If At First You Don't Succeed, Stop!

          It's time for the truth and a funny.  Today I was working on some
          files.  I have  a couple of office chairs in my  work room at two
          different tables for  two different computers.  They  are both on
          rollers,  that is, the  chairs and one  chair is very  old.  That
          chair I was  seated on was at a  very high metal office  desk.  I
          have to  crank it up  all the way  and even  then, it isn't  high
          enough.   Anyhow, I've  had it for  a long time  but recently the
          chair has been slowly lowering itself and I have to keep  pumping
          it up.   I'm talking about the  chair now.  So, I  knew it was on
          its  last leg,  sort of  speak, but  didn't want  to  think about
          buying a new chair at 100 dollars or  so.  Well, this chair has a
          very good back  support but recently, it, too,  has been lacking.
          I figured it  was my grand son's  fault for screwing with  it the
          other day but the  chair is old after all.   Anyhow, today, I was
          copying a  large file on to a  floppy to carry over  to the other
          computer to transfer.   I leaned back  to place the middle  of my
          back at the  edge of the  back rest and to  push against it.   It
          helps to pop  my back sometimes when I'm stiff from sitting for a
          very  long time.  Well,  you guessed it.   The back broke off and
          the seat  broke off  it's post  and I fell  backwards; the  chair
          going over with me.  The problem was, I was still under the desk.
          I mean, my legs were under this huge metal office desk I have and
          it trapped  me.   It  made me  quickly recall  the rocking  chair
          experience I  had  with my  grand son  last fall.    After a  few
          seconds,  I was able  to roll  out one side  and free myself.   I
          examined  my chair  and thought,  hey, I  believe I can  fix this
          thing.  I put it all back together, sat on it again, leaned back,
          and the whole thing happened over again.  this time I laughed and
          went out  the door and  into the other bedroom  where Sandy types
          during the day  and told her what happened.  She said, I wondered
          what the  loud crash noise was.  She  heard this loud noise, mind
          you, with her  ear phones crammed deep  into her ears so  it must
          have been pretty loud.   My son  was off today so  we went and  I
          paid 90 dollars for a chair the cranks up so high, my feet dangle
          off the floor.   Fortunately, I have  a nice slanted foot  rest a
          friend made for  me under my desk so  I have something to  put my
          feet on.   Donations to cover the  cost of the  chair replacement
          are welcomed.  Larger checks are preferred.

          Phil Scovell