Talking to a Tree

                              By Rita Kersh

About 30 years ago, when my parents, younger sister and I went out to
eat at a fairly nice restaurant  one Sunday after church, we had to wait
in the dimly lit hallway to be seated.

While we were talking and patiently waiting our turn, we had to move
back some to allow someone to get past us.

When I stepped back, I stepped on something and turned around and said
"Excuse me."

My sister started laughing and I couldn't figure out why.  When she
finally regained some composure she told me what was so funny.

She said "you just said excuse me to a tree!".  By then my parents were
laughing as well.

It turned out that there was a potted tree in the hall that was rounded
in shape.  I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, which causes night blindness and
the hallway was very dark.  Of course, I was pretty embarrassed when I
found out what I did.

Now I'm more careful about who (or what) I say "excuse me" to.