Pushing Blindness By Ron Kassen To understand this story, you must understand how my wife and I got around when she did not have her power chair. Because she could not push herself in the manual chair using the outer rim of the wheel designed for such things, I had to push her. She could guide the chair, though, using those same outer rims. when she wanted the chair to go to the right, she would apply varying amounts of pressure to the right outer rim depending on how sharp she wanted to make the turn. Likewise to the left. On this particular occasion, Valerie and I made a trip to rural Iowa with my mother-in-law, taking her ford Escort. The next day, we stopped at a local restaurant to eat breakfast. I don't even remember the name. About mid-way through our breakfast, a local guy came in who was blind. The only reason I knew he was blind was because he was a very boisterous person (loud mouth). Somehow, before he actually got to his table, he found my wife's chair. He said "Hey! If you would let me push your chair, then it would be a blind guy pushing a person in a wheelchair". I said nothing, but afterwards, Valerie and I both laughed.