Blind Drunk

               This  one occurred as  a young  adult in  college.   By this
          time,  I was  totally blind.  Anyway,  My Sisters  had their  own
          apartment with  a friend.   All  three of  them had  a party  one
          night.    They invited  their friends  and me  over.    We  had a
          typical  party.  You  know, music, munchies,  beverages alcoholic
          and non-alcohol.    Well, the  party was  lots of  fun.   we  are
          playing games, and having good  conversation.  Someone spiked the
          punch.   It was good,  but strong.   I sat  down because I  was a
          little buzzed.  i was enjoying the punch and talking with some of
          my Sister's friends.   One of the Guys  asked me if I  would like
          another glass of punch.   Since I had  1 large glass of punch,  I
          said no.  Then, I stood up to go put my glass in the kitchen.  As
          I am  walking, I  ran right into  the wall.   my  sisters friends
          asked "is she blind  or drunk"  They replied "Both."   Of course,
          everybody laughed.  They  got  a kick  out of it.   i found it  a
          little funny, but felt a little foolish.  Now, I think  it's real

          Karen Hughes