As I wrote,  and read again, the  story of my early  life, I
          found old emotions still  alive which I thought had  been laid to
          rest.    I  was  also  amazed with  the  detail  I  could recall.
          Speaking with  other family members, on the  other hand, revealed
          they had forgotten  much of  what I  still had  engraved upon  my
          memory.   My Mom,  for example, could  not remember  many details
          though she shared many of the experiences.  Perhaps forgetfulness
          is a  safety mechanism.  I once heard someone say that forgetting
          the past is impossible; learning to live with what we remember is
          the key.
               My life isn't any better,  or different, than any other.   I
          felt compelled to write of my life, however, for several reasons.
          I wanted my children,  now growing in to the teen  years, to read
          of  what I  faced in hopes  they will  see that, as  their dad, I
          faced difficult situations as they will  in their young lives.  I
          likewise felt the telling of  my story may encourage others faced
          with similar life tragedies.  The hand of God upon my life is  so
          evident, even to me, that I trust those who come in  contact with
          this  story will  see it  as well.    The purpose,  therefore, of
          telling my life's  story, is to cause each of us to recognize God
          at work in our lives though we may be unable to see it.
               For  those  reading this  book  who  are  blind, I  am  sure
          personal  identities  will  be  made.    I  have  no  outstanding
          characteristics; I've climbed no mountains;  I've accomplished no
          horrendous feats; I'm  not famous.  I  am just a person  whom God
          loves and for  whom Christ died.  That, however,  makes me unique
          in  God's creation for there is none like  me - I am a snowflake;
          special, individual; singular, one of a kind - as are you.
               More than anything, I trust  this book will assist others in
          seeing themselves as God does.  If you are born again, He is Lord
          of your life.  We  need to confess Him as Lord of every situation
          we face in order to not loose sight of His eternal plan for us.

          Complete In Him,

          Phil Scovell

          September 1991

          Denver, Colorado
                             End Of Preface

                             LIQUID PURPLE


                              PHIL SCOVELL

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