Cleaned Your Bathroom Lately?

                           By Helena Warwick.

One morning, in a fit of ambitious stupidity, I decided to clean my bathroom.  I
assembled the products I would need--paper towels, stuff to clean the bath, sink,
and toilet, and Windex, with which to clean the bathroom mirror, as well as some
other ceramic things like my white and gold bathroom set, of which I was
particularly proud.  Vidal, my guide dog, was stretched out on a towel on our bed,
watching all of this with great interest.  Most of the cleaning went off all
right, only--was there something wrong with the Windex?  It didn't smell quite as
it should.  Oh, well, never mind, never say die, it did seem to be doing a great
job on the bathroom cabinet, and all the ceramics felt nice and smooth and clean.
When my husband came in, I asked him, "What's wrong with the Windex?  It doesn't
smell right."  My husband looked at what I gave him and there was a long silence.
Then he said, "Well, it doesn't smell like Windex because it isn't.  It's Vidal's
flea spray."  "Wow!" I exclaimed, impressed, "Well I think I'll use it more often.
It does a really good job."  Then I patted Vidal, who had come to look at the
spray for himself.  "And at least," I concluded sagely, "we do have a bug-free
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