Eye Popper



By Phil Scovell







                The term, "Eye Popper," or sometimes used when saying, "It was an eye popping experience," has a simple meaning.  It means (to surprise, emotionally shock, sudden revelation), as in, (a bolt out of the blue).  There is another word, not often used, but describes "eye popper" quite adequately, and that is "serendipity," It means finding something of great value, an utter surprise in an unexpected and unanticipated place).  Such is the nature of a recent experience of mine.


                I was walking into the kitchen of our home.  We have a tall aluminum baby gate at one entrance to the kitchen the blocks small grandchildren, and pets, from entering the kitchen without permission.  Although, at this writing, all present grandchildren can let themselves in and out but I digress.


                So I was walking through the gate and I had a tissue in my hands and dabbing at the corner of one of my artificial eye.  Somehow, the tissue stuck briefly to the artificial eye and when I pulled the tissue back, my eye popped out and began bouncing around on the hardwood floor of the kitchen like a ping pong ball.  I quickly kicked the gate shut so no dogs could get into the kitchen and eat my 4,000 dollar eye.  In spite of my age, and aching back and leg muscles, I hit the floor because I heard one dog had already made it into the kitchen.  I reached forward to grab him, yelling all the way for him to get back but he had already found what had popped out of my head.  "Oh, no," I said frantically, but when the new basset hound puppy saw me scrambling on hands and knees toward him, he dropped what he was checking out to see if it were something tossed to him to eat.  I got it!  Man!  Did I breathe a sigh of relief over that one but I nearly had a heart attack first.


                What am I going to tell the doctor and insurance company?  "My dog ate my eye?"  Sure!  And a chicken has lips, too, as my mother-in-law used to always say.