THE MAKING OF PRAYER IN THE SPIRIT

                                ROMANS 8:26-29

               Likewise the  Holy Spirit  also helps our  infirmities:
               For we know  not what we should  pray for as we  ought:
               But the  Holy Spirit Himself makes intercession  for us
               with groanings which cannot  be uttered.  And  God that
               searches  the hearts  knows  what is  the  mind of  the
               Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit makes intercession
               for the  saints according to the  will of God.   And we
               know that  all things  work together  for good  to them
               that love God, to them  who are the called according to
               His purpose.   For  whom He did  foreknow, He  also did
               predestinate to be conformed  to the image of His  Son,
               that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

                                  CHAPTER 10

                           BREATHING IN THE SPIRIT

               I once  heard a  student home from  Bible college  report he
          discovered nearly nine hundred books in the school library on the
          subject  of prayer.   He  planned to read  each one  carefully in
          order  to learn  to  pray, thus,  you will  find  nothing new  or
          different in this chapter, but you will need it.  It is short and
          simple, plain  and uncomplicated,  personal and  practical; worth
          reading again.  I personally listen and read everything on prayer
          I can  find and  I recommend everyone  do likewise,  however, the
          best way to learn how to pray, is to pray.
               My definition of  prayer was given to me  by the Holy Spirit
          in mid 1985.  I had been praying, seeking God, studying His word,
          and questioning the  Lord for three years on the  answers to many
          questions I had  concerning answered prayer.  When He illuminated
          my spirit, he gave me this  definition:  Prayer is "Breathing  in
          the Spirit."
               We  generally frustrate prayer by setting lengthy periods of
          time, following  certain formats  and outlines,  running down  an
          endless  list of requests,  or praying certain  suggested prayers
          given by others.  We may religiously follow a certain pattern for
          months; only to  become discouraged and frustrated.   Why?  Could
          it be  that we have  failed simply at  becoming a prayer  to God?
          "Pray  without ceasing."1  Unless  (we) become a perpetual prayer
          to God, we cannot obey that command.
               Our physical  bodies respond  naturally  to certain  things:
          Eating, drinking, hearing,  blood flowing through our  veins, and
          the  beating of  our  heart.   All  such  things come  naturally,
          without  practice, and without  conscious thought.   Breathing is
          perhaps the  most natural.   The Holy Spirit revealed to  me that
          prayer should be,  for the Christian, as natural  as breathing is
          to the body.  We never  think of breathing; unless, that is,  our
          breathing  becomes restricted  in some  way or  impeded.   Why is
          prayer  thus  unnatural  to  one  who  claims  to  have  personal
          relationship  with  God?    The  answer is  simple:    Prayer  is
          unnatural/ that is,  prayer is of  the Spirit I.E.  supernatural.
          As easy, as  uninhibited, as common place as  physical breathing;
          so prayer should be.  It  is not, however, because our spirit  is
          born again - of a new nature - but our body and soul are still of
          the old  life.   Our physical  bodies will  eat, drink,  and pump
          blood  naturally but  try and  exercise  that body  and see  what
          happens.    Rejection -  resistance  -  defiance.   Why?   It  is
          unnatural, foreign, to the body.  Does the body benefit from such
          exercise?  Certainly!  Then why rejection?  It is unnatural.
               The spiritual  body -  the regenerated human  spirit -  can,
          will, and does  pray naturally; that is, supernaturally.   It has
          no  trouble functioning and  operating in the  supernatural realm
          since it,  the born again  spirit, is  spiritual in nature.   The
          physical body, on  the other hand, is not  spiritual but fleshly.
          It is because of the difference, the contrast, therefore, we find
          difficulty in prayer; the soul  rebells.  James confirms that the
          soul -  the mind, will, and  emotions - of  our make up  is saved
          [delivered] only by the  engrafted [planted] Word of God.2  It
          is the Word,  therefore, to which  we must  be found faithful  to
          receive answers to our prayers.

                               Philippians 4:6

               Be careful for  nothing; but in  every thing by  prayer
               and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be
               made known unto God.

               I  have  prepared a  small booklet  entitled:   "God's Three
          Steps To Answered  Prayer."  It  is filled with  the promises  of
          God's Word on  various topics which can be  used when petitioning
          God.   I  caution the reader not to consider these three steps as
          a  specific formula  by  which  one demands  of  God, rather  the
          elements of petitionary prayer.
               Before  looking at these  three elements, might  I point out
          that our prayers  to God are largely  petitionary in nature?   We
          need not always ask,  of course, but  because He is our  Heavenly
          Father, and because He  is indeed the God  who hears and  answers
          prayer, we will  often make request of  Him.  It does  not anger,
          worry, bother, or otherwise  frustrate Him when we do.   In fact,
          He is  pleased.  As one  develops spiritual intimacy with  God in
          prayer, however,  it will be  discovered that our  petitions will
          take a great deal less time than ever before.  Actually, we will,
          as we pray in the Spirit, learn  how to spend less time in prayer
          with greater results.


               Some  Biblical   translations  interpret  "be   careful  for
          nothing" as (anxiousness).  Literally we are not to become unduly
          distressed  by  circumstances  but rather  make  request  of God.
          Simply stated: "Don't be careless but go to God with everything."
               The  first thing required in petitionary prayer is "asking."
          I no it seems silly to mention this; but, frankly, few of us ever
          get around to  asking God for anything.  Sure, we pray; "God it's
          terrible," or "God, why  did you allow this to happen  to me?" or
          "I thought  you could do anything, God!  So  get on with it!"  We
          spend a  great deal  of time when  we pray  complaining, griping,
          fussing,  cussing, arguing,  disclaiming, figuring,  calculating,
          suggesting,  threatening, wishing,  wanting, suffering,  pushing,
          crying,  hoping, and  worrying; but  rarely do  we get  around to
          simply asking God.   If you disagree, just listen to yourself the
          next time you  pray.  Prayer, in  its most basic form,  is simply
          asking  God.  If  we ask,  we will receive;  if we seek,  we will
          find; and  if we  knock, it  will be  opened to  us.3   Are there
          conditions?   Certainly!    All  such  conditions,  however,  are
          clearly identified in Scripture; thus,  know the Word if you plan
          to pray.   Our greatest concern should  first be going to  Him in
          petitionary prayer and we begin doing that by simply asking.  The
          Greek word  for "prayer"  in the  New Testament  uses the  prefix
          pro..   In  another words,  put  God "in  front"  of every  thing
          through prayer.


               Supplication  is sometimes  a misused  word.   It  literally
          means "to beg."  If  misunderstood, however, one could easily get
          the idea that we need to fall on our face before God  and beg and
          plead and beat  the ground, rending our cloths,  and casting dust
          in the air;  hoping we can change God's mind.  After all, we know
          God  doesn't want  to answer our  prayers so  somehow we  have to
          convince  Him otherwise.    Little wonder  are  prayers are  left
          unanswered.   Supplication is  nothing more  than agreement  with
          God.  The  promises in His Word are numerous; God wants to answer
          our prayers.   If  one does not  believe this,  receiving answers
          consistently will be impossible.
               Elijah was  a man subject  to like passions as  we are,
               and he prayed earnestly that  it might not rain: and it
               rained not on the earth by the space of three years and
               six months.   And he prayed again, and  the heaven gave
               rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit.4
               Elijah  secured  his  request through  earnest  prayer.   In
          another words, he  prayed until he got  what he wanted.   The key
          is, however,  Elijah wanted what  God wanted - repentance  by His
          people Israel.  The greatest cause for a lack of real  answers to
          prayer  is that we do not pray  "will of God" prayers - we simply
          do not agree with God.  How do we know if God  wants what we want
          when we  pray?  We must  know the Word!   Most of those  who read
          this book find it impossible to believe that God really does want
          to answer their prayers since most have been taught  differently.
          The  only way that  fallacy can be corrected  is by the engrafted
          word.   Plant  the  Word  within  your  heart  and  that  can  be
          accomplished as we  pray.  As you petition  your Heavenly Father,
          learn to  pray His Word.  If you  have trouble believing His will
          is to answer  your prayers, obtain a copy of my little booklet on
          "God's Three Steps To Answered Prayer," and begin planting.


               The third  element of  petitionary prayer  is the  giving of
          thanks.  Most  of us are certainly willing to thank God after the
          fact  but  few are  bold enough  to  praise Him  in advance.   To
          forsake prepraise reveals faithlessness in our prayers.  Some are
          uncomfortable with such  an attitude, confessing it  just doesn't
          seem right since God  has not yet  answered the request.   "After
          all," they proclaim, "what if He doesn't do it?"  I wish we would
          express that kind of boldness when we pray!   Thanking God simply
          means (the offering of grateful language).  Certainly we can show
          our appreciation  by praising God  until the answer comes  but do
          we?   Most do not  and thus receive  no answer to  their request.
          Such thanks and praise prier  to the answer is nothing  more than
          gratitude for the One who can and  does answer prayer.  It is not
          thanking God for answering the request in advance, it is thanking
          God, favoring God,  appreciating God for being the One who can do
          something  about  your  petition.    Such  should  be  faithfully
          practiced till the answer comes.

               "Asking" God is  telling Him what you want.   "Agreement" is
          telling God what He wants.  "Appreciation" is telling God you are
          willing to  trust Him.   "What if I'm unsure  of what I  want and
          what He wants?  What if  I have trouble trusting Him?"  Learn  to
          pray in the Spirit.  It is the Holy Spirit who has been given  to
          assist us when we pray "for we  know not what we should pray  for
          as we ought."  We, fortunately,  have a prayer Partner who  knows
          not only how  to pray, but prays  perfect prayers each and  every
          time we join in partnership with Him.  Could this perhaps  be the
          main  reason  why  many,  if  not most,  of  our  prayers  remain
          unanswered?  It is time to begin to breath in the Spirit.


               Praying  in  the  Spirit   offers  purpose  and   Scriptural
          compatibility in  our fellowship with  God.  The ministry  of the
          Holy Spirit is one  of prayer partnership in order  that His, the
          Holy Spirit's, power might 
          be manifested.   Such is the plan  - will of God -  on earth.  As
          God's power is revealed in us and through us, the mystery  of the
          Holy Spirit in  prayer will be made known.   We will thus clearly
          see all things working together for  good to them that love  God.
          The image of God's Son will be clearly stamped upon our lives and
          others will se Him.  They will see, not a story, not a man, not a
          historical figure, but  they will see God  in us.  They  will see
          the firstborn among many brethren who have learned to pray in the

               My  youngest  son  was involved  with  an  incident  with an
          elderly neighbor and because of his disrespect, he was corrected.
          Following his misdeed, I instructed him to return to the neighbor
          and apologize for  his misbehavior.  I  told him exactly  what he
          was to say and why and I sent along his older sister to insure my
          instructions would  be followed to the letter.   Why did not I go
          myself?   I felt my presence  would be of great  embarrassment to
          him and  thus sent his sister to  both serve as a  witness and to
          confirm whether or not he repeated my Words.
               The following day I suddenly realized that what had happened
          was  a prime example  of the ministry  of the Holy Spirit  as our
          intercessor.  He bears witness that the truth is honored.   He is
          sent to secure God's Words in order that they, God's Words, might
          be spoken in the  image of His Son Jesus Christ.   If my son, for
          example,  had not  gone to  speak with  the neighbor,  his sister
          could not  have witnessed his  "confessions."   We likewise  must
          speak the  Words of  our Heavenly Father  for the  Holy Spirit to
          bear witness of His truth at work  in our lives.  I instructed my
          daughter to "make sure" her brother repeated word-for-word what I
          had  told Him  to say.   In  another  words, she  was sent  as an
          intercessor to confirm and verify  his speech/words.  I trust you
          can see  it!  Pray,  and the Holy Spirit will  pray, intercessory
          prayers of confirmation.   Learn  to pray in  the Spirit and  you
          will insure that the Words of God have been spoken.


               1 I Thess. 5:17
               2 Jam. 1:21
                              3 Matt. 7:7-8
               4 Jam. 5:17-18

                           End Of Chapter 10

                            PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT


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