Window Of Opportunity

               My wife recently purchased dog  food from a local pet store.
          While there, she  also purchased ten,  count them, ten  crickets.
          You  know, them little things that are so pleasant to hear during
          the summer beyond  your open window?   Of course, if you  get one
          under your  bed room dresser and  he chirps all night  long, they
          aren't  so cute  any more and  if you  get one in  your underwear
          drawer, well then your admiration  for them is greatly diminished
          in more ways than one.

               My  youngest  son  has  a  frog and  of  course  frogs  love
          crickets.   They sell  for about  a nickel  a piece  in most  pet
          stores around here so if you're looking for  extra money to earn,
          you  could breed  crickets  at  home.   If  you are  entrepreneur
          minded and pretty sharp, perhaps you could give birth to a multi-
          level  organization and  become  financially independent  without
          ever having to work.  But I digress.

               My wife brings home these crickets which are normally placed
          in a zip  lock bag for transportational security  purposes.  They
          are, by the way, normally quite tiny and aren't, I repeat, aren't
          your bigger  than life  garden variety type  of critters.   Sandy
          brings these here  tiny crickets home and my youngest  son is out
          and about and unable to take them to  his room for  safe keeping.
          Well, now, this creates a bit  of a problem because we also  have
          cats.  We've learned  from experience that a cat  loves to pounce
          upon  anything that moves; especially something hopping around in
          a transparent  bag.  Sandy, unable  to figure out where  to store
          these  tiny things  where the  cats can't  find them,  decides to
          temporarily, the key  word here is temporarily, store  the bag of
          crickets in the empty microwave.  That's right, in the microwave.
          After all, they'd be safe in there, right?

               Later that night my 17 year old son comes in, pops something
          in  the microwave for  just ten seconds and  wala.  hot crickets?
          Nope, nope,  nope, you cricket  lovers who have been  lobbying so
          faithfully for cricket rights all these many years can sleep easy
          tonight.  All  ten were alive and  well and leaping into  the air
          for joy.  Why?  Well, see,  what happened was, somebody, after my
          wife had placed  the bag in the microwave, had placed a pizza box
          in  the microwave and it depressed  the bag; causing it to spring
          the  little things  free.    They,  discovering their  new  found
          liberty of life leaped off the formerly spinning carousel for the
          outer limits  of their  iron prison.   At  this time, their  jail
          break  was  discovered by  my  17  year  old  son who  said  with
          considerable  enthusiasm, "Oh, Mom, why are Everett's crickets in
          the microwave?"After  my immediate  inquiry to  their safety,  my
          oldest son  reported they were  indeed alive and  well.  I  said,
          "Catch the  stupid things  before they get  away." I  mean, after
          all, they were  valued at a nickel a  piece.  He tried  but they,
          being  tiny  and very  active  due  to  their recent  near  death
          experience, were hopping for  their little lives toward the  open
          door.  Five  crickets cleared the door before  anyone could catch
          them and are to  this day still roaming  the house with  complete
          freedom of  movement.  The  other five  were captured and,  as of
          this  writing, patiently await their reptilian demise.  The moral
          of the story?   Even a  microwave cannot cook  a cricket.   Blind
          persons everywhere; learn from the  story of the crickets.  Don't
          let a  little thing keep you down.   When you see an opportunity,
          jump for it.   It may be  your last chance, indeed,  perhaps your
          only window of opportunity.

          Phil Scovell