Watch Where You're Going

               One day my brother, mother and I went to visit someone. When
          we  left  we had  to  back out  of  the driveway.  My  brother is
          crippled and wears two hearing aids.  I let him sit in the  front
          seat since it is easier for him to get in there. As my mother was
          trying to back out the driveway  she asked my brother if anything
          was coming. He didn't answer so she  asked again. Still no answer
          so I said, "I don't see a thing."

               An acquaintance  of mine was  walking down the hall  at work
          when a man left an office, not looking where he was going. Before
          the man saw who he had bumped into, he said, "Watch out where you
          are going!" My acquaintance said,  "Excuse me. I got something in
          my eye."  As he was saying that, he  took out a handkerchief from
          his pocket and wiped off the tip of his cane.

          Dean Masters