It Could Only Happen To The Blind

          This  section of  my website is  dedicated to sighted  people.  I
          know,  you've always wondered what it would  be like to be blind?
          The last time one of my  sighted friends thought that, she closed
          her eyes as she and her husband whirled around and around  on the
          Octopus at the  amusement park.   She puked all over  herself and
          they  had to stop the ride to let  her off.  See, it's not always
          wise to wonder about such things.

               A  blind  friend of  mine  ran  a  cafeteria at  the  Denver
          Merchandise Mart many years ago.   They had big merchandise shows
          there all  year round so  he had a pretty  nice place.   It was a
          part of the Colorado State  Services For The Blind  vending stand
          program.   One day,  a guy walked  in, looked  all around  at the
          shiny new, well polished, chrome equipment and said, "Boy, I sure
          wish I  could  have a  place like  this."   He  was implying,  of
          course, my  friend obviously was making a lot  of money in such a
          place.   Well, he was, but  not as much  as one might think.   My
          friend said, "You  can have a place just like this, if you want."
          The man quickly  inquired how he could  obtain such a place.   My
          friend said, "Just poke  your eyes out and we'll get  you a place
          just like this."

               Being blind isn't  bad and it  isn't good.   It is what  one
          makes it and  the stories in this section are by blind people who
          have found a little humor in being  blind.  If you are blind, you
          will quickly  identify with these  stories.  If you  are sighted,
          you'll laugh and you  should.  I do and some of these stories are

          phil Scovell.