Cream In Your Salad, Anyone?

                           By Helena Warwick.

When I was a Court Reporter we had to do a lot of traveling.  The others who would
travel with me were so smothering and such a nuisance that quite often I would try
to find out what flight they were taking, and book another one.  this had its
disadvantages though, such as the time when Air Canada presented me with my meal,
which included a salad and, of course, coffee.  I pulled open what was supposed to
be the coffee cream, poured it into my coffee, and then, after I had done that, I
found another container exactly the same.  On investigation, this turned out to be
cream for my coffee!  Well, let me tell you, cream on salad is not so bad; but
salad dressing in coffee is just terrible.  The next time I traveled on Air Canada
I was pre-boarded, and was entertaining the staff with some of my funny stories,
including the above.  First they gave me a pair of Air Canada slippers for the
entertainment; then, when the Flight Attendant brought my meal she put one
container in my hand and said, "This is your coffee cream; and this," she
continued, placing another identical container in my other hand, "is your salad
dressing.  Now--please, keep them separate!"
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