THE MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT

                                ROMANS 8:26-29

               Likewise the  Holy Spirit  also helps our  infirmities:
               For we know  not what we should  pray for as we  ought:
               But the  Holy Spirit Himself makes intercession  for us
               with groanings which cannot  be uttered.  And  God that
               searches  the hearts  knows  what is  the  mind of  the
               Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit makes intercession
               for the  saints according to the  will of God.   And we
               know that  all things  work together  for good  to them
               that love God, to them  who are the called according to
               His purpose.   For  whom He did  foreknow, He  also did
               predestinate to be conformed  to the image of His  Son,
               that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.


               To  understand  prayer,  we must  become  familiar  with the
          Holy Spirit.  He was sent to minister and  to administrate in the
          capacity of an intercessor.   He assists in spiritual  management
          of our relationship with God.  Without His intercessory ministry,
          it would be  impossible to fulfill the commandment of our Lord as
          He taught His  disciples on the subject of prayer:  "Your will be
          done in earth as it is in Heaven."1

                                  CHAPTER 1


               In  preparing  His  disciples for  His  ascension,  our Lord
          promised the  provision of a  Holy partnership which  would occur
          shortly  after His  departure.2    The "Comforter,"  (Paraklete),
          would  be  sent  as  The  (One  called  along  side).    He,  the
          Holy Spirit,  would parallel our lives; affording us oneness with
          God through His ministries of comfort.   He would be sent, not to
          speak of Himself,  but rather to glorify  our Lord as well  as to
          guide us into all truth.3   This partnership with the Holy Spirit
          would constitute a new and unique relationship with God  hitherto
          unknown to Believers for He would "dwell with us and in us."4

               A confirmed partnership is first an association:  (A closely
          joining together or  union of persons for a common  purpose).  We
          enjoy an association with our Heavenly Father through partnership
          with the  Holy Spirit.   We have  been eternally joined  together
          with the Holy Spirit through the finished work of Christ upon the
          cross.   The purpose of  our partnership with the  Holy Spirit of
          God  is for spiritual unanimity and completeness through revealed
               A  second and  necessary condition  of partnership  concerns
          agreement.   Such agreements  encompass the exchange  of promises
          and the  harmonizing of opinions  and actions.   These agreements
          provide arrangement  and  mutuality.    Often  such  partnerships
          provide a   common  terminology, or language,  to be  employed to
          assure understanding.   Additionally, it is common  for a written
          document   to  be  offered;   stating  the  particulars   of  the
               We  have such  provisions through  partnership  with God  as
          administered by the Holy Spirit.  He earnestly seeks to harmonize
          our  relationship  with  the Father  through  the  promises found
          within  God's Word.    He arranges  spiritual mutuality  and even
          provides  a language  of agreement,  "groanings  which cannot  be
          uttered," to assure precise communication with God in our behalf.
          We even possess a written  document stating the particulars - THE
          WORD OF GOD.

               During my days in Bible college, I often spent weekends with
          my  roommate and  his family.    Near their  home  ran an  active
          railroad and  occasionally my friend  and I would wonder  down to
          the tracks on Saturday afternoons  to challenge each other on the
          rails.   The  contest  consisted of  seeing  who  could  maintain
          balance the farthest  on a single rail.   After some practice, we
          learned to walk long distances without falling; but we inevitably
          would lose our balance and drop from  the track.  Years later, as
          I meditated on  the ministry of the Holy Spirit,  I recalled this
                                           two are better  than one."
          experience   and realized  that "                           If in
          our attempt to  traverse the rails, we would  have simply reached
          across the  empty space  between us and  grasped hands,  we could
          have  shifted  the point  of  balance  equally;  thus in  harmony
          negotiated a much greater distance.
               The  Greek  word   translated  "helpeth"  in  Romans   8:26,
          "Likewise the Holy Spirit also helpeth our infirmities," means to
          (take hold, together,  against.) The ministry of  the Holy Spirit
          therefore is  one of intercessory prayer which parallels our own.
          It is interesting to compare the interpretation of "helpeth" with
          the word translated  "Comforter" in John's gospel;   (Paraklete.)
          "Klete," or  (called), and "para,"  (along side).   Literally the
          One who (parallels). 
          He is  sent to  parallel our  prayers by providing  counteracting
          spiritual  balance through  intercession.   In  this  way we  can
          achieve greater supernatural distance when we pray.   Without His
          help,  we will  fall  time  and time  again;  unable to  maintain
          continuity or direction when we pray.
               It  is additionally important  to note that  the Holy Spirit
          "Helps our infirmities:  For we know  not what we should pray for
          as we  ought."   Our human  inability to  pray does  not give  us
          license to neglect  prayer.  The Holy Spirit parallels,  or takes
          hold  with us, as we pray.  if  we do not pray, He does not pray.
          His ministry  of intercession  is engaged  as we  fellowship with
          God.  We must learn the importance of reaching out in partnership
          with the Holy Spirit when petitioning God.  We must learn to pray
          in the Spirit.

               Partnerships  are  limited  by  the  persons  involved,  the
          promises made, and the purpose for which the partnership has been

               God  has   established  partnership  with  us   through  the
          Holy Spirit  and   He  demonstrates  definite   interest  in  us:
          "Likewise  the Holy Spirit  also  helps  our  infirmities."    He
          exhibits a willingness to intercede for us in every thing that we
          face as believers  since it is His nature as The Comforter.  Many
          businesses fail  because of a  lack of intimate knowledge  of the
          persons involved.   How well do  you know the  Holy Spirit and do
          you trust Him?

               For one to be trustworthy, he must possess credibility.  His
          credibility  is  only valid  if  his  source  is credible.    The
          Holy Spirit possesses  such credibility as the third personage of
          the Godhead.
               There are numerous Scriptures which refer to the doctrine of
          the Trinity; confirming  the Holy Spirit's place in  the Godhead.
          Our Lord commanded  His disciples to go into all the world and to
          preach the  Gospel;  "Baptizing them  in the name  of the Father,
          Son,   and  Holy Spirit.5"    The  Apostle  Peter  likewise  made
          reference to  the Trinity on the  day of Pentecost:   "This Jesus
          hath  God raised  up, whereof  we all  are witnesses.   Therefore
          being by the  right hand of  God exalted, and having  received of
          the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost He hath shed forth this,
          which ye  now see  and hear."6   The Apostle Paul  also addressed
          this doctrine when writing to the Galatians:  "And because ye are
          sons God hath  sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts,
          crying, Abba, Father."7
               When praying  to Our Heavenly Father Therefore,  we would do
          well  to always  recall the  Holy credibility  of our  partner in
          prayer; the Holy Spirit, as God.  This will always help us  to be
          acutely  aware  of  the  authority  of  the  Holy Spirit  as  our
          intercessor who has the power  to effect answers  to  our prayers
          since, He, the Holy Spirit, is God.

               The character  of those  persons in  partnership is  equally
          important.  Often  the vice president of a corporation or the son
          of  an influential  business man has  credibility because  of his
          relationship to  the source, but  may himself fall short  when it
          comes to personal character.  The Holy Spirit, on the other hand,
          displays both  character and credibility  for He is not  merely a
          representative of God but is God.
               In  the genesis of  the New Testament  church, many converts
          sold  all  they had  and  gave it  to  the church.    Ananias and
          Sapphira did  likewise but withheld  a portion of  their earnings
          for personal use.  When their portion was laid before the Apostle
          Peter, Peter spiritually  discerned their indiscretion.   He said
          that,   by  doing so, they  had lied  to the Holy  Ghost.8  Peter
          then concluded his reprimand by saying:  "Thou hast not lied unto
          men, but unto  God."9  Peter  clearly identified the  Holy Spirit
          as God; thus, as God, the Holy Spirit has the character of God.

          THE HOLY GUEST
          The Spirit  of God is  often referred to  as the "Holy  Ghost" in
          New Testament Scriptures.   The word "ghost" in this  case was an
          old  English word  supplied  by  the  King James  translators  to
          indicate a (guest.)  In those days if one was invited for a meal,
          a  place was set  at the  table for  that unseen  guest.   He was
          referred  to  as  a  "ghost"  because he  was  yet  unseen.   The
          Holy Spirit is the  (unseen invited guest) who comes  to dwell in
          us with the character of God; providing partnership in prayer.   
          He is the character of the Holiness of God for He is God's nature
          revealed  through the personage and ministry of the Holy Spirit's
          occupation of the regenerated human spirit.

                           PROMISES OF PARTNERSHIP

               Partnerships  are ineffective without promises  [agreements]
          and our  partnership with the  Holy Spirit is no different.   Our
          text under study reveals at least three promises:
               First,  the Holy Spirit  helpeth or  (assists)  us with  our
          infirmities.  Secondly, since we often do not know what we should
          pray  for  as  we  ought;   He  makes  intercession  for  us  or,
          (actuates), prayers  in our behalf with groanings which cannot be
          uttered.  Thirdly, He (agrees) with us in prayer concerning God's
          will because "He makes  intercession for the saints  according to
          the will of God."
               These three promises, or agreements  of partnership, produce
          spiritual efficacy when we pray  with the aid of the Holy Spirit.
          We have  the promise that  He will assist us, which is to say, He
          will  provide aid and support when  facing spiritual imbalance as
          we  pray.  Additionally,  we often experience  indecisiveness and
          uncertainty  when in  prayer and  when this  occurs, we  have the
          promise that the Holy Spirit will actuate, or incite supernatural
          prayers in our  behalf, through His intercessory  groanings which
          cannot be  uttered.  Finally,  when seeking  the will of  God, we
          have  the promise  of the  Holy Spirit's power of  agreement with
          God's  perfect  will  for  our  lives  through  the  intimacy  of
          intercession.  Exactly how this is performed will be discussed in
          later chapters.  It is  important to recognize now, however, that
          these promises connote spiritual force at work for us whenever we
          pray.   Thus the knowledge  of these promises should  inhabit our
          thoughts whenever we commune with our Heavenly Father.

                            PURPOSE OF PARTNERSHIP

               Every partnership has  a purpose; else there is  no need for
          the   relationship.    Our   purpose  of  partnership   with  the
          Holy Spirit is likewise three-fold:
               First, we need the (wisdom) of God.   Verse (27) of our text
          reports:  "And  God that  searches the hearts  knows what is  the
          mind of  the Holy Spirit."   When God  searches the heart,  He is
          looking for wisdom;  wisdom which can only come  from God through
          the Holy Spirit as He ministers the Word of God.
               The second  purpose is  to know  the  (will) of  God:   "The
          Holy Spirit Himself makes intercession  for the saints  according
          to the  will of  God."   Every Christian  desires to  "know God's
          will."   Partnership with the Holy Spirit provides such knowledge
          as we pray  in the Spirit,  thus such prayer  should not be  over
          looked or neglected.
               The third purpose is found in verse (28):  "And we know that
          all things work  together for good to  them that love God."   For
          this statement to be true and  fully embraced by the believer, we
          must know God's (ways) to enable us to walk in obedience.
               When  entering God's presence through prayer, we need always
          be  mindful   of  the  purpose   of  our  partnership   with  His
          Holy Spirit.  We certainly come before God in need of His wisdom;
          thus to become  more skillful in honoring  Him.  We need  to know
          His will and not our  own.  We also need to be  capable of seeing
          God's  ways as they work together  for our benefit.  Without such
          acknowledgments   of  purpose,  our   prayers  atrophy   and  our
          relationship with the Holy Spirit will exacerbate.  We must reach
          out in  partnership with the  Holy Spirit when we  pray; allowing
          Him to parallel our prayers, that we may experience the spiritual
          intimacy our Father desires to have with us.


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                            End Of chapter 1

                            PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT


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