This is a  true story of a young boy, who after the death of
          his father  at the age of eleven, lost  his sight due to detached
          retinas in both  eyes.   He tells  how all of  this effected  his
          life, as well as those in his family, and how he dealt with it as
          a teenager in a public school where drugs became his escape.  His
          experiences  with rejection  are typical  of  those faced  living
          their  lives with disabilities and handicaps  all over the world.
               He  eventually went  into full  time  ministry in  his early
          twenties and  relates how  the rejection,  due to his  blindness,
          carried  over into  Christian ministry  work.   He concludes  his
          story by detailing his search for the Spirit filled life  and how
          this experience changed the way he lived.
               The  title, "LIQUID PURPLE,"  comes from his  blurred vision
          experienced  before surgery after  an intense examination  of his
          inner eye with bright magnified lights.

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                             LIQUID PURPLE


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