Feeling Nude

               When I was in high school and my brother was in third grade,
          we went to  Expo '67 in Montreal.   Actually, my eleven  year old
          sister was there as well, but she isn't relevant to the following

               We went to the Austrian exhibit.  Most of the exhibits had a
          movie,  many  of  which  showed  wonderful  scenes  without  full
          explanation.   My brother,  at that time,  really didn't  want to
          describe things to me, but  he finally showed some willingness to
          sit with  me.   I turned to  him and  asked about  the scenes  of
          Austria.     It's  hilly,"   he  replied,one   of  the   greatest
          understatements I think I have ever heard.

               We went into the  French exhibit.  It was full  of art work.
          My brother came  up excitedly and said, "Rick, I have something I
          want to show you."  I  started to touch the object, but before  I
          had a chance to get much of an impression, except for the feel of
          metal, my mom quickly jerked my hand away.  It was a nude statue.

          Rick Roderick