The Blind Tie Slicer

                             By Lisa Carmelle

          I  would like  to tell you  a story which  happened in Cleveland,
          Ohio.  Seven blind persons went to a Steak House for dinner.  One
          person made a big fuss about cutting his own meat.  He was trying
          to embarrass several others who  had asked to have theirs cut  in
          the kitchen.  This guy kept talking  about how capable he was and
          how the others  were making fools of  themselves and embarrassing
          the more capable  amongst the blind.  When the food came everyone
          was  enjoying their  steaks  but  this one  guy  was cutting  and
          cutting and cutting away and struggling so obviously to everyone.
          The waiter came  over and asked if  he needed some help,  the guy
          was  aggressively angry  and  very  rudely said,  I  do not  need
          anyone's  help I  can cut  anything at  all  myself.   The waiter
          replied,  I can clearly  see that you  have just cut  your tie in
          half!  smile          I was in the group at the time so i know it
          is a true story.
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