Never Trust  a Toddler For Directions to the Bathroom

               A  few years  ago while  visiting a  Chucky Cheese  I had  a
          rather embarrassing experience.   Since the local schools were in
          cession my friends, my children and I mostly had the place to our
          selves.  It  was a kid's dream come true. After we had been there
          a  few  hours my  two  year old  decided  he had  to go    to the
          bathroom.    There wasn't  many  people  there  and I  knew  both
          bathrooms and  a cleaning closet were down  a dead end hall.     
          So I was sure we  would get the right door       I thought I knew
          the right one, but,  my child insisted that it was the other door
          he wanted  to go in.    So  I opened the  door a very  little and
          listened. No Noise. I took him in and went to the very last stall
          just in case I had goofed    I had just finished dressing him and
          was still in  the stall when I heard foot steps. Definitely not a
          woman's. I could also tell by the way he used the  bathroom, that
          I  was in the  wrong place.       So I  did what seemed  the best
          thing.  I hid in the  stall and hoped he would think I  was a man
          taking  his  son to  the  potty.  No  such  luck.   While  I  was
          whispering quietly to Michael to keep him silent, he yells with a
          very loud child's voice. "Mommy  I ready to play now".Believe me,
          I tried to silence him. But he insisted, "Mommy I ready to play."
          So with a very red face I hid in the stall until the man left.  I
          gave him about  5 minutes  more, hoping he  would not be  looking
          when we came out.      Going back in to the restaurant was one of
          the  most embarrassing things  I had to do.  My friend asked what
          happened.   When I told  her she laughed  so hard that  every one
          looked  at us any way.      I don't know which is worse. Going in
          the wrong room or feeling all over  the door and wall looking for
          a name plate.  I wish  they would put the name plates on  a level
          closer  to the  door knob instead of 6 feet up in the air.

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