Picture This

                            By Dave Johnson

          I  had come  home for  a week-end  while at  L.s.u. I got  to New
          Orleans sort of late. I decided to go to  one of my favorite bars
          on  St. Charles avenue.  I had  a few beers,  talked to  a lot of
          guys, And then, left. I walked up to Canal Street to catch a bus.
          I leaned  against the front  of a closed WallGreen's  drug store,
          and I think I probably dozed off. I suddenly felt a heavy hand on
          my shoulder. It was a policeman.  He asked to see my ID. I got my
          wallet out, and extracted a plastic covered card and handed it to
          him.  He looked  at  it, and  said,  "I didn't  ask  to see  your
          pictures,  I asked  for  your ID."  I said  I'm sorry.  I started
          trying to find another  card. He said,  "are you waiting for  the
          Jackson Bus?" I said "yes, I am." He said, "Well there it is, and
          you better get on it!" He never returned the picture of the young
          lady I had handed him.

          Dave Johnson, reformed
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