Out The In Door

               I was attending a conference for the blind in about 1986, at
          the Marina Hotel  in Las Vegas.   I hurried  out of a  conference
          session and when reaching the entrance hall a young lady asked if
          she could help  me.  I told her  that I was in need  of the Men's
          Room, rather quickly.   She very politely said that  she would be
          glad to show me the door,  but the rest was up to me.   I thanked
          her and went in.  I finished my business and when trying to leave
          discovered that some fool had  removed the handle from the inside
          of  that damned  door.    But, like  the  Sackets, I  decided  to
          contemplate a  while and  just wait  for someone  else to come  n
          there and I  could grab the  door and extricate  myself.  No  one
          came in  for hours,  it seemed, so  I went  to Plan  B. I got  my
          fingernails into the edge of that door and gently pulled  it open
          far  enough for me to get a hand  in back of it and pull it open.
          Relieved I went  out and there was still the same volunteer young
          lady standing  there waiting  for me.   She  asked if  I had  any
          problems, so I  told her that  some damned  fool had removed  the
          handle from the  inside of that door.  In a rather ashamed voice,
          she said didn't you know  that was the "in door" and there was an
          "out  door?"  I  did not know what  to say, but  asked her if she
          would please not tell anyone what had happened to me, she laughed
          and promised.

          Marion Fisher