PRAYERS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT

               Our Heavenly Father has afforded us a multiplicity of prayer
          forms;  enabling opportunity to  commune with  Him at  all times.
          There  are prayers  of the  heart, mind,  and mouth.   There  are
          prayers  of  petition,   prayers  of  worship,  and   prayers  of
          intercession.    One can  meditate  in  prayer  or even  sing  in
          prayer.1   We  also  find supplications,  prayers, intercessions,
          and the giving of thanks all as available forms of communion with
          God.2   Additionally,  the  Scriptures  also  reveal  prayers  of
          agreement, praise, confession, and faith.  It is not my intention
          to address in detail these various forms of  prayer in this book,
          but we  need to  be aware  of their  existence and  place in  the
          Christian life.  God  has made Himself available to  us through a
          wide variety of spiritual intimacies and  all of them need to  be

          A LIFE OF PRAYER
               The most effective form  of prayer is  from a life lived  in
          perpetual  fellowship with  God.     We  are  commanded to  "Pray
          without  ceasing."3  The  only  way  we can  conform  to  such  a
          Scriptural  command  is  through familiarity  with  all  forms of
          prayer made available to us from God's Word.  When our lives thus
          become a continuous prayer to  the Lord, we will be demonstrating
          a renewed mind as a living sacrifice  unto the Lord.4

                         PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT

               There is an often over  looked, certainly neglected, form of
          prayer  identified  from Scriptural  observation  that is  called
          "Praying in  the Spirit."   Paul made  mention of  this necessary
          form  of prayer  as he  taught  on being  prepared for  spiritual
          warfare:  "And take the helmet of salvation and the sword  of the
          Spirit, which is the Word of God, praying always with  all prayer
          and supplication in  the  Spirit.5  Paul  believed that such form
          of prayer was  an absolute necessity in spiritual  preparation of
          supernatural  warfare and  without it  we  must assume  spiritual
               In Jude's epistle, we again find reference to this important
          form  of prayer:   "But ye,  Beloved, building up  yourselves  on
          your most Holy  faith, praying in the Holy Ghost."6   Jude warned
          against spiritual apostasy in the church and offered instructions
          concerning building  a  solid foundation.    The Greek  term  for
          "building"  in this text refers  to building upon something which
          has already been  constructed; a foundation.   This foundation is
          "our  most Holy  faith."   The perpetual  act of  construction is
          performed through "praying  in the Holy Ghost."   Jude instructed
          us to build ourselves up, therefore,  by a unique form of  prayer
          called "praying  in the  Holy Ghost."   Apparently Jude  believed
          that spiritual growth  and development was achieved  through this
          form of  prayer and that without such, we would find it difficult
          to "earnestly contend for the faith."7
               The  New Testament closes with  the Revelation of John which
          he  saw while  exiled on the  Island of  Patmos for the  cause of
          Christ.   John  confessed  that on the Lord's day  he was "in the
          Spirit."8   The subsequent  revelation leaves  little doubt  that
          John was  indicating a  state of intimate  prayer   preceding the
               The Scriptural evidence  is definite.   There is a  powerful
          and intimate  form of prayer  available to us as  Believers known
          by the  early church as "praying in the  Spirit."  It should also
          be clear that  Romans 8:26-29 gives us specific doctrinal insight
          to the subject and should be examine carefully.

                         PRAYERS OF THE SPIRIT

               Before  focusing specifically on  the subject of  praying in
          the spirit, we need to briefly consider the nature of His prayers
          as seen from our text.

               "The Holy Spirit also helps our infirmities."  
               We share partnership with one  who shows concern for what we
          face and is willing  to assist us in prayer  to secure fellowship
          with our  God.   He offers  to "help"  us  with those  weaknesses
          through intercession.

               "For we know  not what we should pray  for as we ought:
               But the   Holy Spirit..."
               We often experience a  lack of confidence when we pray.  The
          Holy Spirit,  on the other hand,  never lacks such confidence and
          the  contrast  is  clearly  evident   in  our  text:    "But  the
          Holy Spirit."  Although we may experience spiritual timidity, the
          Holy Spirit; our  partner,  never  does and His prayers  are bold
          and without hesitation.  

               "But the Holy Spirit Himself."  
               As was mentioned earlier, it  is the Spirit of God, Himself,
          interceding for  us.   Thus the very  nature of  His prayers  are
          (Holy  credible).  Because  of this supernatural  credibility, we
          can be assured that our Heavenly Father is not receiving (second-
          hand) prayers.

               "But  the  Holy Spirit Himself  makes  intercession for
               The Greek term for         "maketh intercession"in this part
          of our text under study, literally means (to  make prayers) or to
          (form) prayers for  us.  Although we may  encounter the inability
          to  express ourselves adequately before the Father in prayer, the
          Holy Spirit has no  such impairment.  As God,  the Holy Spirit is
          always  able  to   form  [create]  the  perfect   prayer  as  our

               "With groanings which cannot be uttered."  
               These  are deep  spiritual expressions  of  complete prayers
          offered to the Father in our behalf which only the Holy Spirit is
          capable of generating  and only God is capable  of understanding.
          These are wordless, in the  natural or earthly sense, and offered
          with great earnestness and conviction.

               "Likewise   the Holy Spirit also helps our infirmities:
               For we know  not what  we should pray for as we ought."
               The ministry of the Holy Spirit  is one of love and comfort.
          He,  the Comforter,  is sensitive  to  our discomforts  and seeks
          spiritual stability  by making  intercession for  us as the  (One
          called along side).

               "The Holy Spirit  makes  intercession  for  the  saints
               according to the    will of God."
               The Holy Spirit always seeks to confirm God's best for us as
          we pray.  Since His  prayers are always perfect by nature,  God's
          will  can never  be breached.    Thus, through  intercession, the
          Holy Spirit   provides   spiritual  harmony   through   perpetual
          agreement with God and His will for the Believer.

               Praying in the Spirit is spiritual intimacy with God.  It is
          experienced when, as an act of our will, we harmonize our prayers
          with that of the Holy Spirit's.   The Holy Spirit, as a conductor
          of   a  great  orchestra,  provides  balance,    continuity,  and
          direction   as  we pray.    When praying  in the  Spirit,  we are
          offered direct access  to the throne of God;  where all petitions
          must be made known by the  aid of the Holy Spirit.  He  conducts,
          leads, and  provides  balance in  order  that our  petitions  are
          presented within  the will of  God.   In the following  pages, we
          will examine the true nature of, and  purpose of, (praying in the
          spirit),  and how  such partnership  provides spiritual  intimacy
          with God as the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us.


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                            End Of Chapter 2

                            PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT


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