THE PROCESS

               And we know  that all things work together  for good to
               them  that  love  God,  to  them  who  are  the  called
               according to His purpose.

               Thus far  in our examination  of Romans 8:28, we  have noted
          the meaning of  the "we."  They  are those walking in  the Spirit
          and relying  on His  intercessory ministry for  the will  of God.
          Those walking according to the Spirit "know" that all things will
          work together  for their  good.  They  "know" because  they "see"
          with  the  eyes  of  faith  that  such  is true  by  the  Spirit.
          Additionally, they know  [see] that "all things" are  used by God
          to  accomplish His will in their lives.  How do"all things," good
          and bad, up  and down, right and  wrong, "work together"  for our
          good becomes our next consideration.

               The Greek rendering of "work  together" is (a fellow labor -
          co-laborer).    God   chooses  to  use  "all   things"  together,
          collectively, to shape us in  the image of His own Son.   Such is
          only true,  however, for  those submitted to  the leading  of the
          Holy Spirit in their life.  What happens if one is not submitted?
          Then the Devil is liberated  and will use anything and everything
          in a person's life against  them to destablize their relationship
          with God.     He, the Devil,  may bring sickness,  disease, heart
          ache,   death,   depression,  discouragement,   mental   illness,
          financial failure, marital instability  and divorce, and anything
          else  he desires  into  the Christian  life.   Why?   Because the
          Christian  was walking  outside of  the protective  will of  God.
          What happens  if that same  Christian repents of his  sin, making
          confession,   and  begins a new?   Immediate  spiritual reversal.
          God even turns what the Devil meant for evil into  good.  He God,
          through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, works together, utilizes
          as a  co-laborer, those  things into the  Christian life  for our
          good.  The word "good" in our text means exactly that -  (good) -
          or one could say:   All things work together for our benefit.  We
          need to  keep in  mind, however,  that this  Spirit walk  for the
          Believer  is  a process  experienced  by  conviction and  not  by

               The dictionary defines a process  as:  (A series of actions,
          motions, or operations  leading to some definite result).   If we
          remain  faithful as  we walk  in the  Spirit through  prayer, the
          Holy Spirit will  take  hold with  us  to bring  everything  into
          subjection to God's perfect will for us.

               When I was still very young, we  took a trip to Michigan and
          while there,  we visited the  Ford Motor Plant  in Detroit.   The
          most captivating aspect of the  plant was the assembly line.   We
          walked the line  with a guide  who perfunctorily annunciated  the
          various stages of construction.  He  said that cars were built by
          special order and  each car was design controlled  as it lumbered
          slowly down the  assembly line.   I watched as red,  blue, green,
          black, gold, and brown engine  hoods hung like huge trapped moths
          in large metallic  spider webs over the  assembly line.   As each
          car passed  beneath, a hood swung  over and down and  was quickly
          bolted  into  place.    The  car rolled  slowly  down  the  line;
          receiving each of its appropriate  parts:  windows, doors, seats,
          stirring wheels, dash boards, wheels and  tires, trunk lids, head
          lights, tail lights - everything needed to make it a car.
               As we stood  at the end of  the line listening to  our guide
          finish his  description of  how the line  functioned, we  saw the
          completed automobiles  roll off the  assembly line.  A  man stood
          waiting.  As one approached and was freed from the line track, he
          jerked  open the driver's door  and leaped in.   The engine fired
          immediately and  he sped away  to a nearby  parking lot.   As the
          guide continued  to speak, the  driver came running back  just as
          the next car rolled from the line.   Again he leaped in and drove
               "Occasionally," I heard  the guide say, "a car  will fail to
          start  and  will  need  to be  pushed  to  the  side  to await  a
          mechanic's analysis."
          Just then the driver returned to drive another finished car away.
          The engine  failed.  He sprang from the car  and with the help of
          an assistant,  they pushed it from the  path of another car which
          was rolling from the line.
               Leaving the semi  darkness of the  building, we walked  into
          the bright sunshine and stood curbside.
               "If any  of you like,"  the guide announced, "we  offer free
          test drives to  give you an idea  of how each car is  road tested
          before leaving the plant."
          My family  and I climbed in a shiny  new Ford, the doors slamming
          solidly behind us.  The small test road was inculcated with tight
          turns, wash  board surfaces,  steep hills,  and winding  avenues.
          The driver spun the wheel  expertly, taking the turns quickly and
          excellerating part way  through the turns.  Gears  shifted at the
          precise   moment,  breaks   were   often  applied,   then   quick
          excelloration again when needed.
               Climbing from the test car, we walked into the show room and
          saw "the  car of  the future."   "This is  what we  have to  look
          forward to," the guide said, pointing to  the glistening vehicle;
          a tone of profundity  in his voice.  It was  peculiar but somehow
          beautiful and powerful by nature.
               As I studied Romans 8:28  to attempt to understand it's true
          meaning and application to the  Believer, I recalled our visit to
          the Ford Plant and realized that the life  we live as Christians,
          especially those dedicated to walking in the Spirit, is much like
          the process I saw on  the assembly line.  We are "made  to order"
          by God.   That is, "His will" is our design.  As we rely upon the
          ministry  of  the  Holy Spirit through  prayer,  God  brings "all
          things" in to  play for our benefit.   If we pray  in partnership
          with the Holy Spirit, He, God, searches the hearts and knows what
          is the mind  of the Spirit.   He, the Holy Spirit, in  turn makes
          known  to the  Heavenly Father  our prayers  and designs  them to
          conform to the will  of God.  No matter what we  face, whether it
          is of God  or Satan, God will,  to those led of  the Spirit, work
          all things together  for the good of  His own children.   He will
          wisely and  cautiously manage our  affairs for His  glory through
          the ministry of His Holy Spirit.
               Perhaps this explains  why often we  are unable to  function
          properly when  facing  various difficulties  in our  relationship
          with our Heavenly Father.  God chooses to give us a  certain size
          of  spiritual  motor, (I.E.,  gift), with  which we  can function
          properly in His  body; The Church.  We, on the other hand, desire
          something bigger, something greater, something more powerful.
               "I know!  I'll be  an apostle.  I'll be a prophet.   I'll be
          an evangelist.    They're great  and  have  a lot  of  power  and
          authority.  That's what God wants me to be."
          Later,  perhaps through great hardship and discouragement, we may
          discover  that  was  not  God's  design or  plan.    We  no doubt
          questioned God  all along the way as to  why He allowed all these
          terrible things to occur.
               "Where was He?  Why didn't He answer when I prayed?  Why did
          He  cause it to happen to me?  Why  am I made to suffer?  Why did
          He cause me to sin?  Why isn't God's Word working for me?  Why is
          God trying to hurt me?"
          All such questions plague those attempting to  explain God's will
          by unfavorable, difficult, or impossible  circumstances.  We roll
          to the end of God's assembly line, only to discover  that perhaps
          some  parts are missing.   There is no  spiritual ignition and we
          often have to be moved to the side for Holy Spirit analysis.
               Even those who stay in place  on the assembly line will find
          they will be test driven.  There will be hills to  climb, valleys
          to plunge through, and sharp curves to negotiate.   There will be
          mud and  dirt and water  and cold and  heat.  Gears  will change,
          speed will vary,  and even breaks applied.   Eventually the drive
          will be over and then there will be the Christian of the future -
          The Church without spot or wrinkle.  Then Jesus will come for His
          own and will say,  "Well done my good and faithful servant."

          BLUE PRINT
               Over  the years,   through preaching and  teaching, the idea
          has  been somehow conceived that  all Christians should be alike,
          equal, identical, or the same.  The uniqueness of God's creation,
          in  my opinion,    is its  dissimilarities.   We are  all created
          differently, as are the stars and snow flakes.  Somehow, and  for
          some reason,  we loose  awareness of  this  when considering  the
          Church - the Body of Christ.
               Now therefore you are no more strangers and foreigners,
               but  fellow  citizens  with  the  Saints,  and  of  the
               household of God. and are built upon the foundation  of
               the  apostles and prophets,  Jesus Christ Himself being
               the chief corner stone; in whom also the building fitly
               framed together  grows unto a holy temple  in the Lord:
               In whom  you also are builded together for a habitation
               of God through the Spirit.1
               As I mentioned,  their is a controlled design.   The control
          is "the  will of God"  and the design  [pattern] is the  image of
          God's  Son.  If  we are "fitly  framed together" in  this Body of
          Christ, we must be uniquely designed with purpose.  Thus God must
          have a  blue print in  order that we  might become more  like His
          Son.  The  blue print is performed through  the implementation of
          Romans 8:28.  God  uses all thing jointly to bring  us into sharp
          image  which causes  us to look  like Jesus  when we walk  in the
          Spirit.   The  promise of  Romans  8:28 is  made reality  through
          prayer partnership with the Holy Spirit.
               Paul  illustrated  the  importance on  Body  placement  in I
          Corinthians 12:12-31.   In his example, he found  it necessary to
          point out that we should not  concern ourselves with where we are
          placed in the  Body but be content with the placement itself.  If
          we are content, we will not desire the possessions of  others nor
          be concerned about our personal  placement - the foot compared to
          the hand, the ear to the eye.  It is God who sets each member  in
          its  exact place within  the Body of  Christ.2  If  we attempt to
          struggle for relocation,  outside of  God's will,  others in  the
          Body may be spiritual injured  and perhaps even dislocated.  Such
          disjointedness induces pain and discomfort.
               In light of such revelation,  we need to pray in  the Spirit
          to  gain  a better  understanding  of  our placement  within  the
          framework of that Body.  Such knowledge is impossible without the
          intercessory  ministry of  the Holy Spirit.   Although we  may be
          unsure of  our location  in the  Body, or  if we  feel change  is
          needed  to better serve the Lord, the only way such revelation is
          available  is through  the perfect  intercessory  prayers of  the
          Holy Spirit.

               In  a course I  had in Bible  college, the professor  gave a
          short quiz  at the end  of each week.   The quiz  grades were, of
          course, averaged  with our quarterly and semester  examines for a
          final grade.  I remember doing  extremely poorly on one quiz.   I
          was heart sick.  I  so much wanted to achieve high marks  in that
          particular course.  Now it would never happen!
               Upon the  conclusion of  the first  semester, the  professor
          announced  that he deleted  the single poorest  quiz grade before
          averaging the  others with the  examines.  The desired  grade was
          thus achieved.   I still  had to take  the course along  with the
          quizzes but the worst was discarded.   Do you see it?  The course
          was  a "learning  process."   The  quizzes were  the proving,  or
          testings, of what I learned day-by-day.  The quizzes were used as
          markers to indicate my  progress.  They were not offered to prove
          how stupid, how  dumb, or how ignorant I was,  but rather offered
          direction, or placement, in the process of learning.  Now compare
          this to most Christians attempting to live out the Christian life
          without the  ministry and leading  of the Holy Spirit  in prayer.
          They give up  in discouragement and drop from  the course because
          they missed it somehow, they  think, or perhaps someone told them
          they did so.
               "You've  gotten a  poor grade.   You'll  never make  it now.
          God's best is no longer available for you."
               Let me take this example one step further.  What if indeed I
          would have flunked the entire  course?  Would that have indicated
          total failure and an inability to achieve?  Should I have dropped
          out of school  all together?  Similarly, the  course [process] is
          always  available  for the  Believer.   Simply  stay  enrolled by
          taking up your partnership with the Holy Spirit in prayer.  There
          is no way you can loose since God discards the bad as He forms us
          with His will through the ministry of the Spirit.

          WRONG TURNS
               One of my   cousins used to drive trucks  across country and
          once  told me  the following  story.   He  and  his partner  were
          driving  in a  rain storm,  barely able  to see,  wipers slapping
          angrily at the  wind shield and  providing little  relief.    Not
          wishing  to loose  time,  they drove  slowly and  cautiously, the
          powerful headlights failing  to penetrate the darkness.   He said
          he  noticed all the construction  equipment parked along the road
          through  the sheets  of  driving  rain as  they  drove but  never
          thought much about it until   Suddenly the heavy eighteen wheeler
          catapulted from  the end  of the highway,  landing in  thick mud.
          Because of the heavy rain, they  had missed the detour sign   and
          drove right  off  the end  of the  road.   He said  it took  them
          several minutes to stop the big truck, now nearly out of control,
          as they  fought desperately to  keep from  jack knifing.   A mile
          passed before they were able  to stop completely.  Their problems
          just began,  however, because  there was no  way to  turn around.
          They  now had  to spend  several hours  slowly backing  the metal
          monster  back  inch-by-inch  to  the highway.    Standing  on the
          running  boards in  the  driving  rain,  they squinted  into  the
          darkness and called  out to each other through the  open doors to
          insure  they would  not slip  from  the treacherous  road and  be
          hopelessly stranded.   It was cold,  wet, and dark, and  the only
          illumination was that of their own running lights.  Finally, near
          total  exhaustion and  soaked to  the  bone, they  negotiated the
          truck on  to the asphalt.   Jumping  to the harden  surface, they
          inspected the  heavy machine  for damage  and although  there was
          none, the truck was covered with several inches of thick mud from
          top-to-bottom; end-to-end.
               Most  Christians  experience  similar  situations  in  their
          relationship with  the Heavenly Father.   Somehow, no  matter how
          faithful, how consistent,  how careful, we may  occasionally miss
          the road sign.  We may even see the evidence of our mistake along
          the way but simply over look or ignore it.   Suddenly, we are off
          the road.
               "How did it  happen?  Why did  it happen?  Why  didn't I see
          the signs?"
          All   these  accusations  loom  out  of  the  spiritual  darkness
          surrounding us and we cry out in fear.
               Jesus  warned  Peter  that he  would  experience  defeat and
          denial  in Luke's Gospel.  He said,  however, that He, Jesus, had
          prayed for him that his faith would not fail.  Then He instructed
          his servant that when he  was converted he was to strengthen  his
          brethren.3  This word, "converted,"  means (to revert).  It comes
          from two  words meaning (to  twist) and a  little Greek word  epi
          which might be best translated (to "layer).  This can be compared
          to Luke  19:35 where  we are  told that  the people  "cast" their
          garments upon a colt for Jesus  to ride.  In another words,  they
          layered  their garments  upon the  colt to  provide Jesus  with a
               Now, in  light of such  revelation, consider what  Jesus was
          trying  to tell  Peter when  he, Peter,  missed the  turn  on his
          spiritual  walk  with  the  Lord.   Jesus  said  Peter  would  be
          "converted," that is, reverted, or twisted about in layers, or we
          could say, in degrees or stages.  Once we have missed a turn as a
          Christian,  we have  the  option  of reverting,  to  go back,  to
          return, to change.   That return, however, may take some time and
          will no doubt be arduous.  Certainly there is instant forgiveness
          and instant  cleansing for one  who confesses his sin  before the
          Lord.4   We must,  however, recognize personal  responsibility in
          our failure to remain on the "will of God" road. The  restoration
          process, although provided for instantly in forgiveness, may take
          time and thus  supernatural patience is needed as  we retrace our
          steps.   I believe  the retracing [reverting]  process is  one of
          spiritual maturing and one will  find that once back to the  main
          highway, we will be farther up the road than anticipated.  We may
          often experience heart ache, the sense of failure and defeat.  We
          may suffer the freezing cold of rejection by others and the muddy
          residue of  the world.   The illumination  of our retrek  my seem
          poor and we may even discover helplessness when others forget us.
          Fortunately we have, as my cousin, a Partner -  the Holy Spirit -
          who is willing and ready to "make intercession" for us if we will
          but submit  ourselves to His leading.  As we find ourselves being
          squeezed by  circumstances and  even what  others might  consider
          failure, those  walking in the  Spirit will look more  like Jesus
          their Lord when they exit to the other side.
               Trust in the Lord  with all your heart and  lean not on
               your own understanding.   In all your  ways acknowledge
               Him, and He shall direct your paths.5
               Notice that  this  wonderful promise  is  to those  who  are
          continually  acknowledging  Him   as  they  go.     He  confirms,
          interestingly  enough, that  he will  direct our paths."   That's
          right!   He will,  by His Holy Spirit,  direct us as  we walk our
          paths.   It is, after all,  our life - personal  responsibility -
          but for the Christian walking  in the Holy Spirit through prayer,
          our life  belongs to Him.  He  paid for it with the  blood of His
          Son Jesus, thus we no longer desire to live of ourselves.
               "Even if it  means allowing God to work  all things together
          for our benefit?"
          Yes!   Such demonstrates submission to the will of God to process
          us as members of His Body.

               Many people  have added an  addition to their home,  built a
          new garage, or constructed a storage shed in the backyard without
          obtaining  a city  building  permit.   When discovered,  the city
          often fines one for  failure to purchase a building permit.  This
          even  occurs spiritually.  We sometimes find ourselves attempting
          to  build  in  areas  for  which we  haven't  been  licensed,  or
          permitted, to build in.
               On  the mount of transfiguration, Jesus was glorified before
          His  disciples.  His face, we are told,  shown as the sun and His
          clothing  radiated  as  bright  light.   Moses  and  Elijah  also
          appeared and spoke with our Lord on  the mount.6  Peter became so
          excited  that he immediately  wanted to build  three tabernacles,
          dwellings of worship, right on the spot in honor of the  Lord and
          the two witnesses with whom  He spoke.  Peter, in  effect, sought
          to build upon something for which he had no permission.
               Speculation...   What if  indeed Peter would  have, although
          His Lord instructed  otherwise, built such  houses of worship  in
          honor of his Lord?  Would God have blessed it?  God always honors
          His Word; but  He is never obligated  to bless if, such  is done,
          outside of His will.  "What does this mean for the Christian?"
               We must always  be keenly aware that we do  not always "know
          what we should pray for as we ought." This means that, if we fail
          to  harmonize with the Holy Spirit when  we seek the will of God,
          we may build without a permit on ground  not set aside by God for
          construction.   One might suggest in such cases there would be no
          fruit.  There most  certainly will be fruit in evidence since God
          always honors  His Word; but  the problem is, however,  the fruit
          will not remain because it is not "blessed."
               "What should be done?"
          We should  get back into  fellowship with the Father  through the
          ministry of intercessory  prayer provided by the  Holy Spirit who
          always  prays  that God's  perfect  will is  accomplished  in our
               As mentioned, for those who build without a permit, there is
          normally a fine.   The structure is not, I might  point out, torn
          down nor is the builder placed behind bars for life.
               "What  is the  fine  for the  Christian  building without  a
          The loss of intimacy with God.
               "For how long?   Until one returns  to the road or  pays the
          No!  The fine  has already been paid by our  Lord Christ upon the
          cross nearly two thousand years ago.
               "But what about the Road?"
          For one who harmonizes with the Holy Spirit as he prays, the road
          is immediately restored.
               "Won't I experience, suffer, loss?"
          Perhaps, but it is only what you feel because God sees no loss in
          one who  is conforming  to the image  of His Son  through adverse
          circumstances.   "Why?"   Because "we know  - spiritually  see by
          faith - that all things work together for our benefit."

               There is another aspect of a building permit which we should
          consider.   We often fail,  when attempting to apply  Romans 8:28
          properly, to consider giving God license, or permission, to "work
          all  things  together" for  our  good.    We quickly  praise  Him
          vociferously for all the good and wonderful  and exciting things.
          We thank Him  repeatedly for the  blessings, the prosperity,  the
          miracles,  and  the  successes  experienced.    The  bad  things,
          however, are quickly condemned as devilish and even considered as
          funereal.  To  do so would be  negating the power and  promise of
          Romans 8:28  to "work all  things together  for our  good -  well
          being.   God is telling  us that He indeed  can and will use "all
          things" if we will submit  - give permission - to  "work" [build]
          in our  lives.  To refuse  the bad would be rebellion.   It would
          also be  denying the  power of  God to  indeed use  all things  -
          everything -  to bring us  to conformity [identity] with  His Son
          Jesus.   Keep in  mind,  however, that  I am  not suggesting  God
          brings the bad, the evil, the wicked, to His own.  James confirms
          that God does  not do such.7   I am  simply pointing out  how God
          promises to use "all things" for our spiritual benefit and growth
          when we are side tracked - off  the road - and build upon - plant
          in - unfertile [unprepared] ground.

               "And we know that all  things work together for good to
               them that love God."

               The Greek  word for "love"  in our text  is the common  word
          with which most Christians are familiar: (friend), or (brotherly)
          love.   For  one walking  in the  Holy Spirit  through harmonized
          prayer,  God  becomes  our  friend   as  we  face  "all  things."
          Unfortunately,  spiritual immaturity and a basic lack of Biblical
          understanding,   stunts  spiritual  growth.     Often  we  become
          irritated, angry, even down right mad, at God for permitting such
          heinous things  to come  against us.   We  bind the Devil,  curse
          circumstances, trade upon scorpions and serpents, and claim God's
          power while secretly wondering what happen to God in all of this.
          Such authority and power has been given to us and we  indeed must
          exercise such  as  we  walk in  the  Spirit, but  prayer  is  the
          illuminating light which gives us  the "know" - spiritual insight
          (I.E., vision).  Spiritual frustration is generally the result of
          our inability to "know," or  see it, God's way.   If we will  but
          submit to  his will through  the Spirit, we will  become intimate
          friends with the One who has our best interest - His perfect will
          - at heart.

               It is always  easier to see  circumstances rather than  God.
          It is  even more convenient to dump every unexplainable situation
          into the bottomless pit [black hole] of Romans 8:28.
               "There you  go!   That explains why  God hasn't  answered my
          prayers, changed my impossible situation, performed a miracle, or
          remedied my difficulty."
          In  a  very real  sense,  such  a  philosophy relieves  one  from
          personal   responsibility;   confusing  and   frustrating   one's
          relationship  with the  Heavenly  Father  instead  of  edifies  -
          builds.  We,  on the other hand,  must continue to walk  by faith
          with the help of the Holy Spirit in prayer.  We must consider all
          things; good  and bad, right  and wrong, success and  failure, up
          and down, back  and forth, to be  usable by God for  our benefit.
          We must even  allow such things to enrich,  developed, intimacy -
          friendship -  with our Lord.  We must  see with the eyes of faith
          that God's  will is  working together  for our own  good that  we
          might be called the  children of God.  Since in such adversities,
          we often find it difficult, even impossible, to pray, we all must
          rely upon  the intercessory ministry of the  Holy Spirit to cause
          God's perfect will  to be accomplished.  We must learn to pray in
          the Spirit.

               Sermons  are  preached,   lectures  presented,  and  Volumes
          written,  on God's eternal grace; and yet it  seems impossible to
          comprehend.   Some have  defined it  as "God's  unmerited favor."
          Others use the letters of the word itself to form an acrostic:
          I simply  define God's  grace as "undeserved  blessing."   All of
          these fall hopelessly short of showing us what God's grace is all
          about.   In the  light of Romans  8:28, however, perhaps  we gain
          some glimpse of its nature.
               God  takes  everything,  whether good  or  bad,  and somehow
          incorporates it into the life  of one walking in His Holy Spirit.
          How can  this be?  The answer  is, because He is God.   He is the
          only one  with the power  to cause  such to  happen.   It is  the
          nature  of His person which  affords oneness with those submitted
          to His will.   This character trait of His person, when revealed,
          is called "grace."
               Though I am not a poet nor  very musically inclined, I wrote
          the following during a very difficult time in my  life.  As I sat
          at  the piano in  our living room  and began to  play, I realized
          God's  grace  shines  its brightest  during  times  of impossible
          circumstances.     I  trust  the  following  words  will  provide
          illumination for those reading this book as they attempt to see -
          know with spiritual insight, that all things are  worked together
          by the wisdom  of our Heavenly Father to  benefit us spiritually,
          and that  such illuminates  the friendship we  have with  God the
          Creator of all things.

                                 GOD'S GRACE

               Life provides no hiding place, every day must come.
               There's no way to stop the race, you must always run.
               Step by step is all you need to take,
               Turn and look into the Saviour's face.
               Never look behind,
               To your past be blind.
               Storm clouds  gather, thunder rolls, see  the lightning
               In the darkest cloud above, find the rainbow light.
               Both were made for us to see His grace,
               Turn and look into the Saviour's face.
               Fear and guilt will fade,
               Sin's debt has been paid.


               1 Eph. 2:19-22
               2 I Cor. 12:28
               3 Luke 22:32
               4 I John 1:9
               5 Prov. 3:5-6
               6 Matt. 17:1-9
               7 Jam. 1:12-16

                            End Of Chapter 6

                            PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT


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