This  book  is   about  the  Holy Spirit;  His   nature  and
          personality, His character and ministry, His power and authority.
          If one is simply unfamiliar  with the Holy Spirit, this book will
          help in getting to know Him.
               This book  is also about  prayer and its power  and the need
          for  both in  the life  of every  believer.  If  we are  going to
          express  God  in  the  earth, it  must,  in  light  of "New  Age"
          theology, be done in power.  The Holy Spirit was sent to manifest
          this power and as you will see,  His power is released when God's
          people pray; pray  in the Holy Spirit.

                                 Phil Scovell

                               Denver, Colorado

                                 August 1989

                            PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT


                                 PHIL SCOVELL

                             Copyright 1989/2004

                               By Phil Scovell

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