A Shot in the Dark

                  By David Thurmond, Atlanta, Georgia

          My wife and I recently visited the county fair.  We held hands as
          we zigzagged in and out of the crowd.  As we made our way through
          the  crowds, a  gentleman  walked up  to me.    "Excuse me,  sir,
          wouldn't you like to win a stuffed animal  for your pretty lady?"
          I replied "No, thanks," and was about to move on when he placed a
          dart in my hand.  "Come on, here's a shot on the house."  Well, I
          had tried to let the  guy off the hook, but it hadn't  worked.  I
          took the dart,  and reached into  my back pocket  where I had  my
          folding cane.   I  let the  cane unfold  and walked  over to  the
          nearby  carnival game.   I let the  dart fly, and  heard it plunk
          somewhere in front  of me. "Thanks!"  I said, and  my wife and  I
          smiled and walked off.   I just wish I could  have seen the guy's
          face.   According to my wife, it  was priceless.
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