Feeling Blind And Finding It

               In my first year of marriage, I worked for National American
          Bank in New Orleans. My wife worked at the telephone company just
          down  the  street. Every  afternoon,  I came  downstairs  from my
          office, and my wife  would pick me up in front.  One day, just as
          she  pulled up  in front,  I came  down stairs. Trying  to orient
          myself, I reached out for the wall.  What I found, was one of the
          fullest breasts I ever held.
          I said, Oh please, pardon me.
          She said, Oh, that's all right.
          I got in the car with my wife, and she said,
          I never  saw a bigger smile. I said I  didn't think I smiled. She
          said, not you, it was her smile.

          Dave Johnson