when you  receive an answer  to your prayers, think  again.  Paul
          said  that when such  petitions were made,  it was to  be done by
          "prayer,  supplication, and with  thanksgiving."  This  giving of
          thanks  is available to every Believer  for the expressed purpose
          of  protecting that  petition until  maturity  - fruition.   This
          "thanksgiving" is an  attitude of spiritual contentment.  How can
          we be spiritually content when the  answer has not yet come?   By

               Many  Christians  express  concern  over  giving  thanks  in
          advance  of any  answer not  yet experienced.   This  attitude of
          contentment is not  thanking God for an answer  not yet received.
          It is thanking God for being  the God of every circumstance.   It
          is appreciating God for having  the power to answer our requests.
          It  is  the  utilization  of  God's promises  in  the  spirit  of
          agreement.  It is seeing, knowing, that God hears and answers the
          prayers  of  His  people.    the  expression  of  such  spiritual
          contentment  demonstrates  our   faith.    The  greek   word  for
          "thanksgiving"  means (the usage  of grateful language).   Hence;
          worship.   Worship god  during the  period of  gestation.   It is
          perhaps our most powerful weapon as believers.

               It is amazing how often a baby, then a child, and  finally a
          teenager,  tries to kill themselves  during the various stages of
          growth  development.   Falling during  the weeks  of learning  to
          walk,  cracking their  head on  the corner  of the  coffee table,
          rolling down the stairs, getting  bitten by the dog, scratched by
          the  cat,  and stung  by  a bee  all  contribute  to their  early
          education.   Later they  discover touching  hot stoves,  crashing
          bicycles, falling from  trees, stepping on rusty  nails, breaking
          bones, stapling  fingers  together,  hammering  thumbs,  scraping
          knees, and rolling  off top bunks as useful  tools for increasing
          their knowledge of life as growing children.  Then it gets worse.
          Parents spend  most of this  time simply trying to  protect their
          children from doing great bodily harm to themselves.

               How far are  you willing to go to protect your prayers.  How
          much time are you willing to spend in worshiping god as  you wait
          for your petition to be answered?   When it is answered, how much
          time  is generally spent in  praise and adoration  of the God who
          heard and answered  your request?  If this  aspect of petitioning
          is overlook  or neglected, the  Devil, who comes to  steal, kill,
          and  destroy, will  rob us  of  many blessings.   Show  spiritual
          contentment when you petition God.  Exercise  thanksgiving.

                                PART III

                          THE POWER OF PRAYER

                                    ROMANS 8:26-27

               Likewise the Holy  Spirit also  helps our  infirmities:
               for we  know not what we  should pray for as  we ought:
               but the Holy  Spirit Himself makes intercession  for us
               with groanings which cannot be uttered.  And He - God -
               who searches the  hearts knows what is the  mind of the
               Holy  Spirit, because  He  - the  Holy  Spirit -  makes
               intercession  for the saints  according to the  will of

               Frankly, most of us forfeit  answers to prayer by simply not
          knowing the  Holy Spirit.  This  section could be just  as easily
          called "THE  PARTNER OF  PRAYER" because thus  is the  nature and
          ministry of the Holy Spirit.


               I  know,  for most,    it is  silly  to point  out  that the
          Holy Spirit is a person, but you would be amazed at the number of
          so-called  Christian groups which  deny his  personage.   He, the
          Holy Spirit, is indeed a person and this "Person" is no less than
          God Himself.   We  are  commanded in  Scripture to  "walk in  the
          Spirit" (Gal. 5:16).   Likewise we are commanded to  "pray in the
          Spirit" (Eph.  6:18 &  Jude 20).   One would find  these commands
          impossible to honor if the Holy Spirit is not a real person.  So,
          get to know the Holy Spirit.  How?  Pray!

               It  is  comforting   to  realize  the   Holy Spirit  becomes
          personally  involved   with  us  as  we  pray:     "Likewise  the
          Holy Spirit helps our infirmities: for we know not what we should
          pray  for as  we  ought:  but the  Holy Spirit  Himself.."   Just
          praying alone once is enough  experience to realize we need help!
          He, the Spirit of God, personally becomes involved so acknowledge
          His presence when you pray.

               The word "helps," or "helpeth"  in the King James, means "to
          take hold, together, against."   The Holy Spirit takes hold  with
          us on the other end of our prayers and helps carry the load as it
          is presented  before the Father.   He even  "makes intercession."
          This is  literally translated (makes  prayers), or you  could say
          the Holy Spirit (generates)  or (creates) prayers in  our behalf.
          I should point  out, however, He does  not do so unless  we pray.
          He is our Partner and He does not work alone.


               Power is released when the Holy Spirit "makes  intercession"
          for us.   This little phrase, "makes intercession"  is used twice
          by  Paul  in  context.    The  first  is  when  we  are  told the
          Holy Spirit  "Makes intercession" with  groanings which cannot be
          uttered."  As  just mentioned, this means He  "makes prayers" for

               The second usage  is in verse 27:   "because the Holy Spirit
          makes intercession for the saints  according to the will of God."
          The  translation  of   this  second  use   of  the  term   "makes
          intercession" is slightly different than the first.  This time it
          means  (to  confer   with  God).    In  an   earthly  sense,  the
          Holy Spirit, our partner in  prayer; sits down with  the Heavenly
          Father and confers,  counsels, with Him concerning  God's perfect
          will for  our lives.  As one might  hire an attorney to represent
          Him in  a court of law,  so the Holy Spirit represents  us before
          the God  who  hears and  answers prayer.   He,  the Holy  Spirit,
          speaks the language  of the Holy Court -  "groanings which cannot
          be  uttered."    This  does  not  mean  the  Holy Spirit   offers
          unspeakable prayers; simply prayers which are unnatural;  humanly
          speaking.   Other New Testament translations render  this phrase,
          "prayers too deep for human words."   Such is the ministry of the
          Holy Spirit as a  partner in petitioning God.   We must conclude,
          therefore, such intercessory prayer is supernatural - powerful.


                                       ACTS 1;8

               But you shall receive power, after that the  Holy Ghost
               is come  upon  you: and  you  shall be  witnesses  unto

               The  Holy Spirit's  manifestation of  power  is realized  in
          being  filled.   The  reason we  do  not receive  answers  to our
          prayers,  see the  lost  won to  Christ,  regular and  consistent
          growth in the Christian life,  miracles, and the like; is because
          we are not filled with the Spirit.

               "But don't I have the Holy Spirit if I'm born again?"

          Certainly! - (Eph. 1:13).  But do we  have power?  If we do, then
          we  are filled...if  not,  we are  not filled.   Being  unable to
          experience perpetual answers  to our prayers  is a flashing  neon
          sign testifying we are not Spirit filled.  

               "Does it really make that much difference?"

               After being filled with the Holy Spirit, I immediately began
          to experience answers to  my prayers.  I had  gotten some prayers
          answered  before;  but  with  no  regularity  nor  understanding.
          Within six  months of  being filled with  the Spirit,  I received
          more  answers to my prayers than since  I had been born again.  I
          am not exaggerating!   What made the difference?  I began to pray
          in the Spirit and He, the Holy Spirit, became my faithful Partner
          as I prayed.

               I encourage you to be  filled with the Spirit if you  desire
          His partnership when you pray.

               "How will i know when I am filled?"

          "You will receive  power, after that the Holy Ghost  is come upon

               "What is the evidence of that power?"

          Acts 2:4 says, "And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and
          began  to speak  with  other  tongues, as  the  Spirit gave  them

               "But I don't believe in speaking  in tongues...that died out
          with the last apostle."

          That, and  other related questions,  you will have to  answer for
          yourself  from  Scripture.    If  we deny  the  evidence  of  the
          Holy Spirit in today's New Testament Church, He will not manifest
          His  power, prayers  will remain  unanswered,  miracles will  not
          occur, few will be saved, and the Devil will maintain  control of
          this  world.   I choose  to believe the  Holy Spirit was  sent to
          minister power and  that such power will be evidenced when we are
          filled by Him.


               What must  we do  then?   We must  bear fruitful  prayers by
          praying.  We must likewise believe that God honors His Word.   We
          must,  by  faith, pray  and  expect God  to  hear and  answer our
          prayers  as  He  promised  in  Scripture.    We  must  pray  with
          confidence  -  boldness.   We  must  rely  upon the  ministry  of
          intercessory prayer by  means of the  person of the  Holy Spirit.
          We  must likewise be filled with the Spirit if we plan to pray in
          the  Spirit.     We  must  pray  faithfully,   consistently,  and
          deliberately.  We must be found faithful before our God.  We must
          "Pray without ceasing" (I Thess.  5:17).  Then we must  allow our
          praises to be heard by God and all upon the earth.  "We serve the
          God who hears and answers prayer!"

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